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I got this from Newsmax by AP staff:

"President Donald Trump said in an interview published on Sunday that he was "not necessarily sure" Israel was seeking to reach a peace agreement with the Palestinians."

It is amazing just how much you can tell from one statement. This very clearly tells me that Trump is believing this crap about Islam being a religion of peace and doesn't know that Islam is a war against the world.

You cannot reach a permanent peace with Islam because Islam requires its members to wage war against the rest of the world until Islam has conquered the world, therefore, Islam is a war against the world.

But, then I got this from Arutz Sheva by David Rosenberg:

"The president spoke with the Israeli newspaper Israel Hayom in an interview released Sunday, claiming that the PA was uninterested in making peace with Israel, while adding that he was unsure if Israel was committed to reaching a deal with the PA."

Hey, at least Trump is beginning to realize that the Palestinian Authority has no intentions for making peace with Israel. Trump is getting closer to the truth. Give Trump time, if we survive that long.

Now all Trump has to do is realize that it is because of that glorious, wonderful religion of peace, you know, Islam, that the PA or any other Muslim organization CAN'T make peace with the rest of the world and he will have it figured out.

The very first thing you have to do to defeat your enemy is to know who your enemy is. Until then, how can you possibly wage war against and defeat your enemy? You can't. The very first thing we MUST do to defeat this horrible, murdering enemy is to wake up, realize, and admit that Islam is our enemy waging perpetual war against us. Until then we cannot defeat this enemy that is waging war on us.

Basically, we are shadow boxing while they are beating the crap out of us.

Wage Increases

Remember that I told you years ago that the right way to raise wages was via the free market because as businesses increase in size and numbers, the demand for employees will increase, which will naturally increase wages?

I go this from Newsmax by staff:

"The tightness in the trucking market probably won't ease any time soon. Employers can't find enough drivers -- at least at the wages companies want to pay -- as low unemployment spurs competition from other industries."

They will have to increase wages to get the drivers they need, which will cause more people to go to truck driving, which will force other businesses to increase wages to get the better employees and so forth.

Gee, you mean Marxism actually holds wages back?

Yep, the idiots who go into politics and government because they are too stupid to get other jobs SHOULD NOT be micro managing our lives and the economy. They have no idea what they are doing because most of them are attorneys and others who did not study economics unless it was lefty Marxist economics, which is bad economics.

You leave the economy alone and let the free market manage it because NO ONE is intelligent enough to micro manage the economy, especially not anyone in government.

Corrupt Judges

Remember that I told you that the left has even corrupted our courts so that, all too often, there is no enforcement of the law against the left?

I got this from Breitbart by Bob Price:

"A disgraced former judge in Kentucky received a sentence of 20 years in prison for his role in a long-running human trafficking operation. The judge pleaded guilty to 21 counts of trafficking women and young girls in the sex trade industry."

When the judges are the criminals, there can be no justice for criminals. Since the primary purpose of judges is to protect good people from bad people, then corrupt judges should be prosecuted for treason and executed because they have betrayed the people and are a threat to national security.

North Korea

Have you noticed Kimmy Boy's latest con?

He is promoting the idea of "the reunification of North and South Koreas" and it is amazing how many idiots are liking that song.

You know that our idiot lefties are going to run with this and start another one of their great sounding stupid crusades promoting the reunification of North and South Koreas AT ALL COSTS. This insanity is inevitable.

Question: Who is going to rule the reunified Koreas?

You know Kimmy Boy is planning on ruling both North and South Koreas, which means it is his subtle con for a soft conquering of South Korea, you know, without a war.

"Hey, if you can't defeat South Korea and the West militarily, then do it with a subtle con without using the military."

Listen, power mad Kimmy Boy ain't going to give up power and is trying to start an idiot great sounding stupid lefty crusade by the western lefty nut cases to reunify North and South Koreas under the rule of their glorious commie pal and buddy, Kimmy Boy.

Ever since Kimmy Boy began beating the drum for his con to reunify the Koreas, I have been waiting for the Western lefty nut cases to jump up and say, "Heck yeah, let's reunify the Koreas!"

But you better ask, "Under whose rule?" And you better know that Kimmy Boy ain't going to give up his power, baby.

