I Told You So 220

Social Media Abuse

Remember that I told you that it would only be a matter of time until competitive social media would take advantage of the anger being caused by FB, Twitter, and Google abusing their customers and steal market share?

I got this from Breitbart by Joshua Caplan:

"DuckDuckGo, a pro-privacy search engine alternative, raised $10 million last week from Canada's Omers' venture capital fund amid growing privacy concerns from Google.

DuckDuckGo is designed to protect users' privacy, while circumventing traditional "filter bubbles," aimed at personalizing search results,. Crunchbase, a business information platform which tracks private and public companies, says Omers' investment is the second round of funding DuckDuckGo has received since the alternative search engine's founding in 2008. The first round of funding, an investment of $3 million was completed in 2011."

It is just like I told you that, in a free market, if you abuse your customers, it is only a matter of time until someone takes advantage of that to steal your market share and you can bet that DuckDuckGo won't be the last company to steal Google market share and possibly put Google out of business.

But the greedy and corrupt upper class trash have thrown away tens of billions of dollars to set up their lefty commie dictatorship and will throw away tens of billions more because they know that, after their dictatorship is set up, they will be able to steal much more than they have lost.

BTW, one of the reasons why Trump is waging war against the lefty media is to open enough eyes to the truth so that enough people will walk away from the lefty media to either force the lefty media to clean house and become media with integrity or it will destroy the traitors.

Law Enforcement

Remember that years ago I told you that the lefty commie traitors will get rid of the current law enforcement and military and replace them with their glorious lefty commie traitor CNSF?

They are already working to get rid of the law enforcement agency called ICE. Oops! The rest of you better think about this. If you sell us out, they will eventually sell you out.

The Cosmos

Remember that I told you that God showed me in a dream and the Bible says that there are waters above the stars in our cosmos, which God showed me is a ring of water and constitutes better than 90% of the mass in our cosmos, which I first taught about here in November 1999?

Here is a video by physicist D. Russell Humphreys, Ph.D. where he shows that the "waters above" are a huge ring of water surrounding our cosmos and not just a sphere of ice surrounding our atmosphere the way others teach, you know, just like I teach you.

Death of Evolution

Evolution is dead; it just has not finished kicking yet.

The pagan lefties love to tell you that almost all scientists believe in accidental and coincidental evolution and some will even blatantly lie and tell you that ALL scientists believe in evolution.

When I first started studying science in college 50 years ago, about 80% of scientists believed in evolution and, today, only 55% believe in evolution.


This is because of a number of reasons. First, in 1984 they dumped Darwinian evolution for the ridiculous Punctuational Equilibria and then, in the late 1990s, they dumped Punctuational Equilibria for some other stupid idea that only last about a year or two and then later they dumped that stupid idea for Catastrophism, which is one step away from admitting a global flood happened and that the Bible is right. Most recently, grabbing at straws in an act of pure desperation, they floated the really idiot and purely unscientific "Multiverse" nonsense that defies everything about science and math.

And you think evolution is not a fanatical religious cult?

Second, they are constantly changing and rewriting the pagan fairy tale of evolution on a weekly to daily basis so that what they said was scientific fact a few weeks ago is no longer supported today.

Third, the evolutionary steps they use to teach evolution are all proven to be false. For example, all of the individual animals they show as the evolutionary steps for man have been scientifically disproven for decades. When you confront them about this, they use the lame excuse, "Yeah, but it shows how it happened." I kid you not.

My question is, "Why don't you show how it happened using animals that have been proven to be true?" Uh...because they don't have any evolutionary organisms and steps that have been proven to be true? Yep, so they have to lie and use fairy tales that have been proven to be false.

Also, they have dumped the Big Bang thingy and are right now considering 5 theories to replace it, which should tell you they have nothing for how everything began. For example, they are now saying that "something exploded but we don't know what". The ugly truth is that they don't have anything they know. Today, they don't have anything in evolution which is based on science and everything is based on the attitude that they want to believe evolution so they don't have to admit that God exists, which is why evolution is a fanatical religion and cult.

Because of this mess called "settled science" and "scientific fact", which is pure bull crap, increasing numbers of scientists are realizing they are being lied to and converting to creation. The greatest rate of conversion from evolution to creation is in biology, where it is much more obvious than in most other sciences that coincidental and accidental evolution simply couldn't have happened, it is increasingly obvious that it is scientifically impossible, which is why the most avid God hating pagan lefties brought out the absurd "Multiverse" thingy.

But it gets better.

Remember that I told you years ago that better than 90% of scientists who believe in evolution also believe that a "superior intelligence is required for even evolution to have happened"?

