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Remember that I told you years ago that the lefty run media are knowingly driving their businesses broke to promote their political agenda?

There are FEC laws against the large share holders, who control a company, using a business in a manner that will cause the lesser share holders to lose money in order to protect the lesser share holders. The lesser share holders for businesses like Time, Inc. need to file charges against everyone involved for causing the lesser share holders to lose money because the majority share holders used the business to promote a political agenda and cause Time, Inc. to be going out of business.

This is just the beginning of the lefty media losing their shirts but I have noticed that the majority share holders for those businesses just sell out of the media they destroy for political purposes and buy majority stock on other publically traded conservative media like Newsmax and Fox, which they are now ruining.

Keep an eye on this because the upper class trash seem to have an awful lot of money to burn to set up their global commie dictatorship but there is a bottom to everyone's well.

BTW, the sales for all businesses which are taking a stand against conservatives are falling off causing those businesses to lose money and can cause the minority share holders to bring charges against the people destroying those businesses to promote their political agendas.

September Apocalypse

Today, September 23, is supposed to be the day "Planet X" crashes into earth and destroys the planet, killing us all.

First, it ain't happening because that goes against Bible prophesy.

Second, if it did happen, another planet just getting close to earth would destroy earth because of their opposing gravities pulling against each other. The seismic activity alone would destroy the planet and all life on it.

Don't believe me?

Just look at the effect the moon's gravity has on our planet and think about the effect a much larger planet would have on earth.

Third, after it doesn't happen, they will claim that "Planet X" miraculously just missed earth buuuuut there is a little problem with that. If another planet got anywhere near our planet, its gravitational pull on earth would cause extremely significant damage to our planet that would probably at least destroy civilization and possibly wipe out all life on earth. It won't just quietly whiz right by earth and you know that, beginning tomorrow, there will be more lame excuses as to why "Planet X" did not collide with and destroy earth to save face.

And here we are on September 24, 2017 still alive and kicking. We didn't get run over by Planet X and we are not clouds of rapidly expanding molecules. Surprise, surprise. I told you it wouldn't happen because it doesn't fit with Bible prophesy. But, hey, the same people will give you some lame excuse for it not happening, quickly forget about the Planet X thingy, and go on with the next end of the world thingy to keep making lots of money.

Here I am a few days later on September 25, 2017, still kicking because no "invisible" black planet smashed into Earth.

Surprise, surprise!!!

How many times have I told you that no prophesy for the end of the world or human life CAN come true because it does not fit with Bible prophesy and God can't be wrong?

Listen to God, not man.

Can we suffer a devastating pandemic that kills most humans off?

Yes, because that could fit with Bible prophesy.

Can the power mad, greedy, corrupt lefty upper class trash set up their beloved global communist dictatorship this close to the end times?

No, that doesn't fit with Bible prophesy, which is why their plans are failing and the upper class trash have to keep regrouping, reorganizing, and trying something else. Man plans, God laughs.

Can the Muslims seize control of the world and set up their one world government and church or caliphate before the Tribulation begins?

No, because, if they did, why would they wage a two front war against the world they own and kill more than half the people on the planet as predicted in Bible prophesy?

Therefore, the globalists and Muslims MUST fail in their current efforts so Bible prophesies will be fulfilled.

Will the Muslims conquer the world in separate East and West military actions following the rapture and the beginning of the Tribulation to set up their global caliphate requiring everyone to wear Islam's most holy number, 666, on the back of their right hand or on their forehead?

Yes, because that would fulfill Bible prophesy but, before they start their war to conquer the world, they MUST wait until AFTER the Tribulation begins or their war will fail just like it is now.

Can the lefty, Marxist globalists ever set up their one world empire and rule the world?

Nah, they're screwed. It ain't happening.

One easy prediction here is that this and other such things by poser Christians to make a lot of money will fulfill the prophesies about the "falling away" of the church because people who really believed in this, especially poser Christians but also some true Christians, will be discouraged and leave the church for paganism. Most of the true Christians will eventually come back but the poser Christians will be gone and the false prophets making money from those poser Christians will go where the poser Christians go to keep making money from the poser Christians.

God will use this to clean house and get rid of Satan's poser Christians, who will convert to some form of paganism. You can bet Satan caused poser Christians to start this prediction to destroy the church but God will use it to heal and strengthen the church by removing the diseased poser Christians Satan infiltrated into the church and only leaving the true Christians. The church will get stronger because of this because this is going to cause the bad preachers and church leaders to start leaving the church, which will cause the church to get closer to God again.


It should be common sense that anyone who wants to stop the people from telling the truth is not working for the people but for themselves.


