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Maxine Waters

Maxine Waters has said so much absolutely stupid stuff about conservatives that she is now paranoid about conservatives wanting to kill her. Conservatives don't want her dead, we just want stupid, corrupt people like her out of office.

The people she better be concerned about wanting to kill her are the lefties because she is making even lefties look even more stupid than most really are and causing increasing numbers of people to vote conservative.

Personally, I hope she stays in office until after the next two elections and keeps opening her stupid mouth. The insanely stupid things she says are definitely helping the GOP get new voters.

So, stay alive and keep yapping, stupid. You are definitely one of the best things to happen to the GOP.

Joe Biden

Joe's daughter said she would like to see Joe run in 2020.

I would like to see Joe run Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, Mars but not in the US. But then again, it would probably make it easier for Trump to win his second term, if he ran against stupid Joe. Plus, with the really stupid stuff that Biden says, it could turn out to be the funniest election ever. That guy is a walking perpetual gaff looking for another place to happen again and is absolute proof that most politicians go into politics because they are too stupid to earn half as much legally.


One reason why the left wants to stop Trump's wall is because it will greatly decrease the flow of the lefty drugs into the US.

Maybe the left doesn't care at all about the illegal aliens; just the drugs the illegal aliens help carry into the US?



Please note that the Commiecrats who are using children as an excuse to not deport illegal aliens because "they care so much about children" are the same commies who have murdered more than 50 million unborn children. Yeah, they really care about children.

Remember that I have been telling you that as soon as the lefties, especially the upper class trash, no longer need you lefties, they will throw you under the bus?

I got this from Breitbart by Neil Munro:

"There is no evidence that unemployed Africa-American and Hispanic-Americans youths can do the jobs done by "DACA" illegal immigrants, the liberal Washington Post told its readers September 6."

That is right, part of their justification for bringing illegal aliens into the US who will do the same jobs for less money is because "there is no evidence that you blacks and Latinos can even do the jobs", why, you incompetent, worthless slime.

Of course there isn't any evidence you can't do the jobs either; they will just have to pay you more for you to do the job and you know the corrupt upper class trash don't want to do that.

You blacks and Latinos who have helped put these slime bag lefties in power just got thrown under the bus for people who will do the same work for less money because there is no evidence that any of you, NOT ONE OF YOU, can do the same jobs. Why, you are too incompetent.

Yeah, it doesn't make sense to me either and it is obviously a lie, especially since most of those illegal aliens coming in don't have a degree, professional training, or a trade but they can do jobs you can't do. If they did have a degree, professional training, or a trade, they would get a green card and come into the US legally.

Are you blacks and Latinos feeling stabbed in the back by the lefties, you know, just like us white males?

Welcome to the club, baby. Just remember that this coming election in 2018, you can help us vote these rotten, lying lefty traitors in both the Commiecrat and Commipublican parties out of office and vote in good conservatives to fix this mess.


Remember that I told you before the recent border standoff with China that India had accelerated its construction on military quality roads accessing the Chinese border to get them completed by 2021?

Following the standoff, India has just accelerated the construction of the border roads even more to have them all finished even sooner but I can't find out how much sooner. Keep an eye on this.


God is using these hurricanes to open people's eyes to the truth about who the good guys are and who the bad guys are and eyes are opening, they are DEFINITELY opening.

The left has been teaching you to hate the "inferior" conservatives, you know, like the Cajuns and Red Necks, calling us racist fascists while ganging up on and beating any lone conservative or Trump supporter, especially white males, who disagrees with what the lefties want you to believe, you know, just like a bunch of racist fascists.

So, God brings in Hurricane Harvey flooding Texas and who comes to the aid of the people caught in the flooding, Antifa or BLM?

Nooooo, the "evil, racist, fascist" Cajuns showed up with boats and the "evil, racist, fascist" Red Necks showed up with their evil monster trucks and they saved everyone they could regardless of race or political affiliation, you know, like lefties who hate them, members of BLM and Antifa, and all races PROVING they are NOT racists or fascists.

And where were Antifa and BLM? Did you see any of them showing up in mass to save people?

They were looting stores and people's homes while people drowned. Yep, they are the good guys. I just can't figure out what they are good for...oh, I know, they are good for bad examples, very bad examples.

Now, to show how wonderful and superior they are, the lefty celebrities are having "fund raisers" for the poor, inferior Texans (the celebrities didn't even try to save), where they will show you how wonderful and superior they are by donating some pocket change, of which you KNOW most won't even get to the flood victims but will end up in some lefties' pockets.

And believe me, I am seeing that eyes are opening concerning the ugly truth about the lefties. More and more people are abandoning the left and turning right because they don't like what they are seeing on the left.

And you think that these same selfish lefty monsters won't throw you under the bus when they no longer need you just because you are one of them?

Just remember that you are just ONE of MANY of them and just ANOTHER ONE of them so they will have no trouble throwing you under the first bus that comes along.

Why are you blacks and Latinos still voting for the left?

Bogus Research

Remember that I told you that the left uses government grants to control what researchers and scientists tell you?

I got this from American Thinker By Noel S. Williams:

"Liberals try to compensate for the weakness of their ideas by craftily manipulating the narrative of the debate. They are supported by liberal academicians who manipulate their research methodologies to predispose results that are amenable to their liberal sensitivities. We should be wary because the lack of intellectual diversity undermines the quality of scholarly work, and dulls the vibrancy of thought in the public forum.

Cunningly crafted studies under the guise of objective research are reviewed, then cited, by peers prudently protecting their own careers. Eventually, a bunch of concocted poppycock masquerading as authentic research pollutes the public square, where pandering politicians and liberal media patsies loiter. They are eager to peddle leftist orthodoxy in a marketplace of counterfeit ideas."

Basically, the researchers tell what lies they know they are supposed to tell or they won't get more grants to keep paying their salaries and will, therefore, lose their jobs. If a researcher of scientist is on the government dole, you can't believe a thing they say. If they tell the truth the lefties don't want you to know, they will end up turning burgers somewhere.

Die Wahrheit ist verboten (the truth is forbidden.)

Health Care

Bernie Sanders wants the government to pay for everyone's healthcare.

And where is he going to get the money for that?

Oh yeah, by first taking the money from you with increased taxes to pay for it...after he skims some money off of the top of the taxes for his greedy pocket.

Get it straight, the government doesn't pay for anything, you, the tax payer, pay for everything because the government doesn't earn any money, it steals money, not earns it. Politicians are illusionists; they create the illusion that the government is paying for stuff while using taxes to steal the money from you to pay for everything.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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