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You may not be aware of the journalist Tommy Robinson of Rebel Media being arrested and imprisoned for reporting the truth about a court case in Britain. He was placed under arrest by a judge because he dared tell the truth about what was going on in a court case.

Britain has been using their courts and legal system to silence people for hundreds of years and this is one of the most important reasons for the First Amendment in the US Constitution to prevent US courts from silencing people and most people in the US don't know this. Because of this, US freedom of speech also applies to the US legal system, a part of the US government, so that, except for only a few reasons, the courts cannot silence anyone from exposing the courts for corruption and abuse of power.

The only time the US courts are supposed to be able to use "gag orders" to silence people is for such things as protecting national security and individuals from retribution. The courts are not supposed to be able to silence people to protect themselves, politicians, and bureaucrats being corrupt. The US Constitution and the First Amendment are supposed to prevent our courts from being used as a political weapon against the people the way the courts in Britain are regularly used against the people.


This morning I woke to a very interesting dream telling me that someone is getting ready to move a very large shipment of stolen gold south to across the US/Mexican border. From what I remember in the dream, it is a small group of criminals who stole the gold and they have some "nifty" plan to smuggle it across the border without the Feds knowing it. It had something to do with a big 18 wheeler truck so it must be a pretty good size shipment of gold. That should be a pretty penny or two worth of gold.

So, if you Feds are still watching me, you know about it now.

This will be interesting.


Two more fissures have opened up in the current volcanic eruptions in Hawaii taking it to a total of 24 fissures. There has also been a significant increase in the emission of sulfuric dioxide. More than 80 structures have been destroyed and increasing amounts of lava flowing and increasing amounts of lava moving quickly.

The crater has grown from about 12 acres in size from a few weeks ago to more than 90 acres today.

It is getting much worse, not better.

It has been a few days since I wrote the above and the volcano is getting much worse with the lava increasing in temperature and speed of flow and now having significantly larger steam explosions hurling rocks up to two feet in size hundreds of yards. They are now expecting even larger steam explosions and have evacuated the area.

Christian Testimony

Years ago I began to notice that increasing numbers of people are starting to teach the things I started teaching you on this site almost two decades ago and I began to wonder if God was getting ready to open a new door for me. As the years have gone by I have seen other people gradually catching up to the things I was currently teaching and now increasing numbers of people are teaching many of the things I was teaching years ago and almost what I am teaching now.

For example, people like Ben Shapiro and Louder with Crowder are strongly preaching that most people shouldn't get college degrees and most college degrees are worthless. Most people should learn a trade because we have a shortage of people with trades.

Those were some of the first lessons I taught on this site in 1999 and 2000 when most of those people were either still in college or just out of college and starting to learn those things but it is nice to see that other people are finally learning and teaching those things.

I have also been seeing hints that some people are learning from my site and passing the lessons on to others with people learning more and more about the truth I teach.

One such person I helped along years ago was Pamela Geller, whom I had been reading and saw that she didn't really understand the full ugly truth about Islam so I sent her e-mails with links to my pages about Islam and within days, she began exposing the things on my site about Islam including Al-taqiyya and, since then, she has done a really great job of exposing the ugly truths about Islam.

None of them give credit where credit is due because my site is a creation science site and they are afraid that them admitting they get some or any of their information from a creation science site would destroy their credibility but that will end when God finally puts evolution to rest, which shouldn't be too much longer.

I am even seeing increasing numbers of people teaching more and more about creation science.

God has been steadily building his army in this war against the pagan lefty war against God's Christians. He is even using people who are not true Christians but hate the lies of the lefties.

Within the last few years, I began telling you how significant electronics warfare is, especially ECM (electronics counter measures) and I was very surprised when, within the last month, others began teaching about electronics warfare and even ECM. My first thought was, "That was fast." It is definitely faster than I have seen anyone start teaching anything else I have been teaching.

This tells me that people are catching up to what I am teaching even faster, which tells me that more people are reading my site and passing on what I teach than I thought. There have been just too many coincidences for this to not be true. I teach things because no one else is teaching them and then, within a few months or years, others are teaching those things.

Again, I have been getting the feeling that God is getting ready to open another door for me because increasing numbers of people are teaching the truths I am teaching and teaching those truths sooner.

A few days ago I woke to dream in which God informed me that my current training will be completed in about six weeks or the middle of July and I "must get a job" or move on to doing another job.

Does this mean I will quit doing this blog?

No, most likely this blog will be an important part of that new job for at least a few more years because I use this blog to get the truth past the lying lefty media and that will almost certainly be necessary with the new job, especially with the lying lefty pagans seizing more and more control of the Internet.

God also let me know that He has many others like me in training who will also soon finish their training and join this counter offensive by God against the pagan lefty offensive against God's Christians. God is about to accelerate His counter offensive against the pagan lefties so things should soon get a wee bit more interesting.

