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Post Trump

The lefties know that, after Trump, if they return to their prior behavior, they are going to look really terrible, especially after they destroy the economy again with their tax and spend nonsense. They don't dare try to quickly devastate the economy to where it was when Trump started and the longer Trump keeps doing damage to their evil plans, the longer it will take them to redo the damage they had done to make it easier for a coup and to setup their evil commie dictatorship. The older ones won't live long enough to see that happen.

As a matter of fact, almost anyone will look bad as president for at least a few decades following Trump.

The longer the traitors take to get rid of Trump, the worse the next president will look and the lefties know it. Six more years of Trump will put today's lefties out of business in setting up their dictatorship for the rest of their lives and maybe for their spoiled rich brats' lives too.


This is funny. I just saw a news item about Monsanto being forced to pay millions to a couple because of the cancer caused by Roundup and then saw a news item about Walgreens planning to make tens of millions selling pot products because of the all-knowing, all-wise, overpaid, highly educated, intellectually superior, natural elite, upper class trash managers who got the right degrees from the right universities running their business.

My first thought was, "Yeah, until they start getting sued for the medical problems the pot products will cause."

"Hey, I know, let's make tens of millions of dollars selling a product that will make people sick and die so we can be sued for millions of dollars." Smart move, geniuses. What they are probably doing is figuring they can make more than they will be sued for.

These intellectually superior natural elites can't see past their noses and bank accounts to consider the problems their products and services will cause their customers and them but then again, they will also get to sell the people the drugs that will treat the problems the pot will cause. They are incredibly fantastic at getting private businesses to go public so they can take those businesses over and destroy them with their great sounding stupid ideas they keep getting from their doped up college professors.

And you think they are more intelligent than you? Why?

Oh yeah, because they have more money than you.

Which proves what? That they have more money than you?

People, the only reason the upper class trash legalized pot was so they could steal more from more people faster by taxing pot. They don't care about anything other than their own bank accounts and they don't care who gets hurt or killed.

Christian Testimony

I want to share this with you to help you because this is going to happen to many of you during this growing war being caused by our upper class trash lefty commie traitors.

Following God saving me from my first marriage with a divorce and my wife plunging my butt into poverty, I got a part time job working for my mother and step father and then later with a forest fire fighting firm with slurry planes, saved $400, caught a ride to Los Angeles, ran out of money before I could find a job and ended up homeless, where I learned a lot.

Some guy gave me a lift to a preacher who gave me a lift to a rehab homeless camp out in the sticks, where you couldn't leave the camp to look for work. I had to wait about a month until a space opened up in a homeless center run by the same church in Venice. When I got to the homeless center, I used it as a base of operation to find a job, work, earn and save money, and get an apartment of my own so I could stop being homeless.

The most important thing in getting out of being homeless is to get a base of operation. If you can, get some place where you can eat, shower, and sleep so you can look for work. Then you find a job, any job that pays even subsistence or better so you can save enough money to pay rent to get your own private base of operation and can function better.

From the time I ran out of money and hit the street, it took me about 3 to 4 months to get my own apartment and begin moving back up into middle class.

While I was there, I paid attention and learned a lot. According to research, about one third of homeless people are homeless because of drugs, about one third are homeless like I was because of hard times or life just happened to them, and about one third of people are homeless because the "caring" and ignorant lefties "freed the people in mental institutions" back in the 1970s by shutting those mental institutions down and those people can't function in the real world (Yeah, that great sounding stupid idea worked well, just like all of the other great sounding stupid ideas of the lefties).

Did you also know that almost half of homeless people have one or more college degrees with a significant number of them having Ph.D.s or M.D.s?

Yeah, they are poor because they are stupid. /sarc

First and most important thing to do when you become homeless is pray long, pray hard, pray often, and keep your head together. Don't freak out because you need to think to get your butt back out of poverty.

There is a myth that is a security blanket the middle and upper class trash like to use that says that the only reason people are poor is because they are stupid and lazy. They believe this because, if they also believe they are not stupid or lazy, then they don't have to be worried about becoming poor.

This false myth causes a number of problems. First, it causes people to look down on and cause trouble for "inferior" poor people and, second, it causes middle and upper class people who end up in poverty to lose control because they think they have become stupid or something, which causes them to tend to remain in poverty.

Most people like to believe this myth because they are terrified of poverty because of the stigma this myth causes about poverty but what is poverty?

