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Remember when the students began rebelling against their lefty commie traitor professors and I told you that the students were doing what they were trained to do by those same commies, you know, defying authority?

The older generations of the lefty commie traitors have taught the younger generations of lefty commie traitors to hate loyalty, patriotism, the ruling class, and to rebel against authority and the kids are doing just that...but not just against who they were trained to rebel against.

Gee, so the lefty kids are not being loyal and patriotic to their leaders, who would have thought?

And God told us to train up our children in the way we want them to go. If you raise up your children to be unpatriotic traitors, they will be unpatriotic traitors to everyone, including their unpatriotic rebel leaders.

The kids were trained up to be disloyal, unpatriotic, and to rebel against leadership and they are...only against their own leadership, especially with their globalist leadership thingy failing.

"Get out of the way old people and we will show you how to do this."

The first sign of this was when the brats turned on their own leaders called college professors. Then, with Hillary failing, we saw them turn on the Clintons and other older lefty leaders with significant division and rebellion within the Commiecrat Party, we are talking Commiecrat civil war, baby. Then we started seeing the uprising of the younger feminists against the older white males running things. Then we see the purging of the Saudi Arabian royal family by a younger group with an increasing rumor that the old king is "about to step down" or commit suicide. Then we see signs that the old Queen of England is about to step down or commit suicide so the younger rebels can take over. We are now seeing signs that Merkel will soon step down or commit suicide.

Gee, it couldn't happen to a more deserving group, could it?

This rebellion by the young beasts against the older beast masters is growing globally and quickly. The beast masters trained up the younger beasts to rebel and the beasts are doing just that. Grasshopper has learned that, if he keeps grabbing for the marble, someday he will end up with one marble but, if he deposes the master, you know, punches his lights out, he gets all of the marbles. Guess what grasshopper is doing. He wants all of the marbles.

When they were training up the rebels, the upper class trash thought that those rebels they were teaching to hate loyalty, authority and leaders would be loyal to the upper class trash as their leaders. Yes, the idiots really thought that.

Oops, man plans, God laughs.

If you studied history, this is full of easy predictions.

First, expect to soon see people like George Soros, the elder Rothschild and other older upper class trash soon commit suicide or die from an accident. This is almost exactly like the European feudal time with royal family murdering family for power. Some of those royals only stayed in power for less than one full day after murdering family for power before other family murdered them for power. Most of them only stayed in power for from a few days to a few months before being terminally "deposed".

Second, after the young turds have taken over from the old farts, expect to see the kids turn on each other and use you as their armies to wage war against each other for more power and wealth, you know, just like history teaches their ancestors did for thousands of years.

They were going to do this anyway, after they had set up their global dictatorship, but are now doing it because the elders are grossly failing at setting up that global dictatorship. One way or another they were eventually going to turn on each other and wage war for more power and wealth because they are obsessive, compulsive power mad and greedy and they are NOW doing it. They can never have enough power and wealth because they will always want more and more and more... They just can't steal enough fast enough.

They are the problem and some of the problem is solving the rest of the problem but we will still be stuck with some of the problem.

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet or do you love this insanity? Having too much fun worrying about waking up dead tomorrow morning, are you? Wouldn't it be better if the upper class trash all woke up dead tomorrow morning?

So the idiot upper class trash gee-knee-uses have created a situation in which their own minions are rebelling against them, the good people are rebelling against them, their Muslim pals are rebelling against them, and all of their plans are failing. Smart move, guys.

Well, so much for that upper class trash natural elite intellectual superiority thingy.

Maybe you should have stopped inbreeding about 1,000 years ago?

Well, at least it is getting interesting and you upper class trash wanted change, although I don't think this is the change you were planning on.

Hey, on the up side, the average life expectancy for the upper class trash and their puppets is about to decrease significantly and that is a good thing. If they are not on Earth as long, they won't have as much time to cause trouble for the rest of us.


Genesis 15:5 & 6 says, "And he (God) brought him (Abraham) forth abroad, and said, Look now toward heaven, and count the stars, if thou be able to number them: and he said unto him, so shall thy seed be. And he believed in the Lord; and he counted it to him for righteousness."

