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2020 Election

I fear this next election will show us two things; 1) just how many idiots there are in the US and 2) just how corrupt the left really is.

I can't think of anyone on the left who MIGHT run for president in 2020 that you wouldn't have to be an absolute idiot to vote for. Only an idiot would vote for such obviously corrupt, lying, and totally nuts people as any potential candidate on the left to be their president. I mean, come on, no rational, sane, intelligent person would vote for Fauxcahontas, Slimy Hands Biden, Super Traitor Hillary, commie traitor Bernie Sanders, or any of the others on the left. Those people all belong in prison for their very obvious crimes, not in the White House.

Therefore, we are almost certainly going to find out how many idiots we have in the US based on the number of people who actually vote for their favorite criminals.

Then we are going to find out how much they have corrupted the voting systems in the US, which only corrupt people would do.

This next election will be about how much evil there is in this nation or the lack of morals, values, and ethics left in America.

Keep praying, we really need it.

Did you notice that Fauxcahontas only pretended to research the feasibility for her running for president in 2020? Boy, that research sure didn't take long before she decided to run, did it? Maybe she already had her mind made up to run and the statement about her researching it was just to fool her voters into thinking that her research showed that most lefty commie traitors are supporting her?

And, from what even CNN says, it was probably phony research, you know, just like everything else she does. I got this from Breitbart by Joshua Caplan:

"CNN Politics senior writer and analyst Harry Enten branded Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) a 'below-par candidate' following the launch of the progressive firebrand's 2020 presidential exploratory committee Monday. He highlighted that Hillary Clinton won Massachusetts by a wider margin in the 2016 presidential election than the senator's 2018 re-election bid."


"PAMELA BROWN: Let's talk about the CNN poll from earlier this month showing that she's [Warren] fairly low on the list of front runners in Democrats' choice for their nominee. What does her home state polling tell us about a possible 2020 matchup?

HARRY ENTEN: Usually, if you look at people's home state polling, you would, in fact, see that they are well out ahead. If you look at Joe Biden's polling in Deleware or Bernie Sanders' polling in Vermont, they both poll particularly well in their home states. But in Massachusetts, when matched up against her opponents in a potential Democratic primary, she's actually polling third or fourth, behind Biden and Sanders, which suggests something quite wrong, right? Because if the people in your own home state, if the Democrats in your own home state are saying, 'You know, maybe we prefer another Democrat,' perhaps it says when other people nationwide are exposed to Liz Warren, they might not like her as much."

Get under that bus, woman!!!

Yeah, like she even tried to do her homework. Her exploratory committee should be fired. Her running is just ignorant wish full thinking on her part and a blessing to the conservatives.

Kathy Griffin

I am convinced that this woman suffers from terminal stupidity, you know, like the rest of the lefties but much worse. She keeps putting both of her feet and even other people's feet in her mouth. She just can't keep her mouth shut. It is only a matter of time until she has screwed herself to the point that no one will listen to her, work with her, or hire her to even sweep floors.

Do you believe me yet that my farts are smarter than these lefties because my farts would never do anything as stupid as the lefties are always doing. No intelligence is better than lefty intelligence. Those people have to have imploding black holes for brains that prevent anything even resembling intelligence from getting out of their heads.

Please do not ever attempt to do brain surgery on a lefty because 1) there ain't nuttin' to operate on, baby, and 2) their black holes for brains could quickly swallow up the entire solar system.

North Korea

Kimmy Boy is threatening to take a "new path" if the US doesn't also disarm South Korea instead of just insisting that North Korea disarm its nukes.

Let me see, Kimmy Boy promised he would stop his nuke program while faking blowing up a nuke facility and increasing his nuke program and we are supposed to believe that, if we "also disarm", he will really disarm? Really?

I keep telling you that Kimmy Boy pretending and just promising to disarm while trying to disarm South Korea is just a sucker punch to make it possible for Kimmy Boy's troops to quickly and easily storm South Korea and he keeps proving it.

Kimmy Boy is trying to pull an Adolf Hitler and wants us to be his Chamberlain.

Maybe he can smell the stupid in our lefties?

BTW, Kimmy Boy needs to understand that, if Kimmy Boy's troops can stage a surprise attack through that hole in the DMZ Kimmy Boy has conned South Korea into creating, so can Trump.

