War 4

This morning I woke to the realization that it is time to tell you the following. This could easily be my longest essay to date but you really need to know this to survive the rapidly accelerating lefty war being fought against you right now. This ain't going to be purdy, people.

By the time you have finished reading this essay, you will KNOW, as I KNOW, that the lefty commie traitor upper class trash whites really are the stupidest and most evil people on the planet. I try not to think about how stupid they are because it hurts my brain. It is their choice to be wicked that causes them to be stupid because they are rejecting the wisdom of God and are left stuck with the stupidity or foolishness of Satan and the world.

The information I am about to share with you comes from decades of God putting me in the right places at the right times with the right people to learn these things, my college training, and my observations and research. The information I am about to share with you has come from a variety of different sources, all independently of each other telling me the same things. This, in conjunction with the sources I got this information from, should tell you that it is very reliable.

I want to start out by telling you different groups' plans as they were explained and even bragged to me by members of those groups and then I will end by showing you what God has shown me will actually happen. Remember; man plans, God laughs and laughs and laughs.

God had me in Los Angeles to give me one heck of an education about a number of different groups, especially about black Muslims and lefties.

The lefties are very wicked and stupid people who are greedy, power mad or control freaks, arrogant, and satanic pagans. Their entire motivation is to be able to do as they will, you know, Satan's one law, to anyone and everyone they want. They are obsessed with sex, drugs, wealth, power, ego, and other such things. They can't steal enough from enough people fast enough so they are always wanting to steal more from more people faster and this shows with this insane, never ending, extremely complex tax system they keep driving further and further to steal more and more.

You don't believe me?

Then why are they taxing such things as the water you drink when you are already paying them for that water or for rain or for a carbon tax that will do nothing for the environment or the many other endless and insane ideas for taxes. The ever increasing taxes are not to solve problems, the imagined problems are just EXCUSES to steal more money from more people faster with taxes. Marxism is just an excuse to tax people more and more so the upper class trash can steal more and more, faster and faster under the guise of redistribution of wealth.

They always make it sound like they will be redistributing the wealth from others to you but they have created a very complex tax system to hide how much they are stealing from you while using the smoke and mirrors of giving you a little money back on your income taxes every year to make you believe they are giving you money when they are stealing at least 50% to 80% of your income with other taxes with their other hand. The paltry sum they give you for income taxes every year is nothing compared to what they are stealing from you.

The reason why they want their beloved globalism is because, without globalism, the more wealthy people can flee their heavy taxation by simply moving to areas with lower taxes. Their logic is that, if they rule the entire planet and can tax everyone on the planet then no one can flee their taxation and they can steal from everyone as much as they want, which will eventually be everything everyone else has. That is the biggest reason for their globalism, you know, overwhelming greed.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

They are cowards and are afraid to try to establish, first, their national dictatorships and then their global dictatorship when you still have guns to protect yourself, your rights, and your freedoms because they don't want to get their brains blown out. That is why they have always confiscated guns from the people before they establish their dictatorships.

The lefties are so obsessed with their drive for their greed and power that they don't realize that, by disarming the people, they are making it possible for other armed criminals, who won't surrender their weapons, to seize control of the governments and kill the lefties off or enslave the lefties. Lacking the wisdom of God, they are fools.

Remember that the FBI stated in 1992 that ALL black gangs in the US are Muslim and they are ALL under the central control of the Nation of Islam, which is under the control of Louis Farrakhan, Jesse James Jackson, Al Capone Sharpton, Oprah Winfrey, and others like Mad Max and Corey Booker.

"But", you say, "then why are they always fighting and killing each other?" You know, like Muslims all over the world are always fighting and killing each other and have been for 1,400 years, duh. When it comes time, they will all pull together under the control of the Nation of Islam to seize control of this nation and then resume fighting each other for more turf.

