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Pelosi said that the public wants to see Trump's tax returns.

She is wrong. What I want to see is her financial statements, including but not limited to her tax returns, since she has been in political office so I can see what she has stolen and what she is stealing now.

Come on, she is worth more than $100 million and could not possibly have made that honestly as a politician.

What she has stolen plus interest should be returned to the tax payers she stole it from.


I am watching to see if Ocasio-Cortez is being used by the upper class trash to put out their most radical ideas to see how many people are stupid enough to buy into that crap.

If enough stupid people buy into this crap, the upper class trash will set her up as a leader. If it fails, she goes under the bus to make it look like the upper class trash didn't really support her radical ideas.

The upper class trash is testing the waters and she is an expendable useful idiot, who is stupid enough to fall for the gig.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, I am quickly becoming convinced that this woman is demon possessed.


Do you know why they stopped the F-22 production?

The F-22 technology was so advanced that Lockheed was not being permitted to sell any of them to any other nation so they stopped the F-22 production to start the production of an inferior aircraft, the F-35, so Lockheed could at least make a profit by selling them to our allies.

Remember that Lockheed still is not permitted to sell the F-22 to any other nation but it has sold F-35s to a number of other nations?

You have to understand that, with Lockheed not being able to sell any of the F-22s to other nations, not even planes without some of the whistles and bells, she was going to lose money on the deal, which would have decreased the ability for Lockheed to produce some of the best weapons in the world for the US. That would have been a threat to US national security.

Therefore, to protect US national security, they stopped the F-22 deal and started a deal with a lesser aircraft that Lockheed could sell to other nations to turn a profit on the deal.

Personally, I think they should have paid Lockheed a few extra bucks to produce at least 300 to 400 F-22s and that may come back to haunt us.


Some of China's military leaders are saying that they should sink one or two US aircraft carriers as a "bloody nose" and that it will discourage the US, you know, cause us to go running home to mommy.

Hold it, isn't that what the Japanese leaders thought and why they attacked Pearl Harbor, you know, a bloody nose attack to make us hear mommy calling? How did that workout for Japan? And China's geniuses didn't learn from history and Japan's mistake? Maybe they should consult with Japan about this theory of theirs?

But, hey, why learn from history when you can learn by making the same stupid mistake and learning the hard way?

I already told you how hard it will be to sink a carrier and the damage that carrier will do before they can sink it.

Maybe they are thinking more of themselves than they should and thinking less of us than they should?

If they pick the fight, after the dust settles, we should annex China, you know, the 51st US state.

Moon Base

I love this; China, India, and Israel are sending robots to the moon to show everyone that they are as good as the US by having their little robots putz around on the moon taking pictures and NASA responds by planning to build a moon base on the moon that will always have humans on it with humans regularly traveling between Earth and the moon. Think about that.

Can NASA build a moon base?

Yes, but they have to manage it based on what I have taught you. It has to be completely enclosed because the moon doesn't have enough gravity or a strong enough magnetic field to contain a breathable atmosphere and people can only stay on the moon for limited periods of time, plus the people will have to have special exercise programs for fitness maintenance because the moon has only one sixth of Earth's gravity so, after a while, the people will begin to show serious health problems. People may be able to stay on the moon for up to one or two years, unless we develop artificial gravity for a normal 1 G of gravity within the facility.

Know that they CANNOT colonize the moon the way Hollywood, TV, and the idiot lefties would have you believe. There will be serious restrictions and limitation to humans inhabiting facilities on the moon.

But, hey, it can still be fun, if done right, so find out from NASA which professionals they will need on a moon base, study in college what is required for such jobs, and get a job with NASA while working towards being selected to live on the moon base so you can become a space alien on the moon.

Hey, if nothing else, it will get you further away from whacko lefties like Ocasio-Cortez.

On the other hand, we could always build a leaky wood frame base station at the north pole of the moon and send the whacko lefties, especially the upper class trash, to live in it. We could always tell the power mad whackos that it will be a lunar penthouse and they get to rule an entire planet. That would solve most of our problems.


Britain is so screwed. They have to get rid of May and most of their Parliament to have any hope at ever having a sane and rational Brexit. As long as the crazy traitors continue to run Britain, there is no hope for Britain and her people are screwed.

It is looking like things must get much worse before the people will rise up and bring down the traitors and their government to have anything reasonable and sane. But, hey, you can take it to the bank that the loonies running Britain will make it much worse so there is hope.

Adam and Eve

I just saw where many Christians don't believe in a real Adam and Eve because they have been brainwashed to believe in evolution.