An easy prediction is that the Western lefty nut cases will push for one of their glorious "compromises" where the commies always end up getting what they want, you know, where Kimmy Boy and the elected South Korean rulers start out sharing rule until Kimmy Boy stages a violent commie coup and takes over all of South Korea.

Kimmy Boy ain't stupid, people, evil but not stupid. Kimmy Boy knows he can't win a war to conquer South Korea so do it the easy way.

I am surprised that, as long as Kimmy Boy has been singing this song, the idiot Western lefties have not already started singing the same song and dancing the dance.

Maybe they just are not getting Kimmy Boy's hint?

Then I saw this article at Breitbart by Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.:

"In a bizarre display of willful blindness, U.S. liberal media have lavished praise on North Korea's dictatorship during the first days of the Winter Olympics, gushing over its "charm offensive" and comparing it favorably to the Trump administration."

When I saw this, I realized the lefty media are just laying the groundwork to get you to start liking their beloved tyrant commie pal, Kimmy Boy, and North Korea before they start their great sounding stupid crusade to reunite the Koreas, of course, under the rule of their wonderful, beloved, tyrant commie pal, Kimmy Boy.

Gee, I wonder if this was all choreographed by our lefty commie traitors and Kimmy Boy?

Keep an eye on this.

And then I read this at Breitbart by UPI:

"Feb. 10 (UPI) - GANGNEUNG, South Korea, Feb. 10 - Perhaps no other athletes or team received as much time in the spotlight on Saturday at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics as the joint Korean women's hockey team.

But the players on the ice melted under that spotlight.

Switzerland hammered Korea 8-0 in the teams' first Group B contest in the women's tournament at Kwandong Hockey Centre in Gangneung. The shots were 52-8 in favor of Switzerland. And incredibly, the game may have been even more lopsided than the final score indicates."

After all of that lefty hype about how wonderful it was going to be for the glorious lefty combined North/South Korean women's ice hockey team, I bet that was painful for the Koreans to watch.

When the idiot lefty media was blowing their trumpets about this great sounding stupid idea of combining two teams from two different countries that had not trained or played together, my first thought was, "You know that ain't going to end well" and it didn't. Surprise, surprise!

Listen, I have coached professionally and I know from my training and experience that athletes playing on a team MUST train and play together enough to learn and know each other to be able to play well so I KNEW this was just another great sounding stupid lefty idea about unicorns charging over rainbows and you can bet their great sounding stupid idea of reunifying the Koreas under a combined rule of the North and South governments will be even worse.

You can bet this obvious love affair by the lefty media with the blatantly evil North Korean tyrannical dictatorship will open more eyes to the increasingly obvious fact that lefties really don't care about people, they only care about themselves and their beloved communism at all costs because evil loves evil.

Rule 1: ANYTIME the left comes up with another of their great sounding stupid ideas RUN!

Rand Paul

Rand Paul said that voting for tax cuts and spending increases is hypocrisy.

No, it's stupid and will just cause more problems further down the road. "Hey, kick that can even further down the road, baby"

Solve the problems now by proper government management?

"Oh no, we would never do that. Just keep causing the problems to get worse while we stuff all of the loot we can in our greedy little pockets as fast as we can before all Hell breaks loose because of our wickedness."

Have you noticed that our government is so terribly corrupt that Trump is having to make a lot of bad compromises, giving up a lot of ground in some areas in order to gain a little ground in the main areas he wants?

He can't keep doing this forever, which is when the deep state will win.

I warned you that this mess caused by the left is much, much worse than you thought and they are proving just how bad this mess really is right now.

Is your mind getting boggled yet by the overwhelming corruption?

Just wait, as they show their hand more, it will. You will eventually get the picture and know that, right now, you are only seeing the very tip of the ice berg of US government corruption. It is worse than it looks.

And then I saw this article at Breitbart by Charles Hurt:

"Any time you hear Washington talk about bipartisan agreement, America, grab your wallet and run!

Once again, lawmakers in Washington have finally cut through all the thorny brambles of partisanship and discovered (yet again! yippie!) something they can all agree upon: spending scads and scads more of other people's money that we don't even have!

Ah, yes, bipartisanship. It ranks right up with gonorrhea and cancer and chronic ingrown toe nails for just really fun all around things to have.

Of course, to hear all the jabbering gasbags on the news channels, you would think these people had just discovered a flu vaccine that actually works. Finally, they all say, this is how Washington is supposed to work!"

