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School Shooting

Concerning the deputy sheriff who failed to enter the school and engage the shooter, I got this from Newsmax By Mark Swanson:

"A lawyer for the Florida deputy who failed to engage the shooter during the Parkland school massacre released a statement Monday defending the cop's actions that day as being by the book, the Miami Herald reported.

Scot Peterson, the school resource officer who decided on early retirement over suspension without pay over the rampage that left 17 dead, says he's no coward, so-called by President Donald Trump last week.

Peterson asserts that he thought the gunfire was coming from outside.

'BSO trains its officers that in the event of outdoor gunfire, one is to seek cover and assess the situation in order to communicate what one observes with other law enforcement,' read the statement sent from the office of Fort Lauderdale attorney Joseph DiRuzzo."


"'Radio transmissions indicated that there was a gunshot victim in the area of the football field, which served to confirm Mr. Peterson's belief that the shooter, or shooters, were outside,' the lawyer's statement read."

I fail to see how a trained officer cannot tell the difference between shots fired inside a building and outside a building.

If there was a radio communication stating the shooting was going on outside the building, when it should have been clear the shots were being fired inside the building, then there should be an investigation into that radio call as to who made the call and why it was made.


All of this nationalism crap by the left is just a deception and con. They are not against nationalism and are actively participating in nationalism.

The EU is a great example for this con because they preach that they are against nationalism or saying existing nations retaining their national identity is being evil. But, when you study it and think about it, you should realize that they are simply replacing the nations of Germany, France, Britain, and others with the nation of the European Union, which is still a form of nationalism. The only real difference here is that the lefties want the nation of the EU with them in control instead of having the nations of Germany, Britain, France and others with the people in control.

Even with their beloved New World Order or global dictatorship, they will have a nation but it will cover the entire planet so no one else can have a say in the running of anything on this planet. It is all about control, power, and greed but it is still nationalistic.

All they are doing is changing the borders, the name of the nation, the government, and how many people they can steal money from faster. It has nothing to do with not having any nations at all because their new nation will still be a nation but with them in power and not you so they are just as nationalistic as everyone else.

The con is them teaching you that for you to retain your national identity, borders, government, and control over your existing nation is bad while getting you to accept their much larger nation with them in control so they can steal more money from more people faster.

These lying criminals are just as nationalistic as you, they just want their nation and not your nations and they have become fanatically obsessive, compulsive about their nationalism, wanting to force their nationalism on you.

The lefty nationalism thingy is just another lefty commie traitor lie and deception to con you into believing their nonsense so they can seize control over you to enslave and steal from you. Basically, the lefties are fanatical nationalistic butt holes.

Natural Elites

They continue to purport that the upper class trash are intellectually superior to the rest of us in spite of the fact that the all-knowing, all-wise, highly educated, heavily inbred, grossly overpaid, upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities have driven well over 1,000 formerly successful major corporations into bankruptcy.

People, it doesn't take a genius to drive a successful business into bankruptcy; a chimpanzee could do that.

When I see a major corporation like Sears going down the tubes and see the moves the management is making, it tells me they are committing "corporate piracy" by gutting the business to quickly fill their pockets. Such people should be facing charges for criminal mismanagement, spend time in jail, and have to pay back everything they stole from the business plus interest. That alone would put an end to the greedy upper class trash destroying so many businesses and putting so many people out of work.

A big clue here is that you don't sell off all of your top assets and expect your business to continue unless you are an idiot. They sold Craftsman, Whirlpool, and everything else that was worth going to Sears for and are now closing thousands of stores nationally.

It is just like I told you; it is faster and easier to steal money than to earn it.

The share holders should bring charges against and litigate the upper management in Sears, especially the CEO. If the controlling share holders are involved, they should also be prosecuted and litigated. There are laws that are supposed to protect the minority share holders from such actions by the majority share holders but, too often, they are not being enforced, especially against the upper class trash.


Who do these spoiled, progressive, arrogant, narcissistic children think they are that all they have to do is announce they are offended and throw a tantrum and the entire planet must start turning in the opposite direction?

