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This is very important. Trump just rolled back the limits Obama set on Police getting military equipment. Obama set those limits so the police couldn't stop or help stop a UN or Muslim coup of the US. Now it will be much easier for the police to stop or help stop a coup of the US by anyone.

Trump is undoing some of the most important things Obama did to make a coup of the US possible. You know this is really ticking off the upper class trash and their Muslim pals, you know, Obama.

Keep an eye on this.

Ultra liberal Michael Moore has predicted that Trump will win re-election in 2020.

Gee, what about all of those lying liberal polls that have been showing that Trump is less popular than a bad fart in an elevator? Were they all lies meant to discourage conservatives so not so many conservatives will vote again? Who would have figured that the left would lie to us...again...and again...and etc.?

You just can't believe a thing the left tells you. They have zero credibility.

US Military

Remember that I told you the US is ramping its military up to make it capable of fighting any force in the world? Remember that I told you that they are keeping older aircraft in service longer and bringing back retired aircraft?

They are now keeping more pilots in the service longer and looking to rehire retired pilots "of any aircraft" to fill those planes because planes are no good without pilots. They are increasing bonuses for officers up to $1,000 per month and for enlisted aircrew up to $600 per month.

Also, they are now working on a contract for stealthy nuclear cruise missiles that will keep the B-52 in the US Air Force until at least 2040. That plus they are also upgrading the Buffs with the latest in radar and electronics warfare systems.

Ramping up for war, are we?

I have been searching to see if they still have any B-52Ds in the Bone Yard that can be brought back into service with maintenance and upgrades or whether they already destroyed those planes. The B-52Ds were the main workhorses during Nam because they can carry more weapons than the other models and, with current upgrades, would pose a much greater threat to our enemies. The B-52H is smaller than the old D models and 170 of the D models were built.

If you know anything about the D models, please let me know.

Remember that I have been telling you to not pay much attention to sites which keep talking about a new super duper weapon that will conquer the world and defeat the US military by itself?

Mark, one of my readers (thanks, Mark), sent me a link to a unclassified analysis for carrier defense that shows that a simple minded approach to destroying a carrier or other weapons systems with just one super duper weapon system is nonsense. This analysis gives you an idea of just how complex the process would have to be to cause significant damage to the US military in a war.

The link is here and it is a pdf file. Please note that this analysis was published in 2001 and it has gotten much more difficult for anyone to successfully attack a US carrier. Remember that this is just the unclassified analysis and that there is much more classified information concerning modern warfare. The important thing is for you to see how complex of a mess the enemy has to get through just to destroy one target and, when you throw in the classified intel, it gets much worse.

Can an enemy destroy a major US weapon system or target?


Is it likely?


Is it likely that anyone, including Russia can get just one or two nuke missiles into the US to cause an EMP?


If you have never served in the US military working in this area, you can't even begin to imagine just how complex the US military defenses really are and that is just with the unclassified stuff they tell you about.

A really great example is this statement from the analysis: "The U.S. Navy expects to deploy effective defenses against all classes of tactical and theater ballistic missiles by the end of the current decade, largely through the upgrade of existing sensors and weapons." Well, so much for the super duper ship killer Chinese missiles. If they have a weapon system, we have at least one counter system for it.


"The Navy plans to operate its carriers in such areas only when they have been cleared of mines, and has made extensive investments in various mine detection and neutralization systems. By the end of the current decade, every carrier battle group will include helicopters equipped with the Airborne Laser Mine Detection System (ALMDS), the Organic Airborne and Surface Influence Sweep (OASIS), the Airborne Mine Neutralization System (AMNS), the Rapid Airborne Mine Clearance System (RAMICS), and the Towed Mine Detection System. Battle groups will also deploy unmanned underwater vehicles capable of autonomously finding and destroying mines."

Is that complex enough for you?

And that is only the unclassified stuff. If it were classified, you wouldn't find it on the Internet.

While reading the analysis, please note the repeated use of "layers of defense" for each weapon system. The example I just posted above should show you just how complex the US military defenses can get.

If North Korea shoots a nuke missile at the US, it ain't getting' here.

How did Al Quaeda manage to succeed with the 9/11 attack?

Because Bush I, Billy Boy Clinton, and the traitors in Congress had torn down our military and intelligence agencies to the point that Al Quaeda could succeed. Basically, it was because of treason at the highest level.

But with a good leader who properly builds up the US military, it ain't likely to happen.

You tend to sleep better at night when you know how the game is played and what is really going on.

Know this, the greatest weakness to the US military is our corrupt civilian leaders. Bush I, Billy Boy Clinton, Obama Vader, and the traitors in Congress have been the single greatest threat to US national security since at least Jimmuh Cartuh.

Jeff Sessions

Adding insult to injury, Jeff Sessions just asked the 46 remaining Obama appointed attorneys in the DOJ to resign.

That is what this nation needs, a good house cleaning at the upper level. That will solve a few problems and tick off the upper class trash by setting them back a few years or more.

Space Aliens

Remember that I told you that they are getting ready to pull the old space alien con on us to get us to submit ourselves, one way or the other, to the dictatorial rule of the upper class trash?