Poverty is just where you have less money than the middle class. It doesn't mean you are stupid, lazy or inferior to others. It just means you have no or little money.

So, how do you solve the problem?

You pray you butt off while working you butt off to get more money so you are not poor again. That is just common sense.

I am a great example of this because God has plunged my butt into poverty FOUR times in the 70 years of my life to teach me very important things that I guarantee you can't learn in middle and upper class, I have clawed my way out of poverty the first three times and am trying to get my health back so I can claw my way out again. I was middle class and almost upper class for about half my life or more, for about 2/3 of my life before this illness brought me down.

The first time was when I was born and lived in poverty until I went to college, where stupid me studied all of the hard sciences including chemistry, meteorology, geology, biology, physics, nuclear physics, mechanical engineering, and calculus along with all of the sports sciences and sports medicine that better than 90% of college graduates can't pass. Gee, I sure is are be stupid...and lazy too because I worked my way through college while competing in bicycle road racing to become a state champion, while helping start two racing clubs, including a collegiate club, while staging a series of races to help promote racing in the state, while getting the State of New Mexico its first ABL of A state representative with me taking a full time college load of 12 to 18 hours per semester. Yeah, I was just a wee bit busy for a lazy person.

The second time was when my first wife divorced me, I got a job, bounced right back up out of poverty, saved some money, went to LA, ran out of money, ended up back in poverty for the third time AND homeless, got a job, saved some money, bounced right back up to middle class and was about to move into upper class, putting in anywhere from 60 to more than 80 hours per week (gee, sure am lazy), when my second wife divorced me, her and her slick attorney screwed me out of my racing team, and plunged me right back into poverty with my declining health because of the virus I got from my second wife, which almost killed me. I am currently working to get my health back so I can claw my way back out of poverty. I kind of know the road out of poverty pretty well by now. It is a little rough but you can make it.

It kind of helps to be bullheaded and tough. Persistence is my middle name. You can knock me down but, unless God keeps me there, I ain't staying there and will get right back up just as soon as I can.

I don't fear poverty; I know it well and I also know how to get out of it.

When this war gets full blown, a lot of you are going to need to know this. Poverty is just having less money, that is all.

Now, how do you solve that problem?

You pray, you keep your head, you get a base of operation, you get a job, and you earn and save money. It works every time.

Do I like poverty?

Oh heck no! I am just like you and like having money I can spend on nice things and to do fun things but I am not afraid of it either. I definitely respect it because hard times are the best school teacher there is. You will be amazed at what you learn from it and I share quite a bit of that here.

Besides, hard times make you tough and resilient. Candy butts had it easy all of their lives and will be much less likely to survive this war.


The Muslims in Gaza have been escalating their war with Israel, increasingly firing rockets at Israeli cities. Israel has been counter attacking to discourage the Muslims from firing their rockets at Israel while building up forces along the Gaza border.

Apparently there are hundreds of tanks and other heavy equipment present and moving to the area with thousands of troops moving to the area. There is now talk about an invasion this coming weekend to clean out most terrorist assets to stop the Muslims from attacking Israel.

Israel needs to just clean out Gaza and take back the area under their control.

Keep an eye on this.

Infinite Insanity

The lefties have invented infinite insanity because their insanity is never ending.

Do you now understand why your ancestors staged the revolution, Bastille, drug out guillotines, and cut off the heads of their upper class trash royalty?

You are right now looking at the reason why. The people got tired of the upper class trash wickedness and realized that the upper class trash would never stop their wickedness so the people rose up and took off the heads of the upper class trash, you know, with ye ole royal haircuts.

That is why everyone in history who has staged a revolution has staged that revolution. They woke up one day and realized that their upper class trash would never stop their wickedness, the upper class trash would only keep getting worse, and that the only way to stop their wickedness was to kill their upper class trash so they rose up and killed their upper class trash to stop their wickedness.

The upper class trash are proving their evil is infinite because it is never ending. They can't steal enough from you fast enough and they can't make up enough great sounding reasons to steal more from you with their insane taxes so now they are taxing anything and everything they can think of.

They have admitted that their carbon tax won't solve a thing, it should be obvious that their climate change/global warming is a hoax and the only reason they are relentlessly playing this hoax is so they can steal more from more people faster with their carbon tax.

They are now taxing the water you use and drink, the rain, the Internet, they legalized pot so they can tax it, they will legalize other drugs so they can tax them, and everything else they can think of. They're obsessive compulsive greedy, power mad nuts.

