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Remember yesterday about the Ruskies saying they backed down a US F-22 over Syria and I told you it almost certainly didn't happen?

I got this from SOFREP By Alex Hollings:

"The same day news broke that Russia apparently fabricated an interaction between a single U.S. F-22 and three Russian jets over Syria, the Russia Air Force found themselves face-to-face with the real thing: and it didn't play out quite like they'd imagined.

While CENTCOM was issuing a statement debunking Russia's account of the first ever intercept of an F-22 by a Russia's advanced Su-35S, the real thing was taking place over the Euphrates River in Syria, which serves as the 'deconfliction zone's' dividing line between U.S.-backed troops, and Russian-backed Syrian forces."


"What now appears to be the first ever (actual) interaction between a Russian Su-35 and American F-22s actually began in a similar fashion to the fictional Russian account released earlier this week, with one notable exception: it was a Russian Su-25 close air support aircraft that crossed over the Euphrates, violated the deconfliction zone and failed to respond to American calls for them to return to their own airspace. Two F-22s were scrambled to intercept and ensure the safety of American-backed forces east of the river, and it wasn't long before their more powerful sibling, the modern Su-35, entered the fray."

You KNOW, you ABSOLUTELY KNOW the US Air Force INTENTIONALLY launched F-22s to repel those SU-25s to cause this REAL encounter between F-22s and Su-35s to occur. That is typical US military attitude and behavior.

"What, you say your top plane backed down our top plane? We will see."

Please note that, just like I told you, the USAF launched TWO, that is 2 F-22s, which is normal USAF operational procedures and not just one. USAF fighter planes ALWAYS fly in pairs or more and never alone except when they absolutely have to in an emergency.


"'The F-22s conducted multiple maneuvers to persuade the Su-25s to depart our de-conflicted airspace, including the release of chaff and flares in close proximity to the Russian aircraft and placing multiple calls on the emergency channel to convey to the Russian pilots that they needed to depart the area,' Air Forces Central Command spokesman Lt. Col. Damien Pickart said.

Pickart went on to say that the Russian pilots demonstrated aggressive and unprofessional behavior, at one point, even forcing one of the F-22As to divert its course to avoid a collision. 'One Su-25 flew close enough to an F-22A that it had to aggressively maneuver to avoid a midair collision,' he said.

During the encounter, which lasted a reported 40 minutes or so, a single Su-35 approached the posturing jets, and was immediately shadowed by one of the F-22As. It's important to note that these two jets are widely considered to be among the most maneuverable dog fighting aircraft in the world, and many have long wondered how America's more dynamic 5th generation fighter would stack up against Russia's extremely advanced 4th generation jet.

In Russia's fictional recounting of such an interaction, a single Su-35 was so daunting a presence, it left the F-22 scrambling to return to U.S.-controlled air space. In Wednesday's actual encounter on the other hand, it was the three Russian jets that backed down and returned to their own territory."

Note that the "Su-35 approached the posturing jets, and was immediately shadowed by one of the F-22As" or that the F-22A was glued to the Su-35 tail like a magnet until that Ruskie bird left US controlled airspace and he probably had weapons lock on the Su-35.

When I was in the USAF, we played games like this with the Ruskies all of the time and beat them better than 95% of the time and the rest of the time, we came back in round two and beat them, usually within a week or two and you never heard about most of it from the lying commie traitor media. It looks like the US is still doing it.

You KNOW that our beloved lefty commie traitor snowflakes wet themselves, whining and screaming about this encounter. "The US is a bully and a nation of war mongers!!!"

Our enemies can bully our allies all they want but for the US to stand up to and stop those bullies is lefty blaspheme.

BTW, I just found out that Trump is stopping the funding of the anti-Assad terrorist groups in Southern Syria, you know, the Muslim terrorist groups Obama started and funded to remove Assad. That is a good move.

Star Ships

Months ago, I was outside at night looking for "Star Ships", which look like stars but travel like aircraft. It was a nice night and I had already seen at least one Star Ship along with a falling star so it was shaping up to be a pretty good night.

As I scanned the sky, I kept returning to a 4 star flat parallelogram cluster with the top and bottom sides longer than the right and left sides just right of center of where I was scanning the sky. The lower left star was furthest to the left and the upper left star was second from the left. I had been regularly returning to and watching these stars along with the rest of the stars for over half an hour to see if one would move.

