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This is funny, very funny.

I looked up the name Schumer to get a better idea of where he is coming from, you know, what kind of heritage he has to better understand him. I knew it was German but didn't know its meaning or what part of Germany it is from.

Get this, the name Schumer means "good-for-nothing or vagabond". How appropriate can you get?

That is at least as funny as Orkin naming extremely politically corrupt Chicago "Rat City" because Chicago has more rats in their middle and upper class housing than any other city in the nation.

So, from now on, every time I read about Schumer, I will remember that his name says it all because he is good-for-nothing.


Concerning using the fried chicken boxes for inexpensive micro green houses, I was amazed at how hot they got when it was only 50 degrees F outside and how well they retain the heat, especially for something so cheaply made. In just a few hours, they cooked a couple of small plants and almost all of my seeds. I recently had to replant all of those seeds because only one or two sprouted more than a week after they were supposed to spout.

If you are going to use them, I suggest you drill 4 to 5 small holes in the top covers to let heat out, if you use them when it is more than about 45 degrees outside.

They do make good small watering pans for watering plants from the bottom up.

Lessons learned and shared.


I have heard preachers tell that the Tabernacle or "Tent of Meeting" was a place where only Moses and Aaron could meet with God but that isn't true. The Bible also called it "the tent of meeting where the people could come and meet with God".

I explain that, illustrated it, and provide the scriptures for it in my e-book, "Yahweh", along with many other things people misunderstand or are taught wrong. It is for sale at Barns & Noble. I also answer the most common questions about God that most people don't understand.

The Bible says that God had Moses build the Tabernacle so THE PEOPLE could come and meet with God by stopping in the courtyard in front of the Tabernacle but they can't enter into the Holy-of-Holies. That is what the Temple on the Temple Mount is supposed to be for, it is where we are to meet and fellowship with God on His throne. Yes, only the high priest can go into the actual tent or Holy-of-Holies but you can approach the front of the Temple behind the alter and meet with God.

That is what Sukkot is supposed to be for; you are supposed to live in a humble tent next to the Temple and fellowship with God.


You keep seeing things being recalled and planes being grounded because they are not working right. Part of that is this profit maximization thingy that is driving the push for globalism, where they keep making things cheaper and cheaper to keep making more and more money, while screwing people more and more.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

But that isn't the only reason that stuff works so poorly today. A big part of it is that they are increasingly graduating students who are not as intelligent as graduating students were 50 years ago.

For example, when I studied mechanical engineering, we didn't have any calculators, much less computers. The best we could use was the slide rule or what we called slip sticks to do our calculations and they were good enough to get us to the moon and back. Plus we were often not even allowed to use those on tests and had to do all of our test math with pencil and paper to show our work to the professor.

A decade later, I went back and took a course in solar engineering for the fun of it, where I met the then engineering students. They were using these micro computers as calculators that used magnetic strips for storage so they could store all of their math formulas on those strips so that all they had to do was call up the right formula, put in the numbers, and they got the answer AND they were allowed to use those computers for all of their tests.

Engineering students didn't have to be intelligent enough to memorize the formulas or even be able to do the math in their heads. They just had to have enough money to buy a computer to do all of that math for them.

Also, I have read again and again that even math majors today cannot do their math without computers.

When I was a kid, I used to do complex math in my head WITHOUT pencil and paper or a slip stick just for the fun of it because I could. It was fun and it was easy.

Have you ever done quadratic equations or trig in your head? I have and it was fun. Calculus? No problem. And most of today's engineering and math students can't even do the math WITH pencil and paper? Really? And they are designing the cars, planes, and other things you are risking your life using? Gee, I wonder why they have to keep recalling stuff like cars or grounding planes? You don't think it is because they have idiots with degrees designing that stuff, do you?

When I studied math, science, and engineering in college, you had to be a genius to pass those courses and today you don't. Today, to get those same degrees, all that is required is that you have to be able to use a computer and, if you don't think stupid people can use computers, just spend an hour or two on FB.

Clearly, many of today's engineers are not as intelligent as they used to be and it is showing with them constantly screwing things up so they have to be recalled. This is the biggest reason why all of this high tech crap is failing, the people doing the designing are not as intelligent as they should be so they keep screwing everything up. Today, we have dummies getting degrees in the hard sciences and you should be really scared about that because 1) they are putting your lives at risk and 2) the ones getting degrees in the soft sciences because they can't get a degree in the hard sciences are even dumber and those are the people running your nations, schools, and other things.

These people are increasingly your doctors, nurses, engineers, and other professionals and they shouldn't be because they are not intelligent enough to do the jobs right.

Don't believe me?

Go to the CDC site and you will find that today's doctors, with much better technology and science than ever before in the history of man are killing about 60,000 people (probably more - those are just the ones they know about) per year in just the US with faulty medicine and it is worse elsewhere.

We have too many people doing jobs they should not be doing because they got degrees they should not have gotten.


In spite of the objections of Trump, the US Senate just voted to stop supporting Saudi Arabia's military campaign in Yemen and this is very critical and should be considered an act of treason.

Saudi Arabia is fighting the Houthis in Yemen and the Houthis are supported by Iran (read Iranian proxy army fighting to take over Yemen).

