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Have you thought about why Turkey wants the Russian S-400 SAM system? To prevent Syrian from invading militarily superior Turkey?

I doubt it.

To use against Russia? Really?

I doubt it.

If that were the case, wouldn't Turkey be purchasing US Patriot Missiles?

To use against the US?

That is the only reasonable answer.

So why does Turkey want the S-400 to protect her from the US? What is Turkey planning on doing that will cause the US to attack her?

Also, a few years back, Turkey had one of her Coast Guard ships ram a Greek Navy ship, you know, a fellow member of NATO, and then later she had one of her Coast Guard ships ram a Greek Coast Guard ship.

Does Erdogan miss the days of the trireme?

More recently, right after some of the Turkish soldiers involved in the recent coup in Turkey fled to Greece and Greece refused to return them, Erdogan kidnapped two Greek soldiers to use for bargaining chips in getting Greece to return those soldiers so Turkey can torture and kill them.

To understand Erdogan, you have to understand Islam because Erdogan is a devout Muslim and there are important things Muslims are taught since they were little children.

First, Muslims are taught to believe that, if any Muslim has conquered any land and that land was later conquered by non Muslims and taken away from the Muslim, that land belongs to Muslims forever and the Muslims are required to take that land back, you know, like the Turkish Ottoman Empire used to control the entire Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Gee, you don't think Erdogan wants all of that land back, do you?

Second, Muslims are taught that they are required to conquer the world and enslave or murder all non Muslims so that they end up ruling the world forever because they believe that the entire planet is theirs to own and rule.

Gee, you don't think that is why Erdogan has publically stated in Turkey that he plans to rebuild the Ottoman Empire and conquer the world, do you?

Third, Muslims are taught a mantra since they were little children that goes like, "Me against my brother; me and my brother against my father; me, my brother, and my father against my family; and me and my family against my clan." To understand what they mean by that (I had this explained to me by converted Muslims), you have to read it backwards.

What Muslims are taught this means is that, after the Muslims have conquered the world and enslaved or killed all non Muslims, they are REQUIRED to turn on each other and kill ALL Muslims who do not believe EXACTLY what they believe because they are taught that any Muslim who does not believe EXACTLY, to the letter, what they believe is not a true Muslim and must be killed.

Once they have killed off all of the Muslims except their clan, they and their family are REQUIRED to turn on and kill all of the rest of their clan and then they, their brother, and their father are REQUIRED to kill the rest of their family and then they and their brother are REQUIRED to kill their father and then they are REQUIRED to kill their brother.

If you are a Christian, you should automatically realize that Satan created Islam to wipe out all of mankind so that Bible prophesy cannot be fulfilled, which would mean that God was wrong or lied, which would mean that God would not be just enough to judge Satan and sentence Satan to eternal damnation so that Satan will be able to remain free and cause his mischief forever. This is Satan's evil plan to save his own butt from eternal our expense, of course.

Then you have to understand that Muslim children, you know, when people are at the age when they are most "impressionable" or easiest to control and influence, especially for the wealthier children, are put in special Muslim schools called Madras's, where they have to read and are taught this crap all day long on a daily basis, you know, just like Obama and Erdogan attended madras's when they were children, and you really need to understand the brainwashing both Erdogan and Obama were subjected to as children.

But it gets better because, when I first read the Koran, I first thought that it was a bunch of random ranting just like everyone else says but, I got about 1/3 of the way through it when God showed me that the Koran is the most advance brainwashing techniques I had ever seen.

You see, a common and very effective technique in brainwashing is to rephrase and repeat again and again what you want people to believe. If you do this well enough and long enough, most people will begin to believe the lies without realizing it. This works very well and is used by the lefties today in our schools, our media, Hollywood, and every other form of communication to brainwash you and your children into being good little commies. The lefties even use this with their TV sitcoms to very subtly brainwash you into believing their crap. It is simply called, "rephrase, repeat", you know, the old, "If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes fact" thingy.