This is one of the most important scriptures in the Bible because it very clearly shows that righteousness comes from faith and not by works. This is largely because, if you don't believe God, you are calling Him a liar and that is blaspheme, you know, not something you want to do.

Another important verse follows in Genesis 15:7, "And he said unto him, I am the Lord who brought thee out of Ur of the Chaldeans to give thee this land to inherit it."

This is very important because it says that God gave Abraham and his offspring, the Hebrews, the land of Israel and everyone who tries to take that land from the Hebrews is elevating themselves above God, which is blaspheme, you know, the first sin of Satan.

Note, the reason why I have decided to use the term Hebrew instead of Jew is because the term Jew comes from the name Judah and refers to only the descendants of Judah, only one of the 12 tribes, which is less than 10% of all Hebrews but they are all Hebrews, which is the correct term for their entire tribe. They are all Hebrews, technically they are not all Jews.

It is also important that today's Israelis only call the Hebrews living in Israel Israelis so it would be too confusing to call them all Israelis until they all live in Israel again. Therefore, I call them Hebrews because they are all Hebrews.

Interestingly, in Genesis 15:16 it says, "for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full."

This tells us that God was not yet ready to judge the Amorites because their "iniquity was not yet full", meaning their time of testing was not yet finished and they had not committed all of the crimes against God that they needed to commit before God would judge them.

Note that God does this on both an individual and group basis. When an individual has fulfilled their iniquity, God judges them or takes them out. When a group, like a city or nation, fulfills their iniquity, God takes out almost the entire group setting their plans back and giving mankind another chance.

From the things I see going on now, it is looking like the iniquity of the upper class trash is pretty full because they are increasingly being judged by God. The upper class trash time is just about up and Hell is waiting for them.

A very important verse is Genesis 15:18, which says, "In the same day the Lord made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river of Euphrates:"

This is very important because it is where God sets the boundaries for the land of Israel.

Note that God only set a northern limit, the Euphrates River, and a Western limit, the Nile River, but does not set a southern or eastern limit. This means that, technically, the land of Israel could eventually go as far south as the Indian Ocean and as far east as the Persian Gulf or at least to the eastern edge of today's Jordan.

Also, technically, because the Euphrates River doesn't go all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, the Israelis could use this as a reason to take all of Turkey west of the Euphrates to Constantinople and the Black Sea to control traffic between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea AND, since the Nile River doesn't go all of the way to the Indian Ocean, they could also use that to take everything south of the end of the Nile River but not anything West of it in Africa.

Interesting, these two little openings are both about 100 miles or less, just enough for a technical fudge.

And, after God destroys all of the armies of the world in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, who is going to stop them other than God?

It will be very interesting to see how God works this out following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 in order to separate the Western part of the Muslim's new Caliphate in Northern Africa from the Eastern part in the Middle East and Asia just like the two feet in Nebuchadnezzar's dream said God will.

The End Time Muslim Caliphate that will conquer the world will start out as two separate parts with five leaders from each part just like God said it will. Those two parts will only be united when the Caliphate forces Israel to capitulate at mid Tribulation and after conquering the rest of the world.

BTW, God giving Abraham a child when he was 100 years old and his health was starting to fail gives me hope because, if God could give Abraham a child at 100, then God can just as easily give me my health back and turn me loose again at only 68 because nothing is impossible with God. Compared to Abraham, I am just punk kid.


When I was still in college and racing bicycles on the road sometime in the late 1960s and early 1970s, I had heard on the news that the Army was playing military games for training on the back side of Kirkland AFB, Southeast of Albuquerque, NM, which, back then, I could just ride my bike right onto without even stopping at the gate.

I didn't think anything about it when I went for my daily training ride on the back side of the base one day and was just riding along thinking about my training and school. I attacked up a short hill to an open area to suddenly find I was surrounded by about half a dozen tanks scattered out over about a quarter square mile in the middle of their training...and mine.

It was a bit of a surprise and mental shock for me and probably also for them to have a bicyclist suddenly appear in the middle of their war game. I just quietly rode through their war game for about five miles to my turn around point, with tanks everywhere, not letting it interrupt my training while they seemed to not let me interrupt their training. Hey, I got to go training with the US Army.

