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You see what is happening with Sweden and should realize that the other European nations should invade Sweden to prevent the Muslims from seizing control and using Sweden's military against Europe while their fellow Muslims fight the rest of the European nations from within.

I am watching Trudeau do the same thing to Canada that the lefties did to Sweden and thinking about whether the US will have to invade Canada to prevent the Muslims from taking over and waging war against the US with the Canadian military.

I got this from Newsmax by Joe Crowe:

"People are seeking asylum in Canada in 'unprecedented' numbers, officials said in a CNN report Friday.

'We've never seen these numbers. Even though our officers are patrolling 24 hours a day, all year long, we've never seen such numbers coming in,' said Claude Castonguay, Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesman, in the CNN report."

Is Trudeau destroying Canada the way Obama almost destroyed the US?

Keep an eye on this. This could be the beginning of the end for Canada.


The left is in heaven with Bannon leaving Trump's cabinet and you can bet they believe they got Bannon ousted and it will encourage them to get the rest and even Trump ousted. As a matter of fact I know they are because they have told me they are.

What I got from Bannon leaving is that he and Trump believe Bannon can help Trump most back at Breitbart and, if this is true, it just made things worse for the stupid commies and not better. You see, Bannon couldn't return to doing what he does best, writing, to support Trump while still on the cabinet because it would have been seen as a conflict of interest.

You have to understand that, with Bannon back to writing for Breitbart, it will no long just be Trump's tweets putting out the truth but now also Bannon writing the truth so the media cannot silence the truth by stopping Trump's tweets.

Basically, Bannon and Trump just sucker punched the lying liberal media and they are so stupid they don't get it. Steve Bannon even said, "I am going to war for Trump" and the idiot liberals don't get it.

Oh yeah, did you know that because of his security clearance and having been on the president's cabinet that he now knows much more about the left than he ever did before?

I can't wait to read his first articles further exposing the left. Keep an eye on this.


The Commiecrats have some pretty serious financial problems. I got this from American Thinker by Silvio Canto Jr.:

"As of June 30, the RNC has almost $45 million in the bank, while the DNC has just under $7.5 million, along with $3 million in debt."

That is after they raised $38 million in the first half of this year and the GOP raised $75 million during the same time. My first thought on seeing that was, "Are we watching the implosion of the DNC?"

If the upper class trash don't toss the DNC more scraps, they are about to go bust.

Add to this all of the divisions, infighting, and such and we are probably witnessing the fall of the American Commie Party but they are not going without a fight.

Remember that I told you that Charlottesville was a lefty sucker punch to intimidate conservatives into not showing up at protests, especially with weapons to protect themselves?

I got this at Breitbart by Ben Kew:

"A free speech rally taking place in Boston, Massachusetts on Saturday was disbanded after thousands of left-wing activists held an enormous counter-protest.

No more than 300 free-speech activists took part in the event, while approximately 30,000 counter-protesters took to the streets in a protest organized by groups such as Black Lives Matter and Boston's ANSWER Coalition."

It is working. Only a maximum of 300 free-speech activists even showed up and about 30,000 liberal commie traitors showed up to shut them down. The liberals have taken the wind out of the sails of the right and seized the momentum in this war. This is very bad and the conservatives must quickly fight back or lose this fight.

Keep an eye on this.

X-37B Space Plane

The US Air Force has a special space UAV called the X-37B Space Plane that can stay in space for very long periods of time to do "research". I think it has stayed in space for as long as more than 3 years before returning to earth. I just saw a headline that said, "Air Force Sending its X-37B on Mystery Mission."

I am going to use this to show you how to do espionage. You will need this against the lying lefties.

The question is, what could this mystery mission be?

When we look at the current world and the tensions increasing between enemies and we know that all of these hostile countries are launching satellites into space with some of them being science satellites, most of them being spy satellites, quite a few are killer satellites to take out our spy and navigational satellites, and some possibly being military satellites that may be carrying nukes, you just might want to check those satellites out to find out which satellites are which. That way you don't have to waste limited resources to target all of their satellites, just the ones that are a threat and you know which of their satellites to take out when hostilities begin.