At least someone is paying attention.

The ugly truth is that the upper class trash on both sides of the isle just can't steal enough fast enough from enough other people and you can bet the lying lefty media are getting their share of the loot.

And then I read this at Breitbart by Pam Key:

"Sunday on CBS's 'Face the Nation,' House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) said the Republican leadership 'caved' on the two-year budget deal reached last week to avoid a government shutdown.

Meadows said, 'I can tell you the real problem with this particular one is that our leadership caved, the swamp won and the American taxpayer lost.'"

I told you this mess is worse than they are telling you. I told you that I would not want to try to clean up this mess. I told you that only God can clean up this mess.


Remember that I told you that FB and Twitter will start losing market share to other media because of them abusing their customers?

I got this from Newsmax by staff:

"Facebook Inc. is losing its swagger with young users, who are increasingly migrating to rival platforms including Snap Inc.'s Snapchat, according to a new study.

Facebook will lose 2 million users under 25 in the U.S. this year while Snapchat will add 1.9 million, EMarketer Inc. said Monday, citing its own report. Facebook usage among kids younger than 12 will drop more than 9 percent, with declines of about 6 percent each among 12- to 17-year-olds and 18- to 24-year-olds."

Losing a little market share, are we? Losing our future customers, are we? Gee, do you think that will really bite Zuckerberg in the but for the long haul, you know, down the road when these younger people will be using other media and fewer young people will be joining FB? How long do you think Zuck will keep his job as FB Tyrant-in-Chief?

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

Ever since I joined FB I have been seeing shadows moving in the background telling me that an exodus from FB to other media had already started and you can bet this tyranny by Zuck is accelerating that. I have been quietly waiting for the stats to show up on that.

Ever since I began watching this marketing phenomenon half a century ago, every time a business starts giving their clients bad business, it ALWAYS opens the door for some enterprising individual or other business to steal market share and these geniuses who got the right degrees from the right universities never learn. They always eventually start giving their clients the shaft and their clients always return the shaft by taking their business to someone else.

And you think these people are more intelligent than you because they have more money than you?

Just remember that all having more money than someone else means is that you have more money than them. It doesn't mean anything else.

I am waiting for someone to post a picture on FB of Zuck standing in an unemployment line somewhere. Now that will be funny.

Wonderful, Glorious, Magnificent Pagan Tolerance

I saw this headline at Breitbart by Joel B. Pollak and it says it all, baby:

"Pollak: Gay Athletes' Attack on Mike Pence Repays Tolerance with Anti-Christian Bigotry"

Gee, how is that tolerance thingy we let the lefties con us into believing doing? What? They aren't being tolerant of you Christians after you Christians were tolerant of them and their sins and crimes? Who would have guessed? Maybe that is why God tells us in the Bible to not be tolerant of pagans' crimes? Did God know that the pagans would use our tolerance of their evil behavior to regain control and then they would wage a war of intolerance against us?

Surprise, surprise!

Maybe, just maybe it is time to quit being tolerant of pagan crimes, especially with them insisting we be tolerant of more and more of their crimes, you know, like pedophilia or child rape? Have you learned yet that God was right and the pagans lied to you? Have you figured out yet that the pagans conning you into tolerating their sins and crimes was them waging war against Christianity? When are you Christians going to stop being tolerant and start fighting back?

You gave them an inch and they are taking every inch. Surprise, surprise!

Are you ready for some Biblical Law yet? Want to return to Christian sanity from pagan insanity yet?

If not, just wait, the pagans will get you there sooner or later with their intolerance of you.


I just love this headline at Breitbart by John Nolte:

"Poll: Americans 'Overwhelmingly' Believe Obama 'Improperly Surveilled' Trump Campaign"

Improperly surveilled? Don't they mean illegally surveilled?

Listen, if Obama did this, he committed a crime because what he did was illegal and a crime and not just "improper".

"But, hey, he is a commie and is above the law so it couldn't be illegal so it has to be just improper. Yeah, that's the ticket, it is just improper, you know, like Hillary's illegal use of a private server was just negligent and not criminal."

Laws are just for non commies not commies. We should all know by now that laws are only for non commies and not for commies. You and I have to live by laws but not the commies, you know, like Antifa. The commies can do anything they want and get away with it because they have infiltrated the judicial system and corrupted it.