I wonder how many times I got "targeted" and "blown up" in their war game?

For some reason, I don't think my armor, you know, wool jersey and shorts, would have provided much protection from their armor piercing shells...though, I was wearing a leather helmet. Yeah, that would have saved my butt.

I wonder if I won the training exercise?

Hey, in those days, the tanks were slow enough and I was fast enough I could out run them. They could barely do 25 mph, even on asphalt, and I could jam at 35+ mph.

"Wanna do sprints for pink slips, big boys?"

It was both fun and funny to be jamming, jumping, and sprinting in the middle of their mock battle. You can bet they made some military jokes about it.

Another funny story took place in Thailand at the end of Nam when I was in the Air Force at Korat RTAFB (Royal Thai Air Force Base). I had been working the flight line for TAC fighter and attack planes for a few months when the airman in debriefing rotated state side and our shop had to replace him with a "volunteer".

Since I had come from a SAC bomber base state side, they all knew I would get sent back to a SAC base and they wanted the TAC airmen to get more experience working TAC planes instead of a SAC airman so I got "volunteered" for the job. I didn't even have to raise my hand.

Isn't it interesting how that works?

Since that debriefing airman had also been our shop "volunteer" for base perimeter defense, we needed a new volunteer from our shop for perimeter defense just in case our base got attacked by commies.

Guess who got volunteered for that job?

Yeah, me, the SAC guy on a TAC base, of course.

For perimeter defense, we had to take some classes from the SPs (Security Police), do "weapons familiarization" with the M16 and be taught the perimeter set up and how it worked.

For weapons familiarization, we had to fire one magazine of 20 rounds in semi automatic in a prone position and one magazine in automatic fire in a standing position on a gun range for hand guns, which meant the dirt berm of about 12 feet high for stopping the bullets was only about 30 yards or meters down range. 8 of the airmen there were SPs who were also there to qualify with the 38 revolver at 30 feet. This turned out to be a very interesting and educational outing.

First, they only brought 9 silhouettes with them so most of us had to share silhouettes and I had to share mine with an SP. We lay there firing randomly at a target only 30 yards away with M16 rifles, you know, the old shooting fish in a barrel thingy.

My SP companion and I had only fired about half a dozen rounds when I realize that bullets were kicking up dirt around the target in such a way that one of us was always missing the target and, since the dirt was kicking up on both sides of the target, I knew it wasn't anyone's sights being off; it was just really bad shooting. So I held my fire a couple of rounds and it wasn't me, surprise, surprise. I grew up around guns and am not going to miss anything with a rifle at 30 yards, definitely not the size of a human.

My first thought was, "If our base gets attacked by commies, I am going to die."

Then we had to fire the M16 on full auto from the hip and there were two SPs and a Thai Army sergeant giving instructions to the three lines of men shooting one at a time. Since we only got one clip, which wouldn't last very long, I wanted to make the most of it so I quietly went to the back behind the three lines to watch and learn from the rest before getting my turn and to help me pick the better instructor.

The guys shooting with the two SPs were doing really lousy with some of them hitting the ground about 3 to 5 feet from their feet but the guys shooting with the Thai Sergeant were doing much better so guess whose line I got into.

They were all teaching you to put your hand on top of the barrel and push down to prevent the weapon rising up, which is why the soldiers kept almost shooting their feet off. But those things just don't kick that hard and I had seen too many film footages of US soldiers in Nam firing full auto with a normal grip and doing very well.

When I got my turn, I put my hand on top the way the Thai Sergeant was teaching but, just before I started firing, I quickly slipped my hand down under the barrel into a normal grip and just braced the weapon against my side to keep it from moving. The Thai Sergeant started to say something to stop me so I quickly hit the trigger for my first burst and murdered the target so he quietly backed off and watched me slaughter that target with the rest of my bursts. That target won't be attacking anyone soon.

By this time, I was even more convinced that, if our base was attacked by commies I was going to die and had decided that, if the guy I got paired with couldn't hit the commies charging us, I would knock him out, steal his ammo (we would only be issue 100 rounds in five clips), and fight to survive the night, baby. Stayin' alive, stayin' alive, oh, oh, oh, stayin' alive...

