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Remember that I have been telling you that Muslims have been waging war against each other for 1,400 years and are killing more Muslims than they are killing anyone else or than anyone else is killing Muslims?

I got this from Breitbart by staff:

"The Times of Israel reports: The Islamic State branch in the Sinai Peninsula on Wednesday called on its supporters to attack Hamas in a gruesome execution video as long-simmering tensions between the rival Islamic terror groups erupted into the open."

The religion of peace just can't stop killing, not even each other.


Remember that the Clintons just recently had a house fire and the FBI also just started a new investigation of the Clintons? Guess what got burned in their house fire?

I got this from Patriot United by staff:

"FBI Special Agent Scott MacTaggart has confirmed to Fox News that he and his team were on their way to serve a warrant on the Clinton residence in Chappaqua, New York when they got word that a fire had broken out. Their mission was scrubbed and they were sent back to Manhattan to regroup."

A room full of servers and hard drives was destroyed in the Clinton house fire in Chappaqua, New York, on Wednesday. Gee, what a coincidence.

It kind of sounds like someone in the FBI leaked info about the raid to the Clintons.

The Clintons wouldn't commit arson to cover something up, would they?

It just became confirmed that Trump and the FBI started an investigation into the Clintons and their global criminal organization almost immediately after being elected but kept it quiet until now.

With Trump now going after the Clintons and their globalist pals, are the globalists getting ready to murder Trump to stop him the way they did JFK and Bobbie Kennedy?

The globalists have already been trying and failing to get rid of Trump the way they did Nixon. I warned you about the globalists' treachery a long time ago. They are very evil and will do anything, including murder or setting part of their own house on fire, to get what they want and not go to prison.

You know that Hillary isn't going to jail because she has too much on too many powerful people. I figure that either the upper class trash will kill Hillary, kill Trump, or kill both and you can bet that Hillary and Trump both know this.

The problem is that this investigation has already clearly involved too many of the upper class trash so the upper class trash will have to kill more than just Trump to stop it, the upper class trash are going to have to kill a lot of people to save their own butts, probably including some of each other.

Remember that I told you years ago that, when Obama stopped these investigations by the FBI, the FBI just went underground with their investigations and continued them for years. This is why the FBI suddenly made raids on certain swing states almost two years ago to clean up just enough vote rigging to get Trump elected because they needed to have a president who would prosecute the upper class trash. This investigation has been quietly and secretly going on for at least 4 or 5 years.

Keep an eye on this.


The feds have done nothing for almost two years as states legalized pot but the feds didn't so that having pot is still a federal crime. Now the feds are suddenly going after pot sellers and maybe users.

Did the feds do nothing to wait for all of the pushers in those states to come out in the open so they could be more easily arrested for federal crimes?

It would save a lot of investigative time, money, and work.

Was that a sucker punch or what?


This whole thing about this book by Michael Wolff is nuts. Don't these people ever learn?

No. All these politicians can think when they decide to give an interview to a journalist or book author is, "Wow, I'm going to get free PR."

I can't remember all of the times in the last 60 years that I have seen books or articles based on interviews completely destroy the lives of the people who were interviewed.

When I was racing and coaching, I asked at least a dozen different coaches and who knows how many racers whether they had ever been accurately quoted by even one writer just one or more times. Absolutely 100% of them said no, they had not been accurately quoted even one time by a writer, not once.

I was interviewed by a local TV journalist in Albuquerque, New Mexico right after I started racing in 1969, when journalists were much more trustworthy, who almost accurately quoted me. He got part of it right. But then I was interviewed in California in 1990 by a writer for a local cycling publication who didn't quote one thing I said and he said I said a bunch of crap I would have never said.

I gave the interview to get PR for my team and I figured, what could go wrong, after all, it was just a technical interview for a local cycling magazine. What went wrong was that most of the people in the cycling industry went around thinking that I believed a bunch of crap I didn't believe because of one interview.

Listen, if you can't trust a journalist for a little sports magazine, you can't trust a journalist at all, especially if you are some big shot they could get famous for bringing you down.

Any more, there are only a few old time and proven journalists or writers I would even THINK about giving an interview to because you can't trust them because the only thing most of them care about is promoting their careers, especially if it is at someone else's expense by destroying that person.

If I needed the PR and someone asked me for an interview, I would tell them they had to give me either their last three books or last ten articles to read or tapes of their last ten TV stories so I could see where that writer's head is along with the names and phone numbers of the last five people they interviewed so I could ask them whether they were quoted accurately. If that writer or journalist proved to have zero credibility, which most have zero credibility, there would be no interview. Even if the person's credibility was questionable, there would be no interview. They would have to have stellar credibility for me to think about giving them an interview.

I am really amazed that so many of today's journalists and writers can get any interviews, which tells me that most people don't think to question those journalists' and writers' credibility. If the people did question the journalists' and writers' credibility, most journalists and writers wouldn't be able to get an interview with anyone because they can't be trusted.