Therefore, it is most probable that this mystery mission will be to hunt down and analyze all of the satellites that COULD be a threat to the US and our allies to find out which ones really are a threat. Of course the US military doesn't want our enemies to know this because they might try to use a killer satellite to take out the X-37B before it can do its job, you know, find out which of the enemy satellites are a threat to us and our allies so they call it a mystery mission but the Ruskies and Chicom know. They are not stupid; evil but not stupid.

You see, it really didn't take much to figure that out. All you have to do is find all of the important dots, connect those dots, and you will probably get the right picture. You do this with everything including economics and you must do it sticking to the fundamentals of the science you are using because, in any science, if you get away from the fundamentals, you are wrong.


BTW, I just saw another headline that said, "How Much Water Should You Drink Each Day."

You know this article is probably pure bull crap.


Because the amount of water you need to drink depends on a number of factors like temperature, humidity, the person's health and fitness, and work being done. You cannot say that a person should drink X amount of water per day because those conditions will vary for each person. There is no way they are going to write an article long enough to explain all of that in detail so it is probably bull crap.

The best thing we have learned in exercise physiology, where we have had to deal with this from a scientific perspective?

You drink when you are thirsty because that is your body telling you that you need water.

Gee, that was tough to figure out, wasn't it?

Hey, let's see them write an article about that. Today, you know that someone did some bogus science and will say that everyone should drink X amount of water per day.

My response to that is always for what body weight, fitness level, work load, situation, and etc.?

You see, how much water you will need to drink will vary based on just altitude and humidity. If you go from a lower altitude to a higher altitude, you will have to drink more water because you dehydrate faster at higher altitudes. Oops.

I explain this and much more in my e-book, "A Better Way To Train", at It has 600 pages with 80 chapters so there is a huge amount of such information and you KNOW they will not write a 600 page article for any web site, magazine, or newspaper, especially when most books are only about 100+ pages.

Listen, any time anyone says something as simplistic as "everyone" must drink X amount of water, consume X amount of calories, or exercise X amount of hours per day, it is simplistic bogus science because it is much more complex than that. If that were not true, I would not have been able to write 600 pages with 80 chapters covering all of that in my book.

Know that, when they make such statements, they should quantify that it is almost always for someone who is 5'10", weights 150 pounds, at 75 degrees F, and under other such fixed conditions. If you just change the temperature by 10 degrees F in either direction, you will significantly alter the amount of water being lost by your body.

Just for what we call life functions or a sedentary person sitting around doing no physical labor all day at 75 degrees F, the number of calories burned varies from about 1,500 calories to 2,000 calories pending certain conditions. If those conditions vary much, the calorie consumption increases. Then you go from a sedentary person burning from 1,500 to 2,000 calories per day to a marathon bicycle road racer or cross country skier burning more than 8,000 calories because of their activity plus the 2,000 calories for life functions per day or 10,000 calories for the entire day.

Then you realize that idiots like Mayor de Bozo and Governor Coma (as in a coma and out of touch with reality) wanting to restrict calorie intake for everyone by taxing sugar is at best simplistic stupidity and a lame excuse for them to steal more money faster from everyone with another frivolous tax because they can't steal enough fast enough, you know, like them using fake global warming to create a "carbon tax" to steal more money faster from everyone.

Note that every time politicians come up with another fake disaster so they can create a new tax, it is not to solve a crisis but to steal more money faster. That is all they care about, stealing more money faster and faster and faster and etc. by creating new crises so they can create new taxes to "solve" those crises, which never really get solved so they can keep increasing those taxes so they can steal more money faster. It is a racket that has gotten out of control.

That athlete, who burns 10,000 calories in a day, will be required to consume enough calories for more than two chocolate layer cakes with the icing (at 4,850 calories per cake) or more than 33 soft drinks with 300 calories per drink just to replace the calories they burned that one day. If that athlete doesn't replace those calories, he will get sick and die. The ONLY way to replace those kinds of calories is by carb loading, which is a fancy way of saying consuming a lot of sugar and starches.

