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US Space Force

Let me give you a clue as to what you are in for concerning the space weapons systems you are about to find out about. When I was in SAC, we were taught that things like the SR-71 and NASA were created and/or used as fronts or covers to keep the Soviet KGB agents busy spying on those things so the Ruskies would not be able to find out about our best "toys" or space weapons systems, many of which I was trained to know about and you will soon find out about some of them and it worked, because the KGB never found out about our best toys.

Think about that for a while. You ain't seen nuttin' yet, baby. It is going to get very interesting to see what they soon let everyone know about. In SAC, we were the space force before there was a space force.

Now, I know that Trump obviously knows the plans of the upper class trash and their space alien con to get you to willfully submit to their dictator rule and I believe that, most likely, Trump is starting the US Space Force IN PART to spoil the upper class trash plans to use the space alien fairy tale to get you to willfully submit to their global dictator rule. The upper class trash natural elites are about as superior to you as maggots.

It is also obvious that Trump is doing this to create a deterrence to space warfare by our enemies by letting them know that we already have a superior space force that will quickly and easily kick their butts.

Trump probably has at least a few other reasons for making this move right now so keep an eye on it.


Hey, all of you bril-lee-yunt, all-knowing, all-wise, highly edumacated, natural elite lefty commie traitors who got the right degrees from the right universities and want to colonize Mars, I have a better idea for you.

Why don't you colonize the sun?

It is much, much larger than Mars so you would have power over more turf and you would have control over all of the power in this solar system. You greedy, power mad whackos could extort us sane humans on Earth to give you all of our wealth or you won't let us have any energy from the sun.

Wow, what a deal! That is even better than socialism.

Yeah, yeah, I know it is kind of warm but don't you stupid lefty commie traitors know how to safely go to the sun to colonize it?

You wait to go to the sun until it is night time when it is much cooler. Yep, that is how you lefties do it so off with you, go colonize the sun, twits. That should double this planet's IQ.

(If you don't see the joke in this, you are an idiot...or lefty...what's the difference.)

Rodent Pandemic

I realized that you need to keep an eye on something. It is only common sense that, with the increasing amount of human feces on the streets of San Francisco, there will also be an increase in rodents like mice and rats because a biology law states that, if you increase the food supply for a species that species population will grow.

You need to know that rodents only eat some things from human feces but bugs eat much more from human feces, which will increase bug populations and rodents also eat those bugs. Therefore, the rodent populations, which are already pandemic in all of our major cities, will grow in population even more. If you think those major lefty run cities have a bad rodent problem now, just wait.

Then you also need to know that this will increase the flea populations because the main source of food for most fleas is rodent blood.

Plus you need to know that all of that feces, especially in conjunction with the increased bug populations, will increase the growth of different bacteria, which will all combine to increase the potential and probability for one or more disease pandemics. Yeah, baby, those lefty commies really know how to screw everything up big time.

Now, San Francisco has started cleaning up the human feces on the streets but they have not stopped the defecating on streets, which means this threat will continue until the idiot liberals and their great sounding stupid ideas have caused one or more serious disease epidemics.

Keep an eye on this.

These are some of the reasons why we humans have developed the sanitation and hygiene we developed. The lefties could easily end up causing the deaths of from tens of thousands to more than one hundred million humans with their great sounding stupid ideas before this is over.


I got this from Breitbart by Virginia Hale:

"The flow of third world migrants must be brought to a halt, European leaders said over the weekend, with Sebastian Kurz calling for EU nations to begin blocking boats from Africa.

Der Standard reported the Austrian Chancellor [pictured above, left] held a telephone conversation with Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, in which the pair agreed that the situation with migrants being ferried across the Mediterranean was not sustainable.

'We are both of the opinion that the EU cannot just allow every ship to dock,' said Kurtz, urging other nations in the bloc to close their ports to boats carrying illegal immigrants."

Oops!!! You mean another one of the lefty great sounding stupid ideas isn't working? Who would have thought? Finally figured it out, did they? It took them long enough. Is it too late? What will they do with the hostile Muslims already in their nations, surrender to them?

Life Expectancy

For decades I have listened to and read x-spurts talking about which is more important concerning life expectancy and health and they always talk about DNA, diet, and exercise and which is most important. I have found that they are all wrong and don't have a clue what they are talking about.

By the time I graduated from high school, I knew that, if you want to stay out of trouble, you stay away from trouble.

Back in the 1950s and 1960s easily better than 80% of adult fights, stabbings and shootings took place in bars so I decided to stay away from bars to stay away from trouble. You tend to live longer that way.

As I have gone through life, I considered the question about health and life expectancy and, for a while, I believed that exercise and then DNA were the most important factors but more than half a century of observations have taught me differently.

The most important thing that will affect your health and life expectancy is your life style; how you live, what you do, and who you hang out with, you know, do you live like a pagan or live by the 10 Commandments.

I have learned that, if you join ANY street gang, you just joined the group of people who have the greatest probability of being dead before you are 25 years of age and, if you join ANY criminal organization, especially if you work for the Clintons, you just joined the group which has the second greatest probability for being dead before you are 35.

