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You still think that the RINO Republicans are not in bed with the Commiecrats and have not sold you out? Then why did they prefer to have a Commiecrat win the election in Alabama than a true conservative Republican?

This act of treason by the RINOs should open some eyes. It looks more and more like we can't trust more than a handful of people at the top.

Feminist Coup

Yes, I was right, the lefty upper class trash is staging a feminist coup to get more women voters behind their future candidates.

I got this from American Thinker By Selwyn Duke:

"'Don't vote for men!' is the message of a recent campaign ad. Issued by Dana Nessel, Democratic attorney general contender in Michigan, what she literally says is, 'Who can you trust most not to show you their [sic] penis in a professional setting?'

She answers that it's the candidate who doesn't have one."

This is very clearly a lefty feminist marketing scam to get more women voters for their candidates. That is a large part of what all of this purging of the lefty upper class trash white male puppets is all about.

There is a probable backlash to this because as more lefty white males' eyes open, increasing numbers will flee to the right to get away from the feminist bullying, causing the left to lose as many or more male voters than they gain female voters.

BTW, now these feminists are going after conservative Republicans to destroy their careers and have them removed for even more obvious reasons. They have already brought down at least Moore and a few others.

BTW, remember that I have been telling you that the lefty criminals never stop, they just regroup, reorganize, and keep going?

I got this from American Thinker by William L. Gensert:

"The Democrats are relentless, they come at you from all angles, they never stop, and they have absolutely no rules. For them, at least, anything goes -- lie, cheat, steal, and defame, it doesn't matter as long as they win. Yet in the world the Democrats and the media have created, the Republicans have plenty of rules, and if they don't abide by each one, the media tries to make it a scandal.

It doesn't help that there are a lot of Republicans and conservatives who are just too pure to get down and dirty. Many Republicans would rather lose with dignity than win, but people who voted for Trump want to win. America wants to win. Republicans, all Republicans need to learn how to fight like the Democrats, or the nation is lost."

I am not the only one to notice the obsessive compulsiveness of the lefty criminals. He is right, they are relentless, they come at you from all angles, they never stop and they have absolutely no rules, morals, or values, and, if we don't stop tying our own hands when we fight them, we are going to lose.

Should we commit crimes to stop their crimes?

No,but we should hold them accountable for all of the crimes they commit.


I am convinced that it is not if but when are the lefty upper class trash going to murder Trump to remove him. Trump is doing too much damage to the upper class trash agenda.

Remember that the older members of the upper class trash are the same people who murdered JFK, Bobby Kennedy, JFK Jr., removed Nixon, and probably poisoned Reagan to stop him.

Note that the reason why I believe Reagan was poisoned is that I remember reading in the 1960s that the CIA had developed a drug that caused exactly what happened to Reagan several decades later. Gee, what a coincidence.

The upper class trash murder people all of the time and cold heartedly cause crises like Tunisia, Libya, Iraq, and Syria, which have caused the deaths of millions of men, women, and children. The lefty upper class trash and their puppets and minions are extremely evil, cold, ruthless people who plan to murder more than 8 billion people on this planet, mostly women and children, so they don't have to share "their planet" with the rest of us. They will stop at nothing to get what they want and regularly prove it.

The only reason the upper class trash have not murdered Trump yet is because they would have to murder at least Trump and Pence to stop the bleeding and that would be so obvious that it would cause the armed patriots of this nation to revolt. Therefore, they have been trying to justify removing Trump "legally" with their Russian conspiracy, their impeach Trump conspiracy, and now their sexual harassment conspiracy so they can also take down Pence later to replace Pence with RINO Paul Ryan, who is next in line and obviously one of them.

This last election in Alabama proved that the upper class trash has gotten its act back together concerning stealing elections. You can bet that election was rigged along with their smear campaign conspiracy.

This should tell you that the upper class trash believe they have their act back together well enough to regain at least one house in Congress next year to try to remove or neutralize Trump for the rest of this term.

You have to remember that the upper class trash had the last presidential election rigged for Hillary too but the good guys in the FBI intervened just enough in just enough of the right places to shut down just enough of the rigging to get Trump elected, which the Deep State in the FBI probably won't allow this time.

If either Trump starts causing too much damage or the upper class trash don't get what they want in the 2018 election, then they will murder Trump and Pence along with certain others to put Obama back in office by not having a "replacement left" (which is why they have to murder more than just a couple of people), declaring a national emergency, and then declaring martial law while blaming Israel or Russia for the murder.

The reason they will use for putting Obama back in office is because he is the "most recently elected president surviving" but it will be because he has been the most destructive US president in history and will gladly give the upper class trash what they want to finish off the US. Hint, hint, that is why Obama is working so hard to remove Trump right now when he could be on a continuous vacation on your dime and you know how much Obama loves vacations but he also told us again and again, before he left office, that he wanted to be president again. That should tell you that Obama loves power more than he loves vacations but you can bet he will "make the sacrifice of returning to office for us and the nation."

It isn't if they will murder Trump but when and how and they must take out a bunch of good guys with one move or event to make it more acceptable to more people and then blame either Russia or Israel.