Their obsessive, insane taxes don't have anything to do with them doing anything good or for you. Their taxes are all about their bank accounts getting bigger and bigger at your expense. It is their way of stealing everything they can from everyone they can as quickly as they can, while they keep their money safely hidden away in tax shelters.

You want to see the evil monsters of our ancestors stories?

You are looking at those monsters; they are the evil, vile pagan upper class trash who live by Satan's one law, "Do as you will". They have made themselves above the law so they can do as they will. They have become so over confident, arrogant, cocky, and vile that they barely even try to cover up their crimes anymore and just make lame excuses for those crimes. As long as they continue to get away with their crimes, they will continue to commit their crimes and their crimes will get worse and worse until you rise up and stop them. They ARE the problem, they ARE the monsters of this world, they ARE pure evil, they ARE the upper class trash lefties.

They are being so obvious and obsessive with their crimes that they are waking up the people and the people are getting angry AGAIN. They are RIGHT NOW forcing us to repeat history because they WILL NOT STOP their wickedness until the people stop them by giving the upper class trash and their minions royal haircuts, you know, just below the ears.

History teaches that the people don't revolt until they realize they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It has reached a point to where the people have nothing to lose by revolting because, if the people don't revolt, the upper class trash will steal everything anyway, increasingly, the people are realizing this, and the people are increasingly revolting.

The revolution has begun, it is just that most people have not realized it yet or joined it because they don't realize that they have nothing left to lose because the upper class trash is stealing everything anyway. The people are realizing that, if they don't revolt, they will lose it all and, if they do revolt, they will get back what is theirs.


Why do so many people hate Hebrews or Jews?

Probably the number one reason is because they have been taught to hate them but there are other reasons.

For example, pagans hate Hebrews because the pagans hate God and the Word of God so they will hate the people of God, both Hebrews and Christians.

A second reason goes back to some and, I repeat, some Hebrews who persecuted Christians since they stoned Stephen right after the death of Christ. Certain of the Hebrews hunted and killed Hebrew Christians, first in Jerusalem, then throughout Israel, and then outside Israel. After the Hebrew Christians began to convert Gentiles out of the Church of Rome and the Church of Rome began to hunt and kill Christians, those Hebrews who persecuted Christians helped the Romans hunt and kill Christians for almost 300 years until the Church of Rome "converted to Christianity" about 300 years after the death of Christ.

After the Church of Rome converted to Christianity to assimilate their Christian Gentiles back into the Church of Rome, the Church of Rome turned the Gentile Christians against the Hebrews to prevent the Hebrews from converting Christians back out of the Church of Rome. To do this, the Church of Rome declared that, "Them dirty, rotten Jews killed our God", when the Church of Rome was just as responsible for the death of Jesus as some of the Hebrews were.

You add to this that Hebrews are human just like the rest of us so that there are both good and bad Hebrews, you know, just like the rest of us. This has led to several problems for the Hebrews.

First, when a Hebrew did abuse or screw a Gentile, at least some of the other Hebrews protected that bad Hebrew because of the family nature of man, which turned the angry Gentiles against all Hebrews, which would have been normal human nature.

Second, the bad Hebrews often crawled in bed with the bad Gentiles and, when the fecal matter hit the fan, the bad Gentiles knew they could escape punishment by blaming it all on the bad Hebrews, which just turned more people against the Hebrews even more.

When you put all of these and other things together, there are going to be a lot of people who hate Hebrews, often not really knowing why and just believing the lies they have been told to turn them against the Hebrews.

One thing that would greatly help the Hebrews is for the good Hebrews to stop protecting bad Hebrews who screw Gentiles and help the Gentiles punish those bad Hebrews but I won't hold my breath until that happens because of human nature any more than I will hold my breath while waiting for Gentiles to help punish a bad Gentile who screwed Hebrews because of human nature.

Many people hate Hebrews for many of the same reasons that many people hate people from other cultures and races. It is human nature and we are regularly fed lies to turn us against others to better control us. It is usually not just one reason but a combination of reasons why people hate other people.

Victims and Reparations

The lefty commie traitor, Rahm Emanuel, is saying that poor widdle Jussie Smollett is the victim in his crime. Rahmie Boy is saying that poor widdle Jussie couldn't help himself and only committed his crime because Jussie is a victim of Trump, which is pure bull crap.