The media always show us and talk about old criminals to make it look like you can live a life of crime and grow to be old. Yes, you can, but you probably won't, you will probably die young. For every criminal who lives to be over 70, there are thousands of young ones lying in the cemeteries that the media never show you, you know, the old "out of sight, out of mind" thingy.

If you like to go to wild parties, today's equivalent of bars, you are more likely to die young for a number of reasons. First, criminals like to attend wild parties and you regularly hear about stabbings and shootings done by criminals at wild parties with innocent bystanders usually being the victims because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and criminals are notoriously bad shots. Better than 80% of the people shot in drive by shootings by criminals are "innocent" victims because criminals are notoriously bad shots and miss who they are shooting at most of the time.

In my opinion, if you hang out with criminals or where criminals hang out and you get shot or stabbed, you are not an innocent victim, you are an idiot. If you want to stay out of trouble, you stay away from trouble and all criminals are trouble.

If you use ANY recreational drugs, whether alcohol, tobacco, pot, or anything else, you are doing damage to your body, I don't care what the lying lefties tell you. For decades I have watched thousands of reports of rich, famous, young people dying from drug abuse via over dosing, poisoning, cancer, kidney failure, and other reasons and I am still seeing those people dying today. Money and fame do not save your butt from the harm caused by drugs, all drugs.

Just because you have a big bank account, you are superman or superwoman. The drugs will still kill you and kill many people every day.

Adultery is a big killer because of 1) STDs and 2) people getting killed by people they have angered for screwing around. Adultery has created the greatest disease pandemic in history that is killing hundreds of thousands to millions every day and the lying lefty media are covering it up. Simply put, the more sex partners you have, the more likely you are to die from an STD and they ALL eventually kill you, if left untreated, with many not even being treatable. Besides, when you are committing adultery, you don't get to pick which STDs you get, you just get everything the other person has.

Simply put, if you get shot, stabbed, killed by drugs, or die from an STD because of your pagan life style, your DNA, diet, and exercise don't even matter; you're dead, baby.


According to the simple minded, lefty conservationists, college professors, PBS, Disney, Hollywood, MSM, and others (you know the lefties causing the worst fires in history with their tree hugging conservationism, which caused over forestation, which caused the aquifers and surface waters to dry up, which caused the trees and other vegetation to become kindling, and caused all of these horrific fires. I'm waiting for some greedy attorney to file a class action law suit against all of the responsible parties for damages. Is there anything the lefties have not destroyed with their simple minded crusades?), my clan of free roaming feral cats, which have been here for at least 5 to 6 years now, should have killed all life between here and Mars, conquered the planet, and set up a global feline dictatorship, you know, run by Mama cat (cat clans are matriarchies).

Buuuut, not so fast. Yesterday a cat jumped up beside me and my puter with a bird he had just killed on my property to keep the other cats from stealing his fresh meal. Just a few hours later, I was walking around outside, walked up on a female in the middle of my land surrounded by an entire feral cat clan eating what, at first glance, was an extremely large lizard tail but I quickly realize it was too long and fat to be a lizard tail and was a snake. Of course, my mind immediately began racing to figure out what kind of snake it was, especially since the snake was grey and there is only one snake I know of in New Mexico which is grey and I was thinking, "Oh no, not in the middle of my land surrounded by a cat clan?", so I looked at the markings on the snake's back and, sure enough, it was a baby diamond back rattle snake she was doing the munchies on right at my feet.

I was sure glad she found it before I did so I decided to give her a special cat treat for dessert. While she was enjoying that cat treat, I thought, "you know, that isn't enough cat treat for her finding that buzz bug (what southwestern country people call a rattlesnake) before I did," so I gave you a bigger cat treat, you know, "thank you, thank you, thank you for finding that buzz bug before I did," and you know I would have found it in the dark at night and would have had to change my britches later because of the smell, you know, following the sonic boom of my butt leaving that dark area in a hurry.

Remember that I told you that increasing the vegetation on your land will increase the bug and rodent populations by 1) drawing increasing numbers of bugs and rodents to your yard and 2) by increasing their reproductive rates by increasing their food supply?

Well, guess what bugs and rodents draw; snakes, including poisonous snakes. Therefore, if you are going to have significant vegetation in your yard that will draw significant numbers of bugs and rodents, you better have significant numbers of free roaming feral cats to eat the significant numbers of poisonous snakes that significant numbers of bugs and rodents will draw to your yard before you step on them in the dark and mess yourself.

You need to know that the type of vegetation bugs and rodents love most and will most draw them to your yard are well kept lawns because they are very compact sources of juicy, nutritious food, you know, those lovely lawns you all just love to have to make your yards look so wonderful to impress your neighbors. Yep, those beautiful lawns draw all sorts of wildlife to your yard, including the types you may not want.

So, that was a warning from God to watch my step around my property, especially at night, because of my increased gardening. Yes, there is a down side to gardening. It was also God letting me know that He is taking care of my butt.

And it proves, once again, that those idiot, simple minded, dope smoking lefty commie crusaders are wrong AGAIN.

Is there any lefty crusade the lefties have not been wrong about?

