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Everyone is trying to figure out who wrote the NYT oped by the mysterious insider, deep state traitor trying to stop Trump from succeeding from within but no one seems to be guessing one very probable thing.

Maybe, just maybe the lefty NYT, who hates and wants to remove Trump, wrote that oped to generate distrust and division within the Trump administration to at least slow the success of Trump's administration and hopefully stop it?

It's working.

Hey, it would just be one more fake news item by the NYT. Nothing like a little sabotage by the pagan lefty commie traitors. Think about it.

Mean while, back at the White House, it is beginning to look like Trump and Mueller have pulled a quick one on everyone, especially the brain dead lefties.

Mueller started out "investigating Trump" with the lefties saying that it would be a federal felony or two for Trump to stop the investigation; but then, with the lefties still supporting the investigation, it suddenly veered away from Trump to others, began getting lefties arrested and prosecuted, with the lefties still supporting the investigation without enough brains so say, "Hold it, why are we the ones being prosecuted", and now it is looking like the investigation may have turned on Obama, Hillary, Comey, and the rest of that criminal organization with the lefties still staunchly supporting the investigation and saying that Trump better not stop the investigation or they will impeach Trump. If I were Trump, I wouldn't stop the investigation either. Talk about a sucker punch. This may be one of the greatest sucker punches I have ever seen.

Did Trump and Mueller throw the lefties a curve ball? Did they turn the bogus lefty investigation of Trump into a real investigation of the stupid lefties?

Remember that I told you that the lefties are the stupidest people on the planet?

Since Trump has over site for the FBI and DOJ, I have been wondering why Trump had not stopped the investigation when it stopped being about Trump. Legally, he could have. Something just didn't look right to me but, then again, I am not a stupid lefty.

Have you noticed how Trump has been faking out and beating the lefty upper class trash by playing bad cop constantly attacking his people while those people are busy taking down the lefties? Have you noticed that the stupid lefties have not figured out that Trump's bad cop routine is just a distraction and is meant to get the lefties to support what Trump's people are doing so Trump's people can beat the lefties?

All Trump has to do to get the stupid lefties to support what his people are doing to the stupid lefties is to attack his own people on Twitter and the stupid lefties will jump to the support of Trump's people taking the stupid lefties down and the stupid lefties are too stupid to figure that out.

The military calls this psychological warfare where you cause people to think what you want them to think so they will do what you want them to do so you can beat them and it is working like gangbusters.

Things very clearly are not what they appear to be and Trump very clearly is not doing what the stupid lefties think he is doing.


I guess Obama ain't going to do that well on the old campaign trail. I got this from American Thinker By Thomas Lifson:

"Gone are the heady days when Barack Obama could fill a stadium with his followers. Like a former sitcom star now doing dinner theater performances, he is self-relegated to lesser venues and smaller crowds. On Saturday, at what Think Progress (house organ of the left-wing Center for American Progress) called 'his first campaign stop of the midterm elections,' only 750 people (T.P.'s estimate) turned out at the Anaheim Convention Center to partake of the Barack experience."

I guess not too many people are buying into Obama's lies. Most high school gyms will seat about 3,000 or more. Yep, after the people's eyes have been opened by God, everything the lefties try just keeps failing. What Obama has really done is bring back all of the old Obama jokes about how bad a president he was.

Is Obama getting worried that Trump is about to start investigations into Obama, Hillary, and the rest of those criminals?

As frantic and desperate as the lefties are getting, you know that Trump is doing some really serious damage to their evil plans and may be getting ready to finish off their evil plans by going after the planners.

I saw a headline at Breitbart that said, "Obama returns-to remind people why Trump won" and it caused me to realize that this too will backfire against the lefties because it will remind people how much worse they had it under the lefties and cause more to vote Republican.


I have seen a number of documentaries on the land of Israel and how it became known as Palestine but none of them was right.

The land of Israel was known as Israel until 70 AD, more than 30 years after the death of Jesus, when a group of Israelis decided to revolt against the oppressive Roman rule. Rome sent a huge army in to quell the revolt and, to prevent future rebellions and rebellions in other nations controlled by Rome, it crushed the rebellion, took many Israelis back to Rome as slaves, destroyed the Temple on the Temple Mount, AND changed the name of the area or land to Palestine, you know, to kind of make Israel just disappear as a nation.

The Romans completely wiped out the nation of Israel, including its name, and the name had NOTHING to do with any people known as Palestinians. There never were any Palestinians. It was just a punitive and preventative action by the Romans because of the rebellion.

The Westerners or descendants of the Romans have been calling the land Palestine ever since.

When the Muslim Arabs conquered the land, they didn't call it Palestine, they called it the Levant and still do. There were still no Palestinians...well, except for the remaining Hebrews.

After Israel regained autonomy as the Nation of Israel in 1948 and again in the 1967 Six Day War, the Muslim Arabs from surrounding nations staged invasions to reconquer the land but, before the fighting began, a lot of Muslim Arabs fled the area. After the Muslims lost the wars, the Muslims who had fled the land for safety, began to falsely claim they were the Palestinians to cause people to believe that Israel was their land being occupied by the Hebrews and many people bought into it, especially those who hate Israel.