Listen, if I see any of these upper level lefty criminals, you know, like Hillary, Obama, Soros, Comey, Holder, Pelosi, Schumer, Paul Ryan, or McConnell in a designer fed orange jump suit while wearing designer fed jewelry and headed for designer fed free housing, I will be very surprised.

Feminist Coup

FINALLY a lefty white male is concerned enough he is standing up against the lefty feminist coup. I got this from Breitbart by Daniel Nussbaum:

"Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Haneke has slammed the ongoing #MeToo movement in a new interview, characterizing the campaign by women who have accused prominent individuals of sexual misconduct as a 'witch hunt' that should be 'left in the Middle Ages.'

'This new puritanism colored by a hatred of men, arriving on the heels of the #MeToo movement, worries me,' the 75-year-old Amour director said in an interview with the Austrian news outlet Kurier.

'This hysterical pre-judgment which is spreading now, I find absolutely disgusting,' Haneke said, according to a translation by Deadline. 'And I don't want to know how many of these accusations related to incidents 20 or 30 years ago are primarily statements that have little to do with sexual assault.'"

Me thinks this just got interesting.

Who do you think is going to win this war and you better bet there will be casualties on both sides. This is going to get really nasty with the lefties eating their own and dragging each other under the bus. But don't worry, some of them, like Hillary, will slither back out from under the bus again.

The fight's on, baby.


This is very interesting and says a lot about opposing military capabilities concerning the very hyped Russian SAMs and US aircraft that I am not seeing anyone address.

I got this from Breitbart by Deborah Danan:

"TEL AVIV - Israel caused serious harm to Syria's air defenses with Saturday's strikes, the IAF Air Staff Commander Brig. Gen. Tomer Bar said after the IDF responded to the incursion of an Iranian drone in Israeli airspace.

Bar said the response to 'Syrian chutzpah' was 'the biggest and most significant attack the air force has conducted against Syrian air defenses since Operation Peace for the Galilee' in 1982 during the First Lebanon War. He added that the airstrikes inflicted 'significant harm to the Syrian Air Force's defenses,' which included 'anti-aircraft batteries purchased in recent deals [with the Russians].'

Syria responded with a barrage of missiles that resulted in the downing of an Israeli F-16 in which two pilots were injured, one seriously and another lightly."


"The Iranian drone entered Israeli airspace and remained there for a minute and a half before being downed by a combat helicopter. Israel launched airstrikes on 12 Syrian and Iranian targets in Syria, including three air-defense batteries and four Iranian targets such as the control center that launched the drone."


"On Saturday, Netanyahu had telephone conversations with both Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who have agreed that Israeli-Russian security coordination on Syria will continue.

Putin told Netanyahu to avoid 'any steps which might trigger a new spiral of dangerous-for-all confrontation in the region,' the state-owned TASS news agency said."

This tells a lot to an old SAC ECM weenie like me. First, we do the math.

It needs to be stated at the beginning that the Syrians were not using Russian made S-300 AND S-400 SAMs. The Syrians were using Russian made S-200 and AAA (Anti Aircraft Artillery.)

We know that Israel hit 12 targets, of which 3 were Russian built SAM or AAA sites, which requires that Israel had to send at least a dozen planes into Syria and probably more (they didn't tell us how many Israeli planes were involved, probably at least a couple of dozen; probably at least two planes for each target.)

Second, we know that immediately following the attack, as the Israeli planes were retreating back into Israel, Syria responded with a flurry of SAM missiles, which should tell you that they didn't stop the Israeli planes from reaching their targets. That "flurry" of missiles was almost certainly what we used to call shotgun effect to where the SAMs could not see the planes on their radar to find their exact location but knew approximately where the planes were and just fired a group of missiles in that direction hoping they would hit something. They hit one F-16I, which means they got lucky.

Third, we know that Syria only shot down one Israeli plane, after that plane was back in Israeli territory and that Israel took out a dozen Syrian/Iranian targets, including 3 Russian built SAM or AAA sites.

What should all of that tell you?

Any Russian SAM system less than the S-300, is not match for US and Israeli ECM and the US and Israeli planes, counter measures, and weapons are heavily under rated by the media. Israel got at least a couple of dozen planes into Syria past their air defenses, took out at least a dozen targets, and only lost one aircraft, which was only shot down after it had left Syrian airspace by simply using a barrage of missiles.

