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When the upper class trash are talking about things like "health care for everyone" at $32.6 trillion for just the first 10 years and would get more expensive every decade after that, they are only pretending to show concern for the people while using Marxism to bankrupt and destroy our nation so they can seize control and set up their lefty commie traitor dictatorship.

It should only be common sense that no nation can sustain that kind of spending for very long before it goes broke. That is why the government healthcare systems in other nations like Canada, Britain, and others are failing so badly with thousands of people simply not getting the healthcare they need and dying before they can make it to the top of their wait list. You get what you pay for and free ain't going to get you much.

But, hey, it's free, so what if you don't get to use it?

The upper class trash KNOW that such healthcare won't and can't work because it is failing everywhere and driving those nations into bankruptcy forcing those nations to take out loans from the upper class trash they will never be able to pay off and you know the upper class trash will eventually begin to "foreclose" on all of the nations and seize control "to properly manage the nations and protect their assets", you know, the way the upper class trash use their banks to seize or foreclose on your home when you lose all of your equity to protect their investment (gee, what a coincidence), when they have them all owing more money than they can pay back, which is why the upper class trash are in such a big hurry to trap the US with all of the other nations, which are so ripe for the picking.

Socialism is a con and a trap, people. Socialism isn't about caring about people but about pretending to care about people while stealing from the people.

BTW, you know that the politicians will be blamed for the mess they caused so the upper class trash puppet masters can look good and use taking control of the government away from those corrupt politicians the upper class trash bribed to cause that mess.

After all, when the upper class trash seize control of your government to "clean up the mess", who can they blame for causing the mess?

The only people the upper class trash can blame are the corrupt politicians the upper class trash bribed to cause the mess and you know the upper class trash will do this in a way to make the corrupt politicians look like the bad guys and the upper class trash will be the good guys or knights in shining armor coming to save our butts. It will just be more of the same con.

Therefore, the corrupt politicians are just fall guys, fools, and patsies being set up by the upper class trash to take the fall for the mess the corrupt politicians and upper class trash caused to make the upper class trash look good and the corrupt politicians will be facing charges before Kangaroo courts and execution for their crimes to make it look like the upper class trash who caused this are the good guys.

And the free stuff the politicians and their corrupt lefty college professor friends are promising?

Oh yeah, you will get that free stuff, or at least some of it, until the upper class trash are "forced" to seize control of your government to "clean up the mess caused by the corrupt politicians" and then you will be told that you "must tighten up your belts to help clean up the mess" but don't worry, then you will get other free stuff, you know, free dictatorship, free oppression, free poverty, free slavery, and they will even murder you for free, you know, just like in all Marxist dictatorships.

But, hey, at least you will know that your corrupt politicians you kept voting into office for all of that free stuff will be executed with you AND you will even get a couple of free bullets to the back of your head. How generous of the Marxists.


FB has stated that they have uncovered "shocking efforts to disrupt the US 2018 elections", you know, while FB itself is trying to disrupt the US elections. I got this from Associated Press via CenturyLink By BARBARA ORTUTAY and MARY CLARE JALONICK (note that they used all caps and not me):

"NEW YORK (AP) - Facebook elevated concerns about election interference Tuesday, announcing that it had uncovered "sophisticated" efforts, possibly linked to Russia, to manipulate U.S. politics and by extension the upcoming midterm elections."

Note that "possibly linked to Russia" means probably not linked to Russia and they don't have any evidence that it is Russia but, hey, they will blame Russia to keep you from blaming them.

Gee, you don't think that FB is preparing the stage for FB to blame Russia for the mischief FB is doing to disrupt the US election, do you?

"It weren't us, it were the Ruskies! They done it."

I get so very tired of this lefty upper class trash crap. Unfortunately, there are many people who are stupid enough and/or want to believe enough that they will fall for this crap...again...and again...and again.

Death Penalty

Pope Francis just said that the death penalty is "inadmissible". He just elevated himself above God because God tells us to use the death penalty and Pope Francis just told us that he knows better than God. That is blasphemy and the Pope just committed blasphemy.

Gee, who else was it that elevated himself above God, Jesus?

No, Jesus humbled Himself before God. It was Satan who elevated himself above God so Pope Francis is being Satan like or Satanic. Think about that. He ain't my pope, baby. I answer to God, not the pope.

When I tell you that these evil people should be executed, I am obeying God and being God like.

Gee, why would the Pope tell you that you should not executed evil people? To keep them alive to continue to do Satan's work When God has told you to execute these evil people to stop them from continuing to do Satan's work?


Trump just got handed a major victory by an appeals court. The court said that a judge cannot block the federal government defunding sanctuary cities.

Guess what Trump is about to start doing on a massive scale?

This will be interesting.

BTW, Mueller is doing everything he can to keep his "investigation" going 1) so he can try to interfere with this coming election and 2) because, as soon as his "investigation" is finished, his goose is cooked. Mueller is hoping the commies can seize control of Congress in this next election so they can save his traitorous butt by impeaching Trump. If the GOP maintains control of Congress, Mueller and his corrupt, traitorous pals are screwed.