Then the 8 SPs had to qualify at 30 feet with their 38 revolvers. I kid you not, I saw bullets hit the top of the 12 foot high dirt bank at 30 yards. My first thought was, "if they start shooting at me, I will just run in a straight line because, if you zig zag, you will run into a bullet."

I used to hunt rabbits with a handgun and these guys couldn't hit silhouettes at 30 feet?

Yep, we're ALL gonna die!

Then we had to return to the SP armory to clean our weapons before we turned them back in and the nightmare got worse. We broke our weapons down and I saw there was a massive amount of carbon build up on ALL of the weapons, which is why they kept jamming. I asked for lubricating oil for my weapon and they said there wasn't any on the base. I later found out that the lubricating oil for the M16s was being sold downtown as machine oil so certain officers could make more money; CALLED TREASON!

Most of the airmen just scrubbed a little of the carbon off before realizing it would take days to get it all off with wire brushes, gave up, and turned their weapons in. I scrubbed longer than most but realized it was futile because we would be handed weapons on a random basis.

I realized that, if the commies attacked, it was going to be club warfare, baby, because no one was going to shoot anyone. I had a little trouble sleeping for the next few weeks.

BTW, in debriefing, I kept debriefing aircrews for combat missions MORE THAN 9 MONTHS AFTER THE PARIS PEACE ACCORDS OR PEACE TREATY with North Vietnam.

When I was moved to Udorn RTAFB in northern Thailand a few months later, we had RF-4Cs coming back from missions with shrapnel damage and we were told it was ricochet damage from the gun range. The problem with that lie was that the RF-4C, a reconnaissance plane, didn't even have the wiring for guns so we joked that it must have been electron ricochet damage from their ECM pods when flying against those SAM missiles.

From what I saw while in the military and what I have learned in science and history, you can't believe a thing you see on TV.

Do you see how God kept putting me in places to teach me things most of you can't learn?

That is why God has me writing this blog, to teach you what God has taught me.


You think the EU is not disintegrating right before your eyes like I told you it would?

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"German Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would prefer to go ahead with new federal elections rather than try to form a minority government, as Europe's most powerful leader weighs her options after the collapse of four-party coalition talks late Sunday."

Germany, basically the nation running the EU, can't even manage to setup a government to run itself because the people are so upset by their rulers.

I think Merkel and her globalist pals are pretty much finished. Of course, they have not quit trying and won't quit until they are dead.

Man plans, God laughs.


From what I am seeing with Trudeau taking Muslim terrorists and now ISIS members into Canada, it is looking more and more like, if the Canadian people and/or their military don't do something about this soon, the US will be forced to invade Canada, probably after the Muslims take over Canada and use Canada to attempt an invasion of the US and the Muslims are taking over Canada right now with the help of the idiot lefties.

You better bet that the first thing the Muslims will do after they take over Canada will be to invade or wage a guerilla war against the US to destroy the US.

More and more it is looking like what God showed me in a few dreams about our future new nation including much or most of North America and different nations all the way down to the southern tip of Chili along with Polynesia and who knows what else is coming true.


I have been following what is going on in Zimbabwe but I don't really see any significant change. They only have Mugabe under house arrest in the presidential palace and are talking about appointing the vice president, you know, Mubage's partner in crime, as president, with Mugabe refusing to step down and still living in the presidential palace. To solve this problem, they have to remove Mugabe from the presidential palace, try him for his crimes, and execute him. I don't see that happening any time soon.

All Mugabe has to do is get another commanding officer of the military to stage a counter coup and then you know Mugabe will execute the military officers, vice president, and everyone else involved in this coup to prevent another coup. The idiot officers staging this coup don't seem to realize the severity of the threat of Mugabe staying alive. As long as he is alive, their lives are at risk.

If the military appoints the vice president as president, the corruption will just continue and nothing important will have changed.

I am waiting to see which way this goes.

Yes, the people are celebrating in the streets but why?

Mugabe is still alive and can regain power any day with a counter coup, the vice president is almost certainly as corrupt as the president, and the military seems to be run by idiots.

What is there to celebrate yet?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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