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Have you noticed that the liberal commies are making Obama take the heat for everything going wrong?

He Should get a significant amount of the heat for what he is helping go wrong but not be the scape goat for the rest of the criminals. The rest of the criminals should also be held accountable for their share in all of the crimes being committed.

Free Bus Rides

I have told you that the upper class trash will purge their commie traitor puppets because no one can trust a traitor. They are now throwing Lois Lerner under the bus with 10,000 of her e-mails suddenly appearing from no where. What, they couldn't find 10,000 lost e-mails before?

People, 10,000 e-mails is a large data base and should have been easy to find very quickly. It should be obvious that those e-mails had to be intentionally hidden and have now been magically "found" to throw Lerner under the bus. She is getting a free bus ride, you know, just like I have been telling you commies you will get for years. Well, OK, she is going to have to ride in the basement, you know, under the bus with all of these useless idiot liberals who just lost this last election. But all the rest of you little commie traitors will get your turn for the big basement bus ride soon, so be patient. It is Lerner's turn now.

Concerning free basement bus rides, I read that Hilarious Clintstone may be getting "therapy" for her medical problems soon. Gee, doesn't sound like she will be running for president in 2016, especially since the people behind the curtains are pushing Elizabeth Warren and even still looking for others to replace Queen Hilarious. Don't be surprised if she ends up with the Joan Rivers form of therapy, you know, dead (probably because Joan was speaking out against the lefties) or maybe hanging herself by her own belt wedged in her bedroom door while sitting in a chair (I just can't imagine anyone making that one work because that is an almost impossible way to commit suicide, you know, like that belt is going to remained wedge in that door with over 100 pounds hanging on it and there are just too many ways in which that suicide won't work).

You better bet Billy Boy Clintstone is running scared and staying away from buses, taxis only, please. But, hey, that is one person who really deserves the big basement bus ride. You know Billy Boy will be having Princess Chelsea soon declare her presidential candidacy for 2016 to save his rotten butt, especially if Hilarious gets offed in therapy by the upper class trash. Keep an eye on the Clintstone soap, "As the Worms Squirm", yaba daba don't.

Then I read that they won't be trying Bill Cosby for his many alleged rapes? Really, I wonder why? The man is alleged to have committed more than half a dozen rapes and the DA won't prosecute him to promote that DA's political career, if for no other reason? Could it be that they don't have any cases and this was all character assassination to silence Bill Cosby from speaking out against and turning increasing numbers of blacks against the lefties?

Listen, if they don't litigate, you know it is all bogus because no greedy attorney is going to turn down a chance to get rich and famous suing Bill Cosby. That would be a huge career maker for millions of attorneys. Keep an eye on this.

Did Bill have sex with them? Possibly. Was it consensual? We will soon find out.

Listen, people, God meant it when He said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out", and, with God, adultery is a really big sin. You will pay for it. There is no such thing as free sex, free sex is just another lefty lie or fairy tale. How many times do we have to watch adultery destroy someone's life before we learn that there is no such thing as free sex?

But, hey, the lefties silence one person speaking out against them and God raises up dozens more blacks speaking out against the lefties and black Muslims. If need be, God will cause the rocks to speak out against the lefties.

I am seeing huge amounts of anger by all races building against the liberals and their criminal activity. Eyes are opening and people are choosing.

Man plans, God laughs.


I can't understand Israel destroying the homes owned by the families of terrorists. These families get at least $25,000 from countries like Saudi Arabia for the terrorist attacks by their family members, which is a huge amount of money to those people, it is like you getting more than $100,000. Then Israel saves these people thousands of dollars by demolishing their homes so those people can replace that home with an even nicer home for less money? Isn't that rewarding those terrorist families? And everyone is complaining that Israel is providing these terrorists with free demolition of their old home so the terrorists can build an even better home in place of their old home?

Even Israeli politicians are stupid.

Also, Israel just cut their order of F-35s from the US from 31 planes to 14 planes. Think reverse engineering. Israel always buys the best technology she can and then reverse engineers it and improves on it to make even better products. I predict that, within 3 to 5 years of receiving their first F-35, Israel will be making her own F-22s, which are significantly better than F-35s.


I keep seeing victims who are attacked, getting injured or killed, and they should have been able to defend themselves but don't know how. I don't know how many videos of street fights I have seen and have not seen more than a few in which either person really knows how to fight. Most people do what I call blunder fighting.

With what is happening to us right now and getting worse, I strongly suggest that you AND your family learn to fight and defend yourselves and DO NOT assume that what you see on TV or out of Hollywood has taught you how to fight. That stuff is all bull crap written by upper middle and upper class candy butts, most of whom couldn't fight their way out of a kindergarten sand box. Real fighting is NOTHING like you see on TV or out of Hollywood, especially when fighting really bad guys.

Let me share some information with you. Did you know that better than 90% of the people who are stabbed with a knife don't die and, of the less than 10% who do die, better than 90% of those live long enough the kill the person who murdered them? Did you know that better than 80% of the people who are shot don't die and, of the less than 20% who do die, most live long enough to kill the person who killed them. If a person pressed a 38 caliber revolver against the chest of another person and shoots that other person through the heart, it will take that other person 50 to 60 seconds to finish dying, plenty of time to kill the person who killed them.

I like that math. It tells me that, if you attack me with a knife, I have a better than 90% chance of surviving and you have a better than 99% chance that I am going to hit you in the throat with my hand, break your neck, and you will be dead before you hit the ground. If you attack me with a gun, I have a better than 80% chance I will survive and you have a better than 90% chance I will kill you. When you are mortally wounded and still kill the person who murdered you, I call that dragging the other person to the grave with you.

Suggestion: Find yourself a combat experience soldier and pay them to teach you and your family how to defend yourselves, especially against weapons.

You need to learn how to stay off the ground and how to fight from the ground. DO NOT just curl up and try to survive a beating or kicking when knocked to the ground. Your body will only take so many hits or kicks and you are dead. Learn how to fight from the ground and back up off of the ground. You should always fight offensively to cripple or kill as quickly as possible until they stop attacking you or have been crippled or killed. DO NOT surrender to anyone who might kill you anyway. If you are going to die, die fighting and take as many with you as possible. It might save the life of a loved one.

This is also very important because the FBI and Homeland Security have just issued a warning to Vets that ISIS may target us. Be trained, prepared, and alert and not just you but your families.

2016 Election

Have you noticed that the GOP is trying to feed us the same liberal RINO trash from past elections, you know, like we will want to vote for those poser conservatives this time when we didn't vote for them last time? Have they been inbreeding too long or what? Romney, McCain, Trump? Isn't there anyone in the GOP worth voting for?

Jeb Bush said the GOP doesn't need conservatives to win the White House in 2016. You can't get any clearer than that about Jeb Bush being a liberal traitor. It should be very clear by now that both parties are controlled by the liberals.


The experts are confused as to why OPEC didn't cut back on oil production to try to reverse the falling prices of oil being caused by the fracking companies in the US. Two strong probabilities are 1) the OPEC countries need all of the money they can get to keep financing their terrorist organizations at such a critical moment in their attempt to conquer the world and 2) OPEC is trying to let the price of oil fall low enough to bankrupt the oil fracking businesses so the price of oil will rebound. Keep an eye on this.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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