Merkel is considering hiring foreigners to staff their military. This is in a nation with an official unemployment rate of 3.1% but, because of their socialism, the true unemployment rate is much, much higher, closer to 50%, because they have so many able bodied Germans living on Welfare because they can't get work. This is true for all of the Western socialist countries so that their real unemployment rate is much higher than their "official" unemployment rate. We studied that in economics in college.

Gee, you don't think this is the German government infiltrating Muslims into their military to take over their military so their military won't support a rebellion by the people, do you? Do you believe me now when I tell you that the upper class trash silently converted to Islam years ago and are closet Muslims? Is it getting just a wee bit obvious?

They are giving control of their military to Islam. Think about that.

Yeah, the US will eventually have to send in more young men to die to clean up another mess created by the European upper class trash. The upper class trash have done nothing but create one mess after another for more than a 1,000 years.


My definition for gardening is: "Gardening is the art of being able to grow grass where you don't want it to grow and not being able to grow grass where you want it to grow."

My first law of gardening is: "Weeds will always grow faster and more abundantly than what you want to grow."

My second law of gardening is: "Bacteria, fungi, bugs, rodents, and birds will always eat more from your garden than you will."

My third law of gardening is: "If you are not over watering it, you are under watering it and, if you are not under watering it, you are over watering it."

The truth is that gardening is a great big guessing game.

Border Wall

I hope you realize that we would not need a border wall if the upper class trash, who make money from the illegal aliens, human trafficking, illegal drugs, and other contraband crossing into the US and who are using their wealth, power, and influence to prevent law enforcement from stopping most of the contraband, were investigated, tried, and executed for their part in these crimes but you know that ain't going to happen any time soon.

Over the years, I have heard a number of law enforcement officers from different parts of the US all state that their hands are tied by the upper class trash making large sums of money from these crimes and their puppet politicians, who keep "calling off the dogs" to protect those upper class trash and their illicit businesses. These upper class trash criminals are above the law because they own the corrupt politicians who control the law. If we ever get honest people running this nation, we will have to build quite a few gallows and buy a lot of bullets.

Why do you think that people like Hilary, Obama, Podesta, and others have not been prosecuted when their criminal activities are so obvious?

That is the very reason we have "lost the war against drugs." Our corrupt politicians regularly call off the law enforcement to prevent the law enforcement from being able to investigate the upper class trash, who are in control of these criminal actions. People, it is the corrupt upper class trash who operate, control, and make the most money from these crimes, which is why they don't want a wall interfering with their illicit businesses.

I have known since I was in the military that we have had the technology to stop all of these crimes without a wall but the upper class trash, who control these criminal organizations and our corrupt politicians, keep using their political puppets to call off the law enforcement from investigating these criminal activities.

Law enforcement did not lose the war against drugs; they are prevented by our corrupt politicians from winning the war against drugs and there is a difference.

Know that the upper class trash control ALL of these criminal activities and make them possible by using their corrupt political puppets or whores to stop law enforcement from doing its job and stopping these crimes and the upper class trash. The upper class trash are the problem.

Iranian Boat Swarms

Iran is staging war games to "practice" or intimidate us with their little boat swarming crap. Someone posted an article about this exercise on FB and I responded by stating that the US Navy should stage a war game in the same area to "practice" countering Iran's boat swarming game.

People, the US Navy has dealt with small boats "swarming" big ships since WWII, you know, like the US PT boats, and knows how to deal with them.

There are people who love to over sensationalize such things as Iran's boat swarming to make it look like some really terrible and destructive super weapon that it is not and people who don't know any better fall for it. Their sensationalism is based on 1) that 100 little boats could overwhelm a ship and 2) that the US Navy would send just one war ship into such a hostile area. Both of these assumptions are false.

First, those little boats are either unarmored or very lightly armored fishing boats and their rockets would do no more damage to a heavily armored US warship than bottle rockets. Just one US destroyer carries enough fire power with different weapons systems to quickly eradicate several hundred such fishing boats while suffering very light to no damage.

Just how long do you think 100 fishing boats would last against just one Phalanx minigun?

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp, yep, that would be about it.

You think not?

Here is a video showing mini guns in action (caution: you will hear some human language, ignore it). Yeah, not very long and that doesn't include the rest of the weapons systems on just one destroyer.

Now you have to understand that the US Navy will send in fleets of warships and not just individual warships to such risky environments. The most common fleets would be either a destroyer fleet with at least 3 to 4 destroyers, 1+ cruisers or frigates, and a nuke attack sub or a carrier strike group with an aircraft carrier, at least 2 destroyers, at least 1 cruiser or frigate, and a nuke attack sub, most of which will have at least one Phalanx system, artillery, machine guns, and missiles and, oh yeah, the carrier also has these little thingeis called F-18 Super Hornets that will swarm a lot faster at a greater distance with a much more significant sting and just how long do you think 100 fishing boats will last against 30 to 40 F-18s?

