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Muslim terrorists

Syria and Iraq may be winding down but Libya, Tunisia, and Congo are escalating quickly into the next super hot spots.

The terrorist attacks in the US are really increasing, thanks to our lefties and their Muslim pals, and it is looking like they are being carried out in relation to Christmas just like I warned you.

Feminist Coup

The feminists are still taking down rich and powerful lefty white males and a few not so white. The upper class trash puppets are dropping like flies but we are not being told who is taking their places. This is clearly being orchestrated by the lefty upper class trash to get rid of Trump "by example" and purging out the lefties who dared to fail the upper class trash in this last election.

There is also a possibility they are trying to orchestrate a fake feminist revolution to increase the number of women voting for their puppets in the next few elections.

I am seeing conservatives increasingly standing up to the lies of the left and increasing numbers are saying that people who make false sexual accusations against a person should go to jail. The right is fighting back. Increasingly, I am seeing the right challenging the leftist propaganda on FB and even commie Zuckerberg can't stop that.

Jerry Brown

When you see Jerry Brown say, "I don't think President Trump has a fear of the Lord", you have to understand that Jerry is talking about his lord, Satan, not your Lord Yahweh/Jesus. Obviously, Trump doesn't fear Jerry Browns lord, Satan, and that is a good thing.

It is beginning to look like the fires in Commiefornia are being set. There are just so many of them almost constantly burning.

Was this something planned by the lefty upper class trash to burn everyone out and force them back into the cities so they can be more easily controlled? Did the lefty upper class trash intentionally over forest our woodlands with their conservation and tree hugging so they would burn more easily and spread more quickly so they could burn more people out of their homes and force them back into the cities for easier control?


Spain continues to stir the hornets' nest in Catalonia increasing the tensions and the probability for a civil war. I think the Spanish upper class trash are flexing their muscles to intimidate or bully the Catalans into submission but it will backfire and is already backfiring. If Spain continues to look for trouble, they will find it and there will be a war starting with guerilla warfare. The people of Catalonia are growing more angry every time the corrupt and power mad government of Spain bullies them.

Keep an eye on this.

Bogus Science

I am seeing some very unsettling bogus science right now, especially concerning wolves and wolf behavior.

I am now seeing fairy tales about wolf behavior on the Internet as "scientific facts" stating that all prior behavioral research on wolves was invalid because the experts who did that research did it in zoos and that the true wolf pack structure and behavior is a kind, caring, loving, sweet innocent mommie goggy, a kind, caring, loving, sweet innocent daddy goggy, and 4 to 6 sweet innocent cute widdle puppy goggies with no big, vicious wolf pack with no fighting for hierarchy within the pack.

There are some major flaws with this lefty fairy tale and it is clearly a lefty fairy tale.

First, we were taught that ANY studies on animal behavior done outside of the wild would not be considered to have ANY CREDIBILITY and would be considered INVALID RESEARCH more than 60 years ago. That was an absolute that was regularly drilled into us and there is absolutely no way we would have even thought of considering any animal behavior research done in a zoo as being valid, absolutely no way. To even think we considered any research on animal behavior done in a zoo would be considered valid is an insult to the field of biology because it is a big, fat lie.

It was even driven home to us that ANY research on animal behavior done in the wild without using some form of concealment to decrease the affect our presence would have on the behavior of the animals would also be considered invalid or at least have significantly decreased validity.

You did the job right or it WAS NOT accepted by the biology community as being valid research and you were put out of work as a scientist really fast...unless you worked for the government or certain businesses. To think that the biology community, as a whole, would have accepted ANY research on animal behavior by ANYONE who did that research in a zoo is pure ignorance and insanity. It simply WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED.PERIOD!

If you read back through my essays going back to more than a decade ago, I clearly showed my disdain for the "research" done by lefty psychiatrists on human behavior because NONE of it was done "in the wild", "in the field", or out in the real world with minimal intrusion by the researchers. ALL of the lefty shrink research on human behavior was done in their offices or laboratories with maximal intrusion and I clearly told you that type of research on behavior for ANY species is not acceptable to biologists. EVERY biologist I have known, read about, or even heard about had issues with the way lefty shrinks did their research on human behavior in their "zoos" and the lefty shrinks ALWAYS dismissed our concerns by saying, "We know our research being conducted in our offices and labs has an effect on the behavior of the people we study but, we are so brilliant, it is minimal and we know how much of an effect that has, so we adjust our research analyses for it."

Which is also bull crap because my research shows they have no clue how much it effects the behavior of their test subjects and their research on human behavior is completely invalid.

I also told you that I have spent most of my life, decades, doing research on human behavior the right way, the way I was trained as a scientist and biologist to do behavioral research, which is in the real world without the people knowing I was using them for my behavioral research on humans and God has provided me with the opportunity to study almost all groups of humans in the US regardless of race, social status, economical status, geographical location, and every other group including liberals, liberal shrinks, Marxists, red necks, other conservatives, Christians, Buddhists, atheists, members of other religions and cults, poor people, rich people, middle class, blacks, Hispanics, American Indians, Asians, and others and BELIEVE ME, what the lefty shrinks teach about human behavior is really, really bad science. It doesn't even come close to reality because the lefty shrink research was done in their version of zoos, you know, in their nice comfy little offices and labs, which grossly effects the behavior of their subjects.

Now it is the left saying that it was us biologists doing such bogus research while they are still doing such bogus research?

