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In watching such organizations as Google, FB, and twitter sell their souls to people like China, Muslim Sharia Law, and others, I have noticed that, when your soul is for sale, Satan will always be the best bidder, well, for what humans want.


I cannot believe that there are people stupid enough to even consider paying illegal immigrants to leave the US. Anyone who has any common sense would know that all that will do is encourage many times more immigrants to come here to get paid to leave.

Hey, free money, baby.


There is something else going on with the Mueller investigation because Trump could have declassified the information necessary to stop that investigation two years ago.

I keep asking, "Why has he not?"

It looks like Trump is sucker punching the left some how.

Cost of Living

Remember that I told you that I was supposed to get a cost of living increase of $21 this coming year because the federal government figured that the cost of living had increased by 2.8% last year but I wasn't excited about it because I knew their racket called socialism would take a big chunk out that increase so that I would actually fall further behind the increasing cost of living?

I just got notice that, because my Social Security income is increasing, they are taking $8 or almost 40% of my cost of living increase out of my food stamps causing me to fall behind the increasing cost of living by almost 40% AGAIN.

And you think these lying commie traitors who work on this stuff year round, year after year, don't know they are stealing from my real income so I am becoming more impoverished every year?

Clearly, they designed it to work that way.

After all, shouldn't they also increase my income in food stamps by 2.8% to make up for the increasing cost of living?

But, hey, you commie traitor bureaucrats who are making those big bucks with the promise of getting a big, fat retirement package to help them steal from us, when you retire and they can't pay your "unfunded liability" or retirement package, file for bankruptcy, and the court lets them pay a much smaller amount for your retirement package, you know, plunging your butts into poverty, your glorious bosses are going to screw you too.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

You will get yours because your beloved socialism will screw EVERYONE except the upper class trash. They plan to make you end up in poverty with me.

And you saving all you can before you retire won't do you any good because your beloved commie leader Obama signed an executive order giving the government the right to just take or steal everything you own, including everything in your bank account.

Remember that one? Gee, I wonder why he did that?

Bad Memories

We need to pass a law that, if anyone can't remember under oath at least 95% of what they did over the last 10 years, they should be barred from any public office for life and should never be permitted to have a security clearance. They should be classified as mentally incompetent for the rest of their lives.

That should jog a few memories loose.

No Hope

A regional weather person for Fox News, Jessica Starr, is believed to have committed suicide, possibly because her Lasik eye surgery didn't go well.

There are a few points for this lesson; first, the eye surgery is used by most people because they have to wear glasses or contacts to get near perfect eye vision so they don't have to wear glasses or contacts. It is really not a necessity for most people who get it done.

The surgery regularly goes wrong, even with the best of doctors, therefore, why risk permanently ruining your eyes with an unnecessary eye surgery when you can just wear glasses or contact lenses, you know, like I wear reading glasses? I don't like it but I wear them and would never risk something as valuable as my eyes on such a risky surgery. I can't believe that so many people still get this eye surgery when I keep reading about so many of them going wrong.

Second, this shows what I have warned you about with doctors, not all doctors have the right morals, values, and ethics to be good doctors. Some will encourage you to have a certain type of surgery that is risky or can have a bad outcome just so they can make the big bucks doing the surgery with no concern for your health. Doctors are human and there are good doctors and bad doctors but the AMA won't get rid of most bad doctors because the AMA makes more money by keeping the bad doctors.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

Third, if her eye surgery did go wrong and she now needed glasses or was almost blind, that doesn't mean life should end. Sure she was making big bucks and that was likely to end because her looks might now be impaired but not making big bucks is no excuse for ending your life. Money ain't everything, baby.

I believe that I told you that, when I got blacklisted by Chris Carmichael, I was easily within just one or two years of making at least $500,000 a year just with the annual team contract pay plus endorsements plus book sales plus earning from special training camps plus speaking fees. With the right wins, I could have easily ended up making much more but I didn't kill myself when that door was closed and started searching for another door God would open for me because, with God there is always hope until they stick your butt in the ground and then there is Heaven.

