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Kavanaugh Allegations

You know what the Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations are all about, right?

It is the left putting off the vote to confirm Kavanaugh until after the elections in hopes that they will retake control of Congress and be able to stop his appointment. It is just another lefty game and dirty trick for control.

Now that there are allegations of criminal activity, there will have to be an investigation, which the lefties will drag out until they are back in power, and then the lefties will refuse to confirm Kavanaugh.

Think not?

I got this from American Thinker By Selwyn Duke:

"It's true that Bill Clinton's liberal '90s apologists justified his sexual misconduct with the claim 'character doesn't matter.' It nonetheless does, and since Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hopes are being influenced by accusations that may speak to his character, it's only fair to examine the character of his accuser. This woman, Palo Alto University psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford, is a radical social justice warrior with some damning student reviews - including one from a person who wrote, 'I am honestly scared of her.'"

Yeah, like I am going to believe anything this woman has to say about any conservative. She has absolutely no credibility. This is all smoke and mirrors.


I am sure you know about New York governor Cuomo pardoning violent criminals and turning them lose on you to vote for him.

That is why we used to have the death penalty, so idiots like Cuomo can't turn violent criminals loose on you. It is just a wee bit difficult for living criminals to turn dead violent criminals loose on living citizens.


Israel staged an attack against Northern Syria and, shortly after the attack, Syria accidentally shot down a Russia military aircraft killing all 15 crew members. Russia has threatened reprisal.

This could escalate out of control very quickly and turn into a war between 2 of the top 5 militaries in the world. This would not be a guaranteed win for Russia, even with the significantly larger air force, even if the US stays out of it, because Israel has significantly better electronics warfare and weapons. They would both suffer significant damage. This matter has continued to be serious with Russia saying that Israel should bare full responsibility for the shoot down and Israel saying that Syria and Iran should bare that responsibility.

Russia continues to state that they reserve the right to reprisal and Israel has sent a diplomatic team to Russia concerning the matter.

Keep an eye on this.


Everyone is now legalizing pot thinking that everything will be fine, there won't be any medical problems because of all of the misinformation put out by the lefties, especially the users, sellers, and media, and they will finally have lefty paradise.

We are already seeing some of the problems showing up in places like Colorado that I have been warning you about for years. But, hey, no one wants to listen to true science so this is an easy prediction.

People are going to start having very serious life threatening and terminal problems in large numbers caused by using pot and then come whining to you for you to pay for their medical expenses. Such things as lung cancer will increase significantly along with many other problems including the ones we are already seeing where it has already been legalized. I expect the lung cancer cases in this country to just about double within about the next 10 to 20 years.

Don't believe me?

Just wait and see because God is letting these idiots get what they want to show the truth about pot use. It will get so bad that the lefties won't be able to cover it up and their excuses won't be believed by most. Time is on my side and these idiots should not want the things they want but are too stupid to know better. You will definitely eventually find out that pot is much worse than tobacco, which isn't good for you either.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark (not Suckerberg) sent me a link to an item about Mark Zuckerberg that should be a real eye opener and scare the crap out of you. The item is at Business Insider by Sean wolfe:

"Mark Zuckerberg has a particular fascination with a certain Roman emperor - to the extent that he and his wife named one of their daughters after him.

In a profile for the New Yorker, Zuckerberg praised Augustus for achieving 200 years of world peace, but admitted that it 'didn't come for free, and he had to do certain things,' a 'harsh approach' that included the invasion and conquest of other civilizations along with the killing of political opponents.

Although Augustus' approach was violent and imperial, Zuckerberg noted that world peace is 'a long-term goal that people talk about today.'

Zuckerberg's fascination with the Roman emperor was so strong that it caused his wife, Priscilla Chan, to joke that there were three people on the couple's honeymoon trip to Rome: her, Mark, and Augustus."

In other words, Zuckerberg is obsessed with Augustus Caesar and, with Zuckerberg's wealth, this should scare the crap out of you. We are talking well beyond a Napoleonic complex to a much more grand Caesar complex.

Zuckerberg thinks he should be the next Augustus Caesar, you know, ruler of the world, and he is one of those scary people who think the ends justify the means so that his end of ruling the world and "bringing global peace" justifies lying, stealing, and murdering whomever it is necessary to achieve his goals.

In other words, Zuckerberg has no morals, values, or ethics and lives by Satan's one rule of "do as you will". Anything goes, baby, as long as HE gets what HE wants; screw everybody else. Tyranny is his middle name and he all but admits it. He is whacko maximus, baby.

