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A second female aid of Hillary's has opened up about Hillary not firing a young man who is alleged to have sexually harassed a female member of her staff. Recently a third former aid, a male, has come out saying the ugly truth about her.

This is very clearly Hillary being crammed, jammed, and otherwise forced under the bus but she refuses to get the hint and go away. They are trying to tell her to crawl off into a corner somewhere and find something shiny to play with.

If she doesn't listen, they will eventually kill her and I think she is running out of time.


Good old Marxism is hard at work in Commiefornia. They now have over 100,000 homeless people in Commiefornia, which is about 25% of the homeless people nationally. The left is handling this by normalizing homelessness and pandering to just letting people remain homeless. Increasingly, Commiefornia is looking just like a third world crap hole with homeless tents and make shift shelters and trashy streets.

Their corrupt political leaders are even starting their own "carbon tax" to steal more money faster from the people. Their corrupt leaders just can't steal enough fast enough from enough people.

I just don't see how Commiefornia can last much longer without a complete socioeconomic collapse. Just about everything is going wrong in Commiefornia and the longer they slither with Satan, the worse it gets. Yeah, good old paganism hard at working destroying everything good.

Global Warming

It is obvious that the carbon tax the upper class trash want to force on every, which even they admit won't solve any problems, is so the upper class trash can steal more faster.

But, there is another devious little reason for this global warming or now "weather change" con, which is so the major international corporations can move their businesses to third world countries, where they will be able to avoid those carbon taxes to increase their profits while eliminating competition that stays in the developed countries by the carbon tax increasing those other companies overhead and prices to make them less competitive.

It is called crony capitalism and it is purely to gain an unfair advantage against smaller competition that can't move to third world countries to avoid paying the carbon tax.


You know this burns a lot of butts and sends a real message to jerks. The Kurdish Peshmerga were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

That burns the butts of Obama and his administration, the CIA, and Iraq and sends a message to Turkey.

Gee, I wonder who made that nomination, you don't think it was someone in the Trump administration, do you?

Sexual Harassment

It has gotten so bad that all a woman has to do is say a man assaulted her and he is automatically fired. No trial is even required so they are now denying men their Constitutional right to due process.

When someone accuses you of something, especially if it is a false accusation and other people start demanding that you be punished without a fair trial, you should always litigate against those people who are demanding you be punished without a fair trial because they are denying you of your constitutional right to due process or a fair trial.

So, why are the lefties not litigating for others denying them their Constitutional rights?

1) They are probably guilty and don't want a fair trial, 2) they know they are being purged, and 3) the Commiecrat Party is a communist dictatorship and you don't dare go against the wishes of the core group who get to decide when you succeed or get crammed under the bus, after all, you don't want to commit suicide and the core might change their minds and let you succeed again.

Just sit and watch and you will see that the Commiecrat Party is a communist dictatorship which dictates to all of its members on fear of death whether they will succeed or their lives will become a living hell. Hillary and Billy Boy are not the only ones in the party murdering people. They are just part of a system that murders people to get what the core wants and, until now, that core has been murdering people to protect Hillary and Billy Boy.

The Commiecrat Party is clearly a commie dictatorship in which non of their members have any Constitutional rights to protect them from their corrupt party government but promises them free stuff and success at whatever they want to do so the people sell their souls to Satan and slighter with the party.

There is no free speech, no due process, or any of the other Constitutional rights free people have. When I watched the recent presidential state of the union speech, I kept seeing commies who wanted to stand or clap but couldn't because the Commiecrat dictatorship wouldn't let them. The Commiecrats are not free people because they have sold themselves into slavery for "free stuff".

That stuff ain't very free, is it?

What you are seeing in the Commiecrat Party is what we will get if those power mad whackos can seize complete control of the US government and set up their beloved commie dictatorship.

BTW, I am watching increasing numbers of rich and even famous lefties committing suicide and having accidents at very young ages.

Now, do you understand why the lefties don't fight back when they get stiffed by the Commiecrat elites and their glorious commie dictatorship?

It ain't healthy, baby.


I got this from Breitbart by Lucas Nolan:

"According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, users spent 50 million fewer hours per day on the website last quarter. He claims it is a result of changes that will make Facebook 'stronger over the long term'

Time reports that following Facebook's update to their newsfeed system, Mark Zuckerberg states that users spent 50 million fewer hours per day on the platform last quarter. In a post to Facebook, Zuckerberg said "Our focus in 2018 is making sure Facebook isn't just fun, but also good for people's well-being and for society," he continued, 'We're doing this by encouraging meaningful connections between people rather than passive consumption of content. Already last quarter, we made changes to show fewer viral videos to make sure people's time is well spent.'"

Wow, Zuckerberg can lie, can't he? Gee, you don't think Zuckerberg is telling a whopper to put a spin on a bad thing to keep from getting fired for chasing off business by censoring conservatives, do you?

Hey, I know, let's do the math. You know I like math.

FB is a public corporation that gets a significant part of its income from advertising based on views per customer. The longer FB members are on FB, the more views they will make and the more money FB will make.

Let's be extremely conservative just to get an idea of how much money Zuckerberg censoring conservatives is costing FB. Let's conservatively say that FB gets $10 per view, which is very, very low, and that the average customer only makes one view per hour, which means that Zuckerberg is costing FB $10 per customer viewing hour by censoring conservatives or $500 million dollars per day, which would be $182.5 billion per year in revenues.

Yeah, that sounds like a good thing for FB's share holders. You just know the share holders will love that.

