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You know you are old when the US Air Force is celebrating its 70th birthday and you are 68. I am almost as old as the US Air Force. Until now, I never thought of myself as being 70 years old. That just hit home.

I have become convinced that God is in complete control of who dies and when. I worked very hard to keep myself in shape until I got this illness. When I was in shape, there wasn't anything I couldn't do, either physical or mental. God used my illness to take my health away from me so that I can only do what God wants me to do and when God wants me to do it.

Mean while, I have set here literally dying from my illness and watching people younger and in better shape than me die when the doctors told me I should have died more than a decade ago. Obviously, God still has more work for me to do.

Should we not exercise then like some preachers say?

No, we should exercise because God made us stewards of this world, including our bodies, for which we are responsible for maintaining their health and fitness, if at all possible.

Over the decades, I have seen too many Christians who took the bad advice of their preachers telling them it is pointless to exercise to maintain our health when we are going to die anyway.

Then we shouldn't obey God to properly maintain this planet while we are here since God is going to destroy it anyway?

Those Christians' health failed causing their Christian witness to end early because they became incapacitated by their poor fitness and health AND they also take time away from the potential works for other Christians who have to spend their time caring for those ill Christians whose health failed because they didn't obey God and properly maintain their bodies to maintain their health. The failing health of one Christian because they didn't take proper care of their bodies often takes from the Christian work of one or more other Christians, further decreasing Christian work being done.

You will be a more effective Christian longer by properly maintaining the health of your body through exercise so your Christian works can be greater. I have wondered how many Christians will see the rewards for works God had for them to do go to others because they couldn't do those works because they didn't obey God and maintain their fitness and health via exercise. A better functioning body makes for a better functioning Christian.

Can God still use Christians who have bad health?

Yes, but there are works you simply can't do without good health and, if your health fails because you didn't obey God by maintaining your fitness and health, you will be held accountable for it.

I know that, if I had not gotten this illness, there is so much more I could do in so many different ways.

Legal System

Do you know what they are saying when they only give someone 10 to 20 years for murder?

They are saying that another person's life is not worth very much to them. Think about it. That is just how unimportant you are to the people giving out those pathetic sentences.


I was reading about Hurricane Maria devastating Dominica in the Caribbean and realized why God is pummeling the Caribbean with so many powerful hurricanes this year.

The Caribbean is filled with corruption, not the least of which is their banks acting as "off-shore" accounts for the wealthy upper class trash. The upper class trash use those banks to hide money or income from other nations to avoid taxes, they use those banks to launder money to pay corrupt politicians bribes, and they use those banks to hide their illegal activities in destroying the West, especially Europe and the US.

The upper class trash also use those islands to hide other criminal activities such as having sex slaves, especially children. The Caribbean Islands are also a very popular place for the upper class trash to hang out and recreate.

God is using those hurricanes to punish the Caribbean Islands for their crimes and hold them accountable for their criminal activities.

Lefty History

I recently had an encounter with a Canadian lefty and, once again, got a dose of the Lefty History about WWII they and Europe have been brainwashed to believe by their upper class trash, Europe's government owned historians (A.K.A. fictional fairy tale writers), their lying lefty media, and others.

This person told me the lie I have heard from other lefties and see in European "documentaries", A.K.A. lefty fairy tales.

In a nut shell, the lie they are taught goes somewhat like this: The US did not win WWII, the Europeans already had Hitler defeated when the US entered the war so that the US was just a minor and unnecessary player, the US only slightly helped the Europeans defeat Hitler and even got in the way of them defeating Hitler. In a nutshell, that is the fairy tale I have seen out of Europe, Russia, and Canada for decades and it turns my stomach because it is a very blatant lie.


Hey, I know, let's do the math and see what the war situation was on December 6, 1941, the day before Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and brought the US into the war. You know I like math.

