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North Korea

Remember that, during the Obama administration, they kept telling you that North Korea and Iran don't have nukes yet and it would be a matter of years until they got nukes and could put them on missiles and I kept telling you that they did have nukes and were building an arsenal of nukes?

They are now saying that Kimmy Boy has about 60 nukes and has the technology to make the warheads small enough to put them on missiles.

Gee, who would have figured? Gee, I wonder how many nukes Iran has, especially since Iran has been working on nukes with North Korea for more than a decade? Do you still believe their crap that, after more than 35 years of working to build nukes with North Korea, China, Russia, and Pakistan, Iran doesn't have nukes and isn't building an arsenal of nukes?

I got this from SOFREP by Alex Hollings:

"Although it has yet to become the formal consensus of the U.S. Government, intelligence analysts are now claiming that Kim Jong-un's North Korean regime seems to have successfully miniaturized their nuclear warheads, an important, and potentially final, step in making their long-range ballistic missiles into global strike nuclear weapons."

Of course North Korea has that technology. They got it from the Chinese who bought it from Billy Boy and Hillary, which is why Billy Boy and Hillary unsuccessfully tried to frame Win Ho Lee for selling that technology to China, you know, the way the Clintons admitted selling the missile technology capable of reaching the US to China that North Korea just recently suddenly happened to have.

Do you understand now why it is important to hang or shoot traitors?

This is from AP by staff:

"HAGATNA, Guam (AP) - Residents of the tiny Pacific island of Guam say they're afraid of being caught in the middle of escalating tensions between the U.S. and North Korea after Pyongyang announced it was examining plans for attacking the strategically important U.S. territory.

Though local officials downplayed any threat, people who live and work on the island, which serves as a launching pad for the U.S. military, said Wednesday they could no longer shrug off the idea of being a potential target."

Kimmy Boy then said that North Korea is planning to launch four missiles to pass over Japan and land 20 to 25 miles from Guam in the sea. This will be interesting. If the US doesn't shoot down all four missiles, I will want to know why because I know we can.

Kimmy Boy is trying to scare the people of Guam into forcing the US forces to leave Guam. It is a typical commie scare tactic Kimmy Boy is using to decrease the US ability to attack North Korea and is because we keep flying bombers from Guam over South Korea as a threat to North Korea.

BTW, in accordance with international law, Kimmy Boy firing even just one missile at our troops anywhere is an act of war and justification for the US to invade North Korea, whether we shoot the missiles down or not.

I got this from Arutz Sheva by staff:

"The US military is ready to fight North Korea and waiting for US President Donald Trump's order to fire, military officials said.

The suggested plan would involve an attack by the US Rockwell B-1 Lancer supersonic heavy bombers based in threatened Guam, they explained.

Speaking to NBC News, Retired Admiral James Stavridis said, 'Of all the military options ... [President Trump] could consider, this would be one of the two or three that would at least have the possibility of not escalating the situation.'"

I have been telling you that we can stop Kimmy Boy dead in his tracks and all we had to do was move the right stuff to the right places, which I have pointed out that Trump has been doing. Now all of the lefties and sensationalists (A.K.A. journalists) can stop screaming about the sky falling.

Oh, but, if they did that, they wouldn't make as much money, would they?

Then they said, "Though another official said there is "no good option," such a plan would be the "best of a lot of bad options.'"

Get this straight, as long as we do nothing, the situation will get worse and the options will get worse, so the worst thing we can do is nothing. The best thing we can do is stop it from getting worse by doing something. Only cowards will not do what is necessary because it will be unpleasant. You always do what you have to in order to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Then they said, "'The B-1 has also been selected because it has the added benefit of not being able to carry nuclear weapons. Military planners think that will signal China, Russia, and Pyongyang that the US is not trying to escalate an already bad situation any further,' military officials explained."


The B-1 hit the runway when I was in SAC and I was trained that it was to be used as a nuke bomber to eventually replace the Buff. We had SAC classes on the bird.

And now it can't carry nukes? Really? F-16s, F-18s, A-10s, and just about every aircraft in the US Air Force inventory can carry nukes and a B-1 bomber can't carry nukes?

With very little modification, a C-130, C-17, or C-5 can carry nukes and deploy them into combat.

