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I just realized that, if what I guessed about the FBI intentionally regularly missing signals about these mass shooters is true, that is criminal and possibly would be considered treason. After what I have seen, I would not put that past the deep state because they are very clearly working for the lefties who are very clearly working to destroy our nation, which is treason.

BTW, with the Trump investigation failing and actually turning up corruption by the left, the Flynn investigation looking not so hot, other investigations of the Trump staff also failing, and, if the Russian prosecutions fall apart, expect to see Mueller getting shoved under the bus by the left in the not too distant future.

The best thing he can do right now to save his own butt is to go after the lefties like Hillary, Obama, Soros, and other lefties who have been committing blatantly obvious crimes because right now, he isn't too popular with either the right or left but, if he took down the failing lefty upper class trash, the right might change their mind about him at least a little.

Maybe he should throw them under the bus before they throw him under the bus?

Right Wing Tech

I got this from Breitbart by Charlie Nash:

"Like Peter Thiel, who recently moved from Silicon Valley to Los Angeles after facing repeated attacks from far-left activists, many tech workers are starting to "feel alienated" by Silicon Valley's left-wing echo chamber according to the Wall Street Journal.

According to the Wall Street Journal, 'Several tech workers and entrepreneurs also have said they left or plan to leave the San Francisco Bay Area because they feel people there are resistant to different social values and political ideologies.'

Angel investor Tom McInerney, who fled Silicon Valley 'a decade ago,' claimed to the Journal that 'the politics of San Francisco have gotten a little bit crazy.'"

If you put these people together with Peter Thiel, that is where you will get your social media who will steal market share from FB, Twitter, and Google, who have all opened the door for such competitors to steal the market share they are chasing off. And you better know that these people are not going to just sit quietly by while the lefties abuse their customers.

Don't be surprised to see new social media popping up soon taking market share from the lefty commie traitors and those lefty commie traitors going the same way as the lefty MSM. The left never learns.

Feminist Coup

Remember that I told you that there would be a backlash against women by this feminist coup with decreased hiring of women and other problems for women?

I got this from Breitbart By M. Catharine Evans:

"With the current #MeToo movement, women in the workforce and casual sex are becoming far too dangerous for men. In Massachusetts, sexual harassment claims are on the rise."


"Will other states see an increase in complaints? Will HR departments start to think twice before hiring women? Do employers need the headache of investigating all those harassment claims that cost money and tie up resources? Why not just hire a man for the job? Although claims by men have increased in recent years, as of 2016, women were responsible for the vast majority of the 12,680 cases filed with the EEOC. Sorry, women, but future employers may see you as a walking harassment allegation waiting to happen.

Even noted liberal Arianna Huffington thinks #MeToo has men in managerial positions so terrified that there could be a backlash over hiring women. Pushing an initiative called #MentorHer, Huffington tweeted this out earlier this month:

'3x as many male managers are now uncomfortable mentoring women in the wake of #MeToo. This is a huge step in the wrong direction. We need more men to #MentorHer.'"

Note that this is an article by a woman.

Me thinks there will be more stay at home moms in the near future.

Years ago, I began wondering how we would solve a variety of problems after we took our nation back but have been watching God solve those problems before we get our nation back and in the process of us getting our nation back. It is very interesting to watch how God solves our problems for us, when we turn to Him, because I would never think of solving those problems the way He solves those problems.

One of the best ways God solves our problems is to let the left get what they want to open the eyes of everyone else to what the left wants ain't good for us so we will turn against what the left wants. By getting what they want, the left keeps proving that their great sounding ideas are really stupid. They are their own worst enemies and too stupid to figure it out.


People are saying that guns are the problem while 4 times more people are stabbed to death than shot to death, people are being murdered by car bombs, explosive vests, baseball bats, hammers, cars, trucks, and even hands and feet. ( In 2015, 252 people were killed by rifles, 1,544 were killed by knives, 437 were killed by blunt objects, and 624 were killed by bare hands and feet.)

You are much more likely to be murdered by something other than a gun but guns are the problem? Really? See just how stupid lefties are?

BTW, you lefties had your gun control at the school in Florida because that was a gun free zone and it got 17 people murdered because no one there had a gun with which to protect those people from being shot.

And you want more gun control so more people will get killed?


Here are a couple of YouTube channels that teach some pretty incredible things, here and here.

Both are by people who are making a lot of money from the trades, much more money than most people who get a college degree. Both of these people became masters in those trades by learning the "tricks of the trade" from masters in those trades. Both of these people love their jobs, are making a lot of money from their jobs, are making even more money by teaching those jobs, and do networking to help improve the quality of work they can do. Both of these people are making money teaching those tricks of the trade on YouTube for anyone to learn.

Today, we have a glut of young people with worthless college degrees who can't make half as much money at very boring jobs and a shortage of craftspeople who can make more money than most college graduates and, most of whom, really enjoy their jobs once they get good at those jobs.