If I am still alive, it is because God wants me to be alive.

You also learn that hard times are for learning and/or punishment to make you a better person before God opens another door for you. I have had a lot of hard but very valuable lessons living in poverty and slowly dying from a virus that I know have made me a better person and I thank God for making me a better person.

Lefty paganism teaches that, if life ain't perfect, you have no hope and should kill yourself instead of just trying to find another door God has opened...well...OK, their god, Satan, doesn't open doors, he only closes them. Pagan life is either perfect of it sucks and no one has a perfect life. On my FB page, I have a number of witches I watch who are always whining about their problems, especially head problems, they are having with no hope except to keep seeing quack doctors who never heal anyone of their head problems. But, hey, that is their choice.

I absolutely would not want to go through what I have been through without God being there with me while I have gone through it. Of course I wouldn't want to go through it at all but definitely not without God. Hey, I didn't volunteer to live in poverty while dying.

If I had not had the hope of God, I could have easily killed myself one or two decades ago instead of continuing the fight against horrible odds. I have been fighting this fight since the end of 1990, almost three decades, most of it without even knowing what I was fighting against, and, when I get up in the morning, there is always hope, regardless of how bad things are because I have God, who is hope. I have not considered committing suicide once in spite of the many times I have had to pick myself up and dust myself off because, with God, there is always hope, even when all of the doctors gave up on me, I still have God.

You pagans? Sucks to be you.

Note that, by the grace of God, I will win this fight because nothing is impossible with God. Either I will win it by God miraculously healing me or at least giving me better health or I will win it when God takes me home to Heaven, but I will win it. Hey, every day I wake up follows another day I won it, at least that is what the doctors say.

My only thought every morning when I drag my aching butt out of bed at almost 70 years of age can only be, "How, by the grace of God, can I win this fight?" I have had some small successes, which I definitely appreciate more than the bigger successes I had before I became ill with a virus. I cannot ask the questions pagans teach, "Can I win this fight?" because I know that, with God, yes, I can, so the only questions are how and will I win this fight, by the grace of God, and, if I don't try, I can't find that out.

I would feel sorry for pagans but they make the choice to be pagans again and again every day. That is a bad choice and that is their choice. I pray for their salvation every day, you know, that they will finally make the right choice.


Mark sent me this comment about academics:

"Academics are cloistered and much of their bloated salaries come from our taxes. They haven't a clue how the real world works. They only have pie-in-the-sky ideas. I refer you to Fauxcahontas (Elizabeth Warren) who is a clueless cloistered eastern seaboard Ivy League professor. However, she is a competent liar."

First, most academics are spoiled rich kiddies who never had to work a real job in their entire lives, they only know school, and they are tasked with preparing you for a life they know nothing about? Really?

Think about that one for a while.

Every teacher should be required to make a living working in the real world for at least 2 to 3 years before they teach so they could at least have some idea of what reality is like. Having them prepare you for life is having the blind leading the blind.

Second, almost all of their great sounding stupid ideas come to them with the use of drugs, which should cause you to question their great sounding stupid ideas. I have had college professors at places like USC tell me that they do their best work stoned on things like LSD, which should scare the crap out of you.

How can a dysfunctional brain think of anything good?

Now, you put no real life experiences together with drugs and all you are going to get is bull crap, not good ideas. Oh, granted that the professors are very articulate and can make bull crap sound like cake and ice cream, but, when you bite into it, it will taste nasty.

There are few really intelligent college professors. Most are completely lacking in common sense.

Then I got this from Breitbart by CATO:

"Cato Institute foreign policy scholar Doug Bandow said on Wednesday that America has spent more than $5.9 trillion on the war on terror and suggested that America's foreign policy is 'the ultimate big government program.'"

The over educated idiot thinks (using the term loosely) that we should have a more "restrained foreign policy", you know, don't fight the terrorists to protect the people. Hey, just let the terrorists murder the people.

