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The media, and I hope not Trump, are making a big deal about Trump possibly not being invited to the Royal Wedding, you know, being "snubbed by the royals".

"Oh, horror of horrors, Trump is being snubbed by the royals!"


I'm not invited and ask me if I care. All it is doing to make such a big deal about the pirates...uh...I mean royalty having a wedding is you saying they are very important, more important than they should be. It is you, not only condoning, but supporting royalty and monarchies.

Listen, people, I have studied enough history to know that every royal is in power because they and/or their ancestors stole, lied, and murdered their way into power and got away with the crimes they committed AND many of them are still committing those crimes.

Listen, the Royals got everything they have by stealing, enslaving, and murdering. They earned very little if any of it.

Do you still believe it is just a coincidence that, when the royals were losing control of their slaves or people, their upper class trash academe (who were also royal family) dreamed up Communism/Marxism to get people to willfully submit themselves to the absolute control of government, you know, THEM?

And I am going to worship that? Why? What, they are more wonderful than us because they are better criminals than us?

Wow, what an achievement, they can steal more money in less time than you can. I am so impressed...NOT!

I wish they would invite me to the wedding so I could turn it down. Big deal, the world's biggest crime family is having a wedding.

BTW, you don't think this wedding is just another distraction to keep you from paying attention to the crimes the upper class trash are committing against you, do you?

And God said, "Be not a respecter of persons."

The only wedding I look forward to is God's wedding described in the book of Revelation, you know, with us. That is the one wedding I want to be at and would feel terrible about not being invited to, really terrible...forever.

Now, I do understand the political significance of being invited to this wedding, if you are a world leader. By getting an invitation, they are saying you are considered to be one of them, which speaks poorly of them when they invite a criminal like Obama, whether they invite Trump or not. Therefore, I will consider it a complement if they don't invite Trump because it will be them telling me that Trump doesn't belong to their criminal organization. So, please don't invite Trump, especially since you have already invited Obama.

BTW, have you noticed that the lefties are saying that Trump is going to cause a nuke war by standing up to North Korea and China? I guess they think he should cower to aggressive nations the way Chamberlain did? It isn't that they have not learned anything from history, it is that the lefties are commie traitors and how dare Trump stand up to their commie pals?


Remember that I told you that Germany is playing nice with Russia and getting ready to bail on the EU because they can see the EU is failing?

Years ago, I told you that, if either Britain or Germany bailed on the EU, the other would have to bail because they were both supporting the parasite nations and either one of them couldn't support the parasite nations by themselves.

I recently reported that Germany shafted the EU by accepting a gas pipeline from Russia making Germany more dependent on Russia...and less dependent on the EU.

Now, German automobile manufacturer, Mercedes, is opening a number of plants to build cars in Russia and not in the EU. Oops.

Did I see some writing on the wall there?

Germany's Merkel has just said that the EU and globalist plans for world domination are failing because of Trump and his supporters.

See, there is good news.

You have to understand that both Britain and Germany were paying more into the EU than they were getting out of it and France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, and a few others were all getting more from the EU than they were paying into it because of their corrupt governments spending much more than their tax base, which caused so much debt for each of those parasite nations that the EU had to annually bail these countries out to prevent the EU from imploding.

Nothing like having to prop up a bunch of parasites to succeed. You know that won't end well.

Therefore, all of these parasite countries were sucking the life blood out of Germany and Britain but Germany was much happier with this arrangement than Britain because it gave Germany leverage and power over the parasite countries, which the corrupt German government really liked.

The British people became enraged over them bleeding a lot of money to keep the parasite countries solvent and voted to leave the EU ending their bleeding money into the EU to keep the parasite countries solvent, which is why the EU is trying to negotiate for Britain to pay a huge "fine" for leaving the EU to keep the EU solvent until they can come up with some other way to replace the money the EU is losing because of Britain leaving the EU.

Now the task has fallen on Germany to keep all of those EU parasite countries solvent to prevent the EU from imploding and there is no way she can do that very long before those parasite nations take her down with them so it is increasingly obvious Germany is heading for the EU life boats and Merkel just admitted it.

This also explains why Britain's economy is now booming. She ain't bleeding all of that money out of her country to keep the parasite nations solvent and the money is staying in Britain, driving their economy.

Gee, who would have thought?

Not the Marxist parasites.

What will happen to the socialist parasite nations?

They have a wee bit of a problem. Their socialism failed a long time ago when they got their voters addicted to voting for free government money and stuff to the point their economy cannot support such spending, which is why those nations had to start sucking the money out of Britain and Germany to appease their lazy socialist/commie voters and keep them from rioting in the streets the way they recently did in Greece because they refuse to accept the reality that their nations have run out of money and the people will have to get jobs.

But, will those people get jobs? Of course not.

So, what do you think is going to happen when those nations can no longer live off of the money from Britain and Germany?

