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First, the doctor returning from Africa, where he was working with Ebola patients, was grossly mishandled and criminal negligence. Without knowing whether he was infected, they permitted him to travel around for days, some times using mass transit, without checking to see whether he was infected. The feds and the state of New York should have a system in place which would require all healthcare providers having worked with Ebola patients to be quarantined until it is proven they are not infected. This is what happens when you let stupid people run things.

Then liberal governor Cuomo comes out and says that New York is "seriously" ready to handle Ebola? Really? Didn't they just blow their first case by exposing more than 100 people through criminal negligence?

Then I read that two NYPD officers were caught disposing of their masks and rubber gloves in a public trash can on the sidewalk after leaving an Ebola patient's apartment. Oh yeah, Cuomo really has his act together. Maybe he should appoint a slick attorney as the city Ebola Czar before the city gets sued?

Have you figured out yet why Obama named a slick attorney as Ebola Czar? It is because they are going to get sued for their criminal negligence, while Obama continues to do fund raisers.

BTW, Mali, Africa just got their first Ebola case. It is everywhere and spreading fast.

Canadian Terrorism

Canada is mostly liberal and most of them have been placating, harboring, and other wise aiding Muslim terrorists in the vain hope this will cause the terrorists to leave Canada alone.

Two Canadian soldiers got run down, one killed, by a Muslim terrorist in a car and a Muslim terrorist went on a shooting rampage in their liberal parliament while their courageous PM hid in a closet. I guess the PM figured he was too irreplaceable for Canada to risk him being killed. I saw a headline which stated that Canadians are trying to "understand the Parliament shooting".

Gee, it couldn't be because the Koran tells the Muslims to kill all non Muslims, could it?

If you drink the liberal Kool-Aid, you will have trouble understanding the real world.


A Pew Poll showed that 32% of voters consider this election for Congress to be a vote against Obama. Then Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont said in an interview that "some" don't ever want to see another black president. Ambassador Alan Keyes is pushing for Obama to be impeached.

Yep, they are turning everyone against the "incompetent, stupid, and lazy black man", Obama. Yes, Obama is partly responsible but I don't think he should get more credit than he deserves. Get the picture?


I read that the number of people filing for unemployment increased.

Hold it, here we are just before the midterm elections and the holiday season when there should be increased hiring by both political parties and stores and the number of people losing their jobs increased? Just how bad is this economy?

Oh yeah, what economy? You mean that economic black hole we hear sucking everything into it? And Obama and Michelle call this a robust and booming economy? I would hate to see what they consider a recession.

Cell Changes

I just saw where scientists have caused skin tissue to turn into brain tissue. That should work well for liberals because their skin is definitely more intelligent than their brains.

Muslims Purging White Crackers

This should be an "I Told You So" essay. There is a big stink about a former black professor having said a few years ago that blacks should exterminate white people globally and the head of the Black Panthers refusing to say on TV he is against exterminating white people. The white lefties are finally showing the black bigotry of the black Muslims.

Why now and not years ago before Obama was elected? Could it be they have set up the black people by getting Obama elected and him helping destroy the US and then the media not reporting on black-on-white attacks, encouraging those attacks? Now, are they turning on the blacks the way I told you they would to get you to turn on and want to exterminate all blacks? Is this the upper class trash white crackers showing they know the black Muslims plan to purge the white crackers and trying to beat the black Muslims to the punch by exposing the black Muslim agenda just before they convince the people to purge all blacks, you know, just like I told you?

Mean while, I am reading that increasing numbers of blacks are turning on the white crackers and Democratic Party. Gee, how is that utopia thing going? Eyes are opening. Keep an eye on this.

I am still looking for my own planet. I want a perfect planet like God created before we screwed it all up.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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