When I was in Los Angeles, I had a number of opportunities to listen to black Muslim gang bangers bragging about what the black Muslim plans are for the US. Note that blacks who were not members of gangs told me the same things. They ALL told me exactly the same thing and the LA cops I knew ALL told me exactly the same thing, and a friend I had who knew a number of local FBI agents who had ALL told him exactly the same thing, told me those same things, without me telling ANY of them what the others had told me. Get this straight, the young black Muslim gang bangers are so confident that they openly brag about their plans to the cops. Hey, if the cops tell the lefty media, it will never get published and the gang bangers know it.

Think they are not over confident?

In the last 6 months before I left LA in October 1993, the black gangs ambushed patrol cops at least 4 different times using automatic weapons. Even the cops are not safe in these major cities and you wonder why the cops kill so many black Muslim gang bangers?

The cops know what is going on and they are terrified. You better know it too.

To all of the good cops out there, if you live in a blue zone run by the lefty commie traitors, you better move to a red zone run by the conservatives or you will end up dead or a slave in the not too distant future. EVERYONE living in a blue zone needs to move soon...well, except for the lefties and the bad cops. Please leave soon. I will get back to this more later.

In a nut shell, the black Muslim plans are that, when they take over an area, they will "put a gun to the heads of all the whites and say, 'be my slave or die.'" I don't know how many times I heard that from blacks while in LA. AND they meant ALL of the whites including the white upper class trash.

Now, to show you how stupid the lefty commie traitor upper class trash really are, they are working to disarm all whites, because only whites will register their guns so they can be taken away, which will leave only the black Muslims and other criminals with guns. Get it straight that the black Muslim gangs WILL NOT register or give up their guns AND they have warehouses full of military weapons and ammunition.

The idiot lefty upper class trash THINK (I use the term loosely) they are disarming Americans so they will be safe to set up their dictatorship but that isn't what they are really doing. What they are really doing is setting up the US so the Muslim black gangs can seize control of the US and the black Muslims are more than glad to help the lefty fools do this, of course.

Don't be surprised to find out that, after decades of planning all of this, the black Muslims have special hit teams strategically and tactically spread around the US with special kill lists to quickly eliminate the white upper class trash when the black Muslims make their final move. But, hey, that is a good thing because it will get rid of the corrupt, greedy, power mad white lefty upper class trash you won't execute so God is going to use the Muslims to execute those evil lefty upper class trash criminals and enslave the rest of the lefty commie traitor thugs, you know, like Antifa.

When in LA, I found out from both the black gangs and the cops that the black Muslims have entire warehouses hidden away that are filled with enough military automatic weapons and ammunition to sustain a conservatively estimated all out war in the US for at least 10 years by 1990 and you can bet they have continued to build that stock pile since. They are armed to the teeth and more, in blue areas, where the idiot commie traitors have disarmed everyone else, they will be the only people with guns...well, there will also be the Latino and Asian gangs but we will get to that later.

Now the idiot upper class trash whites are doing this knowing that the blacks, who will have the only guns in the US, hate whites, you know, them, and also want power and they think that those blacks who hate whites, want power, and will have the only guns in the US will let those stupid whites remain in power, really, that is what those super duper stupid upper class trash whites believe, you know, Reid, Schumer, Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Georgie Boy Soros, Hillary, John Kerry, Bill Maher, Jim Carry, the Heinz family, the Marriotts, the Kennedys, and the rest of the super duper stupid upper class trash whites really do believe this. They really are that stupid.

Does that make your brain hurt?

Then you have these idiot white lefty commie traitors living in "gated communities" or walled off palaces thinking that a little steal gate with a civilian guard and a cinder block wall surrounding their homes will keep these heavily armed armies of black Muslims out of their homes or palaces and keep the super duper stupid white lefties safe. Really, the super duper stupid lefty idiots do believe this.

Does that make your brain hurt more?