By December 6, 1941 Germany and the rest of the Axis (Austria, Italy, Turkey [a Muslim nation at that time], Japan, and Vice France [Southern France pronounced vee-chee France] with Spain having promised to join the Axis if Germany defeated Britain) had annexed Austria and Czechoslovakia and, with the help of Russia, Germany had conquered a little more than half of Poland with Russia taking the rest (so much for Germany's Blitzkrieg, they actually only conquered a little more than half of Poland), Germany had conquered France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Greece, and Sweden had jumped in bed with Germany, and, after the war, Churchill publically stated that, if the US had come into the war just two weeks later, Britain would have been forced to surrender to Germany, and Stalin had fled Moscow to make a last stand 100 miles east of Moscow in the Ural Mountains with Switzerland remaining neutral. That covers all of the major countries in Europe and Russia.

I want to know, just exactly which one of them had almost defeated Hitler by December 6, 1941, Luxemburg?

No, Luxemburg had also been conquered by Hitler when he invaded France. There were no countries in Europe which even came close to having even an even hand against Hitler, much less the upper hand on December 6, 1941.

Mean while, in the Pacific Theater, by December 6, 1941, Japan had conquered all of Korea, Manchuria, almost all of China, parts of Eastern Russia, all of French Indo China (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand [Thailand capitulated without a fight]), Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and was finishing taking Papua New Guinea and Burma from the British, Australians, and New Zealand forces with intentions of taking Australia, New Zealand, and India within months, which would have conquered all Western held countries in Asia and the Pacific EXCEPT for the islands and nations controlled by the US.

Another thing these European fantasy writers called historians forget to tell you is that, for years before the US entered the war, the US was providing almost all to all of the weapons, munitions, food, and even military training for Britain, Russia, India, Australia, and New Zealand. Almost all of the weapons being sent to Britain and Russia, mostly by ship, were made in the US with a few being made in Canada.

Ever hear of the "Lend Lease" program?

For example, the famed British Mosquito war plane was being made in a factory in the US by Ford Motor Company, crated up, and sent to Britain by ship where they uncrated the planes and assembled them. I guess that made the planes "made in Britain".

This was true for all of Britain's planes, ships, tanks, small arms, and munitions because Germany had destroyed almost all of Britain's military factories with their "Battle of London" so that Britain only had one small factory in Northern England, out of reach of Hitler's bombers, which was making only a few of one type of planes. PLUS Britain was using obviously American made planes such as the P-51C and other aircraft well before December 6, 1941.

I already proved to you before that Russia's Yak -1 and Yak-2 were slightly modified P-51Cs with a Russian paint job and the Yak-3 was very clearly a P-51D with a Russian paint job. You know, the planes the US commies love to call the best fighter planes in Europe during WWII. The US commies are right, they were the best fighter planes in Europe during WWII but they were US made and not Russian made. If you don't believe me, just compare pictures of the Yak 1 through 3 with pictures of the P-51 C and D. It is very obvious.

The ONLY THING keeping Britain and Russia in the fight against the Axis was the US and, to a lesser extent, Canada providing them with weapons and munitions.

Let me share with you just how stupid the Euro fantasy writers called historians are with a few examples of their stupidity.

The first example has to do with none of them being able to figure out why Hitler called a halt to his tank movements against Dunkirk, when he had the British forces trapped and "could have easily finished them off".

Gee, you think it might just have been caused by the Battle of Arras in North Central France?

The German spear head or salient which cut off the British and French troops to the north and forced them onto the beaches of Dunkirk was only 25 miles wide and was also over stretched, which made it vulnerable to having its head cut off and encircled by a counter attack to the side, usually done by a "pincer movement". This has been a concern for attacking and rapidly advancing troops for thousands of years.

If the head of the German forces, which had outrun their reinforcements and supplies, had been cut off and encircled by the British and French troops, it would have reversed the situation and caused the Germans to suffer the defeat instead of the British and French forces suffering the defeat.