Right now they are trying to remove Trump by using the 25th Amendment, which requires they regain control of Congress so it will look like it was Congress taking Trump down and not the upper class trash, you know, the upper class trash front men and women so that, if you do revolt, you will hang Congress and not the upper class trash, who need to be hung.


I got this from my CenturyLink news page By Adam Beam, which I don't usually give much credibility to (CenturyLink news) but this is just a wee bit fishy:

"FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) - Dan Johnson, a Republican state lawmaker in Kentucky who defiantly denied allegations that he sexually assaulted a teenage girl in the basement of his home, died in an apparent suicide Wednesday night, the county coroner said. He was 57.

Bullitt County Coroner Dave Billings said Johnson died of a single gunshot wound on Greenwell Ford Road in Mount Washington, Kentucky. Billings said Johnson stopped his car at the end of a bridge in a secluded area, then got out and walked to the front of the car. He said an autopsy is scheduled for Thursday morning."

People, this sounds a lot like he met someone somewhere and it was a hit. "Johnson stopped his car at the end of a bridge in a secluded area, then got out and walked to the front of the car."

Suicide? Really?

You can bet he was there to meet someone and it is being covered up.

Believe me, the upper class trash will kill Trump when they can and you can bet the Deep State in the FBI, CIA, military, and others will help them. They are definitely desperate enough to murder Trump.


Right now, the left is winning the war for control of the Internet. I have been seeing less and less being coverer about certain important topics and events on the Internet conservative news, FB and YouTube because of the increasing censorship.

As a result, you see increasing numbers of Youtubers going to the Patreon pay-to-view system for their news coverage. This sounds really great because it makes it possible for the individuals and organizations to get enough money to keep providing us with conservative news but it is leaving behind those who can't afford to pay to view the news.

For example, I am making just $663/month on Social Security and can't work at anything else because of my health. I am already paying $1.99/mo for SOFREP, which I have considered dropping to save money but I can't find anywhere else I can get their military news for free.

I am current bagging aluminum cans to help me get through this tough winter without getting my gas or electricity shut off so there is no way I could possible start paying for any more news sites and you know there are people who are worse off than I am.

How are we going to get our news to keep up on things?

This means that increasing numbers of people will not have access to the conservative news they need to help them keep voting for the right people and will be forced to depend on the free lefty propaganda system.

You also have to understand that the upper class trash doesn't have to dumb down and brainwash 100% of the voters when they only need 51% of the vote to get what they want. All they have to do is dumb down and brainwash is enough of the voters so they can rig the elections enough to get their criminals elected, which is probably what happened with Moore in Alabama.

Hey, if you manufacture 20% of the total vote, you only need 31% of the total vote to win.

With fewer and fewer people having access to the truth because of this Internet censorship program and the increasing conservative programs forced on pay-to-view, it means the left is winning this information war and could take back at least one house in Congress in the 2018 election.


I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned the U.S. not to use force against North Korea, adding that the consequences will be 'catastrophic.'

Speaking Thursday at his annual news conference, Putin said Moscow was encouraged to hear U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's statement about readiness for talks with Pyongyang, hailing it as a 'realistic' approach.

He emphasized that Russia opposes Pyongyang's nuclear bid and is ready for 'constructive' cooperation to end the standoff. He added, however, that the U.S. 'provoked' Pyongyang to develop its nuclear and missile programs by spiking a 2005 deal with Pyongyang."

Is Putin serious or bluffing?

If it is a bluff, it probably won't deter Trump and Trump is likely to call the bluff.

BTW, there is a story on RT News about an "encounter" between an F-22 and two Russian SU-35s over Syria in which the F-22 was "chased off by the SU-35" (singular) but it is very unlikely that there would have only been one F-22 because they always fly in at least pairs. Besides, according to the Russian story that followed the headline, there really never was an encounter because the F-22 left before the TWO SU-35s (a little contradiction between the headline and story) even got there so the story pretty much falls apart with the telling.

But you KNOW the arm chair military experts on the Internet will be making this look like the Russian SU-35 is superior to the F-22. Hey, that is the better story and will increase their readership/viewership and increase income and we all know that "the love of money is the root to all evil."

Gee, there is so much bull crap on the Internet. No wonder God has me writing this site. I want my own planet.

For example, at Holloman AFB, just five miles from here (I can see the control tower from my front yard), they train pilots to fly F-16s (beautiful birds). It takes a year to teach already trained pilots to fly an F-16 for combat and they have two squadrons of about 26 birds each so that they run one class for six months and then start the second class. This means they have a one year class graduating and a new one starting every six months.

You can tell when they get a new class in because you will see one plane flying alone. This is to just teach the pilot to fly the bird and get proficient at flying the F-16. The second part of their training is to teach them to fly in pairs and then the final phase of their training is to teach them to fly in groups of four and for night missions.

After they start phase two, you NEVER see just one F-16 flying alone until the next class starts. It is standard Air Force operations for fighter planes to fly in pairs or groups of four or more, especially in combat zones.

