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The End of the Beginning

I want to further clarify that the fanatical pagan cult of evolution could have never happened by using a small exercise.

Make a dot in the center of a piece of paper then, using a compass, draw a circle around that dot and draw another circle around that circle. Now, draw a straight line from the dot out through the circles and draw another straight line from the dot out through the circles near the first straight line.

Assuming that one line is the flight path for an electron and the other line is the flight path for a proton, when will those two lines or the electron and proton that were blown apart by a massive explosion come closer together so they can bond to form an atom?

The answer is never. They will only move farther and farther apart as they get farther and farther from the point of the explosion.

You see, explosions CANNOT create anything. They can only destroy things by scattering them, which is exactly what the "Big Bang" would have done, if it could have happened.

To believe that the most powerful explosion in history created our existence and everything in it is as preposterous, ridiculous, irrational, and scientifically impossible as believing you will create a beautiful city by dropping a nuclear weapon some place. All nuclear weapons can do is destroy cities by scattering things, they cannot create cities.

There has never been an explosion in history that has created anything but a crater, rubble, and debris. That is the only thing explosions can create because the only thing explosions do is scatter things and they absolutely DO NOT cause things to come together to create anything.

Don't believe me?

Put everything you need to build a building on a 500 pound bomb out in the middle of the desert, light the fuse, and see if that bomb builds the house for you or just scatters everything.

Yeah, kind of a ridiculous idea, huh? You know, almost as ridiculous as a massive explosion in space creating a cosmos full of stars and galaxies.

Therefore, no matter what great sounding stupid fairy tale the lefty evolutionists dream up, an explosion could not have created our existence, it could only destroy our existence by scattering things because that is all explosions do.

Therefore, evolution isn't even scientifically possible and is nothing but a fanatical pagan religious cult that is every bit as ridiculous as the flat Earth society. Evolutionists, atheists, and secularists need to crawl off in the same corner with flat Earthers and find something shiny to play with.

Without an accidental and coincidental beginning, there could have never been anything to evolve into anything, period! Therefore, the rest of their evolutionist stories are just pagan fairy tales that are more preposterous than any other pagan fairy tale ever told, you know, even more ridiculous than unicorns charging over rainbows. Deal with it.

The irony here is that the pagans dreamed up evolution to prove that God does not exist and, when they failed at that, they tried to use evolution to prove it is possible for God to not exist but they have also failed at that and ended up proving that God MUST exist, therefore, destroying evolution, atheism, and secularism in one move.

Man plans, God laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs forever.

BTW, that means you atheists and secularists get to blame your beloved evolutionist pals for proving your religions are just fanatical pagan religious cults and them sticking your butts in the same corner with the flat Earthers to find something shiny to play with.

Therefore, what I am continuing to do is prove what the Christians have been telling you for thousands of years, that Christianity is not a religion because God is real, He lives, and He exists and it can only be a religion if God might or might not exist. When it is proven that God does exist, then it changes from being a religion to being what the Christians have been trying to tell you, that Christianity is a relationship with a real living being we call God. At that point, Christianity becomes THE true reality and everything else is a lie.

You pagans wanted change, baby, you're getting it.

For decades, some evolutionists have said that they shouldn't be surprised that, when they finally get to the top of the mountain, don't be surprised to find the Christians there waiting for you.

Well, evolutionists, welcome to the top of the mountain. We Christians have been here waiting for you for a long time. It is about time you finally found your way to the top of the mountain and you would have found it sooner if it were not for your false pagan religion, evolution, constantly getting you lost. Welcome to reality, baby.

BTW, have you noticed that I am not the politically correct, Mr. Nice Guy, courteous Christian most Christians have been? Why?

Because God has had enough of their lying satanic pagan crap and Satan's people should have known it would only be a matter of time before God sent an unpleasant, scrapper, get-in-your-face, knock-down, drag-out, fighting Christian like me to deal with them. Well, I'm here and Yahweh is really ticked.

Christian Testimony

One of the things I was concerned with before the hacking, was knowing that sooner or later pagans would hack my computer to stop me. I used to wish I had the knowledge to write software the hackers could not hack to protect my computer and my work.

What God did by TWICE miraculously restoring my computer from two different hackings was tell me, "Don't worry about it, I got this!"

I don't have that concern anymore because God showed me that He has it under control and will handle it His way, which is always better than our way. God told me He would take care of me, He didn't lie, He will.

Hey, I am human, I had my Elijah moment in my cave and God took care of that. Now I am good.

Where is that Ahaz turkey?

BTW, one of my favorite songs is the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" (Yeah, I know, a Christian fighting song. What should that tell you about me?) but I had a problem with one line that says, "As Jesus died to make men holy, let us die to make men free" because, if you are dead, how can you make anyone anything. You have to stay alive to make and keep men free. It is like Patton said, "You job is not to die for your nation but to cause the other guy to die for his nation."