Do you understand why Zuckerberg is lying his butt off? Just how long do you think Zuckerberg can cause FB to bleed that kind of money and keep his job? The next share holder meeting?

It is like I told you that ALL lefty run media eventually end up going down the toilet by censoring the truth because most conservatives will always go where they can find the truth. I know that I am spending less time on FB because there is much less worth reading.

BTW, Zuckerberg can be prosecuted for damaging his publically held company for political reasons because it costs his share holders money. This protection for share holders is written in federal laws.

With it being official that FB is bleeding customers, I am waiting for some enterprising people to grab for market share. Every time someone gets arrogant and starts treating their customers like crap or giving them the short end of the deal, someone else ALWAYS comes along and steals market share causing the former business to decline.

So, who do you think will steal market share from FB and get Zuckerberg fired? It could be one major company or lots of little companies but it will happen because stupid Zuckerberg just opened the door for competition to steal market share from FB.

Remember what I have been telling you about having more money not meaning you are more intelligent?

This has been very common in business and it is amazing that very few wealthy people learn this lesson and work to prevent it from happening. Just think how brilliant Zuckerberg will look when they can his butt for being so stupid.

Zuckerberg is just another spoiled rich kid who was in the right place at the right time doing the right thing to get rich and then got arrogant and stupid. This happens all of the time to the rich. Most of them never learn.

Note that the upper class trash stock brokerage companies promise companies greatly increased wealth, if they go public but the real reason they want your company to go public is so they can seize control of your company and YOU. Zuck is owned, baby, and he better do what he is told or he will commit suicide.


It is becoming increasingly obvious that what Trump is doing with this amnesty thing is Trump is playing poker with the stupid lefties, he just called their bluff and the lefties folded, big time, and have showed their hand to everyone.

Trump knew the left wouldn't take his offer and he even made the offer better and the left still refused. Now even more people know the left is lying to them and the left can't be trusted.

Suggestion: Don't play poker with Trump.

Christian Testimony X2

I share these Christian testimonies with you to share the things God has taught me by plunging my body into near death and my finances into poverty. That way, hopefully you won't have to travel down this road to see the scenery.

I used to be a marathon athlete who enjoyed riding a bicycle through hard mountains for 100 to 175 miles in one ride and really hammered but I have not been able to ride a bike even one block for years because of my illness. You really do appreciate things most when you no longer have them to enjoy.

A few weeks ago, my daughter and her to kids invited me to go with them to a small parking lot to sit and watch while she taught them how to ride some really cheap bikes she had bought them. After a while, she was having trouble trying to figure out what was wrong with her son's gears because he couldn't get a gear that was comfortable to ride in and I realized I would have to take a short ride to figure out his gear problem.

Note that I thought about making this move for a while before deciding to do it because I realized there was no other way. I didn't want to look really stupid just falling off of a kid's bike because of my illness.

I only rode a little less than two city blocks and just fast enough the bike would stabilize just enough so I could shift the gears to figure out what the problem was with the gears but the feel of just riding a bike again was absolutely fantastic. Afterwards, I was trash from the physical effort but it was euphoric at the same time.

It was God letting me enjoy the pleasure of riding a bike just a tiny bit and letting me know that I am still far to sick to ride one even a city block without my health getting worse.

BTW, his gear problem is that it is a cheap bike and his gears will never work right. I put his gears in a gear where he would be most comfortable and then, as soon as he got on his bike, he shifted them again and couldn't find the comfortable gear again. You know how it is with kids.

I just got the biggest pay raise I have had in one year this January since Obama was elected but still only make $676 per month from Social Security plus less than $70 per month in food stamps because my Social Security is so low. The government employees literally told me that me making so little when illegal aliens and young people who never worked and paid taxes automatically got $1,500+ a month was because the government was punishing me because I DARED to work and try to take care of myself instead of just becoming a Welfare voter slave. That is literally what they told me.

When I first got into this mess because of my health and God was just starting to teach me to depend on Him instead of on myself, I used my MBA to try to manage my finances and survive. I used my marketing knowledge and every trick I knew to increase income and decrease costs but I couldn't control my income and things kept happening that kept costing me more and more money, like water line breaks. The harder I tried, the worse things got.

Finally, after about 5 or 6 years (OK, some of us are slow learners), in desperation and complete frustration, I just gave up and told God, "I give up, you take care of it." Since then, I have always had just enough just in time plus a little to splurge with every now and then, you know, go out for a burger.

A few days ago, I figured out my check book for the month of January and out of that $676 a month, God has saved me more than $160 in just one month without me making a budget. He saved me almost a quarter of my income on such little money, which is really huge.

All I do is once a week I put together a shopping list to get what I need at the store and just leave it to God. I don't even balance my check book until the end of the month to see how much God saved me that month. I trust 100% in God to take care of me.

It is like I have told you, if you want to appreciate the little things in life, only have a little in life and not a lot. The old monks had it right in taking a vow of chastity and poverty because that is how you get closest to God but not all monks were good people, in spite of this. Poverty and bad health will bring you closer to God than almost anything else, which is why God punishes us when we turn our backs on Him to bring us back to Him. When things get bad, most people go looking for help.

God prefers that we live in poverty and bad heath and walk with him than for us to have everything great for a few years and slither with Satan and, if you think having everything great for a few years is a good thing, just look at how Satan is currently dumping his slitherers.

Satan has no loyalty to you people, he just uses you and dumps you. Throughout history, Satan has dumped everyone he has used.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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