Let's see, 90% of 55% is 49.5%, which means that less than 5.5% of scientists believe in accidental and coincidental evolution without the intervention of a superior intelligence, God, CAUSING it to happen.

Listen, if you believe that a superior intelligence, God, caused evolution to happen, that makes evolution a different form of creation so that you end up with 94.5% of scientists believing in creation by evolution or Biblical creation caused by a superior being, God, intervening. Therefore, 94.5% of scientists are some form of creationists and only 5.5% of scientists are true accidental and coincidental evolutionists who believe that our cosmos and life came into being by magic, fairy dust, oops, and other mystical means.

We are only 6% of scientists away from the pagans not being able to say that most scientists believe in evolution and are right now where almost all scientists believe a superior intelligence or God intervened to cause our existence. Therefore, right now, only about 5.5% of scientists can possibly be true atheists who don't believe in a superior intelligence or God. It is like I have been telling you; science has proved that God MUST exist and accidental and coincidental evolution is dead, it just hasn't finished kicking yet. God is real, He lives, He exists and everything else is a false pagan fairy tale.

The only people keeping evolution alive are the fanatical cling-ons who are vainly clinging onto the hope of using evolution to be able to deny that God is real and that hope is dying right now. It is like I told you, God is opening eyes and He has been opening them for a long time.

BTW, the lefties keep trying to stop debates about their science by saying that "it is settle science" but the only thing settled about lefty science is that it is a lie.

Catholic Church

Remember that I taught you the true history of the Catholic Church and why the religious leaders sexually prey on their members? Remember that I taught you that it is because of the original pagan practices that the church didn't purge when they "converted to Christianity"?

All they did was add Christian practices to their pagan practices and claim to be Christian.

So, what is the Pope's solution to the current sexual predation going on in the church?

Pope Francis is promoting the "virtue of silence", you know, just like I told you was church policy for more than 1,000 years.

Get the picture yet?

The leaders in the Catholic Church love their pagan practices and don't want to have to give those pagan practices up because they never truly converted to true Biblical Christianity, which would require them to give up their pagan practices, and they are still preaching, "Keep it quiet, baby...uh...I mean be virtuous and shut your mouths because we are going to keep raping your women and kids."

You have to understand that, in the Catholic Church, you can't go to Heaven without virtue and the Pope is sending the coded message to members of the church that, if they keep ratting out the church leaders for being sexual predators, especially pedaphiles, they can't go to Heaven so shut up, you know, like I told you they were doing.


Remember that I told you that the US has had the ability to shoot down missiles for decades, including ICBMs, while everyone else is telling you otherwise?

I found out that the Pentagon is developing an "interceptor" with warheads that can kill multiple incoming targets simultaneously that is called a "Multiple-Object Kill" warhead or MOK warhead. The Pentagon is working with Boeing, Lockheed, and Raytheon to build these interceptor MOK warheads.

Hold it, how can they kill multiple objects like warheads and decoys at the same time if they can't even shoot down a missile? Gee, you mean we can shoot down missiles just like I have been telling you? You mean the sky really isn't falling like everyone else has been telling you?

Yep, and now they will be able to target multiple targets with just one warhead. How many? We don't know because that is probably classified so the enemy can't just build more decoys than the MOK can kill.

BTW, they keep hyping these super duper mega fast hypersonic missiles as being unstoppable.


Think about it and let's do the math. The idiots keep making it sound like our interceptor missiles will have chase these super duper mega fast hypersonic missiles down from behind and, therefore, won't be able to catch them.

Uh, if the missile is coming at you, why would your missile have to chase it down? Wouldn't you just have to aim your missile so that it will run into the other missile from in front so that it doesn't matter how fast their missile is because all you have to do is lead it more? And, if it will be going past you to one side, why would your missile have to chase their missile down? Wouldn't you just aim ahead of their missile so that it will get to a point at the same time by leading their super duper mega fast missile more?

It should be common sense that a missile heading towards the US won't be traveling away from our military and interceptors but towards or by one side of our interceptors.

It doesn't matter how fast their missile is because all you have to do is lead it more and our computers can calculate where to aim our missile so our missile will intercept their missile.

Listen, let's say their super duper mega fast missile can travel at an extremely fast 10,000 mph or 1,000 miles every 6 minutes, it will take their missile 18 minutes to travel 3,000 miles, which is plenty of time to intercept that missile with a much slower missile by leading the faster missile more, especially from the front.

Hint: An enemy missile that travels faster will just run into our interceptor warhead sooner. Kaboom!!!

And now the Pentagon is developing the MOK warhead which can bring down multiple targets in one missile shot?

Think about it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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