If you are a young person who doesn't do well in advanced math and science, you should consider learning a trade and focusing on becoming the best you can be at that trade because you will almost certainly make a lot more money. It feels really great to create something with your hands, especially if you can sell it for a fair amount of money, and know you can learn to do things most people can't do.

College is heavily oversold and trades are heavily undersold. Even some of the smarter people would be happier learning to be very good at a trade than getting a Ph.D. in anything in college, especially the soft sciences, and it is very fulfilling to build something with your hands. Seriously think about learning a trade.

I have a masters degree and I love working with wood and on cars but I am too sick, because of a virus, to do any of them, even the masters degree. Even if you get a college degree, you will be happier if you learn a trade you can enjoy in your spare time. I have known quite a few very intelligent people with degrees and jobs in science and engineering who recreated by doing things like building (welding and auto mechanics) and racing dune buggies. Learn a trade, it is easily one of the best things you can do for yourself.

One thing I have learned is that learning a trade really helps your confidence when facing problems in life because the trade teaches you to think things through and figure out how to solve problems.

GOP Donor

Something I forgot to mention in a prior essay is that Al Hoffman Jr. saying that he won't give more money to the GOP until they ban guys or ANYTHING else is supposed to be illegal and would be, at the very least, extortion and blatant bribery.

It is a federal crime for donors to get ANYTHING in return for their donations because that is legally considered to be bribery but you can bet he won't be prosecuted because the very wealthy are very clearly above the law. You are supposed to be able to give donations to politicians and parties based on you liking what they are already doing or planning to do but are not allowed to either give money, withhold money, or threaten to withhold money to get them to do a certain thing. That is definitely bribery.

This man should have been arrested and prosecuted immediately after making that statement.


I love sports but I have not watched the corrupt crap they are now call sports. Over the last 30+ years, sports have become so corrupt that I simply cannot watch them. I can't watch football, baseball, basketball, the Olympics, any of it, nothing.

From my training and experience, I can see the corruption of the different sports because of the shadows moving in the background that were not there 40 years ago, especially to the extent they are now. The evidence of drugs, corrupt event officials (I am trained to officiate almost 20 different sports), and the organizational corruption by the top administrators is just too obvious to me. Believe me, it wouldn't take much of an FBI investigation to uncover the corruption in sports today.

I just can't stomach the corruption and deceit.

For years, I have been wondering how we would clean up the rampant corruption in sports and I am now seeing God working on doing that by turning increasing numbers of people like me away from sports. The popularity of all sports are declining because of this corruption as more and more eyes are opening to the ugly truth about sports. This is costing the corrupt people huge amounts of money and will eventually lead to cleaning up the sports to increase revenues.

It is interesting to watch how God is cleaning up our messes we have made of everything.

Market Research

I told you about me doing market research for starting up a new business while I was trying to find out what was wrong with me medically so I could get treatment, get well and get back to work.

I was looking for business opportunities in a number of areas for a number of possibilities. For example, if you have significant capital, you can finance your own startup business called a new venture start up, probably as an S type corporation, but, if you don't have much capital, you do a limited liability corporation or LLC where you get investment capital from upper middle class to lower upper class people and not all of them are looking to make money. Some wealthy people, like doctors and dentists, need to make investments as tax write offs to save them more money on taxes than the investment will cost them. You "nickel and dime" such businesses together with a little here and a little there.

If you put such a corporation together and do the management startup, you usually get about 10% to 15% ownership of the business for your work and the much less money you put into the business and as the business grows, you can always buy out your partners or sell out to your partners for capital to invest in something else.

Then, when doing the research, you look for different types of markets. For a larger corporation startup, you want a very significant market with millions of potential customers but for a smaller corporation you look for smaller but still significant markets often called "market niches".

For example, I found a number of these market niche opportunities in just the boating industry such as building an old fashioned river boat on certain rivers for tourists, weddings, and other potential business opportunities, boat rentals for things like Hobie cat sail boats at certain lakes, and an interesting one in the Yachting community.

I found that, in the yachting community, there are travel agencies which do a good business of renting space on people's yachts, especially sail boats, for other people to vacation for one to four weeks, especially for yachts that are based in places like the Caribbean, South Pacific, and Mediterranean.

The travel agency will book individuals and couples to sleep in a birth on a yacht where those people will do light chores, help sail the boat when traveling to different islands, and help fix meals in exchange for the yacht providing those clients opportunities to do things like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, wind surfing, kite surfing, hiking, or just lying around on the boat or beaches for one or more weeks. Pending the size of the boat, 10 years ago, these clients were paying anywhere from $1,000 to more than $2,000 per person per week and today they are paying about 50% to 60% more.

You could either start up such a business as an S Corp with your own money or as an LLC by getting investors to pony up most of the money and you manage the business. Smaller yachts (about 30 to 40 feet) would normally get $1,000 per week per person with yachts of 60 to 65 feet getting about $2,000 per week per person and the really big "super yachts" could demand tens of thousands of dollars per week per person. (Yes, that is also how some people pay for their yachts.)