Then, when you see a writer or journalist destroy someone's career with lies and it doesn't destroy their own career, you have to wonder just how stupid are these people who keep giving such animals interviews?

Speaking of lefty propaganda and bull crap, I am suddenly seeing a big increase in lefty propaganda postings on FB to distract people away from the increasing talk about Trump's incredible successes as president. I have also been watching a steady and rapid increase in the number of angry conservatives standing up to the lefty crap. The right is just not taking the left's crap anymore and is right now fighting back with it not looking good for the left. The left is desperate and are already doing desperate things that will just get more desperate.

It seems that increasing numbers of people are turning from the left to the right as the left gets crazier. It is getting increasingly obvious the left is bonkers mad and it is turning or driving people away in droves. The lefties are their own worst enemies.

BTW, I am seeing some real crap by the lefty media about things you wouldn't think they would just put out crap about. For example, one article says that "you can tell someone is sick by just looking at them."

Bull crap! I was sick for decades with doctors in LA, Albuquerque, and Alamogordo even refusing to run tests on me because I didn't look sick. When they finally ran tests on me, they were shocked, couldn't figure out why I was still alive and kept telling me that I should have died years before, it is now that I should have died more than a decade ago.

Listen, if doctors can't tell whether you are sick by just looking at you, then you can't tell whether someone else is sick just by looking at them. Everyone I meet and many I know think there is nothing wrong with me because I still don't look sick to almost all of them. (My daughter was the only one who could tell and she thought I was about to die.)

Be very careful what you believe from the media, especially the lefty media.

Interesting Dream

I just woke to an interesting dream. There was an army of us. Some of us had just come back from and the rest were equipping to go out on what we all knew was our last training exercise before going into battle. We knew this was going to be a relatively easy review exercise or what the military would call a familiarization exercise to make sure we just automatically did everything right in battle.

We were all very confident in our ability to do battle because faith is the confidence to face the enemy in full battle. You don't just believe you can do it, you KNOW you can do it. That is real faith. You don't question or reason, you just do it.

I told you before that God has His secret army He has trained up and that army is getting ready to go to war against the pagans who are waging war against us Christians.

We are coming, people, just hold on because God's army is about to move into full blown battle. It will just be a little bit longer and then we are talking "D Day" warfare, baby. Those lefty Nazi pagan commies are about to find out the hard way that they picked a fight with the wrong group. They are about to learn that our God, Yahweh/Jesus, is very real, He lives, He exists, He is much more intelligent than their god, Satan/Baphomet/whatever, and Yahweh is much more powerful.

It is about to get very real. You just might want to pray long, pray hard, pray often for at least a while. This dam is about to burst.

BTW, everyone keeps making New Year's resolutions. My New Year's resolution is to be the best Christian I can be. That is difficult enough for me and will please me and God quite well.

BTW, God is the only one I have to please, especially with me still being single. Woohoo!


You still think the Hebrews know God's Law better than you can?

Their chief rabbi just spoke out against the death penalty for terrorists, you know, murderers.

Hold it, didn't God tell us to use the death penalty for murderers?

Yep, He sure did.

So their chief rabbi thinks he knows better and is smarter than God? And you still want to believe they know God's Law better than you?

Their religious leaders have committed Satan's first and worst sin, they have elevated themselves above God, which is blaspheme. No thanks, I don't want to be anywhere near them when God finally decides He has had enough of their crap because I don't want to get hit by their splatter.


You want to see who is on whose side?

We know the British Royal Family is a big part of the upper class trash and this planet's problem. Obama was invited to the soon coming British Royal Family wedding and Trump is being intentionally snubbed and insulted.

It is important little things like that which tell you a lot.

You want to know who the upper class trash leaders are?

Just watch who shows up at the British Royal Family wedding. Yep, it is that easy. All of the top slime will be in the same bucket at the same time.


So you think the left isn't destroying our nations and civilization?

Just look at everywhere the left has taken over control like New York, Illinois, Michigan, California, Sweden, France, and most of Europe. Absolutely EVERYWHERE the left has taken over, the problems just keep getting worse and worse until it is inevitable that civilization will be destroyed.

Then you look where the conservatives have taken back control with Trump in the US. Things are very quickly getting better and better and it is so obvious that the left is in a panic because eyes are opening and people are turning right.

It should be blatantly obvious that Satan's left has one goal, the destruction of civilization and mankind. To achieve their goal, they keep thinking up the most insane crap imaginable and going off on insane crusades. They're nuts.

You have to understand that it is normal for lunatics like the left to think that the rest of us seem crazy, they think they are normal and their insanity seems brilliant to them. The left has proven that being crazy is like being drunk or stupid. If you are crazy, you can't tell you are crazy because you are crazy and you can't tell how crazy you are and the left is absolutely bonkers mad while thinking they is are being geniuses in spite of the fact they probably couldn't pass college biology 101 and think that fine arts is extremely difficult.

That is why the left refuses to admit when their great sounding stupid ideas go wrong. Their great sounding stupid ideas always failing proves they are nuts and the lefties refuse to admit they are nuts so they deny their failures.

