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Just like I told you, Princess Chelsea had her baby this fall and the media have already started gushing over the new royal grandbrat, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky. If you were not sick of seeing Hillary before, you soon will be, well, except for the airhead, warm fuzzy, aw liberals. You are going to see nothing but Hillary, Chelsea, and the royal family princess between now and the 2016 election. You will know when she gets her first tooth, first crawls, first stands, first walks, says her first word, first farts, and etc. This is going to be liberal insanity at its worst.

We already know that Hillary is too sick and has had too much brain damage to run for office plus she is damaged goods from things like Benghazi, so you should know that all of this free campaign exposure will be to get you to fall in love with Princess Chelsea and just be dying to vote for the new royal mommy as the first female US president, awww. Every tweet by Chelsea will be headline news.


I was just watching a video with four "experts" lying about our economy and had to take a break to keep from discharging my breakfast all over my screen. They were saying that it isn't the liberals' and Obama's fault that our economy sucks and so many people can't find work. (You know that these same people blamed Bush when the economy collapsed.) They opened stating that better than 90 million people are working but that better than 29 million were not working, you know, get the inconvenient truth out of the way early, which is a typical liberal dirty trick. Then they started telling the lies about how it isn't the liberals' fault for causing businesses to take their jobs over seas because the US now has the highest business taxes in the world and Obamacare is causing increasing numbers of businesses to lay people off and only hire part time workers, oh no, it is...wait for's fault, yeah, that is the ticket, technology's fault. Smoke and mirrors, people, it is all smoke and mirrors.

What really caused me to have to take a break is when one of the liars called our economy a "vibrant" economy. We have not had one month in the last seven years in which the number of people finding jobs has equaled, much less surpassed, the number of people losing jobs and this is a vibrant economy? Listen, my butt is more vibrant when I am constipated. Get it right, we are in a black hole economy which is rapidly imploding into a nothing economy and, when they legalize these tens of millions of illegal aliens, there won't be an economy.


There are some interesting developments in Afghanistan. Now that the NATO forces are pulling out, the Taliban are trying to take the country back from the new government and are not doing quite so well. I guess the Afghanistan troops are not using the same Rules of Engagement that has tied the hands of the US troops. In the process, the Taliban have murdered more than 100 civilians. The Afghanistan government forces captured four Taliban fighters and turned them over to a village which hung the Taliban fighters from trees sending a clear message that the Taliban are not welcome in their villages. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

You have to understand that the only reason why we had so much trouble fighting the Taliban was because of the support the different villagers gave them. Now that the villagers are turning against the Taliban, will the Taliban be doomed in Afghanistan?

Global Warming

The Energy Information Administration said that levels of emissions from fossil fuels rose by 2.4% in 2013 and are expected to rise by another 1.3% in 2014 after a period of noticeable declines from the last year of the Bush administration until 2010.

Hold it, I thought that shutting down all of the coal burning plants, changing car gas to more ethanol, and increasing renewable energy that they have done under Obama was supposed to decrease carbon emissions from fossil fuels. Now we have carbon emissions from fossil fuels increasing? Maybe not all of those carbon emissions are coming from fossil fuels? Gee, is it possible the liberals and their experts were wrong again?

So far, the liberals are batting zero. Every brilliant sounding plan they have forced on us has failed. Maybe they are not as brilliant as they like to think they are and we are not as stupid as they like to think we are? Probably.


It turns out that the Muslim leader for Alton Nolen, who just murdered one woman and tried to murder a second one in Oklahoma by beheading them is Suhaib Webb, who has ties to Al Quaeda leader Answar al-Awlaki and is the current Imam of the mosque attended by the Boston Marathon bombers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Alton is aledged to have converted to Islam while in prison.

Gee, this couldn't be a terrorist attack, could it? And the thing is that they are trying to pass this off as workplace related violence so they don't have to admit it was a terrorist attack. After all, we have Al Quaeda on the run, right?