Technologically, the West won that fight with very limited casualties and should be expected to win future fights with some casualties, you know, just like I have been warning you.


You think I am wrong about the upper class trash causing all of these problems we are having?

I got this from Breitbart by Jack Montgomery:

"Author and sociologist Frank Furedi claims globalist activists working for billionaire financier George Soros bragged about toppling governments at a private lunch.

A former professor of sociology at the University of Kent in Canterbury, Furedi recounted his experience with the globalist's 'missionaries' in an article for the Telegraph newspaper, having been prompted by the revelations about his efforts to bring down the British government and trigger another EU referendum.

'Soros believes that if the people voted the wrong way, he is entitled to thwart decisions made by them,' Furedi wrote."


"It was later during lunch at a plush Budapest hotel that I encountered the full force of the arrogant ethos promoted by the Soros network of organisations. At my table I listened to Dutch, American, British, Ukrainian and Hungarian representatives of Soros NGOs boast about their achievements. Some claimed that they played a major role in the Arab Spring in Egypt. Others voiced their pride in their contribution to the democratisation of the Ukraine. Some bragged about their influence in preparing the ground for the overthrow of the Gadafif regime in Libya.

I sat quietly and felt uncomfortable with a group of people who so casually assumed that they had the right to play God throughout the world. At one point, the head of the table - a Hungarian leader of a Soros NGO - asked me what I thought about their work. Not wishing to offend, I quietly remarked that I wasn't sure whether the external imposition of their idea of democracy on the people of Libya was legitimate nor that it would work. Without a second's hesitation, my interlocutor rounded me with the response: 'I don't think that we have the luxury of waiting until the Libyan people come up with their own Jefferson!'"


"Foreign intervention has changed the North African country into a failed state, where jihadists are at large, black Africans are sold openly in slave markets, and criminal people-smugglers coin a handsome profit ferrying illegal migrants to Europe - often with the assistance of NGOs linked to Soros."

I told you these people are evil and causing all of the problems we are facing and they use their "philanthropy" in giving to nonprofit organizations like NGOs to use those organizations to destroy nations so they can pillage the resources of those nations to increase their own wealth and power. These upper class trash are the problem. Without them, we would have much more peace and much less war, slaughter, rape, stealing, and slavery.

But this should also show you just how bad the problem is. You can't just kill Soros and his buddies to stop this problem because they have created an underground criminal organization consisting of millions of people globally you have to also kill off to end the global crime wave against civilization.


Many of these illegal aliens they are calling "Dreamers" have been in the US 10 to 15 or more years but have not filed to become US citizens because they don't want to give up their citizenship in their home nations. What they really want is to spend time here making a lot more money than they can make in their home nation, then return home to their families to either start a business or retire in considerable wealth in their nations.

Let me share a little lefty hypocrisy with you. You see, the left claiming those people are coming here because they "are dreaming about becoming US citizens" is the left saying that the US is exceptional while the left is busy denying that the US is exceptional. The only reason those people would really want to become US citizens and give up their citizenship in their home nations is because those people would believe the US is better than any other nation and, therefore, exceptional. The left can't have it both ways.

The truth is that most of those people don't really want to give up their citizenship in their home nations and they are only here to earn as much money as they can so they can either buy a lot of land, start a business back home, or just retire back home on more money than they can earn back home. If we offer the illegal aliens who are working in the US amnesty, most of them will turn it down because they would have to give up citizenship in their home nations but, the illegal aliens who are just here to steal from us via Welfare and crimes or they are here to cause us harm, like the Muslims, they will accept the amnesty and citizenship so they can stay here and either steal from us or cause us harm. There are very few hard working illegal aliens who would become US citizens.

I know legal aliens who have been working here for decades on green cards and have not applied for US citizenship because they are saving their money they earn here legally to be able to retire with considerable wealth in their home countries.

All of this dreamer stuff is just lefty bull crap to justify them letting illegal aliens to remain in country so they can have illegal voters who the stupid lefties think will vote for them out of loyalty because the lefties helped them stay in the US in spite of the increasingly obvious fact that most of these illegal aliens will vote for someone of their race, religion, or nationality as soon as they can so they end up voting the stupid lefties out of office anyway.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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