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Fidel Castro's oldest son, Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart, just committed suicide or, as we say in reality, was murdered by Raul Castro, you know, Fidel Castro's brother, so Raul's kids could seize control of the Cuban government uncontested by Fidel Castro Diaz-Balart.

Yeah, that commie stuff working to murder everyone so that no one is really safe in a communist dictatorship, not even the power mad whacko leaders.

North Korea

I have been watching and wondering, "Is the US failing at intercepting missiles in practice Trump trying to get Kimmy Boys confidence up so Kimmy Boy will take a shot at the US with a nuke missile and Trump can use that as an excuse to destroy Kimmy Boy?"

I know those missiles work better than that because they worked much better than that 50 years ago and they have not made any improvements in the last 50 years?


What Trump is doing is causing the Commiecrats to get desperate and do desperate things, which will show the truth about the Commiecrats even more.

For example, the released memo didn't have anything on most of the people who threw the biggest fits, got the most desperate and panicked about Trump releasing the memo. I know, I read it.

What the memo did show is that the upper level people in the FBI and DOJ colluded with other criminals to commit a series of crimes and they should all be prosecuted.

Which should that tell you what?

They know that there should have been much more in that memo that should have put them in jail for life or on a gallows.

Which should tell you what?

Most of what should have been in that memo had been edited out or has not been released yet and these people know they are terrible criminals.

Is Trump keeping that info close to his chest to have control over these criminals and to force them to cooperate when they should all go to prison or will that intel be in the next memo that is already planned for release? Maybe those panicked criminals are not out of the woods yet?

Just remember who threw the fits and don't vote for or support them again. They all told you that they are criminals; they confessed with their frantic, panicked behavior to the crimes they know they have been committing. They all KNOW they belong in prison or on a gallows just like I have been telling you for years.

Innocent people don't behave that way when the truth about them is about to be made public. If they had not been committing crimes, they wouldn't panic when the truth is being made known about them. Hey, you can tell the truth about me all you want and I will even help you.

What else should all of this tell you?

That these people know the top FBI and DOJ officials know about their crimes and have been keeping it secret or covering up for their criminal activities instead of doing their jobs and arresting and prosecuting these people. The behavior of these upper class trash criminals was a confession to their gilt as criminals.

Which should tell you what?

That the top officials in the FBI and DOJ are complicit in the upper class trash crimes and they all belong in jail, just like I have been telling you for years. They all confessed to this with their panicked and frantic behavior about the memo before it was released.

It is just like God told me in dreams years ago, the top 20% of the government bureaucrats are criminals and involved in the upper class trash crimes but the rest are good people being held back from doing their jobs by the top 20%.

Do you see just how massive this mess is? Do you understand why only God can clean up this mess? Did you notice that these criminals didn't get upset at the other politicians and bureaucrats reading the memo? Why?

Because they all know about the crimes and almost all of the upper level politicians and bureaucrats are involved in those crimes. Their criminal activities are so open between themselves that everyone knows about their crimes and, if the FBI and DOJ would do their jobs, they could put all of them in prison right now but it is like I have been telling you, the corrupt lefties have infiltrated and taken over almost EVERY aspect of our government including law enforcement and the judicial system.

There are almost NO active checks and balances left in our government system right now. The US Constitution and laws are almost dead with the upper class trash and lefties clearly being above the law. Their behavior in relation to the potential release of this memo proved that.

Even with all that Trump has succeeded at, there is much, much more to clean up and more that he has not been able to succeed at. Trump has done an incredible job but the left has an incredible head start on Trump.

The old saying that "actions speak louder than words" is very true and the left just SCREAMED at us their guilt with their actions. Almost all of them should hang for treason because they are destroying our nation and their behavior proved that.

BTW, everyone who has been and still is involved in trying to cover up for these crimes by the FBI and DOJ has committed or is committing the same crime Nixon was forced out of office for, which is covering up a crime. They are all guilty of this crime and should all be prosecuted for the crime, which is a federal felony.