The most common problem with this brainwashing technique is that the people who set it up will often develop a pattern to make sure they keep repeating all of the key parts that can be detected by those who are aware and more intelligent so they can fight it off or resist the brainwashing.

But the Koran is done in a random way so that there is no pattern to detect to help you realize you are being brainwashed, meaning even fewer people will recognize the brainwashing technique and be able to resist the brainwashing. Islam uses absolutely the best brainwashing techniques I have seen anywhere by anyone and it took me longer to realize what was going on so I could resist it. I mean, 1,400 years ago, the Muslims had brainwashing down to a science.

Now, you subject little children to this kind and quality of brainwashing, by the time they have read even just half way through the Koran, they are completely brainwashed and lost forever with only God being able to reverse the brainwashing or deprogram them and the Muslims know this.

But it gets better because, when those children read the Koran, they are REQUIRED to chant and bob when reading the Koran. We have known for centuries that chanting mesmerizes or hypnotizes people so that they will be much more likely to become completely brainwashed and controlled and the bobbing increases the hypnotic effect. Also, when chanting in a group, the hypnotic effect is even more intense and has a much greater effect.

In the Muslim madras's, they make the children chant the Koran in a group while bobbing and then the instructor enforces this brainwashing by explaining everything in detail to the children as to EXACTLY what they are required to believe. By the time those children have been in those schools just one or two years, they are lost forever and only God can deprogram them. The Muslim children come out of those Muslim Madras's as little warrior zombies waiting for a the right message to trigger them to murder in the name of Islam and they get those messages in the Mosques.

PLUS the upper class trash have known for centuries that getting the people to use recreational drugs makes it even easier to brainwash and control those people because it is much easier to get control of a human mind that has lost control to the drugs, which is exactly why today's upper class trash have been promoting drug abuse and recently legalized pot for the lefties. It is all about power and control, baby.

Officially, the Muslims are against the use of all recreational drugs except hash, which they usually use their infamous bongs to smoke. Hash tends to make it easier to control the people. In Islam there was a very famous group of Muslims Jihadis at the time of Muhammad who were almost always stoned on hash and are famous for being the most fierce Jihadi fighting group in Islamic history because the hash took away their fears and inhibitions concerning dying so they would just brutally charge the enemy.

Do not be surprised to find out that all of these Muslim suicide bombers and other suicide Jihadis were stoned on hash when they committed their crimes and murdered a lot of people. Also do not be surprised to find out that they use hash in those Muslim Madras's to increase the control and brainwashing effect on those children.

Now you put all of this together to better understand Erdogan and Obama to realize that they are both ABSOLUTELY convinced in their minds that they are individually supposed to be the Muslim Mahdi or messiah and are supposed to rule the world. There is absolutely no doubt in either of their minds that this is true and at least one of them has to be wrong but they and all other Muslim leaders have been brainwashed to believe they ARE the Muslim Mahdi and they MUST rule the world. We are talking very scary zombie apocalypse, baby.

Listen, we are talking light years beyond them just having a Napoleonic complex to them being brainwashed zombies who are 100% certain they are the Mahdi. There is ABSOLUTELY no doubt in their minds that they are individually the savior of Islam and everyone else MUST be willing to die for them to rule the world.

And all of those brainwashed Muslim children are completely brainwashed zombie suicidal murderers just looking for their guaranteed ticket to eternal paradise by murdering as many non Muslims as possible before they die.

They are ALL walking time bombs created by Islam just looking and waiting for the place and time to detonate all over you and your family. All it is going to take to trigger them is the right message in the right mosque. Every Muslim is a suicidal sleeper cell waiting for the right message to trigger them into murdering people. People, this is what the Muslims are talking about when they talk about Muslim sleeper cells.

Get the picture yet?

There can be no peace on this planet with so much as one brainwashed Muslim zombie left on this planet.

The US needs to get our nukes out of Turkey and have a talk with the man or maybe try another coup to remove Erdogan or even park a few cruise missiles in his bedroom at 2 am...with the fuses lit, of course. Hey, the old 2 am wakeup call...with no snooze control...and the alarm only goes off once...per missile.