You could quickly rig a Cessna to drop a small nuke but the B-1 bomber can't carry nukes? Hold it, can't the B-1 bomber carry cruise missiles and can't cruise missiles carry nukes?

Yep to both questions, they sure can.

You have to be very careful what you believe.

After I get well, I think I will build a Fokker D-7 that can carry nukes. Then I would have a better and more deadly war bird than the B-1.

Basically, can it drop a bomb?

If yes, then it can carry nukes.

Then China said they will stop the US from striking North Korea but, if North Korea strikes first, China will sit on their hands.

Then maybe we should do a preemptive strike against both North Korea and China at the same time?

It sounds good to me.

Get this, Merkel is telling Trump how to run the US while Germany burns because of her bad policies, corruption, and crimes?

I sure hope Trump doesn't listen to her.

BTW, remember that I told you that Billy Boy Clinton sold China the technology for ICBM nukes and China has sold that technology to North Korea?

I got this from Newsmax by Jason Devaney:

"During an appearance on 'America Talks Live,' Nunberg was asked about the growing crisis with North Korea and how the U.S. should handle it.

'If I was China, I would really, really take his words very seriously,' Nunberg said. 'You know it's interesting, don't think that when they test these missiles they built them on their own. They look like Chinese missiles to me.'"

Gee, who would have figured, you know, with North Korea suddenly making so much progress with their missiles and nukes in such little time and Billy Boy and Hillary having confessed to selling that technology to China "for their space program"? Now do you understand why traitors, especially at the upper level, should be executed?

Billy Boy and Hillary selling out the American people put you at risk of being nuked by North Korea and the rest of the lefties are in bed with them.

Still think the upper class trash crimes are not that serious? Why, don't you take your life seriously?

BTW, why has the story changed about North Korea having nukes?

When Billy Boy was president, they admitted that North Korea had half a dozen nukes so the people would support a program to stop North Korea from building more nukes.

Under Obama, they kept telling us that North Korea didn't yet have nukes because Obama didn't want to do anything about stopping North Korea's nuclear program. "Nothing to see here, folks, keep moving."

Now they are not only admitting that North Korea has nukes but that Kimmy Boy has an arsenal of 60 missile capable nuclear warheads, you know, like I told you he was building an arsenal when Obama was president.


Because, under international law and morally, it provides the US with justification for using nukes against North Korea, even in a preemptive strike.

What should this tell you?

They are going to use tactical nuclear weapons in a preemptive strike against Kimmy Boy.

Think about it. It looks like the US is getting ready or may be ready to attack North Korea any day...with nukes. Keep an eye on this. It might soon get just a wee bit warm at Kimmy Boy's place, you know, like about 300,000 F.


I keep seeing signs of increasing cancer and just found out that colon cancer is on the rise for young, white, males. We know that HPV causes cervical cancer and a few years ago I told you about a study which showed that throat cancer was on the rise because of oral sex and STDs, especially HPV.

This increasing colon cancer probably has something to do with HPV and anal sex in young male homosexuals so keep an eye on this.

Is this another epidemic being caused by homosexuality, you know, like AIDS?

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."


I got this from SOFREP By Travis Allen:

"Speaking at a rally over the weekend, Erdogan said 'We will take important steps to implement the new campaigns in the near future,' and 'We would rather pay the price for foiling plans targeting our future and liberty in Syria and Iraq, than on our own soil,' according to Voice of America."

Read: "This is to justify me invading Syria and Iraq to destroy the Kurds."

Watch the US back off and abandon the Kurds to Erdogan so Erdogan can continue to pretend to be our ally while stabbing the US in the back.

This is not going to be pretty so keep an eye on it.

It makes me wonder why we have any allies at all with all of the allies we have abandoned over the years. Sooner or later that will come back to haunt us.


Here we go again. They cleared ISIS out of the now Kurdish controlled areas, captured some, gave some amnesty, and kept fighting to destroy the rest of ISIS. The ISIS terrorists they did not kill, have regrouped, reorganized, and started over again behind US/Kurdish lines starting out with sniper fire, you know, just like I told you the bad guys will, IF YOU DON'T KILL THEM!

Are you seeing yet that, when you defeat bad guys, you have to kill them to prevent them from regrouping, reorganizing, and starting over again?

Let me give you a little clue with what happened to Europe to cause the very tyrannical EU and give Germany so much control over Europe.