Eyes are now opening quickly and in larger numbers. God is showing you just how corrupt the left has made our government. When enough of you get mad enough and turn to God, that is when the real clean up starts.

So pray long, pray hard, pray often. Pray for EVERYONE's eyes to be opened by God very soon. Pray for national revival. It is time for God to take out the upper class trash.

BTW, by exposing the corruption of the FBI and DOJ, Trump has just turned the table to where he can now justify firing Robert Mueller and end the witch hunt being used to tie up Trump's time and resources in cleaning up the lefty mess. This is another reason the lefties are so terribly upset, they don't want their witch hunt against Trump to stop.

There will probably be a public investigation, removals of bad agents, and prosecutions of at least some of the more prominent people involved. This thing is just getting started with it being promised that much more intel will soon be made public.


Putin is using Russia's experiences in Syria to improve their weapons and develop new weapons. This man is very intelligent and has learned from the US.

Keep an eye on him.


They just released a 3D map of some Mayan ruins hidden beneath the Central American jungle they found with satellite imaging.

Which should tell you what?

1) The US military has much better technology for finding things and people in forests and jungles and 2) you can't hide from them.

If the upper class trash completely takes over our governments and this technology, you won't be able to hide from them for very long anywhere on this planet. Your only hope is to organize with other fighters and stand and fight before it is too late.

"But," you say, "why can't they find terrorists that easily?"

They can but the upper class trash have been keeping the military from taking those terrorists out.

Proof for this?

Trump just gave his military officers in Afghanistan permission to take out Taliban terrorists in Pakistan they know are there because Obama and Bush were holding our military back and keeping them from taking those terrorists out. They know where the terrorists are but the corrupt upper class trash have been preventing the military from taking those terrorists out.

Know that the upper class trash won't hold back their military, you know, their CNSF, from taking you preppers out. The upper class trash will use that technology to send their military after you.

Reader Response

Mark sent me the following about my essay on the Red Sea I want to share with you:

"I cannot understand why a Hebrew scholar would say the Red Sea is mixed up with the Reed Sea. Why? Here are the Hebrew words for red and reed:

Reed: qaneh

There are several Hebrew words for red; this is the word red that is used for the Red Sea: suph.

Red and Reed are not even close in Hebrew."

Note that I couldn't get the Hebrew letters to paste into my Coffeecup web building program, only the English words for how to pronounce the Hebrew words. Also note that I cannot read Hebrew and couldn't tell this but Mark can read Hebrew, Greek, and English.

So the Hebrews who have been telling us that, in Hebrew, Red and Reed are the same, have clearly been lying to us. That is just one more very important reason why, when someone starts talking to you about the Hebrews having crossed the Reed Sea instead of the Red Sea, you should just turn around and walk away. They are lying to you.

Note that I have heard this lie about reed and red being the same in Hebrew from different Hebrew rabbis and it turns out to be a lie.

Now, we all know the truth and we KNOW that the Hebrews crossed the Red Sea. There is absolutely no doubt about that.

Thanks, Mark.

Mark also said, "Super job on showing how far superior to humans Yahweh is. I may use that the next time I have to give a talk at church, if that is acceptable to you."

Of course it is alright with me. I write this site to share what Yahweh has taught me and so you can share it with others. Just give credit where credit is due.

Concerning what I said about today's Commiecrat Party being a communist dictatorship where everyone answers to and must obey the upper class trash inner core, which became very obvious during Trump's State of the Union, Mark said, "I completely agree with you that the Democrat or Commiecrat Party is the home of communism in the USA. They are no longer simply socialist, but communist, which means a strong central party elite absolutely rules everyone outside the party elite.

Suckerberg (I deliberately misspelled it) has no business making sure my time is well-spent. He is a commie do-gooder busybody. What he is actually doing is preventing freedom of expression, especially conservative expression, at Facebook. I hope what happened to Myspace happens to him. The same is happening at YouTube and Twitter. With these leftists, and all leftists, it is not about the money, but the narrative. That is as long as the leftists are using other people's money.