Obama II

Remember that Mark warned me about this Abdul guy sponsored by Soros and running for Michigan governor and I warned you about him?

Here comes Obama II, people. I got this from a post by Michigan Conservatives:

"Abdul will be the Democrat nominee for Governor of Michigan!

Abdul for Michigan hires veteran operatives from Bernie Sanders' 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Claire Sandberg, former digital organizing director for Bernie Sanders joins Abdul for Michigan as Deputy Campaign Manager.

[Detroit, MI] - Abdul for Michigan announced today the addition of Claire Sandberg as Deputy Campaign Manager. Claire joins the campaign after leading digital organizing efforts for the Bernie Sanders presidential bid. She also advised Jeremy Corbyn and the U.K.'s Labour Party during their shocking electoral success in 2017.

In addition, the campaign is working with Middle Seat Digital, including former digital director for Bernie Sanders' 2016 Presidential Campaign Kenneth Pennington, and former Sanders social media director Hector Sigala. The campaign is also working with Winnie Wong, the Founder of the People for Bernie Sanders.

Abdul for Michigan is endorsed by the People for Bernie Sanders and local chapters of Our Revolution, including Ann Arbor for Revolution, Grand Rapids United Progressives, and Lansing for Revolution."

Gee, you don't think Bernie isn't going to run for president in 2020 and Abdul is, do you? I mean, what is left of Bernie's team for Bernie to run again?

And it is like I told you, they are purging the older puppets and bringing in younger puppets to replace them.

And you think the lefties are not in bed with the Muslims and they are not working together to take over and destroy our nation?

Again, thanks, Mark, for the tip.

Lefty Lies

Don't you just love it when the left compares the Nazi concentration or death camps with the US internment caps for Japanese during WWII and the left's glorious revisionist history? But, have you noticed the differences?

The Nazis murdered some 13 million Hebrews and Christians with things like their "showers" and put their bodies in mass graves. They regularly blew people's, even women's and children's, brains out at the sides of mass graves with guns and just starved many to death.

The US didn't murder anyone with anything and didn't have one mass grave at any of those Japanese camps. Just a wee bit different but those lying lefties sure like to make them look the same to promote their Marxism in spite of the fact that the Nazis were also Marxists.

The lefties also conveniently forget to tell you about the other Marxist death camps run by commies in the Soviet Union, Communist China, Communist North Korea, Communist Cambodia, Communist Cuba, and other Marxist countries where more than 100 million people were slaughtered in less than one century and the Marxists are still slaughtering people by the millions today.

The lefty commies conveniently forget to point out that the Japanese were well housed, fed, and clothed, especially in relation to how the Marxists treated their people, about the US military unit of Japanese soldiers who fought in Europe, and the number of Japanese soldiers, especially officers, who lived in the US, graduated from US universities, and fought for Japan against the US probably being the reason why so many Japanese were interned because of the fear of Japanese sleeper cells.

And the commies try to use the Japanese internment camps in the US during WWII to make the US look bad? Gee, you don't think the commies are trying to distract us from the ugly truths of Marxism, do you?

Was it right to intern the Japanese to prevent possible guerilla warfare and sabotage?

That is debatable and I would have to see more evidence but I can understand the fear or concern the US leaders had and why they did it based on normal human behavior. By doing so, they probably diminished their own human resources in several ways (losing the resources of the people they incarcerated and the guards who watched them) but they may have also prevented sabotage attacks because there were probably some who were still loyal to their homeland and king.

It is important to know that we did not incarcerate the Germans and Italians during WWII, most of whom proved to be loyal to the US and productive but you should also know we had problems with a few spying and doing other things for their homeland. For example, the German SS used some US Germans to spy on the US forcing us to develop some techniques for concealing top secret information from spies that were still in use when I was in the service decades later.

Undoubtedly some of the Japanese would have done the same and the government may have known about at least some of them, which may be the reason the Japanese Americans were interned.

The main point is that comparing what the US did with Japanese Americans to the Nazi death camps, which murdered millions of innocent people is absurd, especially when almost all Marxist governments used their death camps to murder at least 100 million people and some estimate more than 150 million people from 1917 through the end of the 20th Century. At the very least, it is deceptive.

BTW, the lefties also forget to tell you that FDR was a lefty socialist or Marxist. How convenient.

But what do you expect from the lying left, the truth?

Gee, what a coincidence that Marxists keep rounding people up and putting them in camps.

Gee, how many times have capitalists rounded up their own citizens and put them in camps?

None; only Marxists do that.

Think about this: All communists, socialists, progressives, and whatever they are calling themselves today worship the same pagan god, Karl Marx, and read the same bible, "The Communist Manifesto", so that they all belong to the same evil fanatical Satanic pagan cult. They may be different sects of that cult but they all belong to the same evil fanatical Satanic pagan cult, Marxism.

Is it any wonder that the Marxists keep putting people in camps, keep murdering people, and always oppress the survivors?

It is part of their fanatical religion.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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