You can bet that, if one F-22 was flying alone in a combat zone, putting a very expensive plane at an unnecessary risk, someone got their butt chewed really bad and possibly grounded, especially engaging in combat. That just ain't happening, baby.


I got this from SOFREP by staff:

"Afghanistan's government wants the US to redeploy the A-10 Thunderbolt to bolster efforts to fight the Taliban, according to a Military Times report.

A senior Afghan defense official said that country's government wants the vaunted A-10, which is highly regarded for its durability and lethality in close-air-support operations, to return to Afghanistan."

Yep, a pretty good plane and everyone knows it. I have seen that baby fly and it is amazing how slow, low, and even on its side it can fly without falling out of the air. I swear it has to be lighter than air, either that or uses a "sky hook" (an old Air Force joke.) When I was watching them train in Tucson, I kept waiting for those babies to hit the ground but they never did. The only thing I have seen fly slower than A-10s and not fall out of the sky was hot air balloons. They are really amazing birds to watch. (Yep, that is my kind of bird watching.)

BTW, I got this from SOFREP by staff:

"While many greeted the strategy presented by President Trump in August with what it is best described as a lukewarm embrace, at least one US general officer, tasked with breaking the war's 16-year stalemate, believes that things are about to change for the better.

U.S. commanders on the ground are now free to target Taliban networks and revenue sources, as well as support local Afghan forces on the ground in ways that weren't available to them prior.

'It's only just begun,' said Brig. Gen. Lance Bunch in a briefing piped into the Pentagon from Kabul. 'This will be a very long winter for the Taliban.'

Bunch described the new strategy as 'taking the gloves off,' and said it has dramatically shifted the momentum in favor of Afghan forces in the past few months.

'These are new efforts that have never been tried before in Afghanistan,' Bunch said. 'These are new, the war has changed.'

'We are able to go after their [Taliban] weapons cache sites, their revenue generation, their C2 [command and control] nodes, all the areas where they thought they were safe and they are no longer so,' Bunch said. 'It has definitely been a game-changer, and the Taliban is definitely feeling it.'

The cornerstone of the new strategy is what Bunch called a "dedicated air interdiction campaign" that is designed to deny the Taliban the huge profits it has reaped for years from Afghanistan's illicit opium trade."

Gee, who would have thought that taking the gloves off of the US troops would help the US and Afghanistan troops?

There is already a huge difference between Trump fighting this prolonged war and Obama protecting his Muslim terrorist buddies. The US forces taking off the gloves is already doing a lot more damage to the Muslim forces.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I told you that Israel is a socialist run nation with tons of socialist problems?

For years I have been watching their lefty commie courts just keep making things worse and worse for the Hebrews in Israel and better and better for the Muslim terrorists. The Israeli courts almost always seem to be ruling against their own people and for the terrorists, you know, just like in the US when the lefty commie traitor judges rule against the US and its people and for the bad guys.

This why I keep telling you that, when you take your nation back, you have to purge all of the left commie traitors out of the courts and other places or it will just start over again.

Don't believe me?

Just watch the really insane rulings being made by the lefty commie traitor judges in Israel and how much harm they cause the people and encourage the Muslim terrorists.

I keep telling you that the number one reason and job for government is to protect good people from bad people and when anyone in government is not protecting good people from bad people but is protecting the bad people, they are criminally negligent and traitors who will eventually destroy the nation. Your government MUST do its one and most important job of protecting good people from bad people or it is a bad government and the criminals are NOT the good people.

BTW, the Muslim nations, including our "ally", Turkey, had a meeting and declared East Jerusalem to be the capital for "Palestine" and will be asking for the UN to recognize Palestine as a nation. Get it straight, Erdogan is no ally of the US.

Bogus Science

Remember that I have been telling you about unscrupulous scientists who do bogus science?

I got this from American Thinker By Thomas Lifson:

"There is a huge market for fantasies of doom, and some scientists are doing their best to keep pace with filmmakers. Horror films feed an enduring human need to be scared. And now that greenies have thoroughly scared us with tales of impending apocalypse as the end result of our scientific progress, scientists around the world have wised up and taken steps to give the market what it demands.

Unfortunately, the vast rewards for fabricating doom have led to some awful abuses, a few of which are starting to be documented. Take for example, this article published in the widely read journal, Nature. Quirin Schiermier writes:

'Two Swedish scientists have been found guilty of 'misconduct in research' in a paper that they published in Science1 and later retracted. Their highly publicized work had suggested that tiny particles of plastic in the ocean harm fish.

The misconduct ruling was made by an investigative board from Uppsala University in Sweden, where the researchers work.'"


"' In its decision, announced on 7 December, the board finds Lönnstedt guilty of having intentionally fabricated data; it alleges that Lönnstedt did not conduct the experiments during the period - and to the extent - described in the Science paper.'"

All for the love of money, baby, all for the love of money. I have been watching this bogus science crap go on for decades.

What, you mean there are greedy scientists too? What, you mean some scientists lie?

Yep, lots of them who will tell any lie you pay them to tell and God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

I have been warning you about lefty owned scientists and their lies for a long time, which is one of the main reasons I write this site to warn you about them.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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