BTW, did you know that Mayor de Bozo has a Ph.D. in political science, which is really little more than learning how to abuse the power of government to steal more money faster by creating more bogus taxes?

He is just a professional politician or thief.


Is Merkel running scared of a possible military coup?

I got this from SOFREP by staff:

"German prosecutors are investigating an elite military unit over allegations that it held a party where far-right activities took place, including Nazi salutes, the tossing of a pig's head and listening to far-right rock music.

They are probing the country's Special Force Commando, or KSK, its elite unit of military personnel, a spokesperson for prosecutors in the German city of Tübingen told German news site Deutsche-Welle. "We are examining the incident," Nicolaus Wegele said."

Hmmm, maybe I should start that guillotine business, what do you think? Hey, you think the German military might want to buy a few guillotines?


I am losing respect for the site SOFREP, they keep posting anti Nazi and anti KKK stories that are making Antifa look like the good guys and our heroes, telling me that they are a "RINO" site. In the last article I read over there, the author wouldn't even call Antifa by their name and kept referring to them by the lefty nomenclature of "counter protestors", you know, those glorious, wonderful, magnificent, heroic counter protesters who stood up to the evil Nazis and KKK. Ta-da!!

I wanted to puke so I posted the following and may not be a member of that site much longer.

"You are losing my respect and you have to re-earn it. I will not lie or be politically correct.

The only sides I took in this war were 1) the side of the US Constitution which gives anyone who does not commit a crime the rights to assemble, free speech, right to bear arms for self defense, right to defend one's self, and other such rights regardless of what anyone thinks of them and 2) the rights of the legitimate conservatives that EVEN THE NEW YORK TIMES admitted were there and got thrown in with the Nazis, KKK, and other racists and got trampled all over by almost EVERYONE who wrote anything about this mess, with some of these conservatives losing their jobs because of the bad writing about this event and their pictures being shown everywhere.

Plus I am really ticked about everyone treating the great, wonderful, heroic, "counter-protestors", you know, the liberal commie traitors in Antifa, as their glorious heroes and saviors making me question just who the hell's side are these people on?

Get it straight, Antifa are not "counter protestors", they are liberal commie traitors working to destroy our nation and the US Constitution, they are better trained and better funded than the Nazi and KKK twits and, therefore, are a far greater threat to the US and us than the twit Nazis and KKK.

THEY ARE TRAITORS AND I REFUSE TO ACCEPT TRAITORS AS MY HEROES!!! It makes me want to puke when I see them being treated like our glorious saviors and heroes when the evil bastards openly admit they are working to destroy my nation.

BTW, if you deny someone else their Constitutional rights because you don't like them, then others can deny you your Constitutional rights because they don't like you. Therefore, if you denied the Nazis and KKK their constitutional rights because you don't like them when they didn't commit any crimes, they you deserve to lose your Constitutional rights when the left doesn't like you either.

You are setting a dangerous presidence for the left to use against you by denying ANYONE their Constitutional rights because you don't like them when they committed no crimes and, believe me, when the left can use it against you to prevent you protesting them, they will. We will pay for this and you can bet the left is using it to set a precedent and sucker punch us.

Hey, I know, let's distract everyone from the evil of Antifa by getting them to focus on the tiny and shrinking nothing Nazis and KKK.

People, just look at all of the damage the Nazis and KKK have caused at protests verses the much greater damage Antifa has done. Duh, hello!"

Yeah, got a little ticked, didn't I?

The Nazis and KKK are nothing. They are not even a good size zit on this nation's butt but Antifa is a large and rapidly growing terminal cancer that can kill this nation.

Like I said, I may not be a member of that site much longer and may not regret it, especially the way things are going. Get it straight, I stand for what is right regardless of whom I am standing against and the consequences. If you don't like my stand, then you better question where you are standing.


