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I got this e-mail concerning the lefty "multiverse" from Mark:

"I got a good laugh from the infinite universes video. Idiots. I always thought science was a method designed to have a hypothesis and then to test it with experimentation to prove whether or not the hypothesis was correct and then accept the results of the experiments whether they agree with the hypothesis or not.

That method has apparently flown the coop. Now science seems to be: formulate a hypothesis and no matter how outlandish, float that hypothesis as the absolute truth and them flaunt it in every medium as truth. Please note that such a scenario actually makes it a lie. Who is the father of lies?

As for all the supposed 'scientists' that agree with this myth, The late novelist Dr. Michael Crichton (Andromeda Strain) stated on several occasions that consensus is not science.

By the way, there is much more proof that the Creation and the Bible are true that there is for the latest myth about the multiverse. Lee Strobel, investigative reporter, former atheist, and now faithful Christian, has published several books full of proofs that the Bible is true. His investigations of the Bible brought him to Christ."

The very fact that the pagan lefties are even considering such an absurd hypothesis as a multiverse to keep their beloved fanatical evolution religion alive is an inadvertent admission that science has proved evolution to be scientifically impossible. They are trying to use false math to bypass science and good math because science and good math have proved evolution to be impossible.

I hope you realize that without evolution, even the idea of space aliens is dead because evolution is the basis for there being life on other planets. The entire concept of there being life on other planets is based on the idea that, if life evolved here on Earth, it could have evolved on other planets so there should be space aliens but since 1) evolution is impossible and didn't happen on Earth and 2) ,as that astrophysicist stated, there are thousands of things which must be just right for there to be life on a planet, then there could NOT be life on other planets and there ARE NO space aliens because God did not create any other habitable planets...yet.

Once again, pagan Hollywood got it all wrong, you know, as usual.

Also, without evolution, atheism is dead because atheism is based on evolution making it possible for there to be no god but, if evolution is not possible, then there MUST be a god.

What God is doing with this is that He is destroying evolution to force everyone to admit there is a god and then make them chose between Him or one of Satan's false gods. It is like God told me and I told you, God has drawn a line and is making everyone chose which side of the line they will stand on and you know that most atheists will chose Satan's side of the line but some will chose God's side of the line.

Keep an eye on this.

Safe Space

Something I am watching is the sudden movement by the rich for THEM to colonize Mars.

Why are the upper class trash suddenly getting serious about colonizing Mars? Could it be that, because all of their other plans have failed, they have realized that their plan to "depopulate the planet" will probably also fail and could cause the extinction of all human life on Earth and possibly all other life on Earth so they are looking to flee to a "safe space" by colonizing Mars?

If this is true, they should all be rounded up, tried, and hung for the worst crime against humanity in history...or we could just let them run off to their "safe space" on Mars and die there.

To show you just how ignorant and stupid the lefties, especially the upper class trash are, I want to show you what it would take to make Mars a habitable planet but I will make it a nutshell example because making Mars a habitable planet will be much more complex than my example.

To do this, I am going to answer the question, "If I were God, what would I have to do to make Mars a habitable planet?" This will be a real eye opener.

If I were God, ...

1. I would have to drop Mars down to an orbit much closer around the sun which would be close to Earth's orbit so there would be enough sunlight per square foot to grow the plants we have on Earth so we could have life because light dissipates as it travels further from the sun. There currently is not enough sunlight per square foot on Mars to grow most of the plants we have on earth, especially our food plants, you know, like potatoes. If you colonize Mars, I sure hope you like eating mushrooms.

2. I would then have to almost triple the mass of Mars to increase its gravity so it will be able to contain enough atmosphere for a habitable planet or the atmospheric pressure will bleed the atmosphere into space until the gravity can contain what atmosphere is left, you know, like the atmosphere that is currently on Mars.

3. I would then have to create a magnetized iron core inside Mars to generate a magnetic field strong enough to prevent the solar winds from blowing the atmosphere away.

4. Then and only then could I create the atmosphere AND it must be composed of all the right molecules required to support life and not just any gases, especially not toxic gases.

5. Then and only then could I create enough surface water for life on Mars AND the water must be clean of toxins AND there must be surface water, water tables and aquifers to provide a continuous supply of water for the plants and animals.