Listen, I could easily think of at least a dozen ways the black Muslims can breach those "safe" gated communities or palaces, you know, like welding a little steel on front of a truck or stealing one of many easy to steal back hoes or front end loaders or any number of other ways to break down ye ole iron gate or punch a hole through ye ole cinder block wall. It will only take the black Muslims a few seconds to gain control of those "gated" compounds and palaces.

They ain't keeping nuttin' out, baby...well, except honest people.

Then the idiots are thinking that the cops and military the lefty upper class trash are already stabbing in the back and planning to replace with their Civilian National Security Force or the CNSF will protect them and keep them safe from the heavily armed armies of black Muslim gang members, who will make up the core of the CNSF. Oops!

People, the black Muslims have an army of millions of black Muslims nationally who can be quickly armed to the teeth with military weapons and ammunition. Ain't no CNSF lefty slaves going to stop them when you, the people, are no longer armed. The only thing keeping this black Muslim army at bay is tens of millions of armed Americans.

The real truth is that those gated communities are death traps and prisons-to-be because all the black Muslims have to do is punch through the one or two gates in those gated communities and they will have all of those super duper stupid lefty commie traitors trapped. Yep, those gated communities and palaces are traps. I guess you could call them rat traps because they are going to be used to trap the lefty rats.

Then the black Muslims will much more easily be able to make the rounds in those wonderful gated communities, where no super duper stupid lefties will have any guns, put guns to their little white heads to force those super duper stupid lefties to submit to slavery, take everything those super duper stupid lefties have, you know, like credit and debit cards, bank accounts, investment and retirement funds or any other assets like TVs, cars, expensive electronics, rape all of the females, and use those wonderful gated communities as prisons or holding camps to keep their new slaves contained.

You just know that the black Muslims will be so grateful to the super duper stupid lefty commie traitors for building their own prisons for the black Muslims.

Gee, the lefties thinking those gated communities will keep them safe from bad guys was brilliant, wasn't it? Does that make your brain hurt more?

If you are a conservative living in one of those gated communities, especially in a blue area, get out as soon as you can. If you are a lefty, please stay there because you deserve what you are about to get.

Don't think so?

Remember that I have been teaching you that, if you can do whatever you will to others, you know, like stealing from others, then others can do whatever they will to you, you know, like stealing from you, stupid.

Note that the black Muslims told me they will also put guns to the heads of non Muslim blacks and tell them, "Convert (to Islam), be my slave, or die." They will get three choices, you non blacks will only get two; submit to slavery or die.

But it gets better.

Remember what I told you with my essay, "You Need To Know"?

If you didn't read it, go back and read it right now because you really need to know the dynamics you will face when the fecal matter really hits the fan.

Note that, when this plan first began more than half a century ago, the largest minority in the US was the black population but that ain't so no more because of 1) the lefties getting the blacks to murder so many of their children with abortion and gang violence. Now the black population is the second largest minority group in the US and the Latinos are the largest and fastest growing minority group in the US. Also, the lefties are currently bringing a lot of non black Muslims into the US illegally. But, hey, Obama brought in a lot of black Muslims from Africa illegally.

Remember that I told you in my "You Need To Know" essay that the blacks hate and cause trouble for the Asians and Latinos, who also hate the blacks?

Well, both groups, Asians and Latinos have their gangs too and those gangs are also heavily armed to the teeth with fully automatic weapons and ammunition and you know that neither of those groups will give up their guns either. Oops!

Are you finally getting the picture about just how stupid the lefty whites are? They will be the only people in the US with no guns when the fun starts.

OK, the Latinos are the largest and fastest growing minority in the US, especially in places like Commiefornia, they hate and regularly shoot it out with the black gangs, are armed to the teeth just like the black gangs and have very little trouble with the Asian gangs, who also hate the black gangs.

What should that tell you?

When the black Muslims try to take over areas with large Latino populations and gangs, they are going to run into those larger and heavily armed Latino gangs, who will quickly fight back and prevent those black gangs from taking over the Latino areas. Oops!