Listen, ALL of the lefty commie traitor victim cards they have played have turned out to be phony but do you know who has a real victim card to play and should play that card?

You conservatives are the true victims of the lefties commie traitors because they steal from you with their taxes, they lie to you and con you, they censor you, they bully you, they terrorize you, they oppress you, and they slander you. You conservatives are the true victims of the lefty commie traitors and you should be playing your victim card to the max, baby. You have the only true victim card in the game and you should be playing it.

It isn't that poor widdle Jussie couldn't help himself because he is a victim; it is that poor widdle you and Trump can't help yourselves because you are the victims. Poor widdle "we, the people" can't help ourselves for voting for Trump because of the horrible mess the lefty commie traitors have made with their bullying, terrorizing, stealing, oppression, stealing our freedoms, rights, and trying to steal our guns, and other crimes the lefty commie traitors have and are committing against us.

If it were not for the crimes and abuses of power by the lefty commie traitors, we the poor widdle "we, the people" would not have had to vote for Trump to clean up the horrible mess the lefty commie traitors have made of our nation and Trump would not have had a mess to clean up. We are the true victims and it is all their fault.

And, when it comes to reparations, you can't make people who did not commit a crime or injustice pay for the crime or injustice they did not commit and you can not give payment for a crime or injustice to a people who were not direct victims of that crime or injustice, therefore, the reparations the lefties are falsely promising the blacks are unconstitutional and will not hold up in court. The lefties know this but they are telling the lie that they can force people who did not commit an injustice to pay for that injustice to people who did not endure that injustice. The lefties know that this will die in court and are only telling this lie to blacks to sucker the blacks into voting for the lefties because the blacks are increasingly realizing they have been played for suckers by the left and then sold out by the left when the left thought the blacks were no longer needed.

BUT, I am for reparations, but not pretend reparations. I am for real reparations by people who have and are committing injustices against people who are real victims of those injustices. We, the people shouldn't be getting reparations from just government or other organizations but especially from the individuals who have committed injustices against us.

For example, ALL of the corrupt politicians and their upper class trash puppet masters, who have made millions stealing from we, the people, should have everything they stole from us plus damages plus interest taken back from them and returned to the people they have stolen it from. That is just normal legal procedure because, when you catch a thief, you take what the thief stole and return that stolen property to whomever the thief stole it from, therefore, everything the upper class trash lefty commie traitors have stolen from we, the people, should be returned to we, the people as reparations.

Also, major corporations like FB, Twitter, YouTube, and Google who bully, terrorize, censor, steal from, and oppress conservatives should be held accountable for their actions but not just the companies. ALL of the top management and share holders involved in these criminal acts should be held responsible for damages to their victims, you know, the conservatives.

Oh yeah, I am all for reparations but real reparations and not fake reparations.

We, the people, really need to fight fire with fire and fight back using the things the lefties have used against us to stop the lefties from bullying, terrorizing, stealing from, and censoring us conservatives.

Smoke and Mirrors

Remember that I told you that the lefties would try to change the subject away from Russia collusion?

I warned you that they would probably send out one of their brainwashed, doped up killers to change the discussion back to getting rid of guns like they have so many times in the past but they changed it to healthcare this time because Trump is suing to get Obamacare struck down by the courts because it is a very bad program and is unconstitutional.

The lefties have taken advantage of this to change the discussion from their failed Russian collusion to "Trump is trying to destroy your healthcare", you know, the usual scare you into panicking and following the lefty minions over another cliff.

What they are not telling you is that Trump is working to get rid of Obamacare so he can replace it with a better healthcare plan. So far I have not seen where Trump has stated what his healthcare plan is but you know it will be more free market oriented.

There is no reason to have government run healthcare for most Americans except to make the politicians and their upper class trash owners more wealthy and give them more control over the people.

What they should do is only have government run healthcare for the poor, who can't pay for it, and let the rest of the Americans purchase their healthcare on the free market, where they will get a better deal. Plus, if the government runs it, they will just screw it up so keep it out of the hands of the government.

The important point here is they have changed the discussion to scaring people about healthcare and the "evil right" wanting to take away their healthcare, you know, along with the right's healthcare too.

Now, why would the right want to take away their own healthcare unless their government healthcare is bad and they know they can get better on the free market?

Well, at least the lefties didn't murder a bunch of people to change the discussion away from their failed Russian collusion fairy tale...yet.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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