Know that God has a new army of trained warriors heading for the battlefield, you know, reinforcements, and things are about to get even tougher on the pagan lefty commie traitors and their Muslim pals.

Keep praying long, hard, and often, it is working. God is definitely moving in this nation.

Also, for about 3 or 4 years I have been improving in health a very tiny bit each year. By this March 2018, I had gotten to where, if I paced myself, I could do about 1 to 2 hours of very light physical work in a day for 1 to 3 days in a row but would have to take from 1 to 3 days off and would still over do it, particularly if I didn't pace myself well enough. This is what I learned via my gardening this year. In part, I have been using my new ability to do a little bit of gardening to test where my health is and how much I have improved. It is wonderful to be able to do anything again.

I realized a few days ago that God is using the gardening, cats, my blog, and other things to cause me to get back to very light multitasking and crisis management, what I call dancing in tornados...well, OK, maybe really small cyclones...maybe little whirl winds.

This very gradual improvement when the doctors are saying I should have died at least a decade ago, is a significant part of the reason why I have been thinking that God may be about to open another door for me to do other work. Medically, I shouldn't be getting any better and should be getting much worse faster. Hey, I should have died more than a decade ago and this old man is still kicking by the grace of God.

Since March, God has improved my health enough that, by pacing myself with very light work, I can now work about 3 to 4 hours a day, 7 days a week just doing hand watering with a two gallon watering can 3 times a day, morning, noon, and evening, but I am totally wiped out by evening each day. For me, that has been a huge improvement in a very short period of time.

By the way, I have used my knowledge of physiology and physics to develop a sleeping system to where I no longer use my auto CPAP machine for sleeping because of my sleep apnea in spite of the fact that my sleep apnea was diagnosed as being "severely life threatening". Without my sleeping system and CPAP machine, I should die in my sleep.

I almost did die before I woke up when my machine failed about 4 or 5 years ago, waking up just barely in time but still had some brain damage that took a few years to recover from. That is how bad my sleep apnea is, you know, "severely life threatening", literally. So a few years ago I developed a sleeping technique for sleeping without my CPAP machine and it is working and keeping me alive.

Over the last 3 years, I have also lost about 60 pounds I gained because of my sleep apnea. I should weigh about 170 pounds and, because of my sleep apnea, I had gained up to 260 pounds and am now down to about 200 pounds, still a little over weight but a lot better. I believe that is at least partly because of my sleeping system.

Because of my gardening, I am no longer vitamin D deficient because of my increased sun exposure, which I know has helped improve my health and is causing me to feel better.

Not bad for some old guy the doctors think should have died more than a decade ago and the European x-spurts would have sent me to a death panel about a decade ago. Just with this site, I am helping more people than any of those pagan murderers on those death panels will ever help. I am only still breathing by the grace of God, literally. God takes care of Carl.


The Mueller investigation is making Mueller look worse and worse and Trump look better and better the longer it lasts and is really hurting the left, especially just before the midterm elections.

The best thing the left could do for damage control would be to terminate the Mueller investigation as quickly as possible so most people will forget about it by the time of the elections but I seriously doubt that will happen because the left is obsessive compulsive about using this investigation to spy on the conservatives, especially Trump in 2020.

Mean while, what the idiots are really doing is providing Trump with some of the best PR they could probably give him. The longer the Mueller investigation continues, the better it will be for the conservatives in the November election.

It is like I have been telling you; stupid people can't figure out they are stupid because they are stupid, you know, just like being drunk.

BTW, black unemployment is now lower than it has been in 18 years and is getting even lower. Trump has done more for black people in just 1.5 years than Obama did in 8 years and it is getting just a wee bit obvious. In another 2 years, you know, just before the 2020 election, it is very likely that Trump will have done more for blacks than anyone since Lincoln or even more than any other president ever and blacks are noticing. Don't be surprised to see Trump get a much bigger chunk of the black vote to get reelected.

Trump is also making lefty black activists like Jesse Jackson and Al Capone Sharpton look completely incompetent and like fools for supporting a black president who did almost nothing for blacks, except screwing them with things like Obamacare, and hating a white president who is doing a lot for blacks.

Trump is really devastating the left and the left can't figure out how to stop it or beat Trump, showing just how stupid those rich lefties really are. The lefty sins are definitely finding them out.


India just signed a military agreement with Indonesia in anticipation of hostilities from China. Australia is stating an interest in joining this coalition of nations India is building.

India is building an alliance to fight China when China decides to get physical. It isn't if but when this will happen.

After Obama, India and the other nations in the area are considering US leadership to be "uncertain" and I don't blame them. It is smart that they should be able to stand on their own against Chinese aggression without the US.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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