Scientific Bible Study 3

First, remember that in the last "Scientific Bible Study" essay that I proved conclusively that evolution is a lie and that even the evolutionists have proved that the God of the Bible MUST exist because the simplest living cell is irreducibly complex and could have only been created because it could never have happened by accidence and coincidence or evolution. Therefore, if I have to prove to you again and again that God/Yahweh MUST exist, then either reread that essay until you get it or go read comic books because you will never understand, probably because you don't want to believe it.

Therefore, what I want to do is use the "hidden science" in the Bible to give you a tiny glimpse into how incredible Yahweh is.

The Christians have a saying, "Our God is an awesome God."

No, no, no, Yahweh is not awesome; He is way, way, way beyond awesome, magnificent, spectacular, super duper, and anything else we humans can say about Him because I realized decades ago that the intelligence of the smartest humans is so limited that NONE of us can even comprehend the total existence of Yahweh. We humans trying to comprehend the total existence of Yahweh would be worse than an earthworm trying to comprehend the total existence of a human.

You think not?

Did you know that scientists stated not too long ago that there is more we don't know than there is that we do know, that there is a huge amount that we don't even have the technology to learn, and that there is a large amount that humans don't even have the intelligence to learn or understand?

Think about that one for a while and then include understanding the totality of the existence of Yahweh in among the latter statement, especially since Yahweh knows and understands all of that which we don't even understand.

It amazes me that there are humans so stupid and arrogant that they actually believe that, if they can't understand something, then it can't be real. No, it just means they can't understand it and them not understanding it has NOTHING to do with it being real.

Think I am wrong?

There are things being done around this world by other people that almost all of us don't understand.

Does that mean those people can't be doing what they are doing just because one or more other people don't understand what they are doing?

No, it just means those other people don't understand what the first people are doing; that is all it means. It means ABSOLUTELY nothing else.

Now, if we have a superior being, like Yahweh, who can do many things we humans can't do, don't you think that just maybe that being can do quite a few things we humans can't even understand, if for no other reason than that being is superior to us humans?

Of course Yahweh can do things we can't understand because He is superior to us and what I am going to use science hidden in the Bible to share with you is to show you just how incredibly superior Yahweh is to us.

Listen, there are plenty of humans who can do things the rest of us can't do because they are very good at that something than the rest of us are but they are still not superior beings because they are just as human as we are. They just have a particular gift from God making it possible for them to do things most of us can't do, that's all.

It should only be common sense that, if you have a real superior being, he can do many things we can't do and can't even understand, which is why we would call him a superior being and one very important thing the Bible teaches is just how superior Yahweh is to us. Yahweh is so superior to us that no human can comprehend the totality of His existence.

Deal with it, to Yahweh, you're the earthworm, baby.

I want to discuss what the Bible teaches about the formation or creation of Earth but first I have to explain some basics about atoms, chemistry, and nuclear physics. I will keep it as short and easy to understand as possible but hang on.

First, you have to understand that EVERYTHING is made out of two tiny particles; negatively charged electrons and positively charged protons. You regularly hear about neutrons but those are just electrons bonded together with protons creating a neutrally charged particle that is only found in ions but not the basic elements, therefore is not necessary to discuss neutrons for this topic.

If you look at a periodic table, you will see that ALL elements or atoms are composed of nothing but electrons and protons with the protons always in the nucleus and the electrons orbiting the protons. The difference in the nature or behavior between different atoms is caused by their difference in structure, the same as the difference in behavior of molecules is caused by their difference in structure.

For example, the human body contains more than 300 different types of molecules that are made up of only three types of atoms or elements, hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, but they all behave differently because of different structures.

With atoms, the simplest atom is hydrogen, which only has one electron and one proton. The next simplest atom is helium, which only has two electrons and two protons but acts very differently compared to hydrogen because of its slightly different structure. Hydrogen is the most reactive element with helium being the least reactive element or what is called an inert gas.

Each proton in the nucleus will only attract one electron into an energy level or shell. The first energy level can only contain two electrons, the second energy level can only hold 8 electrons, and the third energy level can only hold 8 electrons with there being more energy levels, which are not necessary for this discussion. You just need to know the basics. The closer the negatively charged electron is to the positively charged protons, the greater the hold the two have on each other and more stable the atom is, which is why the most complex atoms with electrons furthest from the protons are the least stable.