What people don't understand is that evolution also requires that there was an Adam and Eve, unless you want to believe that dozens of humans simultaneously evolved at the same time instead of just one male and one female, which would have been much more likely. Therefore, the real question is, "Which Adam and Eve do you believe in, the accidental and coincidental evolutionary Adam and Eve or the intentionally created Adam and Eve?"

Evolutionists like to mock creation science by making it look preposterous that all of us came from just two beings, one male and one female, but evolution requires exactly the same thing the evolutionists mock about creation and Adam and Eve.

You see, just the magical, coincidental, and accidental evolution of both a male and a female human at the same time and in the same place so they could procreate is very unlikely but it is much, much, much less likely that more than one male and one female accidentally and coincidentally evolved at the same time so they could reproduce, therefore, evolution and math also require that there were only two humans that we all came from, you know, an evolutionary Adam and Eve.

The absolute best that evolution could have hoped for was for a tiny family of half a dozen humans evolved, from which all humans came. Even such a family inbreeding for just a few generations would have wiped out mankind, therefore, evolution has a much bigger problem with the origins of mankind than creation.

The big difference being that, genetically, it would have been disastrous for humans to have come from only two "parents", whose DNA would not have been perfect because they "evolved" by accident and coincident and that we could have only come from two parents whose DNA was created perfect enough (they were created immortal and later changed) so we could have inbred long enough to create all of mankind.

Therefore, regardless of whether you believe in creation or evolution, there had to be an Adam and Eve, it is just that the creation model is the only one from which mankind could have survived inbreeding long enough to cause currently existing mankind. This alone makes evolution scientifically impossible.

But, it gets much, much, much worse than that for evolution. You have to understand that every new species that evolved into existence would have been a freak of nature and it is very unlikely that more than one of each freak would have accidentally happened at the same time, especially with billions of years, much less in the same place or even close enough to each other that they would quickly meet and mate. It is also very unlikely that two freaks of nature would have accidentally and coincidentally happened at exactly the same time in exactly the same place with one being a male and one being a female and not both being either males or females.

Therefore, it is mathematically almost impossible that any of these new species or freaks of nature would have been able to reproduce and they would definitely not have been able to continue their new species for more than a few generations before the inbreeding would have destroyed their DNA and species.

Yet, the pagans claim this mathematic impossibility accidentally and coincidentally happened tens of millions of times over billions of years, producing tens of millions of Adams and Eves for every new species that were able to start entire new species in spite of their inbreeding. (Yeah, kind of stupid, huh?)

They also believe that, miraculously, all of these tens of millions of mated pairs of freaks survived long enough to reproduce, raise their offspring, and provide food for their offspring for generations. They all also accidentally and coincidentally mutated into freaks right in the middle of biosystems that could support them and those biosystems were also accidentally and coincidentally self sustaining.

Talk about miraculous!!!

I dare ANYONE to calculate the mathematical probabilities for tens of millions of freak Adams and Eves accidentally and coincidentally coming into existence over billions of years at just exactly the same time in just exactly the same place to be able to mate, raise young, find food, and start a new species of freaks in spite of the inbreeding. This concept is so mathematically absurd and preposterous that it is mind boggling and why, even when I was believing in evolution, common sense told me some vastly superior being had to cause it to happen because there is absolutely no way so many miraculous accidents and coincidences could possibly have happened.

This is also why better than 90% of scientists who believe in evolution also believe that there had to be some superior intelligence that CAUSED evolution to happen. Common sense tells most scientists that there is absolutely no way this extreme complexity could possibly have accidentally and coincidentally happened without intelligent intervention.

It requires incredible blind faith, ignorance, and stupidity to believe this all just magically happened by accident and coincidence, which is why evolution is the most fanatical religion ever dreamed up by man. It would be easier to believe in almost any other pagan cult than to blindly believe in evolution by accident and coincident.

Now this doesn't even take into account the many other miraculous accidents and coincidences required to believe in accidental and coincidental evolution.

This is why, while they were still brainwashing me to believe in their false pagan cult of evolution, I kept wondering, "What are these people smoking?" It is just blatantly obvious that someone vastly superior to us had to cause this to happen and, therefore, evolution has conclusively proved that God is real, He lives, and He exists, whether you believe in evolution or creation and the only question was whether this being caused evolution to happen or creation to happen.

This is exactly what scientists mean when they talk about evolution by intelligent design.

This is also why, when I finally saw scientifically sound evidence proving creation, I dropped evolution like a hot potato. Science and common sense have convinced me that evolution is the most fanatical religion and magical fairy tale every dreamed up by man. You have to be nuts to believe in that pagan cult.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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