Guess what, the Asian gangs will do the same thing AND I saw this happen in LA during the 1992 riots. The Blacks decided to invade and devastate the Asian areas of town and the Asians very quickly organized, fought back, and ran the blacks back out of the Asian areas. To a lesser extent, the blacks tried the same thing in the Latino areas and had the same problem...and also in the conservative white areas, where conservative white men had guns and could keep the black gangs from destroying their neighborhoods, which is one reason why the Nation of Islam began dumping millions of dollars into efforts to disarm whites right after those riots.

Then remember that I told you that Kyle got out of the military, was starting, training, building, and organizing civilian militias, which is why the lefty shrinks had him murdered?

He isn't the only member of the US military that the US military has been encouraging to leave the military to set up conservative militias all over the US, especially in red areas, to better help conservatives to fight back against this coup.

Years ago I found out that the military knows what is going on, is having SEALs, Green Berets, Delta Force, Marines, and others get out of the service to form, train, and organize civilian militias for this rapidly accelerating war and the military is working with the conservative patriots. These civilian militias, with the support of the US military, will lead the fight for control of the US when this coup starts and you can bet they ain't going to give up their guns either.

BTW, law enforcement, you know, sheriffs and cops, also know about all of this, which is why increasing numbers of sheriffs and cops are declaring their jurisdictions "Second Amendment Sanctuary" areas. They don't want them and their people to be the only ones without guns when the fecal matter finally really starts hitting ye ole fan.

Remember that years ago I told you about a dream where God told me that, when Obama and his black Muslims seize control of the US with a violent coup, there will be a "Mexican standoff"?

The black Muslims learned this lesson in LA and that is why they, under Obama, started importing huge numbers of Muslims from other nations, including a lot of black Muslims from Africa, to help them seize control of these other areas. These other Muslims are already politically taking over certain parts of the US and will help to violently take over the US but God showed me they won't get it all.

The lefty upper class trash have really created an insane and complex mess, haven't they?

Don't worry, almost all of them will die because of the problems they have created and that is what God has shown me. And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

When Obama and his black Muslims stage their violent coup, it will be stunning and cause most people to hesitate just enough for the black Muslims and other Muslims led by the black Muslims to quickly grab a lot of US turf but the others will quickly react to secure their areas creating zones for the different groups all across the US. It is going to be a mess, people.

You want diversity? You are going to get diversity.

Then God gave me the following dream, which provided some interesting information about this coup.

First, you have to understand that Obama and his black Muslims believe Obama is the Muslim end time Mahdi or messiah. According to Muslim end time prophesy, to prove he is the Mahdi, Obama MUST seize control of the Israeli Temple Mount, stand on that Temple Mount, and give the order to ALL Muslims to kill ALL non Muslims, especially Hebrews and Christians, which will REQUIRE ALL Muslims to unite behind him to conquer the world, which will give him complete control of a new Muslim caliphate with a global population of 1.5 billion Muslims, all of whom will be willing to die fighting for their Mahdi to conquer the world. They will be earning guaranteed salvation, baby.

Sound familiar? Yeah, that is exactly what the Bible says the Antichrist will do when he seizes control of the Temple Mount. Get the picture yet?

But, don't worry, Obama ain't the Antichrist, he just thinks he is.

OK, Obama and his black Muslims will have just seized control of most of the US, they will quickly do away with the US Constitution and impose Sharia Law on us, he will have a massive army of Muslims and lefty commie traitor slaves, there will be non Muslim sanctuary areas around the US (blue zones), which will begin organizing and coordinating for a civil war, and Obama MUST send a huge army from the US to join with other Muslim armies and armies from other nations like China, to invade and seize control of Israel and the Temple Mount so he can give the order to kill all non Muslims or none of the other Muslims will recognize him as their Mahdi and support his conquest of the world. That should tell you that Obama has to go to the Middle East with his "US" army or CNSF or he can't stand on the Temple Mount and give that order.