There are no Palestinians and never have been. If anyone could legitimately call themselves Palestinians, it would be the Hebrews who have called that their land and Israel for more than 3,500 years. The Muslim Arabs calling themselves Palestinians have only been in that area for about 1,200 years or about 1/3 the time the Hebrews occupied the land and came from the Arabian Peninsula to the south.

Canadians and British

I just love the socialist Canadians and British who come to the US and try to turn the US into another socialist country like the one they chose to leave to live in the US, you know, like Jim Carry, Michael Moore, and others.

If the US is so bad and their beloved socialism is so superior, why did they leave their superior socialist nation to live in the inferior capitalist nation? Why don't they return to their superior socialist nation and leave our inferior capitalist nation alone? What, couldn't they make the millions of dollars in their superior socialist nation they have made in our inferior capitalist nation?

The way we run our country is our business, we don't rudely and arrogantly tell you how to run your nation, and if you don't like the way we run our country, go home.


Something has smelled bad about Syria since Obama and his upper class trash buddies started that mess. It seemed like it might get better after Trump was elected and wanted to pull out of Syria but not Kurdistan. Now it stinks to high heaven and gets worse every day.

What is the US doing and why? Is the US trying to get rid of Assad to prevent Iran and Hezbollah using Syria to invade Israel?

They are not being honest or up front about what they are doing there and why. Something really bad is wrong and it is being covered up with really bad propaganda. This looks really bad for the US.


Globalism is dying a quick death. In Europe, the open borders immigration is failing so badly that it is no longer just the right who are crying out to stop open immigration and for nationalism but also increasingly the left.

Gee, another great sounding stupid idea of the left didn't workout the way they thought it would.

God has permitted the left to have what they wanted, it is failing so miserable that even the left is turning from their policies to the right's nationalist policies, and globalism is automatically dying with the EU soon to follow just like I told you would happen years ago.

With even the European lefties turning against globalism's open borders, globalism simply cannot survive.

For those who are still preaching the Eurocentric end time prophesies, you prophesies are being proved false RIGHT NOW. Get it straight that Europe will not be the one world government and, which the Catholic Church in such chaos, there is no way it will be the one world church.

ALL Bible prophesy is based on Israel and the Middle East and, if your end time interpretation of Bible prophesy is based on anything else, it will soon be proved wrong.

Get it straight, the one world government and church will be based out of the Middle East and not Europe, you know, in new or mystery Babylon just like the Bible says and not in Rome. That government and church will be the Middle East religion that is both a government and church, Islam, which by the strangest coincidence, has the number 666 as their most holy number with increasing numbers of Muslims having 666 tattooed on the backs of their right hands or foreheads, you know, just like the Bible says.

So, with the demise of globalism and the EU, how long will it take for all Christians to realize that Europe and the Catholic Church being the one world government and church respectively was just a Satanic wet dream that ain't going to happen and it will be Islam, just like God showed me almost two decades ago and I have been telling you?

Catholic Church

The Pope has given his approval for the US government to investigate one of their bishops for sex crimes.

Since when does the US government, any state government, or even any municipal government have to get permission from the Pope to investigate any of their church leaders for criminal activity?

Something is very wrong with this picture. If their church leaders are suspected of criminal activity, they should be investigated just like anyone else. They are not above the law.

Lot's Wife

I keep seeing where someone says they found Lot's wife.


People, she was turned into a column of SALT outside in the wind and rain about 4,000 years ago.

Do you really think she would not have been dissolved and/or blown away by now?

Think about it. No one has found Lot's wife or ever will. It is only common sense that she was dissolved, washed down into the Dead Sea, and became part of the Dead Sea thousands of years ago.

Did these people flunk science and common sense?


Remember that I told you that statistics show that better than 80% of rich people's marriages end in divorce?

If you were to place a bet on every rich and famous person's marriage that it would end in divorce in the next 5 to 10 years, you would win better than 80% of the time.

And these people think they know best how you should live? They can't even manage their own lives and they just know how to manage your life?

I'm sorry but I would much rather put my faith in God than idiots who can't learn from history that Marxism under any name fails every time.

I keep telling you that lefties are the stupidest people on the planet, that being stupid is like being drunk in that they can't tell they are stupid because they are stupid, and that, being too stupid to realize they are stupid, they convince themselves they are actually brilliant and that we don't agree with their great sounding stupidity because, unlike them, we are not intelligent enough to "understand" their great sounding stupidity. Yes, they are dumber than rocks and they are absolute proof that having more money does NOT mean you are more intelligent because there are plenty of stupid rich lefties.

Think I am wrong?

Why are their globalist plans failing if they are the brilliant ones and you are the stupid ones? Maybe they are not as intelligent as they like to think they are and tell everyone they are?


Have you Christians noticed that you make plans then end up doing what God wants you to do? It kind of happens that way all of the time, doesn't it?


Pelosi said, "I will be speaker of the House."

When did she become a Republican?

Mean while, back at the Commiecrat asylum, Jimmuh Cartuh, now the second worst president in US history, said, "I would change all of Trump's policies if I were president again."