I really don't like what is going on in Syria, something smells fishy about the entire thing including the US selling out our Kurdish allies to Turkey and doing everything it can to stop Syria from defeating terrorist units like Al Quaeda, while blatantly trying to deposed the elected ruler in Syria with the US illegally in Syria, while doing nothing to depose blatant tyrants like North Korea, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran.

Other than stealing oil and gas, I keep waiting to see exactly what is going on. Something is very wrong here and we are not getting the truth, which concerns me.

BTW, Mike Pompeo, the new Secretary of State, has made statements showing that he knows the terrorist problem is the fault of Islam and is not protecting Islam at our expense. He ain't politically correct, baby. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, will change with him in office.


Remember that I told you that Germany is making buds with Russia?

Merkel just traded German beer for Russia fish as friendly gifts between the two rulers. These are peace offerings you don't do with your enemies.

So, we have Germany AND Turkey, who were allies during both WWI and WWII, both making buds with Russia. Gee, what a coincidence.

BTW, Russia has agreed to sell Turkey their best SAM system, the S-400, with delivery in 2020.

Why would Russia sell its best SAM system to an ally of the US, knowing the US would just "train" against the system to learn to beat it? Maybe Russia knows something about Turkey not being our ally that we don't know?


Remember that I told you that the first colonists to Mars will almost certainly die?

Elon Musk has said almost the same; he only said they MAY die. Surprise, surprise.

Gee, why do you think they "MAY" die, Elon? What is he not telling you?

The ugly truth is just like I have been telling you and Elon is now almost admitting, if they don't solve the problems I have warned you about, among a few others, it is very likely everyone on the mission will die.

By telling you that the people on the first Mars mission MAY die, he is hoping that, if they do die, it won't kill space exploration, after all, he warned everyone that it is a dangerous venture and people may die. Therefore, he is hoping people won't be so shocked when the people do die that they will shut down his space adventures, which are probably making him a fortune. "Hey, so a few hundred people die; that happens all of the time here on Earth."

Get the picture?

It is insurance, baby.

Isn't it amazing at how much I keep telling you keeps being proved right and how much the media and others keep telling you keeps being proved wrong?

Either they are liars or incredibly stupid...or some of both.

Come on, don't you think that "intellectually superior natural elites" who got the right degrees at the right universities should be able to get something right? Shouldn't they at least be able to get as much right as I get right? Maybe it is because they are not listening to God and I am?

People, I studied pretty much the same things in college they studied; read the same books, had the same lectures, and passed the same tests.

Why are they almost always wrong and I am almost always right? Why do I see things they don't see? Don't you think something is wrong with that? Maybe they should quit listening to Satan and start listening to God?

Now imagine going on a 40 year space voyage planned by these all-knowing, all-wise geniuses who go the right degrees from the right universities to the nearest star system, 4 light years away from the nearest possible help or even any communication, because some other all-knowing, all-wise geniuses who got the right degrees from the right universities and can't seem to get anything right about planets in our own star system think they found a habitable planet light years away.

Now, who do you think will be stupid enough to volunteer for that mission?

Oh yeah, some stupid lefties who will believe anything you tell them if you use lots of big words and complex sentences to make it sound good and give them a few spaceship loads of pot to smoke on the way there.

San Francisco

For a biologist, here is an easy prediction.

The idiots in San Francisco think they are being brilliant and it is a good thing to permit the homeless to urinate and defecate on the streets.

There is a reason we stopped this practice hundreds of years ago and developed sewers to carry waste out of our cities instead of letting that waste pile up in the streets. It is called diseases and pandemics.

It is incredibly easy to predict, at least for anyone in biology, though by few of the lefty idiots, that it is only a matter of time until San Francisco has a really nasty disease pandemic, which will kill at least hundreds of thousands because the idiot lefties and their revisionist history prevent themselves and everyone else from learning from history.

So, how many people do you think will die because the idiot lefties made it legal to urinate and defecate in the streets?

The lefties make my brain hurt with their stupidity and insanity. Just when you think the left can't get any more stupid, they do.