Briefly, the dream went like this:

I had just married the woman I have told you God will send to me to marry (I won't marry her until after Obama stages his coup), me, she, and her family went to a movie theater where there was a long line outside but some of her family were already there so they gave us cuts in the line with them. You know, we were going to the big show, baby.

When we got inside, Obama was already at the front behind the lectern speaking (he had already staged the coup), there was an aisle down the middle of the theater leading up to the front where I stood in the middle of the room with my new family sitting down in seats to my left with their backs to the front (they were in hiding from Obama and his black Muslim thugs), the rest of the people were quietly watching with all of the rest of the seats full and many people standing up around the sides because there wasn't enough seats for everyone (this passive audience was the Mexican standoff where no one was fighting and I was the only one taking a stand against Obama and his black Muslims for now, which is why my new family was hiding).

When Obama finished speaking, he turned to his left, my right, and left the stage heading for Israel to invade Israel and stand on the Temple Mount to prove he is the Mahdi. When he started to leave, the front rows stood up and they were ALL black Muslims and, after the black Muslims started to leave, a number of rows of whites behind the black Muslims stood up as second rate citizens (the white lefty commie traitor slaves going to war against Israel with Obama), and, after they all left, it was quiet for a few seconds when God told me to go to the front.

When I got to the front, God told me to take a prominent seat of government to help fight the war for our new nation. After I took that seat, others followed to the front and began taking seats to form our new government and build our new nation.

What Obama was doing in the dream was taking the majority of his Muslim and lefty commie slave army to Syria and Lebanon to join the Muslim and other armies from all over the world to invade Israel for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, which God will use to purge the lefty commie traitors and top Muslim leaders so we can fight to get our nations back.

"But," you ask, "how could Obama leave? Wouldn't he lose control of the US?"

He is going to leave Valerie Jarrett here with a small force to maintain control of the US.

Remember that, when Obama was president that Valerie Jarrett was the one who ran the nation while Obama was always off golfing and taking vacations. She will once again run the nation while Obama is off proving he is the Mahdi AND she is right now working with Obama in Washington DC to stage a coup against Trump. Gee, what a coincidence.

Plus you have to understand that Obama knows that, if he proves he is the Muslim Mahdi, he will be able to return to the US with a united global Muslim army of hundreds of millions of Muslim men to take back any land taken back by us.

You also need to know that, in modern warfare, it will take Obama at least 6 to 12 months to ramp up his CNSF and ship most of them to Syria and Lebanon to invade Israel. This should tell you that we will be kinda sorta living under Shiria Law for at least 6 months to more than a year and we really want him to feel confident enough to take as many of his forces as he can to invade Israel because that will decrease the number of forces we have to fight after he leaves, saving lives here in the US, which will be part of the reason for the Mexican standoff.

Now it is critical to understand how Obama and the black Muslims see this so you can better understand what they think, what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what they will do.

I have easily spent more than half a century studying history and I have repeatedly seen that the greatest generals always study their enemy to better understand how their enemy thinks so they can better and more accurately predict what their enemies will do. That is why I read the Koran, studied Islam, studied Muslim end time prophesy, studied both the secular and Muslim histories of Islam (they are very different), been studying what the Muslims are doing now, why I studied the black gangs and black Muslims, and why I studied Obama.

The reason why today's generals have not defeated the Muslims is because Bush II and Obama forced the politically correct lies about Islam on them so that the generals and their soldiers are ignorant about the truth concerning Islam, which is why their predictions are so lousy.

You also have to understand that many of our soldiers, who have fought beside Muslims in these wars think they better understand Islam than I do because they believe the myth that, if that Muslim fought beside you and you see him as your brother in combat, then he is going to see you as his brother in combat and he ain't going to lie to you so they just naturally believe whatever their Muslim combat pals tell them, which, from what I have read and heard, is all lies. Get it straight, that Muslim combat pal will still lie to you no matter how many people the two of you kill in combat together because he doesn't think the way you think and see it the way you see it. It just doesn't mean the same thing to him that it means to you.

