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One of the things that keeps me going in this mess is knowing that, when Jesus returns and takes control of the reigns, He isn't going to put up with this evil crap. This sick pagan lefty bull crap is going to stop.

I look forward to that day; the day the evil stops.


Remember that I have been telling you that the great sounding stupid ideas of the lefties are failing and causing the people to turn against the lefties?

I got this from Breitbart by Charlie Nash:

"Facebook decided to ditch its 'fake news' warnings on articles after the warnings prompted even more users to share the flagged stories, however, the platform has created new features to crack down on what it deems to be 'fake news.'"

And do you think those "new features" will do any better?

People know that, if FB is against something, it must be good so they know not to trust FB and go against anything FB does so that everything FB does to control the thinking of the people or brainwashing the people will backfire.

And the "intellectually superior" lefties still don't get it. The big problem with them is that they are not as intelligent as they think they are and you are not as stupid as they think you are.

Man plans, God laughs.


The lefties have sold most people on "rehabilitating" criminals to be able to find jobs when they get out of prison.


Let's do the math.

Let's say that you teach a criminal a trade where they will make $30 per hour or $240 a day and turn them loose on society where, as a criminal they will make thousands of dollars a day selling drugs.

What do you think most of them are going to do?

Let me give you a hint; better than 70% of them are back in prison within less than one year and that doesn't include the ones who are committing crimes and don't get caught or the ones who get caught but, for some reason, don't return to jail, that is only the ones who get caught and return to jail.

What the stupid "geniuses" who dream this crap up don't realize is that one of the most important reasons these criminals went into crime, wasn't because they are victims of society or couldn't get a job but because of the fast, easy money in crime. Criminals can make more money faster with less effort in crime than they can with a good paying job, which is also why most people go into politics. It is easier and faster to steal from others than to get a job and earn the money.

These programs sound great and may even help a few people but, for most, they are just a great sounding stupid idea that is based on the nonsense that most criminals go into crime because they are victims of society or can't find a job instead of for the fast easy money.

For many people, especially criminals, if you can make $100 per hour doing very little work, you are not going to take a job making much less doing much more work, therefore, the x-spurts training criminals for jobs that will require much more work and will pay much less just won't work for most criminals because they will choose the faster, easier money made with crime.


On Tuesday, May 1, 2018, the US sent two B-52s to the Pratas Islands, about 200 miles from the Chinese mainland and just southwest of Taiwan, where the planes circled for about an hour before returning to Guam.

It is considered by most that this was sending China a message because China has been violating Taiwan airspace and threatening to invade Taiwan.

I would agree with that but there was certainly a second reason we always did such things. By flying those Buffs in such a threatening manner to China that close to Taiwan, it would have caused China to bring up classified radar, communications, and other things along with reacting by doing things like launching aircraft and even ships to the area. You can bet the US was monitoring all of this to gather intel concerning Chinese defenses in the advent the US decided to attack China.

You see, by flying normal spy planes to that area, China would have probably not used some classified systems that they would use to defend against an attack but flying Buffs to the same area would have caused China to bring those systems online and you can bet we also had spy aircraft and ships in the area to gather intel on those defense systems.

BTW, one reason why China is making a fuss about the Japanese Senkaku Islands is because they are not only closer to Japan but are very close to Taiwan and China would be able to use them to launch an attack from the Northeast against Taiwan as well as from mainland China to the Northwest, you know, a two prong attack, making it more difficult for Taiwan to defend itself from an attack by China.

China REALLY wants Taiwan and is ramping up to invade and take Taiwan, which is why the US flew those buffs to the area. Of course, China wants the entire planet.


There is a police dash cam video going around of a home exploding in Texas just as police were showing up after a car had crashed into the building.

There is something very interesting in the video that I have not seen anyone talk about. You have to watch very closely to see a man wearing a hoodie and blue geans with a cell phone to his ear just to the read of the car that had crashed into the home but at a distance just before the explosion. The explosion gets between the camera and the man so you can't see him anymore and the video doesn't show if the man was still there following the explosion.

This looks very much like the car crashing into the home was a trap to get police there to kill the police with an explosion or bomb.