That is right, this intellectual academic genius believes that us stopping terrorists from trying to kill US citizens is the worst cause of government caused problems. Yeah, we should have just let them terrorists murder our people.

My question is, "What drugs was this idiot using when he was doing his 'thinking'"?

And you think these idiots are smarter than you because they gots them the right degree from the right university?

Listen, the big problem with our war on terror is that none of our leaders have had the guts to not be politically correct in fighting this war. By fighting this war PC, you know, not doing what it will take to win the war, they can't win the war and it will just continue until they stop trying to fight the war PC and do what is necessary to win the war or they lose the war, as this idiot is suggesting, we just give up and let them win.

And where did we get all of this PC bull crap that is causing us to lose this war?

Oh yeah, the academe.

I am wondering if I can sue such idiots for brain hurt. Them being so stupid is mental cruelty to intelligent people because it makes our brains hurt.

BTW, Lizies lies are falling apart, as they always eventually do. When you lie, you may be screwing other people right now, but you are screwing yourself later.

I want to know why Lizy isn't facing charges for fraud. Is it because she, as a commie, is above the law?


This is how stupid lefties are.

Rahm Emanuel is proposing solving all of Chicago's problems caused by bad government and government corruption with...wait for it...casinos and pot. That is right, the genius is proposing solving problems by increasing poverty and getting everyone so stoned and apathetic, they can't work.

We have far too many stupid people in this country who keep voting for these jerks.

If you have paid attention at all, you know that he wants casinos and pot to increase his wealth via more corruption at the people's expense. He isn't going to solve any problems, he will only make their problems worse.


OK, this is just too funny. I got this from Breitbart by Chris Tomlinson:

"French President Emmanuel Macron was not only present at the Elysee Palace during 'Act IV' of the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) protests but had a helicopter on standby to escape in case protesters broke in, according to reports."

Yeah, that is right, President Macaroni or the Macaroni Kid had a chopper on standby to save his butt in case he saw the people dragging guillotines onto the palace grounds.

A little scared, are we, boy?

Finally, the upper class trash tyrants are becoming afraid of the people again, you know, the way it should be.

Hey, you Frenchies want to buy some guillotines?

You know what would be really hilarious and scare the crap out of this arrogant little globalist commie traitor, Macaroni Kid? How about if the French people parked a guillotine right in front of the President's palace for Macaroni Kid to stare at all day long?

Now that would be hilarious and you can bet Macaroni Kid would cut and run back to mommy's basement in tears. Be sure that, when you put that guillotine in front of the palace, you bolt and cement it into place so they can't just haul it off.

They need to park another one right in front of their French Parliament so the rest of the lefty commie traitors get the message too. Hey, for extra fun, they could put a sign on their guillotines, "Eat cake, baby!" Macaroni Kid wouldn't ever sleep again.

Do you think those spoiled, rich inbred tyrannical brats are smart enough to get that message?

This is getting to be too much fun, you know, watching the upper class trash tyrannical puppets on the run and scared.

Now do you understand why the corrupt upper class trash uses corrupt politicians as fronts? You know, so that, when heads roll, it won't be the cowardly upper class trash puppet masters' heads.

When you Frenchies start giving French haircuts, don't forget to also mow the lawn for the corrupt upper class trash who own your corrupt politicians or they will just hire more corrupt politicians and keep right on doing their evil. You have to do your gardening for the entire garden and go all of the way to the top, where the worst weeds are.

Hey, when you Frenchies start cutting hair, I want video.

Hey, you Brits want to buy a few guillotines for your corrupt tyrannical leaders to think about? How about you Germans, Belgians, Swedes, and Dutch?

Hey, there is nothing like celebrating Christmas by spreading the joy of freedom to the people, you know, by leaving a few guillotines lying around in front of your corrupt tyrannical leaders. Hey, put some Christmas decorations on them with effigies of your leaders using them.

Every capitol building should have a fully functioning guillotine permanently parked out front for convenience and to keep the rulers afraid of the people.

Want a freedom fighter's haircut, baby?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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