What Zuckerberg and the rest of the upper class trash don't realize is that Augustus brought peace by getting rid of people like them and then peace was possible for the normal cycle of civilization, which is about 200 years. For Zuckerberg to bring peace to this planet, he has to first and foremost get rid of all of his power mad, greedy corrupt upper class trash pals but Zuckerberg is focused on getting rid of the people who want to get rid of Zuckerberg and his power mad, greedy upper class trash pals, who are trying to set up their global tyranny or dictatorship.

Zuckerberg is in bed with the wrong people and trying to get rid of the right people. That won't bring peace and will only bring war, oppression, and slaughter plus you can bet that, as soon as they set up their dictatorship, one of the first people they will get rid of is Zuckerberg because he has too much power.

BTW, there is a really great article by Mark about how God used the peace created by God through Augustus to spread Christianity here. It is a great lesson about how God uses even the evil people to achieve his goals. Without that 200 years of relative peace, Christianity could not have spread as far and as quickly as it did.

And the timing?

Gee, what a coincidence.

Border Wall

People are ignorantly acting like we will throw up a border wall and it will magically stop all illegal aliens from getting into the US.

It ain't going to happen, baby.

A border wall is just one part of a complex system to help prevent illegal aliens from getting into the US via our border, especially in the south. If built properly, it will keep most people out but the better lead groups will still breach the wall but the wall will slow them down so the Border Patrol will have time to react and stop them.

Proper border security will require a well built and difficult to navigate wall, a variety of surveillance systems, including in the air and underground, and human patrols and reaction teams. Even then, there will have to be a second layer of border patrols and surveillance to catch those who get through the wall and first layer.

The wall is not magic, it is just a wall to stop most people and slow the rest down.

Voodoo Economics

Here we go again with the lefty commies and crony capitalists using name calling for character assassination to defeat something that is working and destroying their evil plans. The left is now, once again, calling true capitalism voodoo economics to discredit it so people will stop supporting it so the commies and crony capitalists can return to stealing from the people.

"Hey, it is working, it is making us lefty commie traitors look bad, so we will just call it the degrading name, "Voodoo Economics" in hopes that it will turn some stupid people against it."

Trump is really hurting these thieves for them to resort to name calling and slander instead of open debate and having to admit that voodoo economics or free market capitalism is working...again.

Deep State

The ugly truth about the actions of the Deep State are now leaking out because Trump is in power. This is opening even more eyes to the ugly truth about the left and its agenda and, guess what, they really do have a conspiracy where millions of them are conspiring or working together to destroy America.

It is no longer a conspiracy theory, it is now a conspiracy fact. There really is a conspiracy by the lefties to destroy our republic and set up a commie dictatorship.

BTW, I am getting the feeling that Trump and his team are holding back some really critical information and actions until just before the election so the lefties won't have time to "spin" lies to cover their evil actions before the election. I am keeping an eye on this and there are definitely shadows moving in the background on this.

Will Jeff Sessions suddenly come out with a ton of warrants and arrests for lefties? Will there be other such surprises by Trump and his team just before the election?

If I were the lefty commie traitor criminals right now, I would be running more than scared, you know, like terrified would do for starters because you just know Trump is going to wait until just the right time to start pulling rabbits out of his hat, you know, like a whole family of them for PR purposes. You just know that Trump is going to stage a really great PR campaign to help the pagan lefty commie traitor criminals...right out of office. Trump seems to be pretty good at that.

Did you realize that RIGHT NOW is the best time to arrest Queen Hillary because she isn't running for office so the lefty commie traitor media can't claim Trump is trying to steal an election and it would shoot Trump's ratings right through the roof, possibly causing the lefty commie traitors to lose seats in both the House and Senate?

Think about it. I would be surprised to find out that Trump doesn't know that.

Surprise, Surprise

Talk about causing heart attacks; the New York "commie traitor propaganda machine" Times has admitted that Trump's Iran sanctions are working. Gasp, gasp!!! Trump's successes are getting so obvious that it just doesn't even pay to try to deny his successes.

I got this from Breitbart by Joel B Pollak:

"The New York Times gave President Donald Trump credit for oil sanctions on Iran, which it said had been successful in pressuring the regime without raising oil prices.

In an article by Cliffor Krauss titled, 'Trump Hit Iran With Oil Sanctions. So Far, They're Working,' the Times reported that Trump had defied foreign policy experts and achieved what few of them would have thought possible."

Contrary to all of the asinine braying by the lefty commie traitor x-spurts. These x-spurts don't just have egg on their faces, Trump has built a hen house on their heads for a steady supply of eggs on their faces.

Truly, God is working through Trump and Satan's best pagan lefty commie traitors are fit to be tied.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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