If you find out more about the man, let me know.

Food For Thought

The US Military was doing a lot of training for city fighting in the US on US city streets while Obama was in office and some of the people were concerned the military was training for the upper class trash to use them to seize control of the people while Obama started scattering the military overseas, was building his CNSF to replace the US Military and law enforcement and down grading the law enforcement's military abilities by taking military equipment away from law enforcement.

Was the US Military training to fight the coming civil war not for but against the upper class trash and their CNSF so Obama was busy scattering the military around the world to keep them out of the fight until it was too late?

Now the lefties are preaching violent coup and war while Trump is trying to quickly finish the fights Bush and Obama started so Trump can quietly bring the US military home from around the world to be in the fight against the upper class trash and their thugs while Trump is rearming the law enforcement with military equipment, you know, undoing the damage Obama and company did.


In my essays about Mars not getting enough sunlight per square foot to grow more than a few things like fungi, you know, mushrooms, I realized that some of you wouldn't understand why the amount of sunlight per square foot is important.

If you study plant physiology in college, you learn that plants have a minimum requirement for sunlight for growth and reproduction because plant physiology depends on the amount of photosynthesis the plant can perform within a given period of time for the plant to grow and reproduce (produce fruit.) The amount of sunlight the plant gets per square foot determines the amount of photosynthesis the plant can perform.

If a plant gets less sunlight per square foot than the plant requires for life functions, it cannot perform enough photosynthesis and cannot grow or produce fruit. Any experienced gardener will tell you that certain plants require full sunlight, partial sunlight, partial shade, or full shade pending the species. The plants that require full sunlight can't get enough sunlight for enough photosynthesis to grow and reproduce in partial sunlight or partial shade and will either not reproduce or will stunt their growth and eventually die.

I have a little problem here in this high altitude desert in Alamogordo at 4,200 feet (about 1,200 meters) altitude and usually about 10% to 20% humidity because we get more sunlight per square foot than all but 3 other places in the nation, which is a big part of the reason why this is a desert. You see, we have 4,200 feet less atmosphere and much less humidity to reflect sunlight back into space before it reaches the surface, therefore, more sunlight reaches the surface.

This causes a wee bit of a problem when growing a garden, especially food plants. During the summer we regularly hit temperatures of 100 to 115+ degrees F in the shade, which bakes the place and dries up the plants. Plants that are supposed to be grown in full sun in most places get really baked in full sun here so, this year, I decided to do some experimenting to find out the best strategies for growing different plants here.

I planted watermelons, cantaloupe, and cucumbers in partial shade, partial sun, and full sun to see which would grow best (they won't grow in full shade, not even here). The seeds I planted in partial sun (about 3 hours a day full sunlight), most seeds didn't even germinate because there wasn't adequate sunlight and the few that did start growing quickly stunted their growth and eventually died (within weeks) because, even with more sunlight per square foot than most places on Earth, they were not getting enough sunlight for enough photosynthesis for continued growth.

Now, do you really expect to be able to get plants to grow on Mars where they have less than 25% of the sunlight per square foot that I get here?

It ain't happening, baby. That would be like trying to grow plants inside of an old barn with just one large door open or in full shade. Not much more than mushrooms will grow and you can't live on just mushrooms.

Then Mars also has problems with surface water, atmospheric pressure, the right molecules in the atmosphere and soil, and other problems just to grow plants to eat. There are at least 1,000 different things that have to be within very strict parameters for life to exist on a planet and I have not been able to identify one of them existing on Mars. Simply put is that Mars is not a habitable planet and, without a complete overhaul, it can't ever be a habitable planet. Colonizing Mars is just a Hollywood fantasy.

That also means that Mars has never been a habitable planet and the crap the evolutionists keep telling you about "finding life in 'hostile environments' here on Earth means there could have been life on Mars" as being proof life can or could have lived on Mars is pure evolutionary bull crap. There is NO PLACE on Earth that even comes close to being as hostile towards life as everywhere on Mars. They are lying to you and they know it.

The next time some "scientist" tells you that life can or could have lived on Mars, ask them whether they will be among the first colonists to live on Mars and watch them try to talk their way out of it because they know they are lying.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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