If I were Trump, I would use that hole Kimmy Boy has conned South Korea into creating in the DMZ to trap Kimmy Boy's troops when they do invade. I would be sitting there waiting for Kimmy Boy's troops with an ambush and, after we destroyed his invasion forces, counter attack through that hole and not stop until we had all of North Korea.

Hilarious Clinton

Hilary Clinton said that 2018 "was a dark time for our nation".

Did she accidentally close the door and get lost in her closet again?

A recent commie traitor poll said that, today, Hilarious would defeat Trump by double digits.

Isn't that what those polls were saying in 2016, you know, just before she lost the election to Trump? Maybe the lefties should stop rigging the polls?


I have been seeing a massive increase in anti-Semitism in the lefties and it seems to be oozing out of the same vile place all other great sounding stupid lefty idiot ideas come from, our corrupt lefty run universities. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the stupid lefties are being brainwashed by their lefty college professors to hate Hebrews, you know, those "anti-fascist", "anti-Nazi", and "anti-racist" fascist, Nazi, racist pigs called lefties who hate Hebrews just like all fascists, Nazis, and most racists hate Hebrews.

Gee, what a coincidence that the lefties increasingly sound just like the fascists, Nazis, and racists they claim to be fighting against. Believe me, Hitler would have loved today's lefties.

Maybe they are the fascist, Nazi, racist pigs only pretending to fight against themselves? Have you noticed that Marxists do a lot of pretending to be and do good while working to destroy everything and everyone who is good? But, hey, what do you expect from Satan's children?

Economics 101

The commies have increased the minimum wage in 20 states beginning this year and are amazed that prices are already beginning to soar in those states.

Gee, who would have figured?

Let me give you stupid commies a clue, when you increase the cost of labor for making a product or providing a service, you have to increase the price of that product or service to keep from going broke, you know, called inflation. That is economics 101, which none of you stupid lefty commies can understand.

We studied this phenomenon in college economics and all research has shown that, when you legislate an increase in minimum wage, it increases prices more than the wage goes up so that the workers actually lose in real dollars with it hurting the poorest the worst.

That is why a bunch of stupid, over paid, inbred, natural elite corrupt dope smoking political whores should never be allowed to legislate minimum wage...or much of anything else.

Note that this lefty great sounding stupidity comes from the same place as all of the other lefty progressive great sounding stupidity has come from, our natural elite lefty progressive college professors. They are a huge part of our problems.

Without our lefty commie traitor college professors, we wouldn't have most of the problems we have today. They dreamed up Marxism, which has murdered hundreds of millions of people, they dreamed up legalizing abortion, which has murdered hundreds of millions of people, and they have dreamed up a large number of great sounding stupid ideas that have hurt and murdered hundreds of millions of people throughout history.

I told you before that Darwin was not the "father of evolution" because evolution was dreamed up by the Greek intellectuals more than 2,000 years ago. The lefties lie to you and tell you that Darwin dreamed it up because they don't want you to know the ugly truth, which is why they lie to you about everything. The ugly truth is that the Greeks dreamed up the lie of evolution before Jesus was born to justify them owning black slaves. Their justification was that we must have evolved from apes and that blacks were the link between man and apes and, therefore, blacks were not true humans but were half human and half animal, therefore it was OK for the Greeks to own and murder black slaves because they were just animals.

Hitler and his bunch didn't dream up Aryan superiority. A German college professor dreamed that up in the late 1800s and that lie had been told for almost half a century in Germany before Hitler and his bunch believed it and acted on it to "exterminate the inferior races" so they wouldn't contaminate the Aryan race. And many whites still believe this lie today because of evolution.

The Europeans continued to believe the Greek lie of evolution, which is why they believe they evolved via "selective breeding" (inbreeding) to become superior to their slaves and the rest of your ancestors. That is also why they called the American Indians "savages" when they came to the Americas, "Why, they were not true humans but were half animals so they must be savages."

Today, the upper class trash is pushing the lie that we "evolved differently" so they can continue the lie that whites are superior to all other groups of people.