Know that I will stand against 100% of the people on this planet for Jesus and what is right, if need be. Bet on it! I HAVE NO PRICE BECAUSE JESUS ALREADY PAID FOR ME!!!! JESUS OWNS ME AND I WOULD HAVE IT NO OTHER WAY!!! I THANK AND PRAISE GOD FOR PAYING FOR MY SOUL!!!

Get the picture yet?

I am not for sale, baby, and I am not a sheep. I am a really mad and mean sheep dog fighting against the wolves and it is a knock down drag out fight I am doing my best to win in the name of God.


Let me explain what the left is doing with Antifa and it seems to be working, at least among the stupid people. Some people, probably the more intelligent conservatives, are not falling for it.

Marketing people call this rebranding where you take a product or, in this case, a group and change its image from bad to good or from good to bad.

To do this, they set up a phony protest where they invited conservatives, Nazis, KKK, and white supremacists so they could use the presence of the conservatives with the Nazis, KKK, and white supremacists make it look like all conservatives are racists and then they had the state police end the protest, bully the protestors, and send them packing into the awaiting arms of Antifa to make it look like the wonderful, great, magnificent, and righteous Antifa shining knights stood up to them horrible racists, you know, the Nazis, KKK, white supremacists, and, oh yeah, conservatives and are, therefore, the good guys.

Rebranding started by making the bad guys, Antifa and the left in general, look good and making the good guys, the conservatives, look bad. Now they just need to drive this home with a lot of propaganda and many will begin to believe it. They don't need to brainwash 100% of the people, just 51% and they are already pretty close to that.

Antifa had developed a bad image with the general public and it was getting worse with more and more people turning against Antifa and the left. So, to increase their votes in this next election in 2018, they needed to rebrand Antifa and the left to make them look like the good guys while making all conservatives look like the bad guys and the left, including all RINOs, are really relentlessly hammering home that Antifa are the shining knights and our heroes because they stood up to those terrible racist villains, you know, the ones their lefty organizer invited to the protest.

Basically, it is a typical lefty con job and they are all really hammering this to make it work telling me that this was all choreographed by the upper class trash, Obama, and the rest of the lefties with the poser conservative or RINO sites now showing their true colors by helping out against all conservative protests to the contrary. They are hoping that, if they hammer this lie aggressively enough, strong enough, and long enough, enough stupid people will be fooled into voting for the left in the 2018 elections to help put the left back in power or at least not cause them to lose even more seats in Congress. Hillary and Obama did a lot of damage and this is lefty damage control.

This is lies, misinformation, propaganda, and brainwashing at its finest, an act of desperation, and extremely intense brainwashing. If this fails and the Commiecrats lose more seats in Congress, the Commiecrat Party could blow itself apart before 2020 so help me get the word out that this is just one great big con by the left. This is a mega do-or-die effort by the left. They are desperate, they are frantic, they are ruthless and, just like I have been telling you for years, they refuse to quit and have just regrouped, reorganized, and started a super con to try to win so they can set up their lefty commie traitor dictatorship as soon as possible. To succeed, they have to rebrand the Commiecrat Party and Antifa as the good guys and the conservatives as the bad guys.

Do not let them get away with branding Antifa as the "counter protestors" in an effort to make them look like the good guys. One of the best things Trump can do right now to stop this is to make it official that Antifa and other leftists violent organizations are terrorists and he needs to make this move very soon.

We must win this fight with the truth.

The Coup

I want to close this essay with this item based on my observations and spending half the night awake thinking about this. (The rest of this was written yesterday.)

For years I belonged to SOFREP because they do an excellent job of making themselves look conservative and provide reasonably good intel, even though they put a lefty spin on it. I have been reading through the lefty spin so long that I have no trouble reading through the lefty spin to get the intel.

Over the years I noticed an increasing trend towards putting a lefty "spin" on articles, occasionally someone would point it out, they would post a link or two to articles they had not put a lefty spin on saying they were just doing "balanced journalism", which is a cop out used by the left for pushing propaganda down your throat. Any time lefties put a "spin" on something, it is a lie and that is what they mean when they say they put a spin on something, they are lying and they know it.

