Pandemic 2

I have been thinking about this multiple pandemic being forced on us by the liberal commie traitors. For there to be that many people infected with so many of these terrible diseases, especially with so many of them kids, which just happened to have developed to the point they were contagious when the people arrived at the border so they would contaminate the other illegal aliens at the border and for those other newly infected illegal aliens to be quickly rushed away without quarantine to all 50 states so those newly contaminated people won't become contagious until they have reached their new homes to begin infecting tens of millions of US people, especially with the kids just before our school season starts is just too much of a coincidence, especially when it comes to timing. Plus we already know that Obama arranged this entire illegal alien thing with the other nations' leaders at least 1.5 years ago.

We are very clearly witnessing the most horrible crime in the history of mankind and this isn't something which might happen or will happen in the future. We are witnessing this horrible crime taking place RIGHT NOW! None of the people involved in committing this crime should be permitted to live and, in a few months, you will agree with me.

It is blatantly obvious that thousands of people, including kids, were intentionally infected with all those different deadly diseases before they left the collaborating countries so that those infected people would become contagious at just the right time to infect the other illegal aliens at the border. Then those newly infected illegal aliens were rushed off without quarantine so they wouldn't become contagious until they were at their new homes. It is also clear that this was all planned to take place just before school starts so the newly infected kids would not become contagious until they were in our public schools across the nation so they could infect your children. It is all in the timing and there are just too many coincidences. This crime was very clearly planned out in advance in every detail.

Then I watch the top criminals in this crime walking around with big grins on their faces with no concern that they could also become infected along with liberal activists joking about this very serious multiple pandemic as if it was nothing more than a head cold going around.

Gee, why aren't these liberals concerned about these terrible diseases?

I already told you that their children are going to private schools which won't have any of the illegal alien kids infecting their kids but there is clearly more to it than that because they could still be infected in any number of ways such as riding in Taxis, trains, buses, and at stores. Sooner or later these diseases will get to them.

That means there is only one possibility for all these smiles and jokes about the now happening pandemics, there are secret vaccines for all of these diseases, these happy liberals have all been secretly vaccinated and feel they don't have to worry. But do they need to worry?

Remember that I have repeatedly told you that the people in control and planning this massacre are all Euro-American liberal commie Luciferians who are white supremacists?

I have told you that the goal for the UN Agenda 21 of murdering everyone on the planet except a maximum of 500 million people is to wipe out all non PURE Euro-American whites globally. Most of the other world leaders either don't know about or conveniently ignore that the 500 million will not include any of them who are blacks, Latinos, Asians, Arabs, Persians, American Indians, and other non white races. If you are not a PURE Euro-American white, you are scheduled for termination. I am certain based on their behavior in relation to this disaster that they were all probably also vaccinated with this secret vaccine. Why else would they so happily go along with it?

But, did they get the secret vaccine or a placebo?

Remember that I have explained several times that these mad men running this show (the inner core is all white males) plan to purge the global gene pool of all non white genes to cleanse the human gene pool and make it "perfect"? Remember that I told you that these mad leaders know they will have to purge out better than 90% of the traitors who help them set up their global commie dictatorship, which will include all of today's politicians, top bureaucrats, and activists?

What do you want to bet that better than 90% of the people who got these secret vaccinations got placebos and are going to die?

Think about it, they can murder off the billions of people they want and purge the liberal traitors who helped them at the same time with the same diseases simply by giving the traitors they want to purge placebos. The thing is that, with so many deadly diseases being forced on us, the upper class trash can give the real vaccine for most of those diseases and placebos for only two or three of those diseases.

They will start to wake up to the reality of this when a few of them, who were vaccinated, die from a few of these diseases. But you know what will happen. The leaders will say that, for some reason, those people's vaccines didn't take, sorry, sucks being them. Most of the idiot liberals will buy that lie until more of them start dropping dead. Then the leaders will change to the lie that it must have been a bad batch, sorry, sucks being you. But when they start dropping like flies, everyone will figure out what happened but it will be too late and they will be too sick to stage a rebellion.

So, how long do you think it will take Obama, Val, Holder, Farrakhan, and the other black Muslim leaders to figure out they got the placebos?

Based on what God has shown me, they will either figure it out very quickly or already know they got placebos and know where the real vaccines are stored, which is why Obama and Val will stage their false flag event, declare martial law, and set up their Muslim dictatorship. But God is going to permit this disaster to continue long enough and the people to find out the white upper class trash caused this disaster to turn most people against the liberal Marxists. Then Obama and his black Muslims will set up their Muslim dictatorship, purge all of the mid to upper level liberal commie traitors, vaccinate all of the Muslims and the white liberal activists who have learned they were betrayed by the upper class trash and will swear allegiance to Obama (so Obama can have a larger army to invade Israel and protect his Muslim dictatorship in the US) while keeping the rest of the vaccines in hiding to cause the Mexican stand off between Obama and the US military and militias God showed me in one of my dreams.

Hang on, this trip is already getting rough with people already starting to die. We are already being subjected to a number of deadly pandemics at the same time all orchestrated by your beloved liberal commie traitors. This is going to get really nasty very quickly.

You Better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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