Scientific Bible Study 5

When I studied geology in college about 50 years ago, we were taught the following:

1) There was previously one continent, they call Pangaea, which divided up into the current continents. By the strangest coincidence, the Bible says the waters were drawn into one place meaning the land was also drawn into one place and there was only one continent before the Flood.

Today the evolutionists believe that there have been at least four different formations of single continents, you know, like the Earth's crust is putty and the continents can easily move around in all directions, much like balls do on a pool table.

This is based on them finding similar fossils in different places on the different continents "so the Earth's crust must have formed one continent on four different occasions", you know, because it is impossible for plants and animals to have migrated to different places the way they do today so, instead, the continents migrated.

What appears to have happened is that they had four different groups who couldn't decide on how the current continents had been positioned in relation to each other so they just rewrote their geology to include 4 different single continents structured in four different ways throughout history. This has very little to do with geology and has much more to do with egos, politics, and fossils being used as the lame excuse for this new fairy tale, you know, like they always do.

This idiot theory has the continents floating and spinning around like ballerinas on a dance floor, often changing positions in relation to each other and even turning around.

I am absolutely certain that evolutionists are having a global stupid contest. What are these people smoking?

If you look at the following picture by NASA and other such pictures, you can see the Earth's crust movement scarred into the crust at the bottom of the oceans.

What I see is that the Earth's crust is very rigid and with very little ability for the continents to move much. I do not see anything in the structure of Earth's crust that would have permitted or caused the continents to dance around like they claim happened, therefore, the plants and animals must have migrated, you know, like they do today, but when it was just one continent and they could have moved to anywhere on the continent and probably did.

Don't you think it would have been easier for the plants and animals to move around than for the continents to move around?

But, hey, dey got dem thar right degrees from dem thar right universities so deys must be right.

The problem for the evolutionists is that all of their fairy tales have been shot down so many times (4 major theories and many minor theories since 1984) that they have been backed into a corner and they have become so desperate that their fairy tales are becoming wilder and wilder and easier to disprove. It is going to take some really powerful drugs for them to dream up the next fairy tale to replace the current fairy tale.

I hope you have noticed that evolution is not a real science. It is purely speculation or guessing based entirely on things looking similar and what they want to believe, which can easily go any number of ways. The scientific evidence is almost always ignored because it consistently proves their fairy tales wrong.

2) They believed the surface of the Earth is 20% larger and has 20% more water on it than when it had a single continent plus there are port cities they have found at least 300 feet underwater proving there is definitely more water on the planet now, even if you consider the continental draining raising water levels.

3) The fossils show that there have been tropical plants as far north and south as possible on all of the continents.

The evolutionists say this was because the continents kept moving around, you know, dancing the ballet, every few bazillion years so different things could grow in different places at different times.

A more probable reason would be because the Earth's axis was vertical with both poles the same distance from the sun year round so the planet's hemispheres didn't change position in relation to the sun the way they do today so that it was perpetual spring on all of earth, you know, much like when both poles are today about the same distance from the sun during spring. Those tropical fossils in Northern Alaska and Antarctica support this hypothesis.

When Earth was hit by the meteor storm, especially with that much impacting in the northern hemisphere, the storm knocked the Earth's axis off by a few degrees, causing it to tilt, so that the poles change distances from the sun, causing our current 4 seasons. You know, the old "for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction" thingy, especially in space with most of a massive meteor storm striking the planet in the Northern Hemisphere.

4) They recently found massive bodies of water deep in Earth's crust, you know, like the "fountains of the deep" talked about in the Bible.

Bodies of water that deep would be super heated water that can't vaporize because it is under too much pressure and is probably also mixed with magma. As soon as that pressure is decreased by something like a fracture, it will permit some of the water to vaporize right at the fracture, which will increase the pressure and cause the steam to jet out through the fracture, you know, just like it said in the Bible with "the fountains of the deep being broken up". Gee, what a coincidence.

5) Also, it is important to note that every ancient culture had a global flood story similar to what is in the Bible. Gee, what a coincidence.

The big difference between the Bible's flood story and the other flood stories is that the Bible flood story is more detailed, scientifically sound and fits with the evidence we will study here. The rest of the flood stories were passed down by word-of-mouth instead of being dictated into writing by the superior being Yahweh to humans and was written down at the time.

6) Today, the evolutionists have revised their fairy tale to say that the strata we see were caused by many "localized catastrophes", you know, their Catastrophism thingy, but there are continuous strata stretching across several continents like North America, Europe, and North Africa, which could by no means be considered a localized or even regional catastrophe but could only have been caused by a global catastrophe like the Biblical Flood. Gee, what a coincidence.

Hey, I know, let's take a look at the evidence and see what science says, you know, use the scientific method thingy.

First, everyone admits that there was just one continent just like the Bible says. Gee, what a coincidence.

They also agree that North and South America were connected to Europe and Africa respectively with Greenland pushed down in at the top just between North America and Europe. The exact positions for Antarctica and Australia are the most debated because it just is not very clear where they were as part of the original continent and the route they used during separation, though it is usually accepted that Australia was somewhere along the East African coast. The massive cratering in Western Australia says it was very close to Africa and the Atlantic Ocean or the cratering would have been significantly lighter just like the rest of the planet and that cratering is definitely heavy enough to have caused a crust fracture that would have permitted Australia to drift away from the continent.

What caused the fractures to form that made it possible for the continents to drift apart because the Earth's crust was originally a single, solid structure?

