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ISIS is hurting so bad that they have started drafting men over 20 years of age. Their forces are dwindling down so low their lines are imploding.

I also found out they are forcing men into service as young as 15, giving them drugs, and sending them off to be suicide bombers.

Keep an eye on this.


It is being reported that there is an increasing movement for Bavaria to break away from Germany and the EU. This means that every major country in Europe is now on the verge of breaking up into smaller nations with increasing numbers also wanting out of the EU.

I guess even Germans are finally having enough of Merkel and the globalists. Too bad they don't have guns to fight for their freedom.

I told you years ago that the globalists were going to fail because their evil plans are not compatible with the Bible End Time prophesy. It is happening.


Oh yeah, probably the main and most important responsibility for NASA's new Planetary Protection Officer will be to make sure we don't infect any other heavenly bodies with our Earthly protists.

Again, you will almost certainly need a Ph.D. in Biology with an emphasis on micro organisms.

Still no space aliens, unlike what other media are telling you.

Fishing Trip

Mueller started out investigating Trump for any connections with Russia, as if that is in of itself criminal, which it isn't. Then he started a Grand Jury against Don Jr.


Because Mueller isn't finding anything he can use to get Trump for collusion with Russia so he decided to use extortion against Trump by going after Trump's son.

Now Mueller is digging into Trump's businesses.


Because he isn't finding anything anywhere he can use to nail Trump for any crime.

I got this at Breitbart by Ian Hanchett:

"On Friday's broadcast of CNN's 'OutFront,' Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) argued that it would be fair for Special Counsel Bob Mueller to pursue any kind of crime."

This isn't an investigation, it is a fishing expedition to find ANYTHING they can use against Trump and that is illegal. It seems that Mueller and friends are the ones who should be going to jail, not Trump.

This is the lefty treason and time consuming crap Trump has to deal with while trying to clean up the lefty mess they made of our government and economy.

Maxine Waters said that, after the left finishes with Trump, they need to go after Pence.

You think this is not some kind of insane, treasonous, and illegal power struggle the left is waging against us?

For Grins

Did you know that, during Prohibition, when no one was allowed to have any alcoholic beverages in the US, most of the best restaurants used Martinelli's Sparkling Cider (carbonated apple cider) for Champaign?

I have often wondered how many of the highly inbred upper class, especially the young ones, at the start of Prohibition, thought they were drinking Champaign, thought they got drunk, and acted like fools only to find out they were not drunk, just fools. You know that at least a few of them did, especially as stupid as many of today's upper class are.

That will give you something funny to think about.


You do know that Cuba sent 15,000 troops to Venezuela a while back, right? What should that tell you?

The Venezuelan soldiers were getting tired of fighting the people, you know, their families and friends. Maduro was afraid there was going to be a military coup to overthrow his corrupt government to protect the people from Maduro so he brought in 15,000 Cuban soldiers who would have no qualms about fighting, oppressing, and even killing his people.

They don't have all of the information on it yet but it seems there was just an "attempted coup" by a "small portion" of the Venezuelan military and, after a night of gun fire, it failed. At least that is what Maduro's government says.

You can bet the next military coup will be larger and better organized.

A few days later I am seeing signs that this wasn't a coup but was a military unit attacking a base which is loyal to Maduro to get more weapons and heavier weapons. It looks like it was successful in obtaining those weapons and that Maduro lied about "the coup failing".

The next question is, is this the military preparing for a coup by better arming itself and/or the military getting more weapons to help arm the rebelling citizens?

Now remember that the commie government said the military raid didn't succeed? Then why are they looking for the stolen weapons?

Keep an eye on this. It seems that most of the Venezuelan military is on the side of the people and has had just about enough of the lefties oppressing and starving the people.


Here is an easy prediction. They are about to release dozens of convicted terrorists who were imprisoned years ago and their time in prison is about finished.

You are about to learn the hard way why you should kill such criminals and not just throw them in prison. When such criminals get out, most will return to their crimes but be much more experienced at avoiding capture so they will be more dangerous.

Don't believe me?

Just keep an eye on how many return to terrorist activities. Oh, hold it, we are already seeing this from those who have been released from Guantanamo and it is not pretty because almost all of the released terrorists have returned to terrorist activities. So it is a pretty easy prediction that most will quickly return to their terrorist activities when they get out of prison.

Of course, the dead terrorists won't return to murdering people, only the live terrorists.


Decades ago we warned the feminists that women shouldn't go into law enforcement as patrol cops and we are now warning them that women should not go into military combat positions where they can find themselves fighting hand-to-hand with significantly stronger men. We were and are being laughed at, mocked, and ridiculed because "women are just as good as men" and "there are no differences between men and women".

Today, while we are losing the debate about women going into combat positions with men, I am seeing increasing numbers of women being "overpowered" by male criminals in law enforcement, you know, just like we said they would be.

This is another one of those easy predictions about lefty great sounding ideas going wrong.

