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Muslim Conversion

I am seeing more signs of different protestant groups looking like they are making moves to follow the Catholic Church in converting to Islam. The Episcopal church has already started making that move by permitting the Muslim Brotherhood to start holding Muslim services in the Washington Cathedral. But it is important to note that the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) has already broken away from the Episcopal Church because of other deviations from the Bible and Christianity including permitting homosexual leaders, so I expect to see other members of the Episcopal Church break away. I think this type of rebellion is going to be a normal thing among the different denominations as more denominations make moves towards converting to Islam, no matter how subtle and deceptive the initial moves are because eyes are opening and people are choosing. These pagan and poser Christian leaders will get a big part of their denominations but not everyone.

I have also seen news stories telling me other denominations may soon follow suit including but not limited to the Arab Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Lutheran, Presbyterian and Methodist churches or denominations. Keep an eye on these.


Obama said that the beheadings by Muslims don't represent the Muslim religion. To figure out whether that is true all you need do is ask, "who is doing the beheadings?"

Are the organizations doing these beheadings Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, atheist, or some other religion?

No, they are all Muslims. As a matter of fact, quite a few Muslim nations such as Saudi Arabia are also beheading people for pretty much the same reasons and it is a part of Shiria Law.

Gee, then the beheadings must represent Islam. I think Obama must have flunked basic math because he is very bad at it or just a Muslim liar. OK, I have already proved Obama is a Muslim liar and it should be obvious by now.

BTW, I recently found out that all of the Westerners who have been beheaded by ISIS had converted to Islam in hopes it would provide them with better treatment and save their lives but, obviously, converting didn't do them any good.

Obama's reaction to 5 people being murdered in an Israeli synagogue was to say that too many Palistinians have died.

Say what?

Forever the Muslim. You have to understand that, in Obama's Muslim mind, it is not only a good thing for Muslims to murder non Muslims but the Muslims are required to murder non Muslims, you know, like Obama is planning to nuke Chicago to kill off the non Muslim upper class trash natural elite puppet masters, who supposedly converted to Islam, you know, like the people who ISIS is beheading. In Obama's mind, that will be a good thing earning him salvation and making it possible to set up his Muslim dictatorship. In Obama's mind, he sees absolutely nothing wrong with him and his fellow Muslims murdering billions of non Muslims and sees it as being very good.


The left is blatantly using Ferguson as a catalyst to start a race war in order to establish a false flag event so Obama can declare martial law and set up a commie/Muslim dictatorship. The lefties and Muslims are bringing in additional rioters to Ferguson, training up rioters in other cities, and coordinating riots in other cities nationally to start this "race war". Please note that most of the people who will be rioting won't even be black, just most of the rioters you will see on TV.

One black organizer stated that "society won't change (to what they want) unless white people are afraid." That makes these protests acts of terror against white people and illegal and making the protesters terrorists and criminals. Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson, and other black and non black leaders are very clearly promoting and aiding these illegal terrorist actions and are, therefore, terrorists and criminals.

US Government Racket

Has our government become a criminal racket or what?

Gruber and his bunch wrote Obamacare and then have made millions of dollars working as consultants for implementing and helping businesses understand Obamacare. Gee, no wonder the upper class intellectuals and academe make these laws so complex so they and only they can make a fortune consulting about their laws. They have turned our government into a money making racket. If you are so stupid you can't make money legally, use the government to steal money.

And they call us stupid?

Chris Christie

It should be blatantly obvious by now that Chris Christie is a super RINO. He just said that the GOP should compromise with the commies, which means give the commies half of what they want now, half of the rest later, and so forth until the commies get everything they want including absolute control of your nation. He was also pals with Obama until Obama threw him under the bus.

It is increasingly obvious that the commie criminals have taken over both the Democratic and Republican parties. This nation is no longer a republic but is an oligarchy or dictatorship run by the liberal commie traitor upper class trash puppet masters and their puppets couldn't be much more obvious if they just came out and admitted it publically.

Star Wars

I am going to share something with you. They have just admitted that Russia had killer satellites during the Cold War. The reason they have revealed this information is because Russia has launched what may very well be another killer satellite everyone is watching very closely but they are telling you that this may be a very primitive killer satellite which would be parked along side of another satellite and detonated like a mobile space IED.

Actually, the first hostile acts of war in space took place as far back as the mid 1960s by the Soviet Union against the US. The Soviet Union launched its first killer satellite, parked it along side of a US spy satellite, and detonated the killer satellite destroying or killing the US spy satellite. This hostile act of war against the US started a secret military build up or escalation which continued throughout the Cold War. In other words, from the middle 1960s until the Soviet Union fell in the late 1980s, there was a secret space war going on.