The evolutionists believe it was fairy dust and that the different continents were always divided by fractures that were always existent in Earth's crust, even when pressed together. This is in spite of the fact that they found out that both Venus and Mars had solid crusts and such a physical structure would have been very unusual and unlikely.

"Hey, let's just ignore the evidence, smoke some dope, and dream up some really great sounding fairy tales as science."

I already showed you significant proof in "Space Rocks" that a planet between Mars and Jupiter blew up causing a massive meteor storm to strike Earth and the moon, with almost all of those meteors striking Earth within just an hour or two, mostly in North America and Europe but all of the way down along the Atlantic Rift.

Note that once the fracture was created, it would not have taken much additional cratering to cause the fracture to spread in the directions of the additional craters. It would be similar to breaking a glass pane.

BTW, the pagan fairy tale that it was just one great big meteor that caused the extinction of dinosaurs isn't believed by most scientists, only mostly by the media and Hollywood. The truth is that it was a massive shower of many massive meteors that caused the death of everything we find buried in the geological strata.

If you look closely at the above picture, you will see the heaviest meteor cratering on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and Atlantic Rift running down the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, especially in North America and Europe, which would have caused the planet's axis to tilt, causing our current 4 seasons.

So, where did the planet expand to increase its size and where did the extra water come from and go to?

Most of the increase in size took place at the Atlantic Ocean with some around Antarctica and Australia, the extra water came up from those massive bodies of water they recently found deep in the Earth's crust, through the fracture created by the massive meteor impacts, and the newly formed Atlantic Ocean is where most of the increased water went when the continents drained.

It should be very obvious that the massive cratering happening almost all at once, that close together, cracked the Earth's crust causing that Atlantic Rift, which released pressure on the super heated water in those very deep chambers of water in the crust the geologists recently found, you know, "the fountains of the deep" mentioned in the Bible, which permitted the super heated water at that point to vaporize, increasing the pressure and causing the steam to jet up through the fracture into the upper atmosphere.

That water jetting up through the fracture would have caused massive erosion, which would have increased the size of the fracture, decreasing pressure on more of the water, increasing the amount of water jetting up into the sky, where that much water would quickly form clouds cutting off sun light, which would have quickly cooled the planet to dew point, which would have caused massive raining.

Also, that much water jetting into the sky would have quickly surpassed our atmosphere's saturation point for water vapor also causing massive precipitation on a global scale for the 40 days the Bible says, completely flooding the entire planet.

As the planet began to be covered with water, the increasing water pressure began to slow the steam coming up through the fracture until the water pressure was enough to stop the steam and start forming the sea bed by water quickly cooling upward lava flow in the fracture as the continents separated, welding a sea bed floor.

But, before the continents could drift apart, the crust along the Pacific Rim had to fracture so the continents could ride up on and over the Pacific Ocean floor creating what we call the Pacific Ring of Fire. This would have permitted the massive pressure at the Atlantic Rift to push the continents apart until the pressure was relieved enough for the continents to stop being pushed apart so a floor could be welded across the Atlantic Sea Floor. This also gave the waters on the continents a place to drain to permitting the continents to once again rise above the waters.

It is also possible and even probable that the water deep in the crust and just beneath the Atlantic fracture drained enough to finally decrease the pressure enough for the surface waters to slow the steam jets down.

Note that, except for right over the rift, the current Atlantic sea bed is relatively flat and deep, indicating that, at first, the continents separated quickly causing the lava to weld the floor deeper and thinner until the continents stopped moving apart and then the lava flow built up more vertically in the middle, creating the mountain ridge that runs the length of the Atlantic Ocean. That floor was clearly not built gradually over bazillions of years or the floor depth would be much more uniform across the Atlantic Ocean.

Most of that floor was built within the last few months of the flood with the mountain ridge being built over the last 4,400 years, which means the continents separated quickly causing the extra water on Earth to quickly drain off of the continents into the Atlantic Ocean creating all sorts of massive erosion we see today like the Grand Canyon and our major rivers flowing into the Atlantic Ocean, you know, causing a rapid decrease in the global flood just like the Bible says. Gee, what a coincidence.

Also, meteors continuing to strike the Earth's surface during the first part of the Flood would have caused the mud slides that created the different strata, burying plants and animals. This would also explain why there are so many soft tissue fossils, which require the plants and animals had to be buried quickly.

It would also help explain why so much sea life was found in strata on the continents because meteors striking the sea would have caused massive tsunamis, which would have washed sea life onto and across the continents.

Please note that the bible tells us that Noah built his ark in today's Syria/Iraq, which was over the horizon from the worst of the meteor storm, which would have protected them from the worst of the blasts caused by the meteor strikes.

Have you noticed that there are a lot of coincidences between science and the Bible and none between science and evolution, which is why they have to keep rewriting the evolution fairy tale but that no one has had to rewrite the Bible to keep up with what we learn in science?

As a matter of fact, the more we learn from science, the better science works with the Bible. Gee, what a coincidence.

Gee, I wonder which is reality and which is the real fanatical religion?

So, the evidence and science say that the Biblical global Flood really did happen, just like the tales of a global flood by ancient societies also tell us. It happened 4,400 years ago and debris from the exploded planet has continued to occasionally strike our planet around the world creating more craters along with also cratering the other faces of the moon.

That definitely sounds more reasonable and probable than dancing continents and the other fairy tales evolutionists keep dreaming up and keep being disproved by science and it explains an awful lot that we see today.

And all of that science and evidence was hidden in plain open sight, which really blows my mind...but, it gets better.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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