After WWII, they only rounded up and kill the more famous leaders and didn't kill all of them, especially most of the upper class trash puppet masters who financed Hitler and much of Hitler's SS. Those people went underground, regrouped, reorganized, and started over again. I have been watching this for decades. They have now just about seized control of Europe with most Europeans not realizing what has happened. That is why Merkel has so much control over Europe.

Get it straight, the German Nazis or left are right now conquering the world via political and economic warfare because they failed to conquer the world twice using bombs and bullets.

We didn't kill all of the Nazis, they didn't just magically go away, and now they almost completely control Europe, are working to destroy the US because the US destroyed their beloved Nazi Germany, and are working to set up their evil Nazi or socialist global dictatorship. The Nazis just regrouped, reorganized, and started over again, after learning from their prior mistakes.

You do know that Soros was a member of Hitler's SS during WWII, right?

Now he is one of the leaders in all of this globalist crap working to conquer the world and set up their socialist global dictatorship. That is why the left are the real Nazis because most of the older people in control, especially at the top, were Nazis during WWII.

When you defeat the bad guys, you must kill them or they will just regroup, reorganize, and start over again. They WILL NOT just magically go away or suddenly decide to be good people. History proves this to be a fact.

Lying Media

Remember that I told you the media lied when they said NASA was looking to hire a "Planetary Protection Officer" by saying the job was to protect us from space aliens?

I got this from SOFREP by Alex Hollings:

"Last week, the mainstream media fell all over itself to inaccurately report the details of NASA's latest, and highest profile, job opening: a new position entitled Planetary Protection Officer. While the actual posting NASA placed on the government job board USAJobs called for an expert in planning, executing, or overseeing space missions of national significance to primarily protect alien ecosystems from Earth-borne contaminants, just about every news outlet with a webpage announced that NASA was on the hunt for our generation's James T. Kirk."

What the media did was tell the more interesting and exciting story which just happened to be a bald face lie but, hey, when has our lying media ever turned down an opportunity to lie in order to increase their profits?

Yeah, never.

And you believe and trust these liars?

Watch, just like I have been telling you, the left will use these lies to set up an "encounter of the third kind" where vastly superior "space aliens" will tell you to submit to the rule of our evil and corrupt upper class trash.


India is building up her troops in the confrontation with China so it looks like she is expecting China to attack or is planning a preemptive strike herself.

Originally, both China and India sent 3,000 troops to the immediate area. India is now quietly sending in another 30,000 troops including artillery.

This is getting just a wee bit serious.

Hmm, you think that just maybe Trump is preparing to do a preemptive nuclear strike on China too?


Everyone is making a big stink out of it looking like some information was just leaked to test the waters for her becoming a Christian preacher, which is what probably happened.

Has she made a backroom deal with Benny Hinn? Is she about to become a phony healer to rake in the big bucks?

I have read that her pasture (pun intended) is comparing her lost election to Jesus.

Yeah, when she lost, we were all saved by God.


Remember years ago during the second mid-term for Bush when I told you that the left couldn't win any more elections because they had been killing off tens of millions of their voters with abortions for decades and the left won that election, gaining control of both houses, because of blatant voter fraud?

Since Trump won and the Republicans regained control of both houses, they have been purging illegal voters (read Commiecrats) and the Republican Party has been gaining in registered voters in the key states (God opening eyes). The voter registration in key states has been putting the Republican Party ahead by from thousands to more than 100,000 voters in each state.

If the Commiecrats don't manage to significantly re-rig this coming election in 2018, the GOP could gain seats in both houses AND we might even get rid of a few RINO traitors. Keep an eye on this.

There may not be many blue states left but, hey, you know the left will "create" a few with illegal registration and other voting fraud. They always do.

Keep praying, we need it.


For those of you who don't know or understand our secondary educational system and how it really works, let me explain some important information about how it REALLY works and dispel some common myths.

Our secondary education system is broken down into four major parts; associate's degree, bachelor's degree, master's degree, and doctorate or Ph.D. degree. The first two are undergraduate programs and the latter two are graduate programs.

What you have to understand is that the two undergraduate degrees are two to four year programs in which you have to take a number of electives in order to "provide a broader education in more areas" but they are almost always used for courses from within the student's major, therefore, most graduates don't really get that broad of an education and focus most of their education just on their major.

