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The commies keep saying that Trump committed an impeachable offense with this, that, or something else. The truth is that, if they had ANYTHING on Trump, he would have already been impeached, therefore, when the commies make such claims, they are clearly lying. It is all propaganda designed to tell the lie enough times so that many will see it as truth.

It is a con and they belong in prison or on a gallows for treason.

A poll found that only 37% of the people found Cohen's testimony credible meaning that 37% of the people are terminally stupid. Unfortunately, that is just enough, with a little vote rigging, to keep the criminals in office.

Fortunately, another poll found that 3 in 4 voters prefer the "America First" platform from politicians meaning that eyes are opening and that not all of that 37% in the above poll are voters. Pay attention to the wording on these polls.

I hope you realize that the reason the left is insisting that Trump will start a civil war when he leaves office is so people will believe that, when the upper class trash stage their coup and the shooting starts, people will believe that Trump started the civil war and not the left. They are telling you that they are about to start a shooting war by staging a coup and are blaming Trump in advance of their crime.

Hey, they gotta cover their butts, baby.


Remember that I told you that I coached men and women at the same time from the local to the national and international level for both men and women so I could make a direct comparison between both and I have been trained in exercise physiology?

My women's team was considered by my competition to be the best women's team in the US and was easily one of the best in the world. My men's team was one of the top 6 to 10 in the nation and maybe top 30 in the world. Therefore, my women's team did much better against their competition than my men's team did against their competition. It was nothing for my women's team to put two women in the top 3 on the podium and occasionally take all three places against the best in the nation and even from other nations. My men's team fought to get one in the top 3 and never got 2 top 3 placings against the best in the nation.

I can guarantee that, even if you load the man up with drugs, cut off everything between his legs, change his appearance to look exactly like a woman, and change his name, the man will have the physical advantage over the woman because he will still have one Y chromosome. It would be like comparing a top NFL player to an average college football player.

I used to run a weekly training exercise on a one mile criterium course where all of my men, women, juniors, and masters rode together in the same pack and the format encouraged attacking to increase speed, strength, recovery, and acceleration.

The men blasted off of the front again and again with maximum wind resistance to increase their speed. The women had to drop back in the pack and attack up the side of the pack in the side draft with much less wind resistance to be able to attack against the speed of the pack for fitness development, which is about a 20% to 30% difference in wind resistance.

In climbing in the mountains, the women always got dropped well before the top men would even begin to break up into groups.

The top end sprinting speed for women was about 5 to 10 mph slower than for men with the men sprinting at 40 to 45 mph and the women sprinting at about 35 mph.

The transgenders competing against women are proving that women can't compete against men and is fraud. Everyone helping or permitting these men to steal from the women should go to prison for fraud.


Did AOC step on too many toes and is about to get shoved under ye ole commie bus?

I got this from Breitbart by Michelle Moons:

"An FEC complaint filed Monday charges Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, her Chief of Staff, and others with using two PACs and LLCs to hide hundreds of thousands in campaign dollars.

A Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) filed Monday accused Cortez chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti of using two PACs (Political Action Committees) he founded to funnel around $1 million to two of his private companies, according to the Washington Examiner. The companies may have been used to hide what funds were spent on."

Uh, maybe she ain't the boss and Pelosi had enough of her crap?

Here cum duh bus, mama!

Now it is being reported that AOC has certainly committed a number of crimes and could end up in jail.

Yep, me thinks she stepped on the wrong lefty toes and she ain't nobody's boss.

Remember that I told you she was being use to try new and controversial ideas and that, if those ideas didn't fly, she could be gotten rid of? Remember that her New Green Deal ain't even getting off of the ground but rather got sunk before it even got out of the harbor?

Gee, what a coincidence.

Will they soon be having new elections in New York?

Hey, as a commie, she should be happy in jail because she will be getting lots of free stuff, you know, housing, meals, clothing, and medical care, and we all know that commies like all of that free stuff plus she can have complete equality of income. Jail is perfect for commies.

Keep an eye on this.

BTW, AOC refuses to denounce commie Maduro, you know, who is starving millions of Latinos under socialism.

Does this mean that she also plans to starve millions of Latinos under socialism? Does this mean that Latinos mean nothing to AOC? Why are the Latinos not rebelling against AOC for not denouncing dictator Maduro for starving millions of Latinos? Do American Latinos want to be starved by AOC the way millions of Latinos are being starved by Maduro?

She really seems to be infatuated with having power, you know, just like Hitler was, you know, another socialist dictator, you know, just like Maduro, another power mad socialist dictator. Gee, what a coincidence.

God's People

Years ago God told me that, after the shooting war got really going, His people would quickly start winning the war but that there would be strong places in the US, especially in the Northeast, for the lefties. He also let me know there would be safe zones in the US following the violent coup and before the civil war really ramped up to a full scale shooting war.

I was just reading where one state is working to make abortion murder and realized that the conservatives fighting back in these states is where those safe zones will be for conservatives with the lefties having their strong places in areas such as New York and Commiefornia.

Pay attention because you are seeing the battle lines form for the rest of this civil war the lefties are staging against us. It will be state-by-state with some states, such as New Mexico being divided into two or more parts.

In a dream, God showed me years ago that New Mexico will be taken over by the lefties in the north but the south and east will be taken over by the conservatives. This is developing right now with the commies in control of Northern New Mexico and conservatives taking control of the south and east just like in my dreams years ago.

You might want to make sure you are in the right part of the right state for you to survive. Pay very close attention as these battle lines form because you don't want to get trapped behind enemy lines.


They are now questioning whether an F-16 was shot down by India and I am waiting to see what comes out in the laundry. It seems pretty conclusive that a MIG-21 was shot down but they are still debating whether an F-16 was shot down.

Regardless of what comes out of this, no plane is invincible and any plane can be shot down with the right electronics warfare and weapons systems, even an F-22, which is why we should have bought more F-22s.

It will be interesting to see how this comes out.

BTW, I honestly admit that the F-16 is one of my favorite planes so that no one can claim bias. If one got shot down, it got shot down. If one didn't get shot down, it didn't get shot down.

Riot Boosting

It seems that there is a new legal term for encouraging rioting or being involved in rioting in any way called "riot boosting". The conservatives are fighting back to stop the accelerating war being waged against us by the lefties and you can see a video explaining a new bill about this here.

This means that people like George Soros, Obama, and others could go to prison for riot boosting.

This is really great and should be passed in every state. It will stop much of the criminal activities the lefties have been using to get what they want. I expect to see more conservative states passing similar bills concerning "riot boosting".

Remember that I have been telling you that these pipeline explosions have been intentionally caused by the left to convince people that pipelines are dangerous to help stop pipelines?

It seems this law was written, at least in part, to stop such sabotage against pipelines.

Keep an eye on this.

Government Healthcare

I hope you realize that one of the main reasons why the lefty commie traitors want everyone on government healthcare is so they can set up European style death panels to get rid of the people they don't want to share their planet with, you know, like conservatives, Christians, and Hebrews.

If the government takes over the healthcare system, they will have absolute control over everyone and be able to murder whoever they want with their death panels. It is a trap dressed up as free stuff.


Here is an interesting video showing 40 archaeological proofs that the Bible is historically accurate, both the New and Old Testaments. AND, oh yeah, the creation and flood are both historical events.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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