6. Then and only then could I create plant life but that will be extremely complex because, just before I create the plant life, I must rid the soil of any toxins that would poison the plants and animals and then I must create the biomatter in the soil for the plants to live on AND that biomatter will have to be at different stages of decomposition to provide food for the different organism that eat and break down that biomatter into plant food until plants and animals begin to provide more waste for those organisms to consume AND I would have to create ALL of the organisms necessary to break down the biomatter into plant food AND then I could create the plants.

7. Then I must quickly create all of the different animals based on environmental and ecological conditions in relation to different species.

8. Then humans can finally colonize the planet.

Now, does it sound like we humans can do ANY of those tasks, much less all of those tasks?

People, Mars is NOT a habitable planet and we humans don't have the ability to make it a habitable planet. Only God can make Mars a habitable planet.


Remember that I told you that all of the Western nations are cursed and are being destroyed by God because of abortion because Jesus said, "If you hurt the least of these (children), you are cursed."

I got this from CenturyLink by National Geographic:

"Archaeologists in Peru have found evidence of the biggest-ever sacrifice of children, uncovering the remains of more than 140 youngsters who were slain alongside 200 llamas as part of a ritual offering some 550 years ago, National Geographic announced on Thursday.

The site was located on top of a cliff facing the Pacific Ocean in La Libertad, a northern region where the Chimu civilization arose, an ancient pre-Columbian people who worshipped the moon.

The cliff is located just outside the northwestern coastal city of Trujillo, Peru's third largest city which today has 800,000 inhabitants.

'While incidents of human sacrifice among the Aztec, Maya and Inca have been recorded in colonial-era Spanish chronicles and documented in modern scientific excavations, the discovery of a large-scale child sacrifice event in the little-known pre-Columbian Chimu civilization is unprecedented in the Americas -- if not in the entire world," National Geographic said.'"

Do you know why God sent the Christian Spanish to conquer the Central and South American Indians and to witness to them about Jesus?

To stop the child sacrifices to false pagan gods because God got tired of the pagans murdering their children God kept giving them as gifts and to bless them. Your children are you future and a blessing from God and, if you keep murdering your children, you are killing your future because God will eventually destroy your nation because your nation is cursed.

Do you know why God is causing the stupid lefties to infiltrate Muslims into our nations to destroy our nations from within and then kill off most of the stupid lefties?

To stop the child sacrifices via abortion to the pagan lefty false goddess "free sex" because God is tired of us murdering and raping (pedophilia) our children and our nations are now cursed.

God knows that the Muslims will 1) conquer our child murdering and raping nations and 2) kill the child murdering and raping lefties off, you know, the homosexuals, feminists, and other lefties the Muslims hate and kill. When the Muslims do what you won't do and kill off the lefties, the child murdering and raping will stop, our nations will stop being cursed, and we will be able to build new nations.

I got this e-mail from Mark that pretty much says it all:

"I have been reading Jeremiah and how God caused Nebuchadnezzar to conquer much of the Levant and carry off as captives the people of Israel to Babylon. God allowed this to happen to His people because of their worshipping other gods and rejecting His laws. Now, since there are not so many places left to carry off captives to, it seems that God is allowing Western European counties to be invaded by Muslims because they have also turned away from God and His precepts. With their no-go zones or feudal states, Muslims are effectively banishing people from their own countries. At the same time, the elites of those countries are championing it. The elites don't seem to realize that once Islam gains a stronghold in their countries, the elites will also be conquered (and probably killed) by the Muslims that have taken over.

Because the West has rejected God, He is bringing in Muslims to conquer the West, just like he allowed Nebuchadnezzar to conquer His people Israel. This is also coming to the USA. God is presently giving the USA a temporary reprieve but it won't last unless we turn back to him. Promiscuity, homosexuality, greed, lying, theft, stealing from the poor and keeping them poor (in the inner cities, for example), worshipping the dollar, power, materialism, free sex, etc. instead of worshipping God; drug abuse, sacrificing our children through abortion to the god of free sex (just as ancient Israelites sacrificed their children to Moloch at Tophet), and many more sins; all of these things are things ancient Israel did when God allowed their enemies to destroy them."