It is clear to me that those biologists spreading this fairy tale are unscrupulous biologists owned by the lefty Deep State the same as the meteorologists claiming global warming are owned by the lefty Deep State and EVERYTHING they say is invalid because these unscrupulous criminals will say anything the lefty Deep State tells them to say. Not everyone with a Ph.D. is a good person, many are what we used to call academic whores with Ph.D.s for sale (the idea was they were prostituting their Ph.D.s).

Second, the concept of wolf packs being just a kind, caring, loving, sweet innocent mommie goggy, a kind, caring, loving, sweet innocent daddy goggy, and 4 to 6 sweet innocent cute widdle puppy goggies with no big, vicious wolf pack with no fighting for hierarchy within the pack, DEFIES everything I have read about and seen pictures of wolves traveling, hunting, or doing anything else.

I DARE YOU to show me one picture of a kind, caring, loving, sweet innocent mommie goggy, a kind, caring, loving, sweet innocent daddy goggy, and 4 to 6 sweet innocent cute widdle puppy goggies bringing down one small deer, much less something as big and powerful as an elk, moose, or grizzly bear. It ain't gonna happen, baby, no way! And we have known for centuries that packs of wolves do bring down bigger game than a human can bring down without weapons. It is a proven fact that packs of wolves have hunted and killed everything currently existing in North America, which is some pretty big and power game and that ain't gonna happen with a pack consisting of a kind, caring, loving, sweet innocent mommie goggy, a kind, caring, loving, sweet innocent daddy goggy, and 4 to 6 sweet innocent cute widdle puppy goggies.

Move over unicorns, the cute, innocent, sweet widdle wolvies are about to replace you in lefty fairy tales, you know, innocently romping over rainbows.

AND proving me right is a meme currently making the rounds that was clearly put together by the Obama team to make it look like Obama was the better leader than Trump because, after all, the fairy tale they tell is that the leader of the wolf pack was leading from behind the way Obama did and not leading from the front the way Trump is leading.

The fairy tale they tell about that wolf pack structure shown in their meme picture is that the first three wolves were the oldest and weakest members of the pack setting the pace so they wouldn't get left behind, followed by five of the most powerful wolves to protect the pack from attack from the front (probably by deery special operations units), followed by the main members of the pack, followed by five (I guess the wolves can also count to five; /sarc), of the most powerful wolves in the pack to protect from attack from behind (by squirrel special operations units), and the leader following at a distance; making sure "that no one got left behind" (you know, the lefty theme song of leaving no one behind with their beloved socialism/communism; "Why we are just going to take such wonderful care of everyone! You know, after we steal everything from you.").

That meme was CLEARLY put together by the Obama team to make Obama look like the more intelligent leader than Trump, after all Obama was as intelligent as a goggy, which we all know is more intelligent than a human, right?

I originally saw that same picture portrayed in a different way decades ago. The first three wolves were older wolves with more experience leading the pack on a game trail while keeping the pace slow enough for the younger wolves in the back to stay with the pack while the next group of wolves were being lead by the pack leader so the top dogs in the pack would be ready to go after game when it was first sighted, followed by the rest of the pack. The wolf out the back was an older wolf who was about to get left behind because he was too weak to stay up.

Try studying how a US military team is structured and travels and it will be nothing like the lefty meme and how Obama "lead" our nation from behind and more like how the picture was explained decades ago. There is a point element of one or more "scouts" followed by the leader (an officer), his radio man, and the second in command (the ranking NCO) followed by the main body of the team with a number of specialists followed by a rear guard.

BTW, that picture of wolves traveling used by Obama's meme clearly disproves their bogus science of a wolf pack just being of a kind, caring, loving, sweet innocent mommie goggy, a kind, caring, loving, sweet innocent daddy goggy, and 4 to 6 sweet innocent cute widdle puppy goggies. There were at least 15 to 20 adult dogs in that pack and not just the 6 or 8 it would have been with their fairy tale description of a wolf pack. NONE of the pictures I have ever seen of wolf packs fits with the latest lefty lie of a wolf pack being a kind, caring, loving, sweet innocent mommie goggy, a kind, caring, loving, sweet innocent daddy goggy, and 4 to 6 sweet innocent cute widdle puppy goggies, not one.

You can't have it both ways, people, which is it, a pack of a kind, caring, loving, sweet innocent mommie goggy, a kind, caring, loving, sweet innocent daddy goggy, and 4 to 6 sweet innocent cute widdle puppy goggies or a much larger pack of vicious wolves with a hierarchy like the pictures all show?

I call bull crap on all of this stuff the left is putting out as science because it is just really bad bogus science clearly being put out for lefty political reasons. The left has seized control of most science and is using it to pump out "scientific lies" by using a little extortion that, "If you scientists don't tell the lies we want you to tell, you don't get your government checks and have to use your Ph.D.s to get a job turning burgers somewhere".

The left learned a long time ago that conservatives rely on science and facts for their logic so the left took over much of science to abuse it to put out lefty lies as "scientific facts" to confuse as many on the right as possible but it is all just lies and not true science and eventually always fails. Unfortunately, their bogus science has been effective in misleading a lot of conservatives for at least a while.

Do what Jesus said, be discerning.

Keep an eye on this and you will see that what I am telling you is true. Know that bad intel in leads to bad analyses and decision making and the left knows this and is using it very effectively to control the people BUT fortunately, their scientific lies keep being proved wrong by the rest of the scientific community, you know, people like me telling the truth, which is why God has me writing this web site.

Jesus said, "The truth will set you free."

Listen, the left has to lie to get anyone to believe anything and everything they say, which should be proof in of itself that EVERYTHING they say is a lie.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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