I got this from SOFREP by Alex Hollings:

"As we've covered before on SOFREP, in truth, the U.S. government did devote both personnel and resources to getting to the bottom of the rash of UFO sightings that occurred around the country in the 1950s and 60s, and even the infamously secretive CIA is willing to admit that not all of the occurrences the government investigated could be readily explained. Of course, that admission stops short of suggesting the culprits were actually little green men (or grey as many accounts claim), but nonetheless, uncertainty leaves room for guessing; both educated and otherwise."

Yeah, the little green, grey, purple, or whatever men will be coming soon and will tell you that we must submit ourselves to the dictatorial rule of a one world government by our upper class trash "for our own good", you know, they will "care for us".


Remember that Israel purchased 5 F-35s from the US, which arrived in Israel this last December? Remember that they had already planned to make modifications to the planes, especially its software and electronics warfare?

They just signed a deal to purchase 17 more F-35s.

What should that tell you?

That 1) while the US is still working to get the plane and some of its weapons systems functioning right, Israel got their planes functioning right and 2) their modifications worked to their satisfaction and they are ready to purchase more aircraft to modify. At this time, Israel's F-35s may be the only fully functional F-35s on the planet.

Maybe we should just give them the next 30 or so F-35s if they will give us back the five they got to working so soon?

You know, do a little horse trading. Hey, 30 airplanes that don't work for 5 that do work is a pretty good deal.


Here is a little lesson in how God works in His much greater wisdom.

Why did God permit Obama and his terrorist lefties to take control of the US?

To open everyone's eyes to how horrible the left is because God knew that, when the left felt they were in control and about to seize control of the US, they would come out of the closet and show just how evil they really are. The reason why the left is currently working so hard and deviously to re-brand themselves as being the good guys is because they got over confident, came too far out of the closet, and showed everyone just how evil they really are.

But the left's re-branding isn't working out so well. First, the conservatives are fighting back and refusing to permit the re-branding of the left as the good guys.

Second, even the left is showing signs of trying to distance themselves from Antifa and the snow flakes. MSNBC just turned on Antifa and the rest of the lefty thugs, calling them out for their violence, you know, distancing themselves from the commie criminals, and even called Antifa "fascists thugs". They even openly condemned the lefty universities, especially Berkeley, for suppressing freedom of speech.

I guess it might just be time to change boats in the middle of their commie river of treason?

I guess just a few too many eyes have been opened and are refusing to close so they are trying to disassociate themselves from their own villainy.

Why did God permit Obama to permit "transgenders" or homosexual queens to openly serve in the military?

So the homosexuals would come out of the closet and expose who they really are so we can get rid of them under Trump, you know, kick their butts out of the military or "purge" the military of more lefty moles.

BTW, God KNEW Trump was going to be elected and put Trump in office. God wasn't surprised when Trump won.

BTW, that is also why God is causing Trump to do so well, to force the lefties in the GOP out of the closet to fight Trump so they will show their true colors as being lefty commie traitors or RINOs and you will know who you are voting for and against so you can get rid of them.

Remember that I taught you that desperate people do desperate things?

When the left got so very close to achieving their goal of setting up a commie dictatorship in the US, got over confident, showed their hand about how evil they really are, and then lost everything with Trump suddenly destroying their evil doings, they have become extremely desperate, are doing extremely desperate things, and are showing even more just how evil and deceptive they really are. They are their own worst enemy...and our's too.

Man plans, God laughs and laughs and laughs...and then evil man is stupid enough he plans again and God laughs and laughs and laughs so more.

Ezekiel 38 & 39

Remember that years ago I told you I was waiting to see whether Israel will stop at the small point where the Euphrates is closest to the Mediterranean Sea or will she take all of Turkey?

I have been watching the Kurds and Turkey and am starting to get the feeling that, with Turkey waging war against the Kurds, Israel is more likely to take all of Turkey and permit the Kurds and Armenians to have their own nations again.

Besides, that will give Israel control of the sea traffic entering and leaving the Black Sea as an added protection against Russian aggression. Also, the Kurds and Armenians having their own nations again will create a buffer zone between Israel and Russia on the land.

I am still watching this.


I have been watching the flooding in Texas being caused by Harvey. I have a few friends and family living there and pray for them.

The flooding is already so bad and they say it is going to rain for at least a few more days. If it keeps raining, they will have to rename Texas the Gulf of New Mexico. If they do, the people in Texas are tough enough they will just learn to live under water.

Hey, they won't have to go to a river or lake to go fishing. I saw a video of a Texan catching a fish for dinner in his living room. I just saw another picture of a Texan who caught a fish in his backyard. Only in Texas.

It has to be the worst flooding in the US in the last 100 years.

Pray for these people.


The immigration thingy created and encouraged by the lefties is failing so bad that even lefties are now trying to stop it.

Gee, does that mean they are now as bad and evil as Trump and the rest of us?

The bunch of racist, fascist meanies!!!

Merkel is sending hundreds of immigrants back to where they came from, Trudeau is trying to stop them from going into Canada, and even ultra lefty, Macron, who thought he could convert Trump to the left, is working to set up vetting centers in Africa to decrease the number going to France.