Food For Thought

Louis Farrakhan is openly racists and preaches against the Hebrews and for killing the Hebrews...along with killing all whites. Obama said Farrakhan is the number one "role model" for Obama, who was financed in both of his runs for president by a Hebrew named Soros, who is in alliance with Muslims like Farrakhan.

Think about that.

Here is something else to think about.

You know how the lefties have created several generations of candy butt snowflakes with their great sounding stupid lefty child rearing psychology?

Let's do the math on this to see just how infinitely stupid the intellectually superior upper class trash natural elites really are.

They used lefty child psychology to turn lefties into a bunch of candy butt snowflakes who have to go running for safe spaces every time someone says the wrong word so the upper class trash can more easily control them. Then everything is failing so the upper class trash are getting ready to use their candy butt snowflakes as their glorious warriors in this civil war they are talking about is going to happen and are trying to start to stage a violent overthrow of our governments.

Really? Do you realize what will happen the first time those snowflakes get splatter by the blood, guts, and brains of their fellow snowflakes in a real life battle with no reset button?

The first few times someone else's blood, guts and brains hit you in the middle of a battle, it is such a shock to you that it will cause you to hesitate during the battle and get killed because that stuff hits your body at 98.2 degrees F and feels hot, wet, and gooey. Killing is a very messy business.

It is only human nature that, the first time you get splattered in battle, you will be so shocked that you will hesitate or blink and stop fighting while the conservative US combat veterans who have been there will keep fighting, which will probably cause you snowflakes to die.

Basic human nature should tell you that the first time these candy butts get splattered in battle, most of them will hear mommy calling and go running home to mommy's basement for their safe space causing their battle lines to fold and disintegrate, causing the conservative veterans to quickly overrun the snowflake positions, you know, like God told me and I told you that, when this fighting starts, we will quickly start winning this war.

And these intellectually superior upper class trash natural elites who got the right degrees from the right universities are depending on these candy butt snowflakes for their army of mighty warriors while trying to start what they keep calling a civil war? Really?

Have you noticed that, since Obama, the upper class trash have been importing much tougher and combat experienced Muslim Jihadis into our nations? Gee, you don't think the upper class trash might have realized they really screwed up with their snowflake army, especially after watching their snowflakes get their butts handed to them in just fist fights at protests by the conservatives, and are right now throwing those candy butt snowflakes under the bus and replacing them with Muslims, you know, already betraying the snowflake commies, do you? Are the upper class trash already purging the snowflake minions because they will no longer be useful in the next phase of the upper class trash trying to setup their global commie dictatorship?

Space Aliens

Remember that I have been warning you that the upper class trash are getting ready to either "make contact" with intellectually superior space aliens who will tell you to submit yourselves to the absolute control of your intellectually superior upper class trash or reveal that the upper class trash are intellectually superior space aliens and you are supposed to submit yourselves to their absolute control so "they can take better care of you"?

Well, the US military had an encounter with a "UFO" off the West Coast a little while back and now they have had another encounter off the East Coast with a "UFO" and the media are ramping up the UFO thingy again. Do not be surprised when we "make contact" with intellectually superior space aliens who tell us to submit ourselves to the absolute control of our evil upper class trash who have caused almost all of our problems for thousands of years so the evil upper class trash can "take better care of us". Oh, how wonderful of them.

Yeah, they will take care of us alright, but not in a good way.

Just know, that just like I have told you before, we already have those spaceships and it will have nothing to do with space aliens. It is just a con by the upper class trash to set up their global dictatorship because everything else is failing.

Here is a little food for thought; why is it that we almost only hear about the US and other Western militaries having encounters with space aliens? Why are the African and Asian nations not reporting such encounters? Are the space aliens racist?

Don't be surprised if the space aliens tell us that we need to depopulate our planet to save it, you know, kill off all of the Africans, Asians, Latinos, and other non white races, you know, just like our upper class trash are currently planning on doing, you know, the old lefty white supremacy thingy.

Always expect the worst from the upper class trash because that is always what you get.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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