Therefore, I and many other Christians have changed that line to read, "Let us LIVE to make men free" but this morning God showed me a better rendition to that line. God said it should read, "Let us FIGHT to make men free" because God wants us to stop cowering, begging, and hiding from the pagans and to stand up to the pagans to fight for what is right and to regain our freedoms.

It was our Christian ancestors fighting the pagans that made it possible for them to achieve the freedom and control of our nations to create the greatest nations and culture in history and God wants us Christians today to also stand up to and fight the pagans to regain control of our nations to stop the death and destruction the pagans are causing and return our nations and culture to an even greater Christian culture than before so let us FIGHT to make men free because cowering and hiding ain't going to do nuttin', baby.

"Onward Christian soldiers!" (You sang it, didn't you?)


I woke to a dream this morning with God telling me that too many of our churches have become "circuses" (His word, baby) to entertain people, especially the larger churches. Too many of our churches no longer preach the gospel or they preach a satanically watered down version of the gospel to placate or subdue the people so they won't stand and fight for God.

Know that God is taking care of this, just like He told me and I told you He would. He has also shown me in the recent past that He is taking care of it with increasing numbers of poser Christians leaving the church and joining pagan cults.

It is past time for our churches to stop entertaining and placating the people with circuses and start preaching the hard truth. We need more Christian soldiers or warriors to join the fight. We already have more than enough Christian spectators.


Today I realized that God will cause Israel to take Western Turkey following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, which will give them control of Istanbul and the Bosporus Strait and the ship traffic between the Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea.


Because that is where the seven churches of Asia (Western Turkey; Asia is that they called Western Turkey 2,000 years ago) are in the book of Revelation and Turkey will be a major part of the invasion of Israel that will be the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and you know Israel will want to just get rid of that threat permanently.

This will also deliver the Armenians and Kurds from the Muslim persecution of modern Turkey.

Upper Class Trash

Let me give you another example of just how stupid the greedy, power mad upper class trash are.

With all of these idiots who got the right degrees from the right universities replacing all of their employees with computers and robots putting their employees out of work with no decent income, who is going to buy those companies' products and services, robots?

See how stupid these idiots are, they are selling out their future for immediate maximum income that can't last very long.

Then what?

BTW, with the US military trying to take down the Syrian government for corruption and the US government is no longer paying those soldiers because of the US politicians' corruption, when will the US military take down the US government for corruption?

BTW, since Schumer and the Commiecrats caved to Trumps refusal to negotiate and restarted the government, don't be surprised to see more of the Commiecrats get shoved under the bus and replaced with younger commies and Muslims, especially Schumer and Pelosi. It seems the commies are catching flack from both sides, especially Schumer; they are taking it big time from the conservatives for shutting the government down and from the left for caving on negotiations.

Don't be surprised to see about half a dozen feminists claim Schumer sexually attacked them and the left demand he resign.

I expect to see at least some of the commies get replaced in the primaries this year, especially by younger women and Muslims.

Feminist Coup

How about this "Women's March" thingy? You think this just might be part of this feminist coup or grab for power against their lefty men, who used to be their buddies in crime? Kind of obvious, huh?


Trump is having increasing difficulty getting his immigration policies passed through Congress because of the lies, deceptions, and propaganda the left is putting out about them poor widdle illegal immigrants. But, me thinks things are about to change.

Yesterday, a terrorist detonated one IED in a mall in Florida and a second IED was found by the police when they got there, that's right, in the US, not in Europe, the Middle East, or elsewhere, the US. Fortunately, no one was injured...this time.

They are now saying those were not IEDs but smoke flares so they can say it wasn't an act of terrorism.

Are we being lied to again?

You know this and other such activities by the lefties and their Muslim pals are a gift to Trump because it is going to increasingly open eyes about the violence of the Muslim immigrants and increasing numbers of people will side with Trump concerning immigration of Muslims so it will become increasingly difficult for the upper class trash puppets in Congress, you know, the lefties and RINOs, to not side with Trump, which is adequate motivation for the lefties to lie to us.

BTW, I get the feeling that Pence may be a replacement theology Christian so that he may only be a fair weather friend to Israel. I am keeping an eye on this.

Missing E-mails

I love these people who delete the e-mails on their computers thinking they have destroyed the evidence and covered up their crimes.

There is just a wee bit of a problem with that. Everyone you sent an e-mail to is going to have a copy of that e-mail and everyone who sent you an e-mail along with everyone else they sent that e-mail to will have a copy of that e-mail. Then you have to deal with the fact that, if anyone is monitoring your e-mails or you have a security system that records your e-mail, they ain't going away, baby.

It is going to take just a wee bit more than deleting all of the e-mails off of your computer to cover up for your crimes. Most likely, those e-mails are somewhere and all they have to do is find them and not everyone will be willing to risk going to prison for destroying evidence just to cover your butt and may realize those e-mails can be used as a bargaining lever to keep their butts out of jail. You know they will eventually find those "lost e-mails" and then someone is also going to be facing charges for destroying evidence, which is a felony.

Maybe the best thing is to not commit any crimes, yuh think?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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