When the Soviets launched their next killer satellite, the US responded by launching its first killer satellite, parked it along side of the Soviet killer satellite, detonated the US killer satellite destroying the Soviet killer satellite before the Soviet killer satellite could destroy any more US satellites.

But the US decided that using individual satellites as high tech, mobile space IEDs was far too expensive. So the US designed a killer or attack satellite which had four missiles to make it must less expensive to destroy Soviet killer satellites by making it possible for each satellite to kill four Soviet killer satellites.

But there was a little flaw in the design and use of this new breed of US killer satellite. They designed the satellite to fire its missiles directly out of the satellite which caused the firing of the first missile to blow the satellite and remaining three missiles out of orbit and the sky. It was the old Newtonian law about for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction with nothing but almost empty space supporting the satellite, the missile went one way and the satellite went the other way destroying the satellite.

They had failed to apply a lesson they had already learned from airplanes. Before today's aircraft fire one of those deadly missiles hanging on the pylons under the planes' wings, they first lock the missile onto its target, then release the missile to free fall away from the pylon so the missile firing won't tear the pylon off the wing of the plane and tear the wing off the plane, and then the missile fires as programmed.

Therefore, the next generation of US killer satellites was designed to lock the missiles on target, release the missiles to free float away from the US killer satellite, and then the missile would fire taking out the Soviet killer satellite. By the time I joined the US Air Force in 1972 and was trained in this formerly secret war (just now made public knowledge), the US had killer satellites with anywhere from half a dozen to more than 10 missiles on them protecting our satellites from Soviet killer satellites.

Obviously, by the time the Soviet Union fell in the late 1980s, the real star wars had been going on for more than 20 years and progressed significantly.

Therefore, the thought that this new satellite would be a very primitive and obsolete mobile IED type satellite is very unlikely. It is much more likely that this satellite is a more advanced killer satellite which would use either missiles or a laser to kill other satellites or, my opinion and my big concern, is that it may be a Russian EMP weapon meant to take out the US and/or Europe with one strike. Putin has openly mentioned using an EMP weapon against the US and its allies. I would be surprised to find out that the US military has not already considered this and is already working to determine the function of this expected killer satellite and destroy it.

BTW, by the time I entered the service in 1972, the US already had weapons which went well beyond this technology, I was trained in, and I can't tell you about until the US military releases knowledge these weapons systems exist. Just know there is some really exotic stuff out there. Therefore, I expect that Russia and China also have similar weapon systems, especially after Billy Boy Clinton got caught selling such weapon systems technology to both the Russians and Chinese while giving both billions of dollars in foreign aid (your tax dollars) annually to build those weapon systems. Therefore, there is no telling what kind of weapon system the Ruskies just put into space and you can better understand my feelings about Billy Boy Clinton and his evil wife, Hilarious. Treason would be too nice of a word and a firing squad would be too merciful. I would prefer to see them and their kind of traitors publically drawn and quartered by the US government. If done properly, it would take them from 2 to 4 very painful hours to die.

Why did you suddenly leave your computer? Did you just go out to oil your guillotine?

Global Warming

Here we are, according to the lying liberal commie traitor progressives, facing a global warming disaster which will eradicate all life on earth and all 50 states had freezing temperatures, more than 1,300 cold weather records were broken in just this week, and winter hasn't even really begun. This is still fall, did you notice?

Gee, don't you wish the planet would cool off so our winter weather would warm up?

It makes you wonder just how stupid liberals really are.

Bill Cosby

I don't know whether Bill Cosby really is guilty of the crimes he is being accused of and believe that issue should be decided in our courts but there are some serious red flags popping up everywhere.

If Bill is guilty and the accusers' attorneys can win those cases, why are those attorneys permitting their clients to publically, you know, like on TV, talk about their cases in advance of the trials?

This causes two things, 1) any evidence or testimony made public knowledge via the media prior to the case can be thrown out by the judge as inadmissible and 2) it will make it almost impossible to find jurors whose opinions have not been tainted by all of this publicity, almost making a trail impossible.

Now, why would attorneys want their clients to cause these problems for their cases?

What it is increasingly looking like is the attorneys can't convict Bill in court so are trying him in the media, A.K.A. character assassination. Plus it is a strange coincidence that this happens at a time when Bill has been very strongly encouraging blacks to take their lives in their own hands instead of letting the liberals use the blacks and throw the blacks away when the white cracker liberals no longer need the blacks. It is increasingly looking like this is character assassination by the left because Bill was speaking out against the left. Keep an eye on this.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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