Gee, where are the lefty protests about trying to stop Muslim immigration?

Mean while, Sweden continues to be taken over by the Muslim immigrants causing the rest of Europe to become concerned about having to wage a war against Sweden after it is taken over by its Muslim immigrants.

Yep, another great sounding, stupid idea by the left is showing just how stupid the all-knowing, all-wise, heavily inbred, highly educated, grossly overpaid, intellectually superior, natural elite commies who got the right degrees from the right universities really are. Not a functioning brain cell in the lot.

What, too much inbreeding, too many drugs, and too much brainwashing by other idiots?


And how about the people stupid enough to continue to follow these inbred idiots?

But, hey, they won't learn. They will just smoke some more dope, dream up another great sounding fairy tale to force on us while blaming us for the last crises they caused. Yep, the left has invented infinite stupidity, infinite insanity, infinite foolishness, infinite greed, infinite lust for power, and infinite just about everything else that is bad.

I have the utmost faith in the left. They won't quit until you kill them because they are infinitely evil.


I got this at Breitbart by Frances Martel:

"Venezuela's socialist dictatorship has ordered civilians to join in 'civic-military exercises' to prepare for what government officials claim is an upcoming invasion of the country by U.S. forces under President Donald Trump."

Me thinks that, just maybe, Maduro is running scared?

Maduro is so scared he is actually arming and training his people to fight against an invasion by the US.

OK, let me get this straight. Maduro is so scared and desperate he is arming and training the starving people who are mad at him and want to over throw him?

I want video. This is getting better and very interesting. He is saving the CIA the trouble of arming his own people so those people can overthrow him.

This is so incredibly stupid it makes my brain hurt. Yep, the lefties have definitely invented infinite stupidity. Wow, my brain hurts a lot just thinking about how stupid that is.

And you still think the lefty upper class trash are smarter than you?

Man plans, God laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs and...


Remember that I told you that Herr Merkel (Mr. Merkel) is selling out the failing EU and making buds with Russia?

I got this from American Thinker By Alex Alexiev:

"What has followed since is more disturbing still because it points to new fault lines that augur ill for the West and Europe in particular. Rabid anti-American propaganda has now reached heights that has made Der Spiegel to claim on its title page that the "true face of Trump" is a KKK hood. The German Left as represented by foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel, has gone as far as demanding the withdrawal of American nuclear weapons from Germany, which, in practice, means the end of NATO. Even more serious is Angela Merkel's seeming pro-Putin about face.

Encouraged by the asinine claims of anti-American zealots to consider herself the new leader of the free-world, she has now sided with a Russian-German project to shortchange Ukraine, Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe on energy and against the nearly unanimous bipartisan opinion of the U.S. Congress. Known as Nord Stream 2, the project not only bypasses Eastern Europe and transfers at least $10 billion into Russo-German pockets, but also mortally injures the European Energy Union's hopes for diversifying supplies and lessening dependence on Russia. Thirteen Eastern European countries have complained vociferously, but to no avail so far. Neither has Frau Merkel been impressed by the fact that former chancellor and current Putin lackey, Gerhard Schroeder, is the the chairman of the project, which, in turn, is managed by a Stasi buddy of Putin's."

Yeah, that EU thingy is working out real well, ain't it? You think the EU still has a prayer?

Yeah, that great sounding, evil globalist thingy is working out so well. (/sarc) Me thinks it just imploded.

Man plans, God laughs.

BTW, if the US withdraws its nukes and forces from most of Europe, it means the end of NATO and that the US won't immediately be caught up in the war the Muslims have already started in Europe.

Pray for Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and other such good people. They really need it right now.

Between the British, French, German, Spanish, and Italian upper class trash, they screw up everything all of the time for everyone else and history proves this to be true. One minute they are buds and the next minute they are stabbing each other in the back.

North Korea

Kimmy Boy just fired another missile with his usual belligerence but this one actually passed over Japan and through its sovereign air space.

You know what they need to do to Kimmy Boy, other than just kill him out right?

Fire a cruise missile from outside of North Korea to outside of North Korea over North Korea, You know, the sea to shining sea thingy, through its sovereign air space and RIGHT OVER Kimmy Boy's house so that it lands in international waters. Now that would be funny and I would love to see the look on his fat little face when it happened. I want video.


It is looking like India backed down China with their border dispute in the Doklam area. They have both removed troops from the confrontation.

Hold it, isn't China supposed to be so terrifying they are about to conquer the world? And they just backed down to India? Do you understand yet why I am not afraid of China?

I am watching to see what happens next.

Senator Joe Arpaio?

I would love to see Joe Arpaio run against and beat McCain. It would be one of the best things to happen in this country in a long time and could easily be the greatest service Joe Arpaio could provide for this nation. He would be my hero forever.

Man, would I celebrate; I would eat twice as much ice cream, maybe three times as much. Yeah, I love ice cream and that would be a great excuse to eat a bunch of it.

Please, someone in Arizona start a campaign to run Joe against evil McCain!!!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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