Let me give you a clue, your highness, whoever you think you are, you are NOT! This planet was fine before you came, will do even better after you have left, and it does NOT revolve around your spoil, arrogant, narcissistic, ignorant, and irrational little butt so learn about reality and grow up.


Trump is working with Putin to defeat the globalists and their evil plans to set up a global commie dictatorship. This is why Trump wants Putin back in the G-8 and why the lefties are trying to frame Trump for any crime they can.

Trump is currently destroying the evil plans of the globalists and the lefty globalists are trying to stop Trump. Trump is now trying to enlist the help of Putin to destroy the evil plans of the globalists and the evil lefties are trying to stop that alliance because they know it will finish destroying their evil plans even faster.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, it is looking like Soros and the rest of the left plan to run Muslim, Abdul El-Sayed, for president in 2020. Better keep an eye on the rigged voting.

Bill Maher

Bill Maher has stated that he is willing to sacrifice your jobs to get rid of Trump. How sweet of him.

I got this from American Thinker By Monica Showalter:

"Bill Maher is hoping for an economic collapse. He actually told that to a man he interviewed on television, offering up the rationale that a crashed economy is the only way to get rid of President Trump. According to the Washington Examiner, Maher said:

'I feel like the bottom has to fall out at some point, and by the way, I'm hoping for it.'

'I think one way you get rid of Trump is a crashing economy. So please, bring on the recession. Sorry if that hurts people, but it's either root for a recession or you lose your democracy.'"

Maybe Billy Boy, who wants you to lose your job so he can get rid of Trump, should be the first to lose his job?

Then we can see just how bad he wants to get rid of Trump.


Men who can't win sports competitions against men are claiming they "identify" as women so they can participate in women's sports to beat up on women for easy wins so they can pretend to be champions and the idiot lefties running the sports and media are letting these fake women get away with their crimes against women.

More and more people are realizing this and sports are proving that calling yourself a woman or "identifying" as a woman doesn't make you a woman. Men faking being women, you know, fraud, so they can beat up on women in sports for easy wins will be the downfall of the transgender thingy. It is proving conclusively that men claiming they are women doesn't make them women.

Women need to litigate everyone responsible, especially the media, to get their sports back.

A transgender man pretending to be a woman so he can beat up on women in fighting just sent a woman to the hospital with broken bones. What it will take is for one of these fake women to kill a real woman for enough people to get mad enough to stand up and stop it.


For a long time I have thought about the geniuses in the Pentagon disarming our bombers to save money and it was a really stupid idea. Some bril-lee-yunt people in the Pentagon, to promote their careers as them being "innovative", started a crusade on the idea of having gunners on bombers as being obsolete.

During the bombing of Hanoi, I worked on the last two bombers in history to shoot down fighter planes and they would have both been shot down without gunners to protect and defend those planes. Yeah, those planes being shot down would have saved a lot of money.

Those two Buffs were both B-52Ds based out of Carswell AFB in Fortworth, Texas but being flown out of Anderson AFB on Guam in December 1972 and they shot those MIGs down during the bombing of Hanoi. The last I heard, one was on display at the main entrance to the US Air Force Academy outside of Colorado Springs and the other one was on display in some museum. They both have a big red star on their vertical stabilizers for the MIGs they shot down.

Now, today, when they deploy a cell of 3 bombers, the Air Force has to send at least two fighter planes to escort those bombers, which you know costs much more than having weapons and one more crew member on a bomber PLUS it means we now have fewer fighter planes available for other missions at the same time.

Gee, that was just so bril-lee-yunt. Smart move, geniuses.

The old D models had a quad fifty sticking out the back with a crew member who used a very good fire control system for aiming those weapons well enough to shoot down several MIGs. Later models changed to using a 20 mm cannon, which was more effective.

Today, the bombers don't have anything for self defense so they have to expend the money and tie up limited resources to send two fighter planes per cell to provide defense for the bombers.