I can't think of one, not one. They have been wrong about everything they have crusaded about. If it ain't a lie, you won't hear it from the left.

Maybe, just maybe they should crawl off in a corner and find something shiny to play with and leave the rest of us alone?

War Story

Boy, have I got a war story for you and it is funny.

The neighbor across the street from me, north of me, is one of the richest guys in town illegally running one of his businesses out of his home but getting away with it because the upper class trash "good old boy" system in this small town is very corrupt, you know, they are all above the law. He is one of these arrogant people who believe that he has to be smarter than me because my illness has plunged me into poverty and he is rich, therefore, it would be stupid and demeaning for him to listen to me about ANYTHING. Him taking my advice on anything would totally devastate his ego.

He is an eastern city slick who has no clue about living in the desert but thinks we should live the way he lives and that he just automatically knows everything about everything, after all, he gots money.

For example, in a high altitude desert, he paved better than half of his three lots with black asphalt, which will absorb maximum sunlight, turning that sunlight into heat, and turning his land into an oven during the summer. But listen to me about putting in some trees to shade that asphalt and keep his cooling bills lower? Oh no, he could never do that, not taking advice from a poor man. There isn't even one bush, much less a tree on his land. The only vegetation is a lawn that covers about half of one lot. The rest of his land is asphalt and buildings...with black roof tiles for absorbing maximum sunlight and turning it into heat.

But, hey, so it costs him a few hundred dollars extra a month to cool his place during the summer; he's rich and he ain't going to listen to a poor man regardless of my education and experience living here. Not listening to the poor guy has cost this guy a lot of money.

Well, when he first moved in, he put in one of those very light aluminum two car shades to keep his cars from being too hot to sit in during the summer. The problem was that he didn't anchor it down in an area where westerly winds can hit 70 mph, he has nothing west of him for miles that could be considered a wind block, and those light car shades become kites in any wind of more than 30 mph.

Shortly after he moved in, when he wasn't at home and I was, I heard a loud noise. I looked outside and saw that his car shade had blown upside down. So, being a good neighbor, I easily turned it back over by myself (yes, it was that light) and told him about it later. I also told him that he should anchor it with trailer anchors to keep it from blowing over and causing damage or hurting someone. I also told him he should plant a fruit tree just west of the shade to be a wind break.

"Trailer anchors? Plant a tree? No way, that was suggested to me by a poor man and I don't listen to poor people about anything. They is are be stupid."

He anchored it with 4 nine inch straight steel stakes and didn't even plant a petunia for a wind break.

Let me share a little physics with you. If you have straight stakes in the ground and the object it is restraining is hit with a strong enough sudden force, for the first instant of that increased force against those stakes, the soil right against those stakes will briefly liquefy and, if the force is strong enough, those stakes will come out of the ground RIGHT NOW! To keep that stake in place against such a strong sudden force, you need something that has something sticking out into the soil to the sides, you know, like a trailer anchor, which has very wide screw blades protruding all around it.

It took a few years but it blew over again, this time striking his house causing minor damage to his house and the car shade. Fortunately, once again, no one was injured or killed by the flying car shade.

I looked it over as it lay on its top, politely explained the physics behind why his anchors failed, said trailer anchors and tree, and went home, hoping he would finally listen to the stupid poor man.

Guess what, no trailer anchors or tree. He put in some rebar that was bent about 6 inches to the west end and just under the asphalt, which was definitely better than straight stakes. That was almost a decade ago and, about a week ago, it blew over smashing into and damaging his block wall fence and the car shade, costing him more money. Fortunately, with all of the people he has coming and going because of his illegal business, no one was hurt but I keep waiting.

He sold that significantly damaged car shade and, this morning, a crew is putting in a new car shade. It is bigger, it is heavier (still aluminum so not much heavier), but they are using straight anchors just like the second time it blew over but more of them. "Hey, ignore physics and, if a few don't work, use more." (Yes, my brain hurts.) I am waiting to see if he puts in a tree but am not holding my breath.

So, how long do you think it will take for this car shade to blow over? 3 years? 5 years? 10 years? How many people will have to be hurt or killed and him get sued into poverty before he listens to the stupid poor man? Use physics to solve your problems?

No way, use brute force, baby.

He really doesn't like me because I am poor and dare to be living across the street from him (yes, that is it), even though we have had this land since 1958 and he only moved in less than two decades ago knowing that I am living here in poverty. I have done nothing to antagonize him and have only tried to help because, with my health and financial problems, I don't need to be creating any problems with neighbors. I have enough problems without that and try to live in peace.

Some people amaze me and not in a good way.

BTW, there is more about these people I can't tell you about but I am certain you will hear about it from others in the next few years. Believe me that God has really put me in a place and time in which I have been exposed to a lot and learned a lot over the last few decades and even throughout my life. Wait until you find out everything I have been through, especially the last few decades. There are still some things that have to happen before I can go public with some of this. Hey, if I have to wait, you have to wait.

Hint: me thinks they had something to do with Obama and something illegal, you know, 90 miles from the Mexican border and they make regular runs into Mexico and don't even try to hide it. Yeah, I am careful and very nice around these people. I don't want any trouble with them.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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