What is going to happen, is that increasing numbers of criminals will start fighting back against female cops because they are weaker, overpowering those female cops, and increasing numbers will end up dead, you know, the way even stronger male cops are being killed but the women will be killed at a much higher ratio. When other women start realizing that female cops are being killed in large numbers, they will stop going into law enforcement and the issue will resolve itself the hard way, you know, with a lot of women being killed.

The same thing will happen in the military when large numbers of women start being killed in combat. Women will realize they don't belong in those jobs because they can too easily be overpowered by the bad guys and quit going into those jobs.

You know how the lying left will handle this when these great sounding stupid ideas of their fail. They will ignore the failure, like they do when most of their great sounding stupid ideas fail or make up lame excuses like they do when the rest of their great sounding stupid ideas fail. They will never admit they were wrong and that their great sounding ideas are stupid.

A lot of people will get hurt or killed and the left will just sweep it under the rug with the rest of their great sounding stupid ideas that have already failed while working to force their next great sounding stupid ideas on us.

I keep telling you that I want my own planet because the left has turned this planet into an asylum but I know the left will just insist on following me to my new planet and screwing it up with their great sounding stupid ideas just like they have this planet.

Climate Change

Here we go again. The lefties in the government have changed the name of their con from Climate Change to "Weather Extremes". So, it started as global warming, changed to climate change and just got changed again to weather extremes.

Which should tell you what?

It is definitely bogus because, whenever the left is proven wrong, they always change the name and keep right on working towards their agenda. Now, every time we have extreme weather like tornadoes and hurricanes, "it will prove them right", which will be quite often, in spite of the fact that we have been having extreme weather for thousands of years.

Just another sleight of hand by the left, which always gets the suckers to believe for at least a little while longer. Then the left will just change the name again to keep the suckers on board for even longer.


Remember that I told you that freedom of the press does not give the media a license to commit crimes, you know, like fraud and treason?

I got this from Newsmax by Bill Hoffman:

"'A free press is one of the pillars of a democracy of a free society but even for journalists there have to be limits. The idea that there are no limits on journalists, what does that mean? Does that mean that the New York Times and CNN can publish our launch codes? No, of course not,' Gorka told Rita Cosby, guest host of Newsmax's 'The Todd Schnitt Show.'

'A free press is essential to a free society, but that does not mean you are completely immune from the laws that pertain to the national security of all Americans.'"

Is this a warning that Trump and company are going to start prosecuting the media for at least some of the crimes the media are committing?

If this is true, then it is long past time to force the media to also obey the law. Freedom of the press does not mean they are free from the law or above the law. It means they are free to speak the truth but not free to commit crimes like fraud, you know, lying.

Mortality Rates

Remember that I told you that our life expectancy in the US is declining for the first time in more than 100 years?

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"'Historically, mortality rates annually have tended to come down year-over-year,' says R. Dale Hall, managing director of research at the Society of Actuaries. The professional association compiles mortality data that many private pension plans use in their projections. 'There really has been a little bit of slowdown in mortality improvement in the United States,' Hall says.

Absent a war or an epidemic, it's unusual and alarming for life expectancies in developed countries to stop improving, let alone to worsen. 'Mortality is sort of the tip of the iceberg,' says Laudan Aron, a demographer and senior fellow at the Urban Institute. 'It really is a reflection of a lot of underlying conditions of life.' The falling trajectory of American life expectancies, especially when compared to those in some other wealthy countries, should be 'as urgent a national issue as any other that's on our national agenda,' she says."

Gee, you don't think that this decreasing life expectancy is being caused in at least part by the increasing use of drugs and increasing spread of STDs by increasing adultery like I told you would happen, do you?

Nah, that is just a coincidence...or is it?

Keep an eye on this. I have been quietly watching the rich and famous lefties die younger and younger for years. They are now croaking in their 20s and 30s in increasing numbers, which would be expected of dope users and adulterers.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

Washed Up

It looks like more and more of the lefty upper class trash puppets are becoming washed up.

For example, Hillary's preacher said that she secretly wants to be a preacher.

Does this mean that Hillary has either finally figured out that she is washed up or been told to find another line of work by the upper class trash puppet masters so she is going to start her own false preacher business or become a fake healer to rake in the big bucks?

Then Al Gore's latest movie about climate changed just bombed at the theaters costing him money.

What is he going to do next, cartoons? Oh yeah, his latest cartoon just bombed, didn't it?

I keep seeing more and more of the top lefties become washed up.

Keep an eye on this.


I keep seeing the x-spurts telling people to buy or sell certain things on the stock market.

Let me tell you how that works. They tell you to buy something because they just bought that something and want you to buy it to drive the price up so they can sell high to turn a profit and then, after they sell that something out high for a profit, they tell you to sell that something to drive the price down so they can buy it low again before they tell you to buy it again to drive the price up so they can turn another profit on it.

It is a racket. Don't fall for it.

Only invest in the stock market after you do your homework and invest for the long term because the upper class trash controls the stock market, especially for day trading.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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