After doing a little research based on things like boating laws, market potentials, and such, I decided to design a number of different yachts including a $2 million dollar 62 to 64 foot cutter rigged sloop as a potential startup business, which should be able to NET from $50 to more than $100 thousand per year PER YACHT with other benefits, you know, like, with such a business, if you fly into some place like the Caribbean for a few weeks to "check on your boats or business", the costs for the entire trip are legally tax deductible as a business expense. (I didn't design the system, baby, I just learned to use it.)

Note that, if you already have the business designed, all you have to do to be able to hit the ground running is to spend a couple of weeks writing the business plan, which is easy to do.

You could easily hire husband and wife teams with at least one commercial captain's license to crew the boat, you run the business over the internet for one or more boats, and just fly in a few times a year to make sure the crew is doing their job and still net more than $50 thousand dollars a year PER YACHT. Or you could crew the boat yourself and make even more money for just one yacht, just having a ton of fun living on your yacht with your paying guests. It is a very flexible investment opportunity, pending what your goals are.

That is only one of probably more than 200 potential businesses I identified markets for and designed businesses for startup after I got well and got back on my feet, which never happened because, as I learned later, my virus isn't treatable or curable.

You can do things like this with nothing more than an associate's degree in business management (two years at a junior college) to help you identify, design, build, and manage such businesses. You don't have to get a BBA or MBA to make a ton of money but you do have to do a lot of homework, which is where most people fail to succeed because I have learned that the most successful people are all good at homework OR they hire others to do the homework for them. You better learn to love homework, baby.

That is the most important reason why such people as Warren Buffet are so successful so often because they hire teams of professionals to do their homework for them. If you do the homework and have common sense, it doesn't take a genius to see the business opportunities. They are everywhere.

Yep, that is the biggest secret for most of the upper class consistently being much more successful than you. They hire MBAs like me, who are trained to do this work for the upper class, to do their research and homework for them, bring business proposals called business prospectuses to them, explain the business opportunity to them, then the upper class decide, usually based on the suggestions of their business team, whether to go with the business proposal, and then, if they decide to go with the proposal, they sign a piece of paper. In many cases the upper class do whatever their business team tells them to do because they are either too stupid to understand or too mentally lazy to figure it out. Those worthless creatures could be replaced by a monkey with a rubber stamp because all they do is sign all papers handed to them by their business team and live the good life. You don't have to be any more intelligent than a monkey to do that.

On average, the upper class are no more intelligent than the middle or lower classes, which was proved by research in 1936. They just have more money to hire better people to do their work for them so they have more opportunity.

With the upper class trash, they hire corrupt MBAs and attorneys with no morals, values, or ethics, to bribe politicians and work with those corrupt politicians to set up deals in which the upper class trash will steal money from the tax payer. Most of the upper class trash and their puppets are so stupid they don't have anything to do with actually designing their criminal activities, they just sign off on whatever their corrupt business teams hand them and live the good life not caring about anyone but themselves. Those evil beasts cold be replaced by evil monkeys with a rubber stamp.

The good upper class hire MBAs like me who have morals, values, and ethics and won't get them in trouble.

I researched my butt off to find a business I could do a new venture start up with my bad health and living in poverty but no such critter exists and believe me, I researched for well more than a decade, asked friends, and did everything else I could think of. That taught me that opportunity is one of the most important assets for making money and having money is a very important part of opportunity.

The idiot media, especially the TV media, love to talk about people who "startup a business on a shoe string" or not much money. You have to be careful about believing that because perceptions about a lot or a little money are relative to your situation. All of your TV journalists are doing well enough that, to them, $10,000 to $20,000 is not "a lot of money" for an investment but, to a poor person, $20 is a lot of money and you can't do crap with $20.

In doing my research, I didn't find one business opportunity out of several hundred that didn't require a minimum seed capital of $10,000 to more than $20,000 and I ain't got that, baby. With my health, even that wouldn't do me any good because there is no way I could manage a business right now, even over the Internet.

BTW, that is how I found a number of fun hobbies, by researching probably at least 100 different industries. So, sometimes, just for the fun of it, I would design a little something to pass time, which I had plenty of. I amazed myself at the businesses and hobbies I designed before I found out that my medical condition isn't treatable or curable.

BTW, most of the potential hobbies I design were so I could learn more about a particular type of business or industry to help me better design a potential business and that can help you a lot in designing a business.

Maybe that will help some of you find a good paying and fun business for you. The most important things for you to learn are business management, marketing, accounting, and law. Those will be most important for a "new venture startup" for you. You would be amazed at the very profitable businesses you can start up based on you knowing a trade very well, especially with the Internet.

You don't have to get rich to be successful, just be able to pay your bills and do what YOU want to enjoy life.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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