For example, hydrogen has one proton and one electron in the lowest energy level, helium has two protons and two electrons filling up the lowest energy level, carbon has 6 protons and 6 electrons with two electrons filling up the lowest energy level and the remaining 4 electrons half filling up the second energy level, nitrogen has 7 protons and 7 electrons with two electrons filling up the lowest energy level and 5 electrons in its second energy level leaving only three empty spaces in that energy level, oxygen has 8 protons and 8 electrons with two electrons filling up the lowest energy level, 6 electrons in the second energy level with two empty spaces for accepting electrons from other atoms to share with other atoms in the second energy level, and sodium or table salt has 11 protons and 11 electrons with two electrons filling up the lowest energy level, 8 more electrons filling up the second energy level and one electron in the third energy level with space to accept and share up to 7 electrons in that energy level but only has the one electron in that energy level to share with another atom.

Also, only the outer most energy level for an atom which has one or more electrons in it is active for bonding with other atoms and the active energy level can only accept electrons from other atoms to share if its active energy level has one or more spaces in which to share an electron from another atom that also has to have one or more empty spaces in its active energy level in which to accept and share an electron from the first atom. (You may have to read that again.)

For an atom to bond with another atom, it has to have an available electron AND an available space in its active shell to share with another atom or it can't bond with that atom.

For example, hydrogen has one empty space in its active energy level with one electron to share and oxygen has two spaces and 6 electrons to share with other atoms but can only bond with two atoms because it only has two spaces. When the two atoms bond, they both share an electron and an empty space from both of their outer shells so that the proton in each atom normally attracting the shared electrons will be pulling on half of the two shared electrons each causing the bond between the two atoms.

In other words, the hydrogen atom will share its only electron in an oxygen empty space and the oxygen atom will share one of its 6 available electrons in hydrogen's only available empty space causing the bond between the two atoms. Since the oxygen still has an available empty space and 5 more available electrons to share in its outer energy level, it can still bond with another atom but the hydrogen can't because it has no more electrons or empty spaces to share with another atom. That is why water has two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom and is a stable molecule.

Since helium's active outer most energy level is full and doesn't have a space with which to accept an electron from another atom, it can't share atoms and will not naturally bond with anything else.

To further illustrate that ALL matter is made up of nothing but electrons and protons and that atoms' properties and functions are based completely on the number of protons, the number of electrons, and the atom's structure, sodium has 11 protons and 11 electrons and is food that is required for your body to function while arsenic has 33 protons and 33 electrons but is poisonous and will kill you in spite of the fact that they are both made up of nothing but electrons and protons. Gold has 79 protons and 79 electrons, you can eat it and it will just pass right through your body, doing no harm, but mercury has 80 protons and 80 electrons, thallium has 81 protons and 81 electrons, and lead has 82 protons and 82 electrons they will all 3 kill you in spite of the fact that they are all four nothing but electrons and protons.

Now, when I talk about sub atomic sorting, what am I really talking about?

Sub atomic sorting is a very complex combination of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion.

Nuclear fission is called "splitting an atom" but really involves splitting the nucleus of the atom because you can remove electrons from atoms without a nuclear reaction or burst of energy. We do that all of the time with a thing called electricity, which is just causing electrons from the outer shells or energy levels of atoms to travel to and through the outer shells of other atoms. Therefore, fission is really removing one or more protons from an atom's nucleus and is used for atomic bombs and nuclear power stations to generate electricity. To a very limited extent, we humans can control fission, mostly to blow things up or heat water.

Fusion is when you add one or more protons to an atom's nucleus and is used for hydrogen bombs. To a very limited extent, we humans can control fusion, mostly to blow things up.

Of course, with both fission and fusion, when you move the protons, you also move the electrons those protons are holding in orbit, therefore, it is normally thought of as dividing or combining atoms.

Sub atomic sorting is when you remove the electrons and protons from one or more atoms and combine them with another atom to create a specific type of atom. It is an extremely very well controlled use of fission and fusion, much better than us humans can do.

For example, you would remove one proton and one electron from oxygen (fission), which has 8 electrons and 8 protons to create a nitrogen atom, which only has 7 electrons and 7 protons. You would combine an oxygen atom with a hydrogen atom (fusion) to create a fluorine atom which has 9 electrons and 9 protons.

Therefore, if God/Yahweh used water to control his clay (electrons and protons) for creating everything, all he would have to do is remove the electrons and protons from some hydrogen and oxygen atoms and add them to other hydrogen and oxygen atoms to create any and all other atoms He needed, when He needed them, and where He needed them or, basically, use sub atomic sorting to change the relative positions of the electrons and protons in what He would see as His cloud of electrons and protons or what we would see as His massive ball of water.