Realizing the situation but being under manned, British General Sir Harold Edmund Franklyn, lead the 4th and 7th British Royal Tank Regiments and some infantry in just such an attack in a vain and last ditch attempt to cut through the German salient and encircle the German forces. He knew it was a long shot because he didn't have enough troops under his command but decided to try anyway. He only got about 10 miles through the salient when Rommel's (later Field Marshal Rommel) 7th Panzer Division finally managed to stop the attack and turn it back preventing the head of the German forces from being cut off and encircled.

Even though this attack didn't work at encircling the German lead units and reversing the situation, it caused considerable panic among most of the German forces including the famed German 3rd SS Panzer Division ("Totenkopf" - Death Heads). It created such confusion that Rommel thought he was being attacked by 5 divisions when the attacking force wasn't even half of one division.

What it did do, that saved the British and bought them time to evacuate most of their forces at Dunkirk, was that it caused the German leaders to realize how over extended and vulnerable their forces were and for German General Gerd von Rundstedt to order the lead units to halt for about three days to wait for the rest of their forces to catch up to prevent the lead units from being cut off and encircled and Hitler later supported those orders.

Gee, now, was that so hard to figure out?

Any good commanding officer who gets his troops that over extended or even less over extended will halt the lead to permit the rest of his troops to catch up to prevent being encircled and defeated. That plus Germany not even thinking the British could evacuate so many soldiers so quickly was certainly why Germany halted the lead unit. They figured the British forces were not going anywhere soon and would still be there to be finished off in a few days with fewer losses and less risk to the German forces because of the increased strength of the rest of the German forces catching up to the lead forces.

So that was actually a good call by the Germans to prevent a disaster but they were taken by surprise that Britain managed to rescue so many forces from Dunkirk. Even the British were surprised because, at the start of the operation, the British leaders thought they would actually only be able to rescue less than 50,000 troops out of more than 300,000 troops and they ended up rescuing most of them.

Then there is the myth that Hitler opening a second front against Russia with "Unternehmen" or Operation Barbarossa on Sunday, June 22, 1941, before he had Britain finished off, was stupid but let's look at the math.

What situation was Hitler facing on Saturday, June 21, 1941 before he began the invasion of Russia?

Hitler had very quickly and easily conquered all of Continental Europe, was finishing off Britain with his air war against her, Hitler had conquered almost all of North Africa with only Egypt and Israel remaining in British hands, Hitler's ally, Turkey, had conquered almost all of the Middle East and was closing on Israel from the north while Germany was closing on the British from the west, Russia was trying very unsuccessfully to invade tiny little Finland while fighting Japan in the east, making Russia look really weak and vulnerable, you know, easy prey, AND fascist Spain had promised Hitler that, if Hitler finished off Britain, Spain would join the Axis, giving Hitler another powerful ally.

Basically, Hitler and his Axis had almost conquered almost everything from Britain to South Africa and the Middle East, they were within six months of finishing them all off and Russia was engaged in and losing two different wars with Finland and Japan, making her very tempting for invasion.

So, on Sunday, June 22, 1941, Hitler started the invasion of Russia with Japan taking Soviet land in the east. By November of 1941, Hitler had driven Stalin out of Moscow and into the Ural Mountains 100 miles to the east of Moscow to make a last stand so it looked like a good decision and move by Hitler but Japan bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 bringing the US into the war, which changed everything.

Basically, when the US came into the war, the Axis had almost conquered almost everything from the Atlantic Ocean east to Eastern Pacific Ocean when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. The Axis was easily within six months maximum of finishing conquering every bit of that when the US entered the war.

And the Europeans, Russians, and Canadians believe they almost had Hitler defeated and the US was of little help in WWII? Really?

They clearly do not appreciate what the US did in saving their butts and the price the US paid, especially in lives of our young men.

It is also easy to see why the Axis felt they could easily defeat the only remaining major nation in the world that wasn't already almost defeated but they under estimated the US and its industrial power.

BTW, this is the reason former SS member, George Soros, has sworn to destroy the US. His beloved Nazi Germany and its Axis had almost conquered most of the world when the US entered the war and caused Germany and the Axis to lose the war. It is called revenge.

