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Longest War

Once again, the media and what almost everyone believes is wrong.

Remember that I told you that, if most people believe something, most likely it is wrong?

They are telling you and most of you are believing that Afghanistan is the longest war the US has been involved in.

Is that true?

No, technically and legally we have been at war with North Korea since 1950 or 67 years because we did not sign a peace treaty with North Korea, we signed a truce leaving the US and North Korea still in a legal state of war, which North Korea started, just with temporarily halted hostilities. Know that, during those 67 years, there have been repeated hostilities in which men have died but they have been covered up by the government and media. The hostilities of that war can legally resume at any time.

Therefore, the Korean war is the longest war the US has been involved in. That war never ended, it is just that hostilities were temporarily halted with a truce.

Also note that the idiot media keep talking about starting a war with North Korea and they are, once again, wrong. If the fighting between the US and North Korea resumes, it will not be the start of a new war but the return to hostilities in an already existing war because we have legally been at war with North Korea since 1950.

What should this tell you?

That by international law, we can legally resume hostilities in an already existing war with any provocation from North Korea WITHOUT starting a war because that is an already existing war. We would be legally RESUMING or CONTINUING an already existing war. Since North Korea has provided the US with much more than adequate provocation via threats and military actions, the US can legally stage a preemptive strike any time we want. You better bet Trump and the Pentagon know this.

Also, Kimmy Boy stating that Trump made a declaration of war is wrong because you can't make a declaration of war when you are already legally at war. That declaration of war was made in 1950 and is still in effect because that war is still legally in effect. All Trump can do is make a declaration for resuming hostilities in an already existing war.

Legally, it kinda changes things just a wee bit. Trump does not have the restrictions for taking hostile actions he would have for starting a war because he is already at war. Note that Trump does NOT have to get Congressional approval for a declaration of war to wage war against North Korea because Truman got that Congressional approval in 1950 and, since we are still legally at war with North Korea, Trump does not have to obtain an approval from Congress to fight this war. Legally, by both international law and the US Constitution, Trump can start bombing the crap out of North Korea any time he wants because we are already at war with North Korea.

Gee, nothing at all like the lying media are telling you, is it?

This is just one more example of something most people believe being wrong. You have to understand that most of what Hollywood and the media tell you is bull crap and, since most people believe that bull crap, most of what most people believe is bull crap.

For example, you saw on TV and in the movies that US submarines returned to Pearl Harbor during WWII to refuel, rearm, and for repairs. This is not true because the US knew that Japanese subs were sitting just outside of Pearl Harbor waiting for our subs to return so the Japanese subs could sink the US subs because our subs were doing so much damage to the Japanese shipping and Navy.

You have to understand that Pearl Harbor was too shallow for US subs to enter submerged and they didn't want to dredge it out because, if US subs could enter submerged, so could Japanese subs, which wouldn't be a good thing.

Therefore, the US Navy built a top secret submarine base on Johnson Atoll 400 miles south of Pearl Harbor for the US subs to refuel, rearm, and for repairs.

I learned a long time ago that, if most people believe something, most likely it is wrong.

Laser Weapons

Laser weapons are not new and I keep seeing articles making it look like they are something new. I knew some of the engineers who were working on an experimental aircraft at Sandia National Labs in the late 1970s that shot down drones with a laser weapon at that time but the media are making it look like we are just now starting to develop lasers which can shoot down planes.


We had laser weapons in Nam and we already had countermeasures for those weapons. Know that we did not incorporate laser weapons at that time because IT IS EASY TO BEAT LASER WEAPONS AND THEY HAVE SERIOUS LIMITATIONS! (How and why is probably still classified.)

I don't know why, but the military seems to be making it look like we are just now developing weapons we had in the 1960s and 1970s. Some of the "new wonder weapons" the media are writing about now, we had half a century ago AND the existence of those weapons was made public knowledge. In the 1970s I saw film footage of a US Air Force aircraft using a laser to shoot down an aircraft on TV news.

I have been following this trying to figure out why for almost a decade now. I have a few ideas but I don't want to discuss them in an open forum.

Important Notice

My e-book, "Yahweh", will be available until October 20, 2017. I am going to close my PayLoadz account on October 21, 2017 so that the book will no longer be available after the 20th.

This site, Creation...The Science, will still be here for at least a while and probably at least a few years.

Just doing a little house cleaning to get ready for my next move.


I love sports, true sports, not the corrupt crap that is being forced on us today by the left, who have taken over and destroyed sports. Get it straight, all of today's pro athletes in the top sports cheat by using dope, that is what is causing their increasing health problems such as increasing concussions in football. Even almost all of the top and many of the lower amateurs are using dope today.

Before the left took over and corrupted our sports, I used sports to take kids out of street gangs and teach them to be good people but how can you use sports to teach kids to be good people when all of their heroes and role models are a bunch of cheating, lying, thieving, doper, criminals?

Today, I refuse to watch or follow any sport because they have all been taken over by organized crime and corrupted. I refuse to help make criminals rich by cheering for them on the playing field. Also, know that, when you cheer for and follow corrupt criminals, you are teaching your children and grandchildren to worship and want to mimic those same corrupt criminals. Guess what they will become when they grow up; yep, corrupt criminals just like your heroes.

Just before I left Los Angeles, a member of the very violent 60th Street Gang in Central LA told me that he had "been given the privilege of being the one who gets to kill" me. In the last three months just before I left, the gangs out there murdered at least four other coaches for doing what I was doing before I left; taking kids out of those gangs and turning them into humans. Basically, I left LA with a contract on my butt.