Next, you have to understand that, after EACH act of creation, the Bible says, "And the evening and the morning were the first day or second day or third day or fourth day or fifth day or sixth day", which has always meant in ancient Hebrew that time period was a normal 24 hour day on earth and not billions or millions or thousands of years or even just one year; it was just one 24 hour day, further showing just how incredible and superior this being is to us.

Because you can't do something in one earth day, doesn't mean the superior being, Yahweh, can't do that something in one day. It just means you can't do it in one day and nothing else. Don't try to limit others by your limitations.

We humans couldn't even do the things that Yahweh did, much less do them all in just one earth day but that doesn't mean a vastly superior being couldn't; it just means we can't and that is all it means. Deal with it; you're the earthworm, baby.

In the Bible, Yahweh gave us important details in how He created earth from His ball of water using sub atomic sorting or a complex combination of fission and fusion to simply move electrons and protons around to form the other atoms He needed.

It tells us that the very first thing Yahweh did was create our atmosphere in Genesis 1:7 "And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament:"

He used the waters beneath the firmament to create earth and everything on it and used the waters above the firmament to create everything else but what was the firmament?

The Bible tells us in TWO sets of verses what the firmament is and you have to pay close attention to the details of both sets of verses.

Genesis 1:16-17 - "And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also,

And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth,"

God tells us that He put the sun, the moon, and the stars in the firmament or what we would call space but there is more.

Genesis 1:20 - "And God said, Let the water bring forth abundantly the moving creature that has life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven."

This tells us that God ALSO called our atmosphere the firmament so that the firmament is BOTH the earth's atmosphere and space.

This is where some creation scientists miss it and think the firmament was only our atmosphere and that the upper waters were stopped just above our atmosphere and were probably a thin layer of water or ice above earth but the first verses tell us the upper waters were outside of space or our cosmos because the firmament includes space. After all, God clearly didn't put the sun, moon and stars in our atmosphere but He did put them in the firmament.

This tells us that the very first thing God created for our planet was our atmosphere and, as the waters continued to separate beyond our atmosphere, God created space, placing the sun, moon, and stars in space, BETWEEN the upper waters and earth. The remains of those waters, about 90% of the mass in our cosmos, are on the outside of our cosmos in a massive orbiting ring of water, what we would best understand as a massive gravitational flywheel to prevent the cosmos from imploding by creating an even background gravity throughout the cosmos.

But the sequence shown for creating earth is very interesting and conforms with what science teaches. Remember that earth was still just a massive ball of water or God's clay when God separated the water He was going to use for creating earth from the waters He was going to use to create everything else, you know, Yahweh just pinched off a tiny bit of His clay off to make earth.

If God had removed the pressure of the upper waters from the surface of the lower waters without first creating the earth's atmosphere, we know that the surface of the waters He used for creating earth would have started to vaporize into water vapor because of the lack of pressure holding those water molecules in liquid form making it more difficult to use those waters to create earth. Therefore, God created earth's atmosphere first to control the surface of the waters for creating earth to make it easier and more efficient to create earth. See, Yahweh already knew about the effects of atmospheric pressure on water before humans even knew there was an atmospheric pressure.

Then, "And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.

And God called the dry land Earth; and the gather together of the waters called the Seas:"

This tells us that the next thing Yahweh created after the atmosphere was the land, which would have included everything from the crust down to the inner core of the earth and caused the land to be created as one continent, you know, just like our scientists have been telling us for years, that all of our continents were originally parts of one continent. Gee, what a coincidence.

The latter is the Bible confirming science and science confirming the Bible.

You should notice that God didn't create the sun, moon, and stars until AFTER He created earth's atmosphere AND the earth's crust or land.


Because God used the atmosphere to control the water but didn't want the sun's solar winds to blow the atmosphere away until He had created the earth's magnetic core to create a magnetic field around the earth to prevent the solar winds from blowing away earth's atmosphere so God created the sun after He created earth which should tell you that could not possibly be any form of evolution. See, Yahweh knew about magnetic fields protecting the atmosphere from solar winds before we humans even knew about magnetic fields or solar winds. Gee, what a coincidence.

Listen, when the Hebrews were writing this down, they didn't even know about magnetic fields and solar winds yet and could have only written this down this way because Yahweh told them how He did it.