Let me give you a little hint. Their spoiled rotten commie brat voters will riot in the streets, you know, like in Greece, they will march on the castle, they will kill their corrupt commie leaders, and they will probably end up as very poor third world countries, especially with the millions of third world people who have immigrated to their nations fighting them for what little will be left. We are talking about severe economic super depression. It ain't going to be pretty, baby.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." People, stealing from others, even by abusing the power of government to steal from others, is a sin. "Thou shalt not steal", PERIOD!

BTW, after Germany finishes bailing out of the EU, the smaller nations will have to bail out of the EU to save their own butts and may end up joining forces to fight the parasites when those lefty commie parasites realize there isn't anything left in their own nations to steal, refuse to get jobs, and invade their neighbors to steal from their neighbors. You can bet that is going to happen because history and human nature say it will happen. You are about to find out just how nasty the Vikings really were.

In other words, you are right now watching the failure of Marxism throughout Europe. As with the Soviet Union and Communist China, it took a while but Marxism has failed everywhere. It is just like I have told you, Marxism cannot succeed because it is extremely flawed and will always eventually fail, some places faster than others.

Therefore, teaching Marxism in a positive manner or in any way promoting Marxism under any name should be considered an act of treason because it has destroyed so many nations. Marxism has been the most destructive force on this planet in more than 200 years, probably longer. Only Islam can compete with the destructiveness Marxism, you know, that religion of peace thingy Marxism has crawled in bed with.

Geeze, is that a super duper nightmare or what? The two most destructive forces in the last 1,400 years united as one destructive force?

Nuke Subs

I keep seeing a lot of hype in the media and on the Internet about the great, magnificent stealthy subs of China and Russia. Tada! "Beware the super duper killing machines of Russia and China!!!"

You know, I think I am getting better at sarcasm. The more angry I get at these corrupt murdering jerks, the better I get.

Remember that I told you that, while I was in SAC during the Cold War and Vietnam, we were taught that we always knew where every Ruskie nuke sub was and also taught how, if we did lose a Ruskie nuke sub for two weeks or more, we could easily find it within a maximum of one hour, usually less?

China sent one of its invincible and undetectable super duper nuke subs to the Japanese Senkaku Islands and, from the time it got 24 miles from the islands, it was tracked and followed by a Japanese destroyer for two days before the sub finally gave up and surfaced because it was kind of obvious the Japanese knew exactly where the sub was and could have destroyed the sub at any moment.

Yep, just like I told you, we still know where all of their subs are all of the time and I have a pretty good idea of just how we know. Suffice it to say, it is a combination of systems.

Don't you just love the way I keep destroying all of this scare hype about how the enemies weapons are so superior to our weapons?

Sleep well, as long as we don't have a traitor in office, you know, traitor-in-chief, you should be safe...well, except for the thugs the lefties protect and let run loose in your town. Them, you need to be concerned about.


I want to further explain the extreme complexity of the swamp Trump is fighting and doing surprisingly well against but he still has a huge way to go. You have to understand that Trump is not fighting this fight alone but has put together a very professional staff of people, each of whom have a professional staff of people who are all helping him systematically wage war against these criminals.

I have studied this problem for half a century and God has put me in many places behind closed doors to see many things about how corrupt and extensive this criminal organization is that most people will never see. God is now increasingly showing you more of what He showed me a quarter to half a century ago to open eyes as to just how bad this thing really is, which is why only God can clean up this mess.

I stood in a hallway with people walking by us by the dozens and watched about 15 to 20 top politicians discuss committing a crime right in front of at least two "investigative" journalists who were clearly in on the corruption. They didn't know me and had no concern about me being there.

Believe me, they are so open about their corruption that, if the law every really did try to investigate it, it wouldn't take more than a few weeks to put most of them in jail.

I was there to make a presentation on a project that would have made that state a lot of money and then intentionally did a very bad presentation to discourage them from funding the project because I quickly realized they would fund my project, let me do the start up while I was training some of their corrupt people, and then push me out of their way so they could corrupt the project and I refused to be part of that corruption for any amount of money. My soul is not for sale because Jesus already owns it. It was an opportunity to make a lot of money, baby, but I have to be able to look at the man in the mirror in the morning and say, "that is a good man", without lying about it. There are more important things than money.

I have been telling you for years that the only way to permanently stop these vile pagan criminals is to kill them or execute them for their crimes and I want to show you more of why that is true. For my example, I will use evil George Soros.

Let's say you arrest him and start to try him for his crimes. The first thing that will happen is that George will bribe the DA and judge handling his case to dismiss the case. If that fails, he will try to murder and replace the DA and judge with someone he can bribe. If that fails, he will bribe others to appeal the case and bribe those judges. If that fails, he will try to murder and replace those judges. If that fails, the left has corrupted the penal system so that he will still be able to operate from within the prison and, believe me, he will still live a life of luxury even behind bars. If that fails because you put him in absolutely complete isolation, he will bribe the guards and, if that fails, he will bribe the warden to replace those guards with guards he can bribe and, if that fails, he will bribe someone else to replace that warden with a warden he can bribe and on and on and on until George gets out of prison and goes back to work.