If Saudi Arabia stops fighting the Houthis in Yemen, it gives Iran proxy control of Yemen, which is really huge because 1) it means that Iran will have almost completely surrounded the Sunni Muslims in the Arabian Peninsula and could cut off commercial shipping by land, sea, and air to the Arabian Peninsula, 2) Iran will have control of both the Straits of Aden and the Straits of Hormuz with the Straits of Aden controlling southern access to the Suez Canal, which has 1/3 of global commercial shipping and, combined with the traffic through the Straits of Hormuz, gives them control of more than half of the commercial shipping in the world, and 3) makes it possible for Iran to stage a simultaneous two front attack against Saudi Arabia from the North (Iraq) and South (Yemen), with the ability to launch missiles into Saudi Arabia from the North, East, and South at the same time.

This one move could easily make Iran one of four or five the most powerful nations in the world and is worse than Chamberlain giving Hitler Czechoslovakia. It would be more like Chamberlain just giving Hitler France and Britain together.

This is a betrayal of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE, you know, the way Obama sold out the same nations when he made his infamous deal with Iran. Basically, just like Obama and Chamberlain, they screwed the entire planet by giving Iran potential control of two of the most strategic waterways in the world, with the Straits of Aden/Suez Canal being number one in the world.

Gee, I wonder who bribed those corrupt politicians? Iran? And you think the upper class trash are not evil and stupid?

People, the upper class trash have majority control of both political parties, just more so with the Commie-rats than with the Commie-publicans. The mess the upper class trash has created is much bigger and worse than most people realize. You have to get rid of the traitors in both parties and not just the Commie-rat Party.


This isn't just about the Hebrews because both Gentiles and Hebrews are just as stupid but this is a great illustration of the stupidity of man.

In the Bible, God gave us His name and even gave us several different names we could call Him by AND He said that, "If you will call on my name, I will hear you, come, and deliver you."

He gave us His name to use when talking to Him and about Him and even gave us an order to use His name but, the Hebrews, in their pagan superstition and fear, have decided with their superior intelligence to not use God's name because they are afraid that, if they use His name wrong, God will not understand and will strike them down.

So, using their own vastly superior worldly wisdom and the wisdom of Satan, they made up their own false pagan name, Hashem, to call God saying that "God will understand" this and permit them to call Him a name that is not His name and He did not give or tell them to use.

What, God isn't capable of understanding them accidentally misusing His name, He gave and told them to use, but is capable of understanding them calling Him a false pagan name they made up so they don't have to obey God's command to use the names He gave them to use? Really? And they wonder why they have been in exile for almost 2,000 years? And they can't figure out why, when they call on the false pagan name they made up for God instead of using the names God gave and told them to use, God doesn't hear them, come, and deliver them? And you want to get their advice on understanding the scriptures and dealing with God? Why? See how inherently stupid we humans are?

Listen, when the truth isn't stupid, we humans will dream up something that is stupid and believe that. We have been extremely consistent in this for 6,000 years. We are so stupid that we reject anything intelligent and dream up really stupid stuff to believe. The stupidity of mankind hurts my brain.

Let me give you a little clue here. If you know that my name is Carl, I know that you are talking to me, and you use any other name than my name I gave you to use, you know, like Bob, I am going to get ticked, not listen to you, and I am going to walk away from you...or punch you in the mouth, your choice. You would too.

So, how do you think God feels when He gave and ordered you to use His name and, because of your own stupidity and arrogance, you call Him some made up pagan name, while expecting Him to listen to you?

Think about that. If I were Him, I would punch you in the mouth.

I absolutely abhor the false pagan name Hashem because it is the false pagan name the Hebrews made up and insult God with instead of obeying God and using the names God gave and told them to use. It is a way that Satan has tricked them into rebelling against God without the stupid humans realizing they are rebelling, which was Satan's first sin.

"Heck no, we intellectually superior humans ain't going to use your real name that you gave and told us to use, we is are be going to use some false pagan name to call you. Hey, how about Hashem? We will just call you Hashem."

See how stupid that sounds?

As far as I am concerned and I must believe God feels the same way, they are worshipping a false pagan god named Hashem and not the one true God, Yahweh. Gee, no wonder the Hebrews have been in exile for 2,000 years but, hey, we Gentiles are just as stupid because we are right now in the process of destroying the greatest culture in the history of the world, which God created for us as a gift. Yep, just like the Hebrews, we is are be smarty pants too.

So the big question is, "Are we stupid Gentiles going to learn from the stupid Hebrew mistake and stop making our stupid mistake of destroying the greatest culture in history God created for us as a gift or are we going to spend a few thousand years in exile and still be too stupid to learn to quit making our stupid mistake?"

Your choice, choose wisely.

My guess?

It's going to be exile, baby! I want my own planet!

Listen, I am so convinced of the consistency in the stupidity of mankind that I know that, after we Gentile Christians have colonized 9 more planets, we will screw up all of those 9 planets with our church doctrine because we have rejected God's Biblical doctrine for our stupid church doctrine because we is are be smarter than God and we know what is best for us.

I want my own planet so I won't be able to blame anyone else for screwing up my planet and will only be able to blame my own stupidity for screwing up my planet.

Why should I have to pay for your stupidity when I have plenty of my own stupidity to pay for?

I want my own planet. Maybe Jesus will come and visit me on my planet and we can talk about things, you know, over a nice cup of tea. That sounds so nice. Mark, Arthur, Erick, and a few others can come visit me too and then maybe we can all sit around talking to Jesus.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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