That makes me feel even better about Trump's policies. Keep up the good work, Trump, Jimmuh Cartuh just gave you the best endorsement anyone has given you.

US Civil War

Let me start by stating that I am from New Mexico, which was a neutral territory during the US Civil War and wasn't even a state, therefore, I have no reason to be biased concerning the US Civil War. Where I was born and mostly raised was still the Territory of Nuevo Mexico and didn't become a state in the US until 1912, more than half a century after the US Civil War started. At that time, I would not have been a Yankee or Confederate.

I keep seeing people talking about the US Civil War who don't know what they are talking about, especially from the left. I have not seen one person talk about the Civil War who really knew what they were talking about, not one.

First, the US Civil War WAS NOT fought over slavery, I don't care what crap the lefties keep feeding you. Lincoln didn't sign the Emancipation Proclamation into law, making slavery an issue in the war until January 1, 1863, more than 1.5 years after the war started in 1861 with the first shots being fired at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861 almost 2 years before Lincoln made slavery an issue in the US Civil War.

Gee, then what were they fighting for during those first 1.5+ years of the war?

The reason Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation into law was because everyone in the North knew why the war was really being fought and they didn't want to risk dying for that "cause" and the North couldn't recruit enough soldiers to win the war so Lincoln gave them the cause of ending slavery so more people would join the Northern Army and fight the South to keep the South from seceding from the Union.

The real reason why the South tried to secede and started the US Civil War was because of agricultural export tariffs being forced on farmers by the northern industrialists.

You have to understand that the South was better than 90% agrarian or a farming industry and the North was better than 90% industrial and dependent on Southern farm products. The Northern industrialists didn't want to have to pay much for the farm products to increase their own profits at the expense of the farmers and Europe was willing to pay more for those same farm products than the Northern industrialists. To prevent the farmers from selling their products to Europe for more money and so the Northern industrialists didn't have to compete against the Europeans in price for those products, the Northern industrialists had their government puppets in Congress pass export tariffs that were so large that the farmers would make less than if they sold their products to the Northern industrialists at the prices the Northern industrialists wanted, which was so little that the farmers would lose money and their farms. This meant that the Southerners' only choice was to secede to get out from under those tariffs.

People, only the top 1.4% of the people in the US even had slaves so that there was no reason for all of those Southerners to "fight for slavery". In 1855, less than 3% of Americans controlled better than 95% of the total wealth, there was a tiny fledgling middle class of from less than 1% to a maximum of 2% of the US population, and the rest of Americans, better than 95%, were living in what we today would call third world poverty. It wasn't anything like you see on TV or out of Hollywood. Most of your American ancestors were dirt poor at that time.

What should that tell you?

All of those Confederate enlisted men (not the officers) who died on those battle fields couldn't afford to buy, much less feed, cloth, and house just one slave because they could barely feed cloth, and house their very large impoverished families on those poor dirt farms. They were so poor their children wore rags and most of the children didn't even have shoes to wear to school.

And you think those poor dirt farmers cared about slavery?

Listen, if anything, those rich people using slaves to work their mansions is what kept the farm produce prices so low that the poor dirt farmers lived in poverty.

Why would those men enlist in the Confederate Army by the hundreds of thousands to fight to protect slavery that was causing them to live in poverty?

Almost half a million of those men died on the battle fields and it wasn't for slavery. The only reason those Southern men enlisted and fought was to succeed from the North because those export tariffs were so high that those poor dirt farmers would not be able to feed, cloth, and house their families or keep their farms. Those men fought for survival for their families and not for slavery; end of discussion.

After they lost the war, many of those poor Southern farmers lost their farms and were forced to move west where the greedy, power mad industrialists couldn't affect them as much and the Southerners could make a living. That was the single biggest cause of the westward movement in the US at that time.

Of course, after the North won the war, the Northern upper class trash didn't want history to remember them as the bad guys so they got to write history, as the victors always do, you know, the revisionist history thingy, and have been telling the lie that the US Civil War was fought over slavery with them being the good guys fighting to free the slaves. They lied and are still lying.

A very good book that covers this is "For The Common Defense" by Allan R. Millett & Peter Maslowski. They also tell the real reason why the US got involved in WWI on the side of Britain and France, who had both been our enemies, against Germany, who had never been our enemy. Gee, why would the US fight for Britain and France against Germany? Hint: it was also because of the upper class trash greed, you know, just like always. It was all about greedy, rich bankers.

The upper class trash ARE the problem. The world would be a much better place if the upper class trash, their puppets, and their minions would just crawl off into a corner and die. Most people on this planet just want to be left alone to make the best they can of life but the upper class trash keep screwing up that dream.

BTW, the spoiled rich upper class trash descendents of the upper class trash who owned the Republicans and started the US Civil War because of their greed now own the Democrats who are trying to destroy the republic and set up their glorious commie dictatorship so they can steal more from more people faster. None of them have ever cared or do care about anyone but their own bank accounts and they don't care who gets hurt as long as they get their power and wealth, regardless of what they say.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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