If you don't stop murdering and raping your children, then God will stop you and that is exactly what is happening. Our nations are cursed because we are causing harm to our children and we have turned our backs on God so God is using this Muslim invasion to destroy our nations just like He used the Spanish invasion to destroy the cursed Indian nations and the Babylonian invasion to destroy the cursed nation of Israel. By working with the lefties to conquer our nations, the Muslims are learning who all of the lefties are and will have no trouble in hunting down and killing the lefties, which will cause our nations to turn back to God and God will free us from the Muslim rule so we can build new nations just like God did with Israel and Medieval Europe.

If you turn your back on God, God will turn the barbarians loose on you.


Speaking of hostile migrants the lefties are bringing in, I saw a picture of the "migrant caravan" camp in Tijuana just south of the US border and, by the strangest coincidence, the migrants were all using the same type of tents.

Gee, you don't think this invasion was all paid for by the lefty upper class trash as an invasion of the US, do you?

If it was, it is treason by US citizens and an act of war by people from other nations.

Obviously, this thing is just too well organized to just be a bunch of people simultaneously and coincidentally fleeing persecution in their countries.

Then I found out that the US lefty activist organization, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, is managing and funding this and you KNOW they are funded by the lefties, especially the upper class trash. They include attorneys who teach the illegal aliens what to say and what to do when they get into the US. This is really nothing more than organized smuggling and human trafficking by the lefties and they all belong in jail but you know they won't face any charges. Until the lefties start to face significant charges for their criminal activities, this won't stop.

BTW, if those nations are persecuting their people enough to cause that many of their people to flee, why are the US and Europe not bombing those nations to punish them for their crimes against their people? Is it only because those nations are not using chemical weapons on their people?


One big reason why I am increasingly believing the US story about the recent attack on Syria instead of the Russian story is because the Russian story keeps changing. So far, the Ruskies have put out at least three different stories. This tells me that either Russia still has not figured out what happened or they are lying.

Prior to this attack, Russia sold Syria Pansir medium to short range SAMs for protecting key targets and long range SAM sites like the S-300. They didn't seem to do Syria any good in the attack. Now it looks like Russia may give Syria some S-300 SAMs.

Of course the media and all of the experts are in a frenzy about Russia giving Syria S-300 SAMs, you know, like the US can't beat them.

Let's do a little math here. How many S-300 missiles would Russia have to give Syria to defend against 100+ cruise missiles?

At least 150 to 200 missiles just to defend against one such attack without the US using stealth or ECM, which would probably require at least 300 to 400 missiles for just the one attack. Also note that the US will almost undoubtedly target those S-300 SAM sites and probably take out most to all of them in just one I guess they won't need missiles for a second attack.

Do you think Russia is going to give Syria that many expensive missiles? Really?

So, who do you think will get to take out Syria's S-300 SAMs, Israel or the US?

Probably Israel because they will probably hit another Iranian or Hezbollah target in Syria before the US hits Syria again. That will be interesting and very telling.

Also, remember that I have been telling you about electronics warfare, especially ECM, concerning fighting either Russia or China?

They are now reporting that Russia is waging electronic warfare against the US in Syria and making it sound like Russia is kicking our butts.

First, I have found out Russia is not kicking our butts but they are causing some problems, especially against UAVs, you know, like I warned you, and against spy planes like EC-130s. We are learning, adapting, and fighting back but I think the Pentagon is learning what I warned you about concerning some of the weaknesses of UAVs. They need to rethink turning all of our combat aircraft into unmanned aircraft and we need to keep most of our combat aircraft as manned aircraft.

This is what I have been warning you about for years but, hey, wait until the Ruskies start using radiation homing missiles against our UAVs and you will find the single greatest weakness for UAVs. UAVs are not as wonderful as you have been told. Their greatest weakness is the signals they MUST send bad to the controllers, which can be used to find them, track them, and kill them AND there can be no such thing as a stealth UAV because the signals they are sending back to the controllers are constantly giving away their location.

Surprise, surprise!


You know that the European death panels murdering babies and children is going to open American eyes to the ugly truth about socialized medicine.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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