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Business Piracy

I am sick and tired of seeing the upper class trash destroy sound major businesses like Sears, putting millions of people out of work and into financial duress, so they can quickly make a bunch of money pillaging those corporations. They are nothing more than corrupt business pirates. Sears sold off all of their major assets like Craftsman and Whirlpool to make the upper class trash a quick buck and is now going broke because very few people have any reason left to shop there.

I have an MBA and there is absolutely no valid reason for large teams of such well educated people with massive resources to bankrupt such major corporations except either extreme, and I am talking extreme stupidity or corruption.

Never, ever, ever take your business public. If you do, some corrupt upper class trash like George Soros and many others will buy up enough stock to have "controlling interest" in your corporation, they will then fire you and send in a team of pirates to pillage every dime they can as quickly as legally possible to stuff in their greedy pockets until they bankrupt your business.

If you have a good business that is doing well and some idiot broker comes around trying to con you into "quickly increasing your wealth by going public", tell them to take a hike and keep your business private because they will first drive your business up to maximize their potential profits, making it a prime target for business pirates, and then the pirates will take over and destroy decades of hard work by you.

I have been watching this evil corruption destroy millions of people's lives for at least half a century.

Because of their crimes against humanity, it is my opinion that ALL of these people, especially the upper class trash and their puppets, involved in these piracies should have absolutely ALL of their wealth confiscated and turned over to the people they hurt, you know, for damages, and then they should ALL be hung for their crimes against humanity and all of the pain and suffering they have caused.

That and only that will bring this crap to a screeching halt by either scaring the crap out of the rest of the pirates or by getting rid of all of them, whichever comes first. I cannot have any mercy for evil people who so ruthlessly and intentionally destroy so many people's lives while they, themselves, make such huge fortunes pillaging major corporations, especially with absolutely no remorse, knowing they will just do it again and again and again, until someone does hang them all.


You want to know just how stupid most bureaucrats are?

I got this from Newsmax by Cathy Burke:

"The Royal Mail of Britain came under fire for planning to release a stamp marking the 75th anniversary of D-Day by using an image of U.S. forces landing in Asia - about 8,500 miles from Normandy Beach.

Captioned 'Allied soldiers and medics wade ashore,' the stamp was meant to depict the Normandy landings on June 6, 1944, in France - but was actually taken in Indonesia on May 17, 1944, The New York Times reported."

What? Can't the idiots even find a photo of the Normandy landings to celebrate Normandy? Just how stupid are these people?

Oh yeah, they are so stupid they got government jobs paying them far more than they are worth because they are too stupid to get and keep jobs in the real world.

Yep, once again, our governments prove that the stupid people are running things.


I am tired of the lefty commie traitors working with other nations to bring in armies of invaders under the guise of "caravans of migrants", which is an act of war.

They are saying that there are armies of such invaders, which will start heading towards the US in January, currently building in Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. We know about these invading armies and their intentions. We know that these armies are clearly organized by those nations and funded by upper class trash globalists from our nation and other nations.

These are not thousands of people who just meet at the store and say, "Hey, let's all go to the US this January." They are financed and organized armies put together by the corrupt upper class trash and their corrupt political whore puppets to invade the US to cause harm to the US. THAT is an act of war.

If those armies leave those nations heading for the US, we need to declare war on those nations, invade those nations with our Navy and Marines, round up all of their leaders, try them in US military courts for war crimes, and, if found guilty, publically hang them all for their war crimes just like we did the Nazis for their war crimes.

At the same time, we need to round up EVERYONE else everywhere else involved in these war crimes, try them in US military courts for their war crimes against the US, and hang them. If we cannot get our hands on some of them, we try them in abstentia and, if found guilty, put out SOS warrants on them, Shoot On Sight.

Legal precedence was set when we hung the German Nazis for their war crimes. Therefore, we must hang these war criminals for their war crimes. That will stop this crap. As long as the corrupt people causing these problems continue to get away with their crimes, they will continue to cause these and more problems. These evil people must be stopped.

El Salvador told Trump that they "are trying to stop the next migration".

Really? Did they round up and hang the people financing and organizing it?

If not, then they are not trying very hard, are they.

Maybe they could use a little help from our military to prevent another attempted invasion of the US? Maybe we should send in our Marines to "help" them try to stop it?

At the beginning of January 2019, we should send a carrier strike group and two amphibious assault groups to just off of the coasts of Guatemala and El Salvadore on the west side of Central America and a carrier strike group and one amphibious assault group to just off the coast of Honduras on the east side of Central America. That would send a very powerful message to those war criminals.