One thing that really bothered me about and caused me to question the site is that they persisted, especially while Obama was in office, in obviously supporting Obama's actions in places like Libya and Syria when those actions were clearly wrong.

They also turn on you when you say anything offensive about Islam and only occasionally even mention the lefty term, Islamist that the lefties now avoid, if possible.

Remember that I told you that God told me in a dream years ago that 20% of the people in the government and military are lefties and 80% are conservatives?

This mess at SOFREP has shown me that the lefty veterans are setting up military sites to make them look conservative so they can put out lefty lies and propaganda to brainwash, confuse, and distract people. It has also shown me that quite a few of the military lefties have infiltrated our special operations like Green Berets, SEALs, Rangers, Delta Force, and Marines. Just because someone is former military or even special operations, it does not mean they are loyal patriots and that quite a few of them are lefty traitors working for the overthrow of the US government, you know, the old inside job thingy.

The SOFREP site pushing so hard to promote this con by the left to rebrand the left and especially Antifa as "counter protestors", you know, the saintly saviors and knights in shining armor of mankind taking a stand against us conservatives, whom they are rebranding as the racist Alt Right has really shown the true SOFREP colors. Believe me, they and I have had some fights on that site with me persisting in pointing out the truth and my comments are rarely short.

Rebranding is one thing the left is very good at but now they are not just rebranding themselves to look good again, they are also rebranding us conservatives to look bad. Over the decades, as more and more people realized the lefties were the bad guys, the lefties have rebranded themselves from being called commies to being called socialist to being called liberals to being called progressives and now I am expecting them to rebrand themselves to the "new right" or something like that, which is probably why they had to rebrand us conservatives as the alt right to make room to move themselves right to get more people to support their evil plans to overthrow the US and set up their beloved commie dictatorship. Keep an eye out for them calling or rebranding themselves something like the new right to fool everyone and don't let them fool you.

Why are they suddenly so aggressively rebranding themselves and us?

At first, I thought it was for the coming elections in 2018, which it may be, but there is another probability. I think it is very likely that they are rebranding themselves as the good guys again and us as the bad guys so they can stage a violent coup of the US government and say they, our glorious heroes, knights in shining armor, and other lies are only doing this coup thingy to save us from the evil, racist alt right now in power, you know, the typical commie lie used to justify doing anything that won't be good for us. They always claim that they do their mischief "for the people".

Therefore it is very likely they are "preparing the battle field" for their soon coming coup of the US government so you won't stand against their coup or try to reverse it. That is one reason they are branding everyone who takes weapons to protests to protect themselves from the lefty goons and thugs as being racist alt right. They don't want you showing up at their coup armed and ready to fight them.

That is one thing that triggered me with SOFREP, they suddenly began branding everyone who takes weapons to protests and defends themselves against Antifa as racist alt right when you would expect vets to stand behind our Constitutional rights to bear arms, defend ourselves, and freedom of speech.

Gee, what a coincidence, they are supporting all of the lefty ideas and propaganda, aren't they, you know, disarming people?

If they can't take your guns away from you physically, they will intimidate you into being afraid to use those guns to stop their coup.

I have decided that, from now on, to help people better identify lefty sites posing as conservatives sites, I will call such sites "RINO sites" and you should also to help others. We really need to fight back against this rebranding and regain control of the conversation because it is looking like the left is preparing to stage their coup very soon. It is about to get very bloody and you can thank the left for it, you know, the saintly, angelic, knightly"counter protestors", A.K.A. lying lefty commie traitors.

Don't let them deceive you because it will cost you your freedom and probably your life. I think that, with their increasing problems and Trump doing more damage to their agenda by the day, the left has to stage a coup soon and just keeping or winning more seats in the next election just won't stop their incessant bleeding. Everything else they have tried has failed and that is all that is left for them. The left has to strike while they still have the momentum and before the conservatives can regain it. Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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