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Here is some interesting information on Russia concerning Russia taking a massive army and allies to Northern Israel to invade Israel.

It seems that she had to refuse purchasing new, top of the line fighter planes because she simply can't afford to buy them and now she can't even afford to buy her own new tanks.

I got this from SOFREP by Alex Hollings:

"It comes as little surprise that Russia's expensive dreams of a T-14 laden military are being postponed indefinitely. With a struggling economy and stagnant defense budget, Vladimir Putin's modernization initiatives throughout Russia's military have widely been sacrificed at the altar of high profile programs like the RS-28 Sarmat ICBM, the Status-6 nuclear drone, and the Uran-9 ground combat drone. While most of these systems amount to little more than smoke and mirrors, they offer greater credibility in geopolitical discussion than a fleet of more capable tanks. As such, like the Su-57, it was more important to Russia that they develop the platform than it ever was to actually produce them in sizeable numbers. Russia's efforts at military modernization have more to do with perception than capability, as Russia couldn't technically afford to enter into an actual war with an opponent like the United States anyway."

Russia isn't going to be leading an army against Israel, it's going to be Turkey who will fulfill the prophesy concerning Gog and Magog.

One thing I am concerned about and have been closely watching is whether Russia has really reverted back to being a Christian nation under Putin. If Putin and Russia are truly Christian, regardless of what their past is, then they are on God's side and God will protect Russia. You know, there is a little thing in Christianity called "repentance", which is required to be a true Christian.

This is the biggest reason why I do not believe that Russia is Gog and Magog. A true Christian is NOT going to be the doomed bad guy in Bible prophesy.

Mean while, our nation is in upheaval between being a Christian nation and being run by a bunch of pagan traitors with many of the "Christians" being poser Christians or only Christians in name. Because of this, our nation is barely a Christian nation today and the pagans are currently in the process of staging a coup. Just look at the many pagans Trump is fighting in our government.

My concern is that, if our nation is not on God's side and Russia is on God's side and we go to war against Russia, regardless of who has the best or most planes, tanks, ships, and best trained and experienced troops, God will deliver the US into Russian hands. If we are both on God's side and one goes to war against the other, the Bible shows that God will deliver the aggressor into the defender's hand regardless of military might.

We better be very certain whose side Russia is on and whose side we are on before we make any moves against Russia.

Does Trump KNOW that Putin is definitely a Christian and he is working with Putin against the pagans, who are the real bad guys?

A very strong clue here is that 1) Putin seems to have converted to Christianity and is leading his nation into Christianity, 2) Russia is increasingly Christian, 3) Russia is being persecuted by Europe, which has converted back to being mostly pagan and being run by pagans and Putin has beat the Europeans at every move, and 4) the US joined the persecution of Russia in Syria under Muslim Obama and Putin is winning, which is VERY indicative of Putin and Russia being protected by God.

I could easily see God using Putin and Russia to "revive" the Christian Byzantine Empire or the northern part of it by taking back Constantinople.

Mean while, I am seeing signs that most nations in Europe have almost completely turned their backs on God, are now pagan nations, especially their corrupt leaders, God is using the Muslims to destroy their pagan nations, and their nations are a lost cause. You better pray that God doesn't send us reeling down that road to destruction.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, there is increasing tension between the US and Turkey. Gee, what a coincidence. I got this from Arutz Sheva by Ben Ariel:

"A delegation of Turkish officials will head to Washington in two days to discuss the row between the two countries, Reuters reported Monday, citing CNN Turk.

Ankara and Washington have reached pre-agreements on certain issues, CNN Turk said, without elaborating.

Relations between the two countries have soured over a series of issues, but most recently over the trial of U.S. pastor Andrew Brunson on terrorism charges."

Now, if Obama and his bunch seize control of the US and decide to invade Israel, you can bet Erdogan won't miss that opportunity, especially with Erdogan currently calling for the other Muslim nations to help Erdogan invade Israel.

Keep an eye on this.

Now, will Putin be able to retake Ukraine and Transnitria following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and then invade a defenseless Turkey to retake Constantinople? Who will have an army left to stop them?

There will be so much shock, confusion, and chaos following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 with everyone trying to figure out what is left of their rapidly fleeing militaries they sent to invade Israel that few nations will even care if Putin does a little neighborly land grabbing. Everyone who could stop him will suddenly be pulling back a stub and in no hurry to risk losing any more of their greatly diminished militaries. Plus, if Putin really is on God's side, then no one can stop him.

If he doesn't lose part of his military in that battle, it is possible he will take land but will he actually take the land?

Knowing Putin, I don't think he will miss the opportunity and I increasingly believe that God will use Putin to revive the Christian Byzantine Empire. Keep an eye on this.


Thousands of years ago, the upper class trash realized that, if you control the land, you can control the people. The upper class trash learned that, if they owned all of the land, the people had to live on the upper class trash land and, if the people resisted anything the upper class trash wanted, all the upper class trash had to do was kick the people off of their land, the people wouldn't have anywhere else to live, and the people became homeless and even more destitute.

The surf system, peasantry system, and peonage system of Europe used this principle to help control their people. The European royalty owned all of the land within their domain except for some "free zones" where people who had made a significant sacrifice in war fighting for the royalty could live free of the normal oppression on their own land. They were still oppressed, just not as much.

The US upper class trash are using this strategy to eat away at the freedoms of Americans. They keep coming up with innovative ways to steal land from the people so that either they end up owning your land or the government they control ends up owning your land.

The first of these ways was "eminent domain" where the government they control could pay you "market value" and just seize your land for "the good of the community" or whatever. They always have a righteous sounding reason for the crimes they commit. "Hey, it is a good thing because we are doing it for this good, that good, or some other good thing."