Food For Thought

Maybe the US military CIS should investigate the FBI to get rid of corruption and their deep state?

The FBI corruption is an act of treason, a threat to national security and handling that threat to national security is the military's job. Think about it.


The people are finally getting it right in this ensuing revolution. I got this from Breitbart by Oliver JJ Lane:

"Anti-government protesters turned out in Paris and other French cities for the seventh Saturday running, as activists called for direct democracy - to take power out of the hands of political elite - and protested against the mainstream media."

The people are figuring it out that, just like I have been telling you, you MUST go after everyone involved in these acts of treason against the people and not just the whore puppet politicians and you can't just fight the cops in the streets, the latter of which is completely senseless.

You have to go after the politicians, media, college professors and teachers, Hollywood, the bureaucrats, the upper class trash funding all of these treasons, and everyone else involved in these treasons and then they have to all be tried for treason and hung. That is the only way to stop them. You have to get all of the bad guys.

BTW, Mexico helping those invading armies and not trying to stop them is also an act of war. They are aiding our enemies' invading armies.


When I talk about the abnormally bad winter weather we are having here, I am providing information to everyone east of me about what is heading your way so you can better prepare for it. It is looking like this is going to be the worst winter in decades, maybe half a century or more. If this weather holds, it is going to be really bad.

You need to know this information to help you be better prepared for what is coming.

I know that the unusually bad weather I am getting here is nothing compared to what you will be getting but I am warning you about how much worse the weather is getting so you can prepare for much worse weather where you live.


I keep seeing a lot of sensationalist crap about laser weapons scaring a lot of ignorant people, you know, like everyone is believing the science fiction crap about how fantastic laser weapons are.

First, lasers MUST be focused on the very specific point where the target is and, if the laser hits that target before or after that focus point, it won't do much, if any damage. It may just warm the target up. Therefore, the laser weapon operator MUST know exactly where the target is down to the millimeter. Today's best radars cannot achieve that kind of accuracy, especially during a battle, which is why SAMs have vicinity detonation devices so that, if the missile gets close enough to the target, the missile will blow up, sending shrapnel into the target. Get the picture?

Second, anything in the atmosphere between the laser weapon and its target will deflect light from the laser, decrease its strength and can make it ineffective. This includes excess humidity, precipitation, fog or clouds, dust, smoke, or anything else which will stop or deflect light. This should tell you that as a battle progresses and more and more things are burning and sending up smoke, lasers become less and less effective and can easily cause the tide of a battle to turn against a force depending too much on lasers.

This should also tell you that one of the best countermeasures to use against lasers is...wait for it...smoke.

If you start putting out smoke at the beginning of the battle, it makes lasers ineffective and worthless junk but radar, missiles, bombs, and bullets still work. Guess who will win that fight, even in space. Oops!

Also, battle fields tend to be pretty dusty, especially when various armored weapons like tanks are running around throwing up large amounts of dust. That dust in the air will make all lasers completely useless in a ground battle and clouds or fog will make them completely useless in an air or sea battle.

Another thing which completely stops lasers is chaff, which we have many ways to use including chaff rockets that can be fired ahead of our troops to block the enemy laser weapons from doing any damage to our troops...along with lots of smoke.

There are other counter measures to lasers, some of which are probably still classified and would blow your mind how easy it is to counter lasers. One of which I am pretty sure is still classified and was developed in the 1970s causes the laser beam to feed back on itself and destroy the laser weapon. If you shoot me with your laser weapon, you blow up. Think about that.

So let the Chicom build all of the super duper laser weapons she wants and then we will go to war, her idiot laser weapons will be ineffective junk and we will beat her butt with our bullets, bombs, and missiles. I really hope she replaces all of her current weapons with lasers so we can more easily beat her in a fight. Believe me, we know how to.

BTW, I just read that China just used an S-400 SAM to shoot down a hypersonic missile.

Gee, who would have guessed that, with faster missiles, all you have to do is lead them more?

Just about any hunter, especially red necks.

Besides, people, your missile will NEVER have to travel as fast or faster than any missile heading towards you; it just needs to be aimed far enough ahead of the incoming missile to intercept the missile so I really don't care how fast your missile is coming at me because my radar and computer will quickly calculate the intercept point and then, if my missile uses a vicinity detonation device, all I have to do is get close enough for the shrapnel to take out your missile.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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