The two graduate programs focus you even more on your major with the master's degree being a more intense but only two year program for your major than the same major in the bachelor's degree. The master's degree program has to be more intense than the bachelor's degree program to teach you just a little bit more in two years than you learn in four years with the bachelor's degree program.

Normally, the master's degree program will only allow for four electives (one each semester) and those are almost used for classes within the major so you get very little education outside of your major.

The doctorate program focuses on a specific part of the education for the bachelor's or master's program so your education is even more limited for other topics.

For example, in the undergraduate programs, if you study biology, you will get a good, broad education in biology and probably also have to study things like chemistry to help you better understand molecular biology. Then you will usually be required to take other classes such as political science, art appreciation, and architecture appreciate "for a broader education".

In the master's program, you only have two years so all but four classes will be heavily focused on general biology with an "emphasis" on a specific field in biology such as genetics.

In the doctorate program, your two years of study will be focused entirely on something like genetics.

The reason you need to know this is because a lot of people who do not understand this have been taught to assume that anyone with any Ph.D. knows everything about everything when the truth is that they know very little about most things UNLESS they have continued their education beyond their major the way I have and most don't. Basically, in a world full of knowledge, a Ph.D. gives you tunnel vision about one very specific field.

Based on my observations of people with Ph.D.s and current events, I feel I can safely say that at least 70% to 80% of most Ph.D.s know very little outside of their major but most lefty activists who have Ph.D.s regularly go on crusades for things for which they don't know anything. I don't know how many times I have seen this over the last 50 years.

It is also regularly assumed that anyone with a college degree, but especially with a Ph.D., is very intelligent or a genius.

This is not true. It has been known in academe for decades that better than 90% of people who get college degrees cannot pass freshman and sophomore level courses in the hard sciences. These people ALL have to "go across campus" to get degrees in the soft sciences, you know, like journalism and political science, because they only have average intelligence. You can get a Ph.D. in any soft science with only an average intelligence but you have to be much more intelligent, at least a low end genius, to get a degree in the hard sciences of math, science, and engineering. You cannot pass the upper end hard science courses I took in college without being a genius.

Therefore, just because someone has a Ph.D., don't let them bully or intimidate you with their Ph.D. We were taught in the hard science courses to make people qualify their degrees and other studies so we knew EXACTLY what they could be considered knowledgeable about. The lefties don't teach you that in the soft sciences so that ANYONE with ANY degree can use that degree to bully and intimidate anyone who disagrees with them about anything regardless of whether or not they really know anything about that subject. It is an academic racket.

It is a fact that most college professors in the soft sciences are not intelligent enough to pass hard science courses.

Also, it is important to know that there are different types of intelligence such as rote memorization, analytical intelligence, and common sense. I don't know how many people I have know in more than 40 years who had Ph.D.s, even in the hard sciences, who didn't have any common sense. Few of your lefty college professors have common sense, which is why they believe what they believe and you should not let them bully or intimidate you.

You also need to know that most of the more intelligent people who get Ph.D.s in the hard sciences are hired by major corporations or by the US military to do top end research and development and the rest get jobs teaching at universities so most of your college professors, even in the hard sciences, are not the sharpest knives in the drawer, but especially in the soft sciences.

There is an old saying that "those who can do, do, and those who can't, teach", meaning that those who are intelligent and hard working enough, use their education to do things and those who are not intelligent enough and/or are too lazy teach. For the most part, this is very true. There are very few very intelligent college professors but most couldn't pass the prerequisites for the courses I took in college.

You also need to know that our big government also gets leftovers and not just the universities. Most of even the people with degrees in the hard sciences hired by our big government are also not that intelligent or hard working.

You also need to know that the lefties, especially the upper class trash, hire people to write intelligence or IQ tests that are lefty upper class trash biased to make them look more intelligent than you. This is a con to fool you into believing the lie that the natural elites are intellectually superior to you. You need to know that most of the upper class, especially the corrupt trash, have at best average intelligence, which is why they steal from you. They simply are not intelligent enough to make half as much money legally. Truly intelligent people don't risk going to prison for stealing when they can earn quite a bit honestly.

Why didn't I get a Ph.D.?