The irony is that gang banger, who got the privilege of being the one who got to kill me, is probably dead or in prison and I am still teaching and helping people.

Man plans, God laughs.

My favorite trophy hangs on the wall about four feet from me while I am working on my computer, you know, while writing this. It is a proclamation from Los Angeles County for the work I did with the Los Angeles Racing Team in keeping kids out of gangs, drugs, and crime. I literally took kids out of gangs and turned them into humans.

For example, there was one black 15 year old from South Central LA who had started hanging with gang bangers when his mother brought him into my program. When I left LA, he was not lying dead in the street in a pool of his own blood, he was not in a cemetery, and he was not in prison; he was a junior at Cal State Santa Barbara on the way to having a good life because of what I did for him.

Think about it, I saved that young man's life. He would have probably been dead before he was 20.

At least four LA cops (including one chopper pilot) joined my racing team over the last few years I was running the team and they all went out of their way to make sure I knew that the reason why they had driven past a dozen or more other racing teams in the LA area to join my team was because "it was well known in the LAPD the work I did in keeping kids out of gangs."

I was honored and humbled every time.

That LAPD chopper pilot flew at night and would call me every three to four months saying that he needed to go for a ride. It wasn't a training ride he wanted but a talking ride. He spent all night at least five nights out of every week flying around in the dark alone chasing bad guys with his spot light and just needed to get reassurance that some civilians cared and appreciated what he did. I would find an open spot on my very tight calendar (sometimes making one) and I would spend a couple of hours riding with him and listening to him get things off of his chest and then he would go back to work protecting us and reassured. It was the least I could do for the man.

I love what I have been trained and am experienced in doing for people with sports but our sports have been taken over by criminals so that you can't do those things any more. Today's sports "heroes" lead our children down the wrong path and should be in prison.

Also, the left has shut down a number of men's collegiate sports and decreased the number of college scholarships for young men with the whine that "it isn't fair that men's sports get more money than women's sports."

Get it straight, the reason why men's sports get more money than women's sports is because more men are willing to show up and pay to watch men's sports than women are willing to show up and pay to watch women's sports. If you want more money for women's sports, get more women to show up and pay to watch women's sports. Duh, hello!

Think about it, better than 51% of our population is women and men's sports get more money?

It should be the other way around and it would be if only the percentage of women who showed up and paid to watch women's sports equaled the percentage of men who show up and pay to watch men's sports. Believe me, if women's sports brought in more money than men's sports, the universities would give women's sports more money than men's sports to keep that loot coming in to fill their greedy pockets.

So don't sit around whining about it; teach your daughters to love watching women's sports.

BTW, when I left the Los Angeles Racing Team, we had the top women's team in the US. I know because women from the other top teams told me so. Our women's team was the top competitor for ALL of the other women's teams. Believe me, my women were good and I am still proud of them.

BTW, I found that most women learn strategies and tactics faster than men but most men physically develop faster than most women because they are not the same critters. Most women try to think their way through a bike race and most men try to just physically hammer their way through a bike race. That causes the women to learn strategies and tactics faster and the men to develop physically faster so I had to teach both of them just slightly different to get them to achieve a balance between thinking and hammering. BELIEVE ME, men and women think VERY differently; I know, because I have coached both at the same time and did very well with both because I adapt very well. That was an interesting lesson in life.

Also, note that teens, older people, and the rest of you think very differently. I know because I coached all of them at the same time. I also learned that beginners and champions think very differently and most of turning beginners into champions is teaching the beginners to think like champions. You can't be a champion until you learn to think like a champion.

I taught that in my e-book, "A Better Way to Train", before I recently quit selling it. I had an entire section just on sports psychology for men, women, teens, and us old farts.

Know that I was the only coach in the Los Angeles Racing Team and I simultaneously coached everything from beginners to pros for men, women, teens (Juniors), and Masters just for road racing and I was also coaching individuals for track and mountain bike racing, which were two very different sports, which required different coaching, and that was a real education. Most coaches never get that education in their entire career, much less at the same time. It really teaches you to better understand people of all ages and both sexes for different situations. I see that as a real blessing from God and you can bet God had a reason for giving me that education.

Let me share something else with you. Most cycling coaches will coach from 20 to 40 races per year for either men, women, juniors, or masters in just one sport like road racing, track racing, or mountain bike racing in only one class so that they will coach from 100 to 200 races in five years. A few coaches will coach two teams at once like men's and women's or women's and juniors for about 200 to 400 races in five years.

Since I was coaching all of the categories and classes for over 120 athletes at the same time just for road racing and often had to coach as many as 21 races in just one event on one day, with as many as two to three events per weekend (the latter for three day weekends) I easily coached better than 3,000 races in just five years just for road racing AND I did more than my fair share of winning and placing in ALL of those classes and categories. That is just a wee bit of experience in very little time, which I worked my butt off for and thank God for. Truly, God has blessed me.

Almost all coaches consider what I did to be impossible but, hey, with God, nothing is impossible so I did it...with a little help from God...OK, with a lot of help from God.

Remember what I taught you about attitude and that very important question people ask?

I NEVER asked, "Can I do this", you know, like most people do, I only asked, "How can I do this?"

See the difference?

Ask the right question and do the impossible. Believe me, it is fun. If you ask the wrong question, you won't do a thing. Trust in God and go for it, baby. You would be amazed at what God can do through you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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