Remember those "devastating" attacks against Khorasan and ISIS?

It turns out that the report that more than 400 terrorists were killed was wrong and that less than 100 were actually killed with about 150 more being wounded. The "damaged", not destroyed, oil refineries were actual mobile units which only refine a few hundred barrels of oil per day and not the larger fixed position oil refineries we were led to believe had been damaged.

Gee, I wonder why they are not taking out the larger fixed position oil refineries? Not really, they don't want to stop or significantly decrease the oil coming out of IS and, therefore, significantly decrease the money ISIS is making from the oil.

Remember that I told you that Obama has started attacking Khorasan to distract us from attacking ISIS?

The first night attack on the Khorasan Group has not been repeated because there was never much to strike. The Khorasan Group doesn't have a headquarters or military compounds because Khorasan isn't a military unit. Apparently, Khorasan Group was made up by the Obama administration to collectively identify individual major Al Quaeda leaders sent to Syria by Al Quaeda leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri to get them out of the killing area where they were being hunted down by US drones. These operatives have been safe from US drones by fighting in Syria to overthrow Assad, until now.

In other words, there is no Khorasan Group, it is just something Obama made up to keep from admitting that core Al Quaeda is still strong and functioning. The Khorasan Group is actually Syrian based core Al Quaeda.

Since the first night's attacks, the DOD has confirmed that the Khorasan Group was not a serious threat and any "plan" for a transnational attack were only future terrorist dreams. Apparently, the best these Al Quaeda leaders can do for an international attack is to advise other Muslims to do "lone wolf" attacks.

In other words, between hunting for an ISIS caliph who doesn't exist and trying to destroy a terrorist organization which doesn't exist, Obama has us spending millions of dollars per day hunting ghosts. Yep, that should work out really well, OK, for the terrorists but not for us.

BTW, since the first US air strikes, the Muslim "rebels", A.K.A. terrorists have united to get the US out of the region and ISIS grows stronger because Obama is not trying to destroy these terrorists, he is trying to build them up, arm them better, and provide better funding for them, which is why he keeps calling the terrorists rebels. It is illegal for him to fund terrorists, you know, the old liberal change the word or name game.

And Obama is going to spend tens of millions of US dollars funding and arming these terrorists...uh...rebels.

You still think Obama is not our terrorist in chief working to arm and protect the terrorists fighting against us in an attempt to help them destroy the US? Do you still think Obama is not trying to destroy the US military, especially by permitting illegal aliens to serve, chasing Christians out of the military, and sending US military to "fight" Ebola, A.K.A. get infected and die? If so, would you like to buy another bridge?


If the GOP has not been taken over by the liberals, then why are most of the top GOP politicians supporting liberal programs like Obamacare, Common Core, and Amnesty for illegal aliens, all of which are helping destroy the US? Gee, it couldn't be a real life conspiracy to destroy the US and establish a liberal commie dictatorship, could it? Do you still believe that the Democratic and Republican Parties are not the same liberal criminals in the same bed, just with different names?

Since both the GOP and Democratic Parties have been taken over by the liberals and all we have to vote for is liberal commie traitors, is it even possible they have not destroyed the Republic of the US and replaced it with an oligarchy or commie dictatorship the way they are even bragging they have? Is it even possible this has not become the United Soviet States of America?

Don't you think it is getting just a wee bit obvious that what I have been telling you is true? Now do you better understand why God is going to use Obama and his Muslim pals to clean out the extremely well infiltrated liberal commie traitor rats? Obama and his Muslim pals know who they all are, where they live, and where they work. They have the data base I told you about and will use it very effectively. Then all God will have to do is get rid of the Muslims.

Even the Latinos and blacks are waking up to this reality because Obama is losing support among even them. It has just been reported that Latino support has dropped from 75% to 52% or decreased by almost 33% in the last few years. God truly is opening eyes to the ugly truth about liberals.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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