Basically, Soros and his Nazi/Muslim Axis friends, regrouped, reorganized, and started over again and they have once again almost conquered the entire world because the Europeans and US didn't kill all of the bad guys who caused WWII.

To help you better put the pieces together, remember that Hitler was socialist or Marxist and today's Euro-American upper class trash are Marxist (commies/socialists) and Turkey, Hitler's ally, was the remains of the Muslim Ottoman Empire, which ruled most of the Muslim world at that time. Gee, what a coincidence that Hitler was Marxist and one of his best allies was Muslim and today's upper class trash are Marxist with Muslims being their allies.

Gee, you don't think the Marxists and Muslims just regrouped, reorganized, and started over again, do you? Gee, you don't think that is why the upper class trash are infiltrating Muslims into our nations, do you? Get the picture yet?

Note that I added this article into this essay at this point because of the following story.


Sweden isn't the only European nation on the verge of being taken over by the Muslims. The police in Oslo, Norway are saying the city is lost to Islam and that they have no control over the city.

Is everyone in Europe a coward? Will no one fight for their nation before it is too late? Are they so brainwashed that they will follow their evil leaders into the bowels of hell without anything other than a whimper? Where are the military and police that they just sit and watch their nations being taken over by Islam without so much as a struggle?

After two world wars and the US protecting Europe during the Cold War, I personally think the US should not send young men to die in Europe again because the Europeans let their leaders get them into another mess they can't get themselves out of, especially with them hating us and helping our lefties destroy our nation.

You know what the Europeans will do. They will do the same thing they did following WWII, deny the US saved them, claim they saved themselves, and work with our lefties again to destroy us. So I say, let them save themselves. Our young men are worth more to us than people who hate us.

How many times must young American men die saving the Europeans because the Europeans never learn to not follow their corrupt leaders into hell?

Let the Europeans save themselves this time. Enough!!!

Truman Coincidences

First, you need to know that President Truman was a socialist or Marxist, just like FDR was. With that in mind, everything below, which happened during Truman's presidency, makes sense.

President 1945-1953

In 1945 the Soviet Union obtained blue prints of the US nuclear devices and in 1949 they detonated their first nuke.

In 1948 Truman negotiated with the Soviet Union for North Korea to be a Marxist dictatorship.

In 1949 Mao Tse Dung seized control of China because Truman didn't come to China's defense and just permitted Mao to seize control of China. China had been a ally of the US during WWII.

Korean War June 1950 - July 1953

Prior to the Korean War, Truman refused to permit South Korea to have enough weapons to defend itself for fear that South Korea might use those weapons to invade North Korea. It was South Korea not having weapons to defend itself from an invasion by North Korea which encouraged North Korea to invade South Korea in 1950.

After US troops defeated the North Korean troops, took Korea all of the way to the Chinese border, and with Chinese forces building up for an invasion of the Korean Peninsula, Truman refused to permit US General MacArthur to have enough troops to stage a preemptive strike against China and march on Beijing to free China along with North Korea and even refused MacArthur enough troops to defend against the obviously coming Chinese invasion. Truman fired MacArthur for insisting on getting enough troops to defend against the Chinese attack.

After China invaded with 400,000 troops and pushed US troops all of the way to the south of the Korean Peninsula and US troops finally defeated the Chinese troops, the remaining 300,000 Chinese troops retreated to a mountain area in North Korea called the Iron Triangle, where the US troops defeated them again in set battle and, while the Chinese troops were on the run, heading back to China, Truman gave North Korea and China the victory by signing a truce and giving them all of North Korea back to be a Marxist dictatorship.

I have often wondered whose side was Truman on?

President Truman caused more trouble and harm for the people of this planet than any other president until Jimmuh Cahrtuh, another lefty, turned Iran into a terrorist state.

Gee, what a bunch of pro-Marxist coincidences.

You don't think Truman was a Marxist traitor, do you?

Think about it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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