One time, my eyes stopped on the upper left star of that parallelogram of stars when suddenly a huge orange fireball (in comparison to the size of the star) expanded and contracted within a second or two right where the star was, just like an explosion involving some combustible material like fuel or an explosive material. When the orange fireball disappeared, the star was still there, where the fireball had been, and I figured that something had exploded between me and the star so I watched the star for a few seconds, when the star suddenly started moving north and flew out of sight.

It seems like that star had actually been a Star Ship waiting for a predetermined target, when the target just happened to get between me and the Star Ship, the Star Ship destroyed the target, waited for a few seconds to confirm the complete destruction of the target, and then headed north at a moderate speed for Star Ships.

It is unlikely that target was a training target or I would have most likely seen such activity before. Most likely that target was an enemy satellite, possibly carrying a weapon like a nuke warhead to be dropped out of orbit onto the US at a later date, though it could have just been a spy satellite the US wanted to get rid of.

Whatever it was, it ain't there no more.

North Korea

Remember that I told you that we can shoot down a North Korean missile any time we want and the only reason we have not done so was to not discourage Kimmy Boy from sending us more free missile samples to reverse engineer?

I got this from America Today by staff via Newsmax:

"US President Donald Trump has ordered military to shoot down any missile launched from North Korea and heading toward Guam or the United States.

Sources close to the White House national security team told the media on Thursday the order was issued to the US military in the wake of last month's threat by North Korea to fire a ballistic missile toward Guam, a US territory.

'The threat provoked the president,' one source told the news agency.

Another national security source told the media that Trump also is considering a new "shoot down" order for any North Korean missile fired toward Japan or South Korea.

'This is a clear exercise of self-defense, and there's no question we should do it,' former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton told the media."

Now, what should that tell you?

That we know all we need to know about Kimmy Boy's missiles for now and are ready to send Kimmy Boy the message that "Your missiles ain't going nowhere, bud."

Now all of the media and Internet speculation about whether the US can shoot down a North Korean nuke will soon come to a screeching halt when reality hits home via the US shooting down a North Korean missile.

Listen, our missile ships, attack subs, SAM systems, and aircraft on that side of the ocean can launch thousands of missiles to stop nuke missiles, we have top secret weapons system and all of that stuff that will stop them out over the ocean, and our missile ships, attack subs, SAM systems, and aircraft on this side of the ocean can launch thousands of missiles to stop nuke warheads.

Do you really think Kimmy Boy has even the slightest prayer of getting anything to the US? Really? Now do you understand why I am not afraid of Kimmy Boy but remained concerned enough to keep an eye on him?

Question: Just how many of our thousands of nuke missiles do you think Kimmy Boy can stop?



Remember that I have been telling you that evil people never stop no matter how bad you beat them, they always just regroup, reorganize, and start over?

China is building up troops in the Doklam area again, just 3 miles from the border, and they are building a strong military presence this time with military positions such as for mortars and artillery, barracks, and hundreds of vehicles.

It is just a wee bit larger buildup this time, you know, a few thousand troops larger.

Gee, who would have thought?


Remember that I told you that God is using this persecution of Hebrews (Jews) to cause Hebrews to return to Israel?

I got this from Breitbart by Simon Kent:

"French-Jewish families are being forced from their homes in Paris suburbs as Europe continues to be convulsed by levels of anti-Semitism not seen since the end of the Second World War.

The Paris commuter newspaper 20 Minutes documents an 'internal exodus' during 2017 of Jews from the Seine-Saint-Denis department, saying it is emblematic of broader concerns that French Jews, like their brothers and sisters across Europe, are finding it increasingly difficult to reconcile their faith with the changing demographics of the continent.

The paper reports that Jews are leaving their homes on the northeastern fringe of Paris to escape the open hostility that French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe on Sunday condemned as 'well-rooted.' The newspaper reports:

'This 'internal exodus' is difficult to quantify, but it is clear that many synagogues of Seine-Saint-Denis have closed, for lack of people. In Pierrefitte, the rabbi has recorded a 50 percent decline in the congregations since his arrival thirteen years ago. A similar story is told in (nearby) Bondy, where attendance on Yom Kippur (the holiest day of the Jewish calendar) has fallen from about 800 to 400 in the last decade.'"

You can bet that increasing numbers of these displaced Hebrews are returning to Israel though the media like to make it sound like the Hebrews are all just moving across town. Hey, if you have to move, you might as well go home.

This is God driving the Hebrews back home and it will continue until God finally has to permit increased killing of the Hebrews to drive the remainder home.

BTW, did you know that the number one reason why the lefties are in bed with the Muslim terrorists is because the Muslims also hate Israel...and the US...and the West? Gee, do you think that is why the lefties and Muslims are working together to destroy Israel and the West?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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