These soldiers have failed to understand that their combat Muslim pals are not them and don't think like them. Muslim pals are first and foremost Muslims and when Islam requires that they lie to you to promote the cause of Islam, they will still lie to you to promote the cause of Islam. This is especially true when the Muslims know that they have to earn salvation with their works, lying to even their best friends for the cause of Islam is a good work earning salvation, and they ain't going to give up an opportunity to earn salvation to go to paradise and risk burning in hell to tell you the truth about Islam.

This is one of the most important things you have to know about Muslims. Listen, Muslims lie to Muslims all of the time and they see lying to anyone, even other Muslims for the cause of Islam, as being a good work earning salvation, keeping their butts out of hell. If they will lie to other Muslims, they will lie to anyone else including their combat buddies. This means, you can't believe a thing a Muslim tells you so you better do your own homework.

It turns out that the Muslims who are really telling the soldiers the truth are the "radical Muslims" or terrorists the soldiers have been trained to not believe.

I have already taught you that Obama and his black Muslim pals believe that Obama is the Muslim Mahdi and he MUST stand on the Temple Mount and give the order to murder all non Muslims BEFORE any other Muslim can give that order from the Temple Mount. He also knows that there are going to be three basic stages of fighting in getting to the Temple Mount and securing it so he can SAFELY stand on it to give that order. Obama is a coward and isn't going to risk standing on the Temple Mount with bullets flying all around him.

First, they have to punch a hole through the Israeli lines so Obama and his forces can quickly fight their way to Jerusalem. You also need to understand that Obama isn't going to try to breach the Israeli lines and then turn to roll up the Israeli lines because he is going to want the rest of the Israeli lines to remain intact to keep the rest of the Muslim armies from reaching Jerusalem before he can stand on the Temple Mount and give that order to kill all non Muslims to prove he is the Mahdi. The military calls that a delaying tactic.

You have to understand that every Muslim leader in the world wants to be the one to stand on the Temple Mount and give the order to kill all non Muslims to prove he is the Mahdi so all of the Muslim forces will be required to unite behind them to conquer the world because they are ALL a bunch of power mad whatckos with massive Napoleonic complexes.

When these leaders send their armies to southern Syria and Lebanon to invade Israel, they will all gather in Damascus (from which they can quickly get to Jerusalem) to do some Muslim wheeling and dealing with the other Muslim leaders and leaders from nations like China. The deal every leader will be looking to make with everyone will be to either get the support of others for them to stand on the Temple Mount and give the order to murder all non Muslims or make a deal to support someone else, hoping they will either get a break during the fighting to be the one to stand on the Temple Mount and give that order or to get a high place in the government of the one who does give that order.

You need to know that all of the Muslim armies will fight together to breach the Israeli lines until their individual army has breached the lines. When a Muslim leader's individual army breaches the Israeli lines, all deals with be off, baby, and it will be a race for Jerusalem and the Temple Mount.

If their army makes contact with ANYONE ELSE on the way to Jerusalem, even another Muslim army, it will be a bloody fight to stop the other army from getting there first and make sure their own leader gets there first.

When they get to Jerusalem, if there is any other army there, especially another Muslim army, it will be a bloody battle that will level Jerusalem and turn it into a pile of smoldering rubble to get their leader on the Temple Mount or what is left of it first.

You have to understand that this backstabbing and treachery has been common in Islam for 1,400 years, which is why no Muslim completely trusts any other Muslim. Don't forget that because that is very important and we will get back to that in a second.