When I was finishing up my master's degree, I was seriously considering getting a Ph.D. in something like biology or physics. I asked more than half a dozen different college professors who got their Ph.D.s from different universities around the US "what was required to get a Ph.D.?" To my surprise, everyone of them, independently of each other stated that better than 90% of what is required to get a Ph.D. is "spending two years with your nose up the butt of the head of your Ph.D. board and had very little to do with what you learn."

Since my nose is allergic to fecal matter, I knew that wouldn't end well so I decided to not get a Ph.D., besides, I had also heard rumors for a long time about being required to sleep with the head and other members of your Ph.D. board to get a Ph.D. and I wasn't about to play the whore to get a Ph.D.

Do not let anyone bully or intimidate you with a Ph.D. Study and learn the truth and then use the truth to fight back against the liars with Ph.D.s. I work daily to make myself the worst nightmare possible for unscrupulous Ph.D.s by learning as much about the truth as possible.

And Jesus said, "The truth will set you free."

US vs Russia plus China

This is a brief or nutshell analysis of what the military forces in a war between the US and Russia plus China would be like assuming that no allies join either side; it would just be the US verses Russia plus China.

Both sides would have the same number of nukes with the US having the better guidance systems and ECM to get those nukes there.

Both sides would have the same number of planes with the US having better planes, especially in relation to China but the US has that many more planes in reserve at the "Bone Yard" just in case we do have to fight them both so we will still quickly end up with about twice the combat aircraft of both Russia and China combined.

The US would have better than 10 times as many carriers of the same or better quality with about half of those carriers being able to carry twice as many planes and weapons. The other half are what they call carriers and we call amphibious assault ships. Plus the US has at least half a dozen true carriers in reserve, which could easily and quickly be brought to the battle.

The US would have significantly more nuclear subs for both attack and boomer subs.

The US has at least 4 to 5 times as many new and unused tanks in storage than in active service, which will give the US more tanks than Russia and China combined.

The US clearly has better intelligence and space technology, which will make a massive difference in gathering and denying the enemy intel.

The US has tens of millions of US veterans who can be called back into service at any moment, many of whom have more combat experience than almost all of the Russian and Chinese troops, especially the Chinese troops.

Plus there is classified stuff I can't tell you about which will give us a very significant advantage in a war and I am sure the Russians and Chinese do not have.

Now, if you just throw in Britain, Israel, Japan, India, and South Korea on the side of the US and throw in North Korea and Iran on the side of Russia and China, the Russian and China side will be no match for the US side. It is that lopsided.

It will be a bloody war with a lot of damage but the US side will win by a big margin as long as we have a good leader like Trump and not a bad leader like Obama or Hillary. The quality of leader is very critical and our leaders have proven this with messed up wars against lesser powers again and again in places like Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places. If you don't have a good leader, you can lose a war against anyone.

Food For Thought

Why does Marxism, regardless of whether you call it Marxism, communism, socialism, liberalism, progressivism or anything else, always fail?

Because, under Marxism, you always give absolute control of the people and your nation to the government for the government to be able to "care for the people" and the corrupt members of our nations will ALWAYS seize control of that government and turn it into a vicious, ruthless tyranny to enslave and steal from the people.

Therefore, Marxism CANNOT succeed under any name because it always creates a condition to where corrupt people can always seize control of the people via the government to steal from and enslave the people. If you set up a Marxist state by giving absolute control of the people to the government, the corrupt people will always seize control of that government and turn it into a tyranny. History proves this to be true.

What people don't realize is that Marxism was designed by the all-knowing, all-wise, heavily inbred, natural elite, intellectually superior, upper class trash academe to fail in order to give the upper class trash their slaves back after the 18th Century rebellions of the people gave the people freedom from being slaves for the upper class trash. Marxism was intentionally DESIGNED to fail to provide an opportunity for tyranny by the corrupt upper class trash.

Karl Marx was a lazy member of the upper class trash and the proof for this is that ONLY the upper class could go to college at that time. Get it straight, Karl Marx was NOT one of the people, not even middle class. He was working to turn you back into his and his upper class friends' slaves by seducing you with communism. It is a con by the upper class trash to get their slaves back.

Marxism is intentionally flawed and, therefore, CANNOT ever succeed under any name. You cannot ever give that much power to a government and get different results than what we have always gotten.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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