Because of this, when you arrest someone like Soros or the Clintons, you MUST seize ABSOLUTELY ALL of their wealth BUT they have huge amounts of their wealth hidden away in "off shore accounts" they will still be able to use to bribe people. Their money is a big part of their power and you have to take that power away from them, all of their power BUT their money isn't all of their power.

But, let's say you get Soros completely impoverished and in absolutely complete prison isolation to where he can personally do nothing, which, just that, will be a monumental task. The man is part of a global criminal organization that will work from the outside to bribe and murder people to get Soros out of prison. His children are a big part of that criminal organization, his grandchildren are a big part of that criminal organization, and the rest of his friends and family are a big part of that criminal organization and they will work from outside the prison to get Soros out so he can get back to working for their criminal organization.

You see, their criminal organization is so massive globally that to keep Soros alive and stop his criminal activity, you will have to kill at least a few million people globally. Therefore, the only reasonable and logical way to stop devouring brutes beasts like Soros and the rest of them is to execute them for their crimes because NO ONE is going to get him out of a pine box 6 feet under the ground. You have to kill these criminals to stop them. There is no other way.

A really great example here is Napoleon Bonaparte, who was arrested and placed in isolation on a Mediterranean island, completely out of touch with his criminal machine. Completely on their own, that machine rescued Napoleon from the island, put him back in power, and Napoleon went right back to work waging war against Europe until he was finally defeated again, put back in isolation, and the leaders of his machine were killed.

Then you have to understand that Soros is only one of millions of corrupt members of the upper class trash globally and that doesn't include their puppets and minions, which number in the tens of millions. Their criminal organization is MASSIVE and most of them are spread around the world in other countries where you cannot touch them because they are out of your government's jurisdiction.

You see, God is now showing you that the upper class trash have infiltrated and seized control of almost all of your governments including the politicians, judges, attorneys, law enforcement, bureaucrats, media, Hollywood, educational systems, including primary and secondary education, and every other key aspect of your government, culture, and society so that they now have almost complete control of everything.

You have to understand that, after God kills most of the top people in this criminal organization and 83.3% or their troops (the Bible says 5 out of 6 will die or 83.3%), what is left of this global criminal organization, which is mostly Euro-American upper class trash, will be the iron that is already mixed with the Muslim clay of the feet in Nebuchadnezzar's dream about the figure, they will move to the Middle East that is still under Muslim control after Israel takes most of the Middle East following that war, they will form the Muslim Caliphate, they will rebuild Babylon as their global capital, they will quickly build their new economy, and they will build the army which will be required to conquer the world...just like the Bible says they will.

In other words, according to Bible prophesy, even after most of them have been killed, they will just regroup in the Middle East, reorganize, and start over again just like I have been telling you. The ONLY thing that can stop evil people is death.

That is how bad and massive this problem is and that is why God will cast these criminals into the Lake of Fire FOREVER. God knows that will be the only way to permanently stop those evil people.

Get the picture yet?

BTW, Hitler was just a puppet working for the upper class trash and, after he failed, that upper class trash stayed behind their closed doors and began working on developing all of this garbage going on today with former SS Nazi, George Soros, being only one of many.

Decades ago, I read from a number of different sources how that Nazi upper class trash puppet masters had regrouped, reorganized, and started over quietly behind closed doors and I have been watching them systematically build this empire for 50 years. At first, I thought they were limited to working just in Germany but then I saw that they had infiltrated all of the Western nations and began working with everyone else's upper class trash systematically taking over all of our nations.

You need to know that these are the same people who helped Hitler murder 6 million Hebrews and about 6 million Christians and now plan on murdering more than 8 billion people globally. I watched these evil people work with and help Stalin murder tens of millions of people, Mao murder tens of millions of people, North Korea murder millions of people, Pol Pot murder millions of people, Castro and Che Guevara murder thousands of people, and many more. These upper class trash are extremely evil people and they have no good intentions for mankind, they never have and they never will.

For example, there was a man I read about in the 1960s and 1970s, Armand Hammer, who was considered the richest, most powerful man in the world who was friends with the Soviet Union when the Soviet leaders were butchering tens of millions of people.

Don't believe me?

I got this from Wikipedia:

"Armand Hammer (May 21, 1898[1] – December 10, 1990) was an American business manager and owner, most closely associated with Occidental Petroleum, a company he ran from 1957[2] until his death, though he was known as well for his art collection, his philanthropy, and for his close ties to the Soviet Union."

The only thing that will stop them is for all of them to die. They have proved that time and again for thousands of years and increasing numbers of people are finally beginning to realize that.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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