Then they came up with land taxes, which prevent you from having complete control of your own land or actually owning it and gives the final control of your land to the government the upper class trash control. It also means that, if a poor person cannot pay those land taxes, that poor person has to sell their land to pay those land taxes and becomes homeless or has to live on the land owned by the upper class trash.

Nothing like a little tax to steal everything from the poor, huh?

The upper class trash justify this stealing your land by saying it is to pay for public education to brainwash...uh...I mean, educate the children, and is for the good of the children to make it look like they care about the children, you know, those children they have murdered more than 50 million of with their abortion and, if you are against paying land taxes, they use that to make you look like a cold, evil monster who doesn't care about brainwashing...uh...I mean, educating, yeah that is the ticket, educating the children, you know, like they couldn't use another tax to pay for education. The upper class trash know that most people won't take a stand against educating children so they use that as an excuse for stealing control of your land with land taxes, which I call commie rent.

Then they came up with conservation as an excuse to steal public land, you know, "to protect the environment and endangered species" to make it look like they actually care about the environment while they build huge palaces in really nice environments. "Hey, you missed a place with that bulldozer, bud!" This con does several things, 1) it makes it so you can't live on that land and 2) artificially inflates the value of the land you can live on because it decreases the supply of land in relation to the demand for land.

Artificially inflating the price of land does two things, 1) it decreases the number of people who can buy land forcing more of you to live on the upper class trash land and 2) it increases the number of people who cannot afford to keep land because of land taxes and have to sell their land to pay their land taxes, forcing them to also live on land owned by the upper class trash. This is definitely oppressing the same poor people the lefties claim to care about and pretend to be trying to take care of.

For example, in the last few months that Obama was in office, he seized more than 94 million acres of land or more than 142,000 square miles (there are 660 acres per square mile). There are only four states in the US which have that much or more land than Obama seized, Alaska has 570,641 square miles of land, Texas has 261,914 square miles of land, California has 155,973 square miles of land, and Montana has 145,556 square miles of land. Obama seized more land in just one land grab than any other state in the US has. Think about that.

Then Billy Boy Clinton passed a law requiring banks to give home loans to poor people who could not possibly pay off those mortgages and then started a campaign telling poor people they should mortgage their homes to get money to live the good life on while forgetting to tell those poor people that failing to pay off those loans would cost those poor people their homes. Then those loans were sold to companies owned by the upper class trash so that, when those poor people lost all of their equity in those loans, the upper class trash just magically got lots of free land from the poor, after spending a few years stealing money from the poor in interest on those loans.

Yep, the upper class trash just can't steal enough from enough people fast enough.

This is what caused the housing loan bust at the end of Bush's presidency and just before Obama took over. The upper class trash foreclosed on hundreds of thousands of homes owned by poor people, making those poor people homeless, decreasing the amount of land the people can buy and live on and then, after spending years stealing money from those poor people in interest on those loans, the banks claimed that "helping the poor" bankrupted them so the upper class trash could steal even more money on those loans in "government bail outs" paid for with your tax dollars, which meant that the poor paid for that land, the government bail out or your tax dollars paid for that land, and then the upper class trash got to keep that land.

What a deal!!! Yep, the upper class trash definitely can't steal enough from enough people fast enough and is ALWAYS coming up with more ways to steal more money from more people faster, especially with great sounding, kind, caring programs.

Kind, caring Clinton and Obama really took care of those poor people, didn't they?

Are you still against the death penalty for these crimes against you, the people? How much more land must they steal before they have complete control of you and return you to being their slaves?

Mean while, that amount of land available for you to live on is decreasing rapidly with the lefty upper class trash stealing it all with a variety of great sounding excuses.

Keep an eye on this.

Personally, I think these criminals should have to pay back everything they have stolen plus interest or, hey, I love Biblical Law, they should have to pay back 5 times what they stole. If stealing costs them 5 times more than it will pay, they will stop stealing.

But, hey, they own the legal system so they are above the law so they don't have to worry about being executed for their crimes...unless you stage a revolution, which is why they want your guns. They don't want you to hold them accountable for their crimes.

British Museums

For decades, I have been watching a growing movement to return the ancient "treasures" taken from other nations by the Europeans. Some of the European nations, especially France, are taking the sides of these other nations and returning those treasures but Britain is holding out...for now.

How long do you think those British museums will hold out after the Muslims from those nations finish taking over the British government?

Think about that one. Maybe those museums better take pictures of those treasures to hang on the wall?

This is all very interesting because of some very interesting coincidences, you know, like we are in the end times, the Bible speaks of Babylon being the financial and religious capitol of the world during the Tribulation, the Shiite Muslims and Satanic upper class trash are spending tens of millions of dollars working towards rebuilding Babylon to be the financial and religious capitol of the world, those nations are now demanding those treasures back, and those European Museums house ancient treasures like entire intact gates and throne room walls from ancient Babylon required for rebuilding Babylon. Gee, there sure are a lot of coincidences happening all at once.

I hope you realize that God used those museums to protect those structures from Iraqis who were stealing stones from ancient Babylon to build buildings and rock walls for the last few hundred years so those structures could be used to rebuild ancient Babylon. Think about that one.

It is obviously time to rebuild Babylon and those European museums have what is required to get the job done.

BTW, if Israel soon takes everything in the Western Arabian Peninsula do to the Indian Ocean following the soon coming Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, Saudi Arabia, which will all but cease to exist, won't get to build their city of Neom to compete against Babylon in being the financial and religious capitol of the world. Think about that.

Do you see God's hand moving in all of this yet?

If not, keep looking; it's there.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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