When the European upper class trash had "inferior, subhuman slaves", you know, your ancestors, become incapacitated and Christianity required them to care for those slaves instead of just dumping them, which cost the upper class trash money, their natural elite progressive college professors dreamed up three forms of non ownership slavery, the surf system, the peasantry system, and the peonage system, so they could just dump their incapacitated slaves on their families instead of caring for them, because, after all, they didn't own the slaves so they didn't have the responsibility to care for them.

When those three forms of non ownership slavery finally failed and the people revolted, the European progressive college professors dreamed up the con of communism/Marxism to con the "inferior people" into submitting themselves to the absolute rule of the "natural elite" upper class trash again "so the superior" upper class trash "could care for them".

Nazism, fascism, globalism, and all of our other major problems were dreamed up by the natural elite progressive upper class trash college professors who always make their wickedness sound so wonderful with lots of big words and complex sentence structures to fool the stupid people.

Don't get me wrong, there are good conservative college professors who try to help people and do help people but the evil, vile lefty progressive college professors and intellectuals have caused the slaughter, slavery, and poverty of billions of people over thousands of years. The simple truth is that, without the progressive natural elite intellectuals, we wouldn't have one tenth of the problems we have today. They ARE the problem.

To stop this crap, you have to get rid of those who create this crap.

I often think that, if I were king and could do as I pleased, I would hang an awful lot of lefty commie traitor natural elite progressives, including RINOs, for their crimes against humanity, starting at the top, baby. We would put an end to so much wickedness.

And you say, "But that isn't Christian!"

You better read your Bible because it says that Christ will rule with a rod of iron to prevent such wickedness. That is the primary purpose of having a government, to protect good people from the crimes of evil people but the lefties use government to commit those crimes against you.

Let me give you a clue, me also ruling with a rod of iron, you know, just like Jesus, would be VERY Christ like and the Satanic lefties know it, which is why they hate and are trying to destroy Christianity. Listen, me hanging these criminals to stop their crimes against you is nothing compared to the punishment Jesus has prepared for them.

Eternal damnation burning in the Lake of Fire?

I could never begin to punish them as much as Jesus will and I just want to get rid of them just like Jesus will.

Believe me, if I were king, we would have a gallows in every public square, on every college campus, and in front of every government building for at least the next few decades to stop their crimes against you.

Nothing like these criminals having to walk by a gallows on their way to work and on their way home five days a week. Let's see how arrogant they are then.

But, then again, maybe I should try to be more Christ like, you know, have these evil criminals drawn and quartered instead of just hanging them. That still wouldn't even come close to the punishment Jesus has planned for them.

So, I guess the real question should be, "How can I be more Christ like in stopping and punishing these evil, vile vermin?"

Hmmmm, the Mescalero Apaches had a couple of interesting ways of executing bad guys that would be a little closer to what Jesus is going to do to the criminals.

One was to strip a man butt naked, have him sit down on the ground with his back against a small tree or post, tie his hands around behind him and the tree or post, stake his legs out 45 degrees apart, and build a small fire in his crotch.

That should put a dent in pedophilia and rape, for both men and women, but it still wouldn't even come close to what Jesus has planned for them.

Maybe we will have to just stick with hanging or shooting them to get rid of them and let Jesus finish the job, you know, send them to Jesus and let Jesus finish the job?

After all, there is absolutely no way I can even come close to equaling how much Jesus will punish these evil monsters.

Food For Thought

I was looking at some news pictures of Melania Trump at Breitbart and realized that she looks much more American Indian than Fauxcahontas, especially in the face. Just look at her. That was an interesting and funny revelation.

BTW, you do understand why the commies have renewed their efforts concerning climate change, don't you?

Everything else has failed and they have run out of ideas and lies so they are starting over again with the same old lies that failed before.

No wonder it is so frustrating to be them.

I am seeing that the x-spurts are finally recognizing that the SR-71 was a stealth plane like I told you years ago.


China just caved to Trumps economic war with China and the US will now have a better trade deal that will create even more jobs, which will increase the demand for workers, which will raise wages normally instead of artificially, which will improve the economy.

Once again, the left walks off with more egg on their faces with Trump proving me right once again that the reason most people, especially lefties, go into politics is because they are too stupid to earn half as much legally so they have to steal it. If they were not politicians, most of them wouldn't be able to hold a job or would be sweeping floors, cleaning toilets, and taking out the trash for a living.

And you want these idiots micro managing your life telling you how to live? Why?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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