I also spend much less time on FB.

Unfortunately when ZB gets canned he will have a multi-million dollar golden parachute."

You have to understand that these commie traitor upper class trash like Soros have burned trillions of dollars over the decades seizing control of the Western governments because they know that, when they get their commie dictatorship set up, they will be able to steal many times more than they have burned, and they can't keep burning money forever.

What Trump is doing is undoing what the commies did, which means those commies will have to burn at least billions more regaining the ground they are currently losing because of Trump plus many of the commie resources, like the lefty media, they have used up are not there anymore or are very much more limited resources than those resources were decades ago so they don't have the potential they had before.

The dwindling resources of the commies are putting the commies between a rock and a hard spot because, if they just quit, they will lose everything they have burned up and, if they don't quit, they may not have enough left to finish the job, especially with so many eyes having been opened. This is a big reason why the commies are so frantic and desperate about their evil globalist plans failing everywhere; they may have to completely back off to where they were decades ago, start building those resources again, and they try again, by which time, most of the upper class trash power mad whackos will probably be dead.

It is possible that the conservatives fighting back may be setting back the upper class trash plans 50 years or more, meaning it could take them at least another 50 years to get back to where they were a few years ago. Very clearly, they are not willing to wait that long to get their beloved commie dictatorship so expect a violent coup soon.

Concerning what I said about Trump playing the left, Mark said, "I agree. Trump is playing the left once again. They will never accept his offer and he will be able to show the public the left's true colors once again. Remember when Ehud Barak basically offered Arafat everything he demanded at Camp David in 2000 and Arafat turned he deal down? Bill Clinton was left holding the bag. Trump will leave the Left holding the bag."

Man plans, God laughs.

Trump realized the left was bluffing and called their bluff putting the left in a terribly bad spot, which is great for us and that is what Trump is continuing to do, call their bluff.

You see, if the left agrees to the amnesty Trump is offering, the illegal aliens won't have a reason to vote for the left but will have a reason to vote for the right so that Trump just stole the left's illegal alien votes by calling the left's bluff. If the left accepts Trump's amnesty deal, it will give the GOP more votes and, if the left doesn't accept the amnesty deal, it will cause the left to lose the illegal alien votes AND the illegal aliens not getting amnesty will clearly be the left's fault so there will be no way the illegal aliens will vote for the left. Checkmate.

Trump has put the left in a lose/lose situation with the illegal aliens by calling the left's bluff and stealing the illegal alien votes. Don't play poker with Trump.

Thanks for all of the input, Mark.


Turkey first started invading Syria to grab land under the guise of fighting ISIS, whom Turkey had been working with to steal oil and gas from Syria and Iraq but what really happened was that Turkey absorbed ISIS into their terrorist groups Turkey calls rebels, whom Turkey then used to "stop the (US backed) terrorist Kurds, who had been defeating ISIS, from setting up a Kurdish terrorist state" as a ruse to continue taking land from Syria.

Turkish backed ISIS...uh...I mean Turkish backed Al Quaeda...uh...I mean Turkish backed Al Nusra...uh...I mean the Turkish backed rebel group, yeah, that's the ticket, rebel group just used some form of SAM, probably shoulder fired "manpad", to shoot down ANOTHER Russian jet and murder the pilot.

Russia retaliated by staging a series of air attacks on the "rebels", killing more than 30 but me thinks Putin ain't finished retaliating yet.

Now Turkey is threatening to take the rest of Cyprus from Greece...which is also a member of NATO.

It appears that Erdogan is taking advantage of no one being willing to stop Turkey from stealing land, oil, and gas from Syria and Iraq via Muslim terrorist proxies to test the waters for taking more land from Cyprus, who, BTW, has oil and gas offshore.

Has Turkey gone rogue taking whatever land, oil, and gas they think they can get away with taking because they are a NATO member playing the West against Russia? How much longer will this con continue?

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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