It would only take 3 Super Hornets with half a dozen 2,000 pound bombs with altitude detonation devices to detonate those bombs about 50 to 100 feet over those fishing boats to turn those fishing boats into an oil slick within a few minutes.

Add to that that the US Navy can also call for support from any number of US Air Bases in the area for such things as AC-130 gunships, A-10s, Apache attack choppers, or B-52s with those 2,000 pound bombs with altitude detonation devices, all of which would turn that fishing fleet into splinters in a few minutes, at most, and the US Air Force would be more than happy to help.

Also keep in mind that, while they are partially busy dispatching those fishing boats, the US Navy will be launching missiles to destroy every Iranian navy and air base within at least 200 miles of the fleet under attack to prevent reinforcements showing up to the fight late.

Do you really think Iran is stupid enough to attack one of our Navy fleets with a few hundred fishing boats? If their leaders are that stupid, how long do you think Iran's attack fishing fleet will survive? Seconds?


The science of ecology is a well founded science based on observations and testing, therefore, it is considered solid science...well, except for the bogus crap the left keeps pushing at you.

On the other hand, evolution CANNOT be a solid science because there can be no observations of evolution actually taking place and it cannot be tested, both of which are required for a solid science. At best evolution is speculation but, hey, it causes artists to draw some really cool pictures of strange looking plants and animals, all of which is pure wild speculation because we really have no idea of exactly what any of those extinct organisms looked like.

A very important fact about evolution is that there is absolutely no scientific evidence that any one species evolved from any one other species. All they do is put two or more species which look similar in structure beside each other and SAY that one evolved from the other. That is it, they just SAY it happened with absolutely no scientific evidence that any one species evolved from any one other species.

We can do exactly the same thing today by placing species beside each other that are similar in appearance and SAYING that one evolved from the other with absolutely no scientific evidence that any of them evolved from any other species but that doesn't mean it is true.

For example, ducks and geese are similar in appearance so we could SAY, based on no more evidence than evolution uses, that geese evolved from ducks; horses and deer are similar in appearance so we could SAY that horses evolved from deer; and lizards and crocodiles are similar in appearance so we could SAY that crocodiles evolved from lizards but that would not make it true, it would just mean that we said so without ANY scientific evidence that it really did take place. That would be scientifically unfounded, wild speculation and nothing more, you know, pagan fairy tales.

Therefore, the science of ecology would have precedence over the concept of evolution in deciding any matter. This means that, if ecology says something can or cannot happen and evolution says the opposite, we must assume that ecology is right and evolution is wrong.

Ecology says that ecosystems are very complex and have to be very balanced for life to continue to exist within any ecosystem for just a few years, much less for millions and billions of years. If you study the complexity and balance of our current ecosystems in relation to mathematic probabilities, you will find that math says that such complexity and structure CANNOT happen by accident and coincident, some superior intelligence had to cause this balance and structure to happen, which is one reason why better than 90% of scientists who believe in evolution also believe in a superior intelligence that caused all of life to happen via evolution.

But it gets better.

Evolution REQUIRES that there had to be thousands of ecosystems over millions and billions of years because of the many different species and ecology REQUIRES that everyone of those ecosystems had to be complex and balanced for life to have been able to continue in any of those different ecosystems for just a few years. Therefore, evolution REQUIRES that there had to be thousands of different, complex, and balanced ecosystems that had to happen accidentally and coincidentally again and again over millions and billions of years, which is mathematically beyond absurd, preposterous, and impossible without intelligent intervention.

Therefore, evolution REQUIRES that a superior intelligence had to create thousands and thousands of very complex and balanced ecosystems over millions and billions of years, which just makes evolution another form of creation, only much more complex than Biblical creation and absolutely scientifically impossible to accidentally and coincidentally happen. The mathematic probability of that many complex and balance ecosystems accidentally and coincidentally happening over millions and billions of years is beyond mind boggling, preposterous, and absurd.

Therefore, evolution is the stuff that pagan fairy tales are made of and requires tons and tons of magic fairy dust to make it happen...twinky dink! Evolution is the power of twinky dink!

The truth is that evolution is REQUIRED to just be another form of creation where a superior being created thousands and thousands of complex and balanced ecosystems over millions and billions of years. Therefore, evolution and ecology have proved conclusively that a superior being we call God MUST exist for there to be any life, there is absolutely no other possibility.

This only leaves you two choices for a science based and rational belief in the beginning of life, either a singular creation event as described in the Bible or a much more complex and improbably series of creation events spread out over millions and billions of years, but you MUST believe in creation because there is no other rational choice.

Once again, science has proved absolutely and conclusively that God MUST exist, completely destroying the fanatical false pagan inhumane cult of atheism, which has butchered hundreds of millions of people in just the last 100+ years and you have to choose which god you want to believe created life, either via Biblical creation or evolutionary creation.

Science has proved absolutely and conclusively that God is real, He exists, and He lives and you MUST now decide which side of God's line you want to be on, the side with God, Yahweh, Elohim, Adonai, Jesus or the side with Satan and his pagan gods Satan uses to confuse and distract you from believing in the one true God. Choose wisely because your eternal destiny depends on it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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