Now Yahweh clearly used a complex combination of fission and fusion or sub atomic sorting of electrons and protons, you know, the clay of the earth, to turn the water atoms into the atoms He needed to create the land.

The proof for this?

We know that the earth's crust and core were subjected to extremely high temperatures when they were created, you know, just like fission and fusion would have subjected it to extreme temperatures. Also we know there is a huge amount of super heated water in the Earth's inner core. Gee, what a coincidence.

Then something very interesting happened. Yahweh created Earth on the third day but in Genesis 1:12-13 it says, "And the earth brought forth vegetation, and herb yielding seed after its kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after its kind: and God saw that it was good.

And the evening and the morning were the third day."

What? You mean that God created a molten earth and then created the vegetation on the same day without the vegetation being burned up?

What should this tell you?

That Yahweh not only has infinite control of matter but also has infinite control of energy so He was able to quickly cool the planet down enough to create all vegetation on this planet in the same day and not in billions or millions or thousands of years.

Do we have scientific confirmation for this yet?

Yep, decades ago, geologists discovered that granite has tiny rings in it caused by radiation release during it molten state that could only have been captured in the granite if the granite had been cooled from the molten to solid state in less than one hour. Gee, what a coincidence.

Note that the land Yahweh called earth "brought forth the vegetation" telling us that Yahweh used the atoms contained in the soil He just created as the clay to create His vegetation using a complex combination of fission and fusion and atomic or molecular construction of living organisms, not as tiny seeds, but as full grown plants. This means that this vastly superior being, Yahweh, put all of the right atoms in all the right places to create all the right molecules in all the right places to create all the right cells in all the right places to create all of the vegetation on this planet within just a few hours.

BTW, did you know that, by the strangest of coincidences, today's plants get the atoms and molecules they need for growth from the soil of the earth?

Gee, what a coincidence. There sure are a lot of coincidences in the Bible.

Deal with it, you ARE the earthworm.

But, hold it, wouldn't Yahweh using a complex combination of fission and fusion have created enough heat to burn all of that vegetation?

Not if He used cold fission and cold fusion, which just happens to confirm the current scientific theories in nuclear physics concerning cold fission and cold fusion being possible AND this only the first example of cold fission and cold fusion in the Bible. Gee, what a coincidence.

You think that maybe, just maybe our nuclear physicists should read the Bible see hidden science that proves other theories?

Yep and I will show you other examples of Yahweh using cold fission and cold fusion as we go along so hang on tight.

Are you getting an idea of just how incredible and superior this being is yet?

It gets better, baby, it gets better and we will see that in the next "Scientific Bible Study."

Listen, Yahweh has been using my studies in science and the Bible to show me all of this for at least half a century now and it has continuously amazed me at the hidden science I have found hidden in plain open sight and that almost no one else has seen most of it. I have been waiting for half a century for others to see what Yahweh has shown me and most have seen little of it. That is why I was sent to open your eyes. You're welcome.

You want to know why I did so incredibly well as a cycling coach?

Because Yahweh showed me better science than the other coaches had and it was fun beating the crap out of the other coaches with my better science, which I am now beginning to share with you.

Here is a teaser: I am going to eventually show you science that will make it possible for the US military to easily crush any other military on this planet within days with very few, if any, losses.

You think that maybe the US Pentagon should be reading the Bible to teach them where they should focus more of their scientific research?

It just might be a good idea.

Hey, Yahweh knows how to do all of the science He did in the Bible, He did it for the Hebrews when they were following Him instead of slithering after Satan, and He would probably do it for us or teach us how to do it if we started following Him instead of slithering after Satan. Think about it.

And to all of you whacko New Wave nuts and members of other cults who believe you are a god just because you want to be a god; let's see you create a habitable planet, not an entire cosmos, just one little habitable planet.

What? You don't even know the first thing about fission or fusion and you think you are a god? Really?

It must be wonderful to be that stupid.

I have told you before that, if Yahweh gave me the ability to create 100 habitable planets, I would not be stupid enough to think I am a god because I know enough about science to know better. There is only one being who can bear the title of God and the rest of us can't even begin to comprehend the totality of His existence. That being is Yahweh/Jesus/Elohim/Adonai, the God of the Bible, Hebrews, Christians, and all creation. I have found no other being who could even begin to compare to Yahweh, NONE, not one. Before Yahweh, Satan is a puke, a punk, an earthworm.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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