What they should have done was to increase the armament for the bombers by adding at least half a dozen AIM missiles (radar guided) to be used by the gunner. They should have had at least two missiles mounted on each side of the 20 mm cannon facing aft to take out anything coming at the bombers from the rear, at least two in tubes facing out each side inside the bomber just after the bomb bay to take out anything from either side or below, and two attached to the fuselage on each side at the front facing forward to take out any threat from the front including SAM missiles coming up at them.

This would mean that a cell of 3 bombers would have 18 AIM missiles plus three 20 mm cannons to protect the cell so the Air Force could save the money on the fighters and free those fighters up for other missions, increasing the available fighter power and ability of the Air Force.

But, hey, some Pentagon geniuses had to promote their careers by creating change, you know, like when some idiot geniuses decided that guns on fighter planes were obsolete so they didn't put guns of the F-4C and, after getting a few of those shot down, they put gun pods on the F-4C and then installed guns on all fighter planes since. But, hey, the idiot geniuses got their promotions because of their bril-lee-yunt our military's expense. What the opportunistic idiots should have got was hung or shot to discourage the next idiot crusade for promotions.

Note that having those extra available fighter planes will really matter when we eventually tangle with Russia or China.

Nothing like a little mismanagement of resources, huh?

Today, I would also replace that 20 mm cannon with 4 mini-guns to increase fire power and effectiveness. I would have one gun in the tail facing aft, one gun each in bubble turrets on top and bottom of the fuselage, and one gun in the nose. That would give each bomber cell 18 missiles and 12 mini-guns to protect the cell much better than a couple of fighter planes could possibly protect the cell AND it would free up the fighter planes for other missions. Of course, with the stealth bombers, you would have to have those guns retractable until needed to maintain the stealthiness of the planes but that would be easy to do.

Toss in their usual ECM, it would be more of a one-sided fight in our favor, and it would be extremely difficult to take those planes down.

That cell should be able to take out fighter planes, air-to-air missiles, and SAMs very effectively. That cell would literally be a flying fortress that could blast its way through enemy defenses to deliver a crippling blow to the enemy with smart munitions, you know, like battleships in the sky, whole fleets of them. You KNOW those nukes are getting through, baby.

SAMs? Brrrrp! What SAMs?

Now that would scare the hell out of the enemy and help deter them attacking us.

But, hey, you will never get a good idea like that out of the Pentagon.

Immigration Children

This is very important and shows that God is opening eyes and most people don't trust the lying lefty media any more. I got this from Newsmax By Theodore Bunker:

"Most voters, when asked who is to blame for separating the families found illegally crossing the border, blamed the parents and not the government, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll.

Rasmussen asked voters: 'When families are arrested and separated after attempting to enter the United States illegally, who is more to blame - the parents for breaking the law or the federal government for enforcing the law?'

54 percent said parents.

35 percent blame the government.

11 percent are not sure."

Basically, most people don't believe the lies and propaganda being put out by the lefty commie traitor media and can see through the lies while 46% are either not paying attention, or are stupid, or are the problem. This is really huge when you consider just how viciously the lefty media attacked Trump and most people saw through the lies.

This should tell you that the lying lefty media are losing this war for the minds of the people and the people are fighting back and thinking for themselves. This is a massive win for the people, especially when you consider that Rasmussen tends to ask more lefties than conservatives in their polls to bias the results of their polls for the left and the left still lost.

Man plans, God laughs. Keep praying, it is working.

When asked whether they thought Trump was being too aggressive or not aggressive enough, 49% said he was being too aggressive and 46% said he was being aggressive the right amount or not aggressive enough.

When asked if they agreed with Trump's statement, "The United States will not be a migrant camp. And it will not be a refugee-holding facility - it won't be", 54% said they agree with Trump.

All of this is in spite of the massive amount of propaganda the left put out trying to make Trump look bad about separating families instead of sending the kids to jail with the parents or just not arresting the parents. The lying lefty media are losing control of more and more people and their lies are working less and less. That is a good thing.

But the left did seem to succeed in distracting most people from Trump's successes and the left's corruption, especially the lefty deep state.

Are they still keeping you distracted?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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