What we are watching between Trump and the left is a massive power struggle that refuses to go away because as soon as one effort to destroy Trump fails, the left just regroups, reorganizes, and tries again to destroy Trump.

Sound familiar?

I keep telling you that power mad, greedy people will never stop unless they are killed.

Believe me yet?

Just stick around, you will eventually get it.

Sports Protests

Don't like the protestors kneeling during the national anthem just before the event? Then why are you still watching the sport? Can't find something else to do, you know, like spend some positive time with your family? Maybe you should fight back by taking your family camping, fishing, or to other activities? Maybe, instead of supporting people who hate your nation, you could spend a day in church praying for your nation?

I am noticing a rebellion against the protestors forming online. Right now it looks like it is centering around boycotting the NFL by not watching the games or purchasing their sports stuff. They are also now trying to organize a full boycott of NFL football on November 12, 2017, you know, Veteran's Day. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

The right is getting very tired of being trampled all over and pushed around. Eyes are opening and they are fighting back.

I gave up a sport I loved a lot because I can't stomach the corruption and cheating with things like drug abuse. I refuse to support a bunch of criminals and will not watch football because I refuse to support people who hate my nation. I used to really love sports but have not watched or followed a sport for years because I refuse to support the jerks who have taken over our sports. I don't miss making bad guys wealthy.

My Finances

I want to further clarify that God always continues to take care of a Christian's finances, especially his workers. In me being told to take back control of my finances, what was meant is that I am to gradually take back some control, for example, shutting down my commercial site and e-book sales because they are costing me more than they are making me. For more than a year, I have kept those things online losing money because I didn't know whether God wanted me to keep them online so He could use them later. By Him telling me to take control, He was telling me to take them off line to save me money.

This will be a gradual process that will take place over months and maybe a few years and will make things much more simple for me.

Know that this web site isn't going anywhere soon that I know of. It will continue to operate and teach people for probably at least a few more years.

BTW, my Coach Carl site was shut down much faster than I expected so it no longer exists and you can't buy the e-book, "A Better Way To Train." If you try to go to, you don't get anything. I will be shutting down my PayLoadz account soon so you won't be able to buy my e-book, "Yahweh" either. I need to do that within about the next week.

Cop Shooting

I just saw a second video of the cop shooting in California which showed more of the altercation because the first released video only showed a little of the end of that altercation and might have been edited to make the cop look bad.

In the first part of the altercation, which was not on the first released video, the bad guy attacked the cop, after the cop had already drawn his weapon, but the cop didn't fire before the bad guy attacked the cop with the fist fight causing the cop to lose his weapon just as the first fight began. That cop failing to shoot the bad guy before the fist fight started almost got the cop killed.

The cop only shot the bad guy after the cop got away from the bad guy, found his weapon, and the bad guy charged the cop again.

Interestingly, in the second video, when the bad guy was being shot, he did not yell, "Don't, don't, don't," the way he seemed to in the first released video telling me that the first released video was almost certainly edited to get the cop in trouble. Expect to see much more of this with so many lefties and Muslims hating cops.

Be careful what you believe because even pictures and videos can be edited to sell a lie.

Also, when the bad guy began grappling with the cop, the cop should have started breaking arms, legs, and such to end the fight as quickly as possible because it would have been too easy for the bad guy to get the cop's gun and kill the cop.

But most cops are taught to fight like "Mr Nice Guys" by causing as little injury as possible to the bad guy and keep ending up dead. The cop was VERY fortunate to survive the altercation.

When you are fighting for your life, as this cop was, you break everything you touch and touch everything you can as fast as you can. Anything else will get you killed.


You want to know why the UN soldiers are committing more rapes and other violence than the military of any single nation?

Think about this: more than 100 of the nations in the UN are Muslim and the Muslims are taught to rape and commit violence against non Muslims. When you invite UN forces into your nation, you are inviting Muslim soldiers into your nation and they will rape and murder non Muslims just like Islam teaches them to do.

It is past time to end the UN.


Remember that I had dreams about Obama nuking Chicago and killing a bunch of wealthy whites during a formal ball in the Sears Tower so he could declare martial law to seize control of the US and take his CNSF to invade Israel? Remember that I told you that, even though he is no longer president that he could still do this by killing the right white people? Remember that the lefty activists have been openly talking about killing Trump and others so the left can regain control of the US?

Very recently a group of lefty activists were waiting outside Obama's residence and, when Obama came out, they began chanting, "Still my president! Still my president!..."

Think about that one. The left very clearly WILL support Obama staging a violent coup to overthrow Trump so the left can regain control of the US and were clearly encouraging Obama to do it, you know, just like in my dream. And with the help of the "Deep State" currently working to depose Trump, he could succeed.

Will it happen?

Stick around and we will both find out.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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