Obama knows that, because of all of this Muslim treachery, he MUST take as big of an army as he can to invade Israel because, after they punch through the Israeli lines, which is going to cost him a lot of troops, Obama will need enough troops left to fight any number of Muslim armies to get him on the Temple Mount first.

THAT is what the Muslims believe will happen but remember that man plans, God laughs.

God tells us that two things will happen before the Muslims can invade Israel but after all of those armies have gathered in Syria and Lebanon and the leaders have all gathered in Damascus to do their wheeling and dealing.

First, God said that He will cause an extremely violent earthquake that will cause enough confusion that the gathered armies will turn their weapons on each other, you know, because they don't trust each other, they will start fighting each other without Israel firing a shot, and they will kill 5 of 6 or 83.3% of their own troops, then they will suddenly realize that they don't have much of an army left and it is in disarray with their leaders all dead (I will get to that in a minute), and that Israel still has its completely intact military facing them so they will panic, throw down their weapons and run for the Euphrates River as fast as they can run.

Second, God said that, when the earthquake and fighting starts, God will rain fire and brimstone down on Damascus the way He did on Sodom and Gomorrah, you know, to fulfill the prophecy about God destroying Damascus, turning Damascus into a parking lot and killing all of their leaders, which will leave those armies without any leaders by the time the armies realize they screwed up by killing each other.

Basically, the upper class trash the Muslims don't kill with their coup, God will kill in Damascus and, if the real Antichrist is in Damascus, he will escape just before God destroys Damascus and will flee to the new Muslim Caliphate that will form to help build the Caliphate to conquer the world after the Tribulation starts.

You have to understand that, after God destroys the current Muslim armies and leaders "on the Northern hills of Israel" or in Syria and Lebanon, the Muslims will be forced to form a new caliphate to prevent the implosion of Islam globally and the Antichrist will help them build their new nation and the armies required to conquer the world during the soon coming Tribulation.

This Caliphate will be split into two parts (the two feet of Nebuchadnezzar's figure) by Israel grabbing land from the Euphrates River to Nile River to the east side of Jordan to the Indian Ocean on both sides of the Red Sea following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and all of the armies that would try to stop her have been destroyed.

That will be about the time we stand up against Valerie Jarrett and her much smaller Muslim army controlling the US to fight to get our nation back because Obama, who just became Damascus asphalt, ain't coming back with an army.

And that is how God told me He will clean up the mess we caused or let our lefty commie traitors cause and we won't clean up so we can finish the fight to get our nation back. You won't execute these traitors so God will execute most of them and you will have to finish the job.

You need to know that our new nations won't have the exact same borders the current nation has because the lefties will keep a small part of our current nation in the Northeast, in the area of Washington DC and New York, and we will probably annex a few other nations we have to fight against during that time.

You have to understand that others, you know, like Mexico, Canada, China, one or more European nations, and others, will take advantage of our civil war to invade and try to grab at least part of the US for themselves. We may have to use nukes to save our butts from this mess we made. God let me know in a dream that we will end up annexing other countries or parts of other countries and it could include parts of Canada, Mexico and other countries between us and the southern tip of Chili in South America.

Which countries?

I don't know, probably anyone and everyone who attacks the US.

BTW, after China loses a big chunk of its army and navy along with their leaders in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, she will probably be torn apart in a civil war between different factions in China to become two or more nations, especially if the remnant of her military tries to attack the US.

I also believe that Israel and/or Russia will get Turkey.

It is going to get very interesting. No one will get bored.

Now that you know what is going to happen soon, you can better see what you will have to do to better survive. First, make sure that you are in a red zone, armed, trained, organized, and united with other patriots and then pray long, pray hard, pray often because you will need it.

Do you believe yet that the upper class trash are the stupidest and most evil people on the planet and do you understand why you will hang or shoot any of them who are still alive when it is over?

Because of them, you are all going to lose family and friends in this mess before it is over. Believe me, you will hang them and that is an easy prediction. You don't have to be a prophet to see that one coming.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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