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Here is an easy prediction. Because Jussie got off with his crime, there are going to be a lot of other young men and boys nationally who are going to want to be like Jussie and try to get away with the same or similar crime, you know, "copy cat crimes".

This is going to get a lot of young boys and men thrown in jail and even shot by cops.

ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE responsible for Jussie getting away with his crime, especially Jussie, will be partly responsible for this coming crime wave of copy cat crimes and should be prosecuted for all of these crimes they helped cause.

To help prevent or decrease the severity of this coming crime wave, Jussie MUST go to jail for his crime.

Also, if I were a good defense attorney, at least part of my defense for anyone committing these copy cat crimes would be the 1977 Supreme Court ruling that said that, "All laws must be enforce equally and fairly." In other words, if Jussie can get off with the same crime for stuffing envelopes for someone, so should my client.

Therefore, Jussie MUST go to jail.

The corrupt idiots who got Jussie free just disarmed cops everywhere and broke the legal system with the best fix being that Jussie MUST go to jail.

NO ONE can be above the law or the law can't work. That is why God punished both Moses and Aaron for their crimes against God's Law, who were the two highest people in the Hebrew tribe. He set an example that no one is above the law and everyone has to abide by the law or the law cannot work; it will break down.

That is why the lefties hate God's Law because they want to live by Satan's law of "Do as you will", which is a violation of God's Law.

Well, you are now watching what Satan's law of do as you will does to law and order; it will quickly break down law and order into chaos and killing with no one being safe.

BTW, Jay Z openly brags that he loves Satan's law, "Do as you will" and he even wears it on a shirt in front of cameras.

There is one way to find out whether Jay Z really loves and believes in Satan's law of do as you will. After all, if he can do as he wills, then you should also be able to do as you will. If you will, it should be legal to beat him up, if you will, it should be legal to steal anything or everything he has, if you will, you should be able to kill him, right? And he has an awful lot to steal, people.

If they are intelligent, the rich should be the last ones to like Satan's law because they are the ones who are most protected by law and order because they have the most to lose. After all, who is going to rob a poor guy who has nothing to steal when you can get a huge amount by robbing someone like Jay Z?

That alone shows just how stupid the upper class trash are. They are the ones protected the most by law and order and should want law and order the most. Only really stupid rich people don't want law and order to protect them, really, really stupid people, which is the upper class trash.

Believe me yet that the upper class trash are the stupidest people on the planet?


This is really huge, I mean REALLY huge.

Remember that I have been telling you that God told me and I told you that Obama will nuke Chicago to stage his violent coup of the US?

I got this from Breitbart by Joshua Caplan:

"Appearing Thursday evening on the Fox News Channel, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo told host Laura Ingraham that Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx could serve up to 20 years in prison if convicted of corruption for her handling of the Jussie Smollett case."

Remember that the Obamas are already implicated in this and they could end up spending 20 years in prison. If Obama goes to prison, he is dead. He knows too much. Think about that.

Could this be why Obama nukes Chicago, you know, to cover up his criminal activity, stay out of prison, and stay alive?

Remember that Obama is an arrogant, narcissistic Muslim and I wouldn't put it past him to nuke Chicago to cover up his criminal activity and ALSO kill Trump and Pence to regain power so he can invade Israel. There is a lot of motivation for him to do this and all Obama cares about is Obama.

Keep an eye on this.


I just saw a headline that said, "Top 10 Tips to Avoid an IRS Audit".

My first thought was, "Tip number one; don't make any money."

Believe me, the IRS doesn't waste time auditing poor people. I have ZERO risk of being audited by the IRS. If they did audit me, they would feel sorry for me and give me money so bring it on, baby. Be sure to bring your checkbook when you come.

Remember that the poverty level in the US is $15,000 per year and I only make $9,072 per years (if you include $61/mo food stamps) so I would have to make $5,928 more per year to just be poor.

One big advantage to being poor is that you don't fear the IRS. Just the thought of the IRS wasting any time to pay attention to me is laughable. "Carl who?"

Another advantage to being poor is that I don't have to worry about gold digging women. I don't have enough tin or lead to be worth stealing, much less any gold.

If anyone broke into my house, it would be to leave me a TV.

Heck, nobody cares about me; not the lefties, the Ruskies, the Chicom, the Norks, the Iranians, no one...well, OK, God cares about me and that is all that matters, so I'm happy.

Illegal Aliens

Listen, if you want to stop these massive waves of illegal aliens to the US, you have to start by going after the people who are financing and organizing those waves of illegal aliens because, if you don't, they will just keep financing and organizing more and more waves of illegal aliens heading for the US.

ALL of the people financing and organizing these waves of illegal aliens are most responsible for the crimes being committed by these illegal aliens and MUST all go to jail.

By not going after the people financing and organizing these waves of illegal aliens and only fighting the illegal aliens, you are only trying to cure the symptom and not the cause of the problem. You have to stop the cause of the problem to solve the problem.

BTW, the illegal aliens are now starting to prey on the rich because they have learned that the rich have more to take than the poor. You will see those illegal aliens committing more and more crimes against the rich, especially the stupid rich lefties. This alone will turn more and more rich lefties away from supporting illegal immigration.

I got this from Breitbart by Warner Todd Huston:

"Members of the Kardashian and Jenner family are thanking the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency for arresting an illegal alien who has twice broken into Kendall Jenner's home.

'We are extremely appreciative of the hard work by the Los Angeles Police Department and ICE, whose swift response and professionalism led to this man's apprehension. His actions have not only had a severe impact on Kendall's life but the entire family's sense of security, causing us to fear for Kendall's safety as well as our own,' the family said in a statement to the press."

Gee, you mean that another great sounding stupid idea by the lefties is already failing, you know, just like all of the rest of their great sounding stupid ideas have failed? How long will it take the lefty upper class trash to start wanting Trump to build the wall?

Homosexual Cover Up

Why are homosexuals fighting so hard against any and all conversion therapy for homosexuals?

Because they know that, if you find out that increasing numbers of people are being converted from being homosexuals to being heterosexuals, you will know that being a homosexual has nothing to do with biology or genetics and is everything about you making a choice for sexual preference.

Another thing they quietly cover up is that better than 80% of homosexual males and better than 50% of homosexual females are bisexual, meaning they go both ways on sex. They don't want you to know this either because it makes it VERY evident that homosexuality is strictly a choice and has nothing to do with genetics.

Homosexuality is just a sexual perversion just like bestiality, pedophilia, and other sexual perversions and they don't want you to know that.

Food For Thought

Let's connect some interesting dots and see what picture we get. I have been looking at this picture and it is interesting.

Remember that I have been telling you that ALL successful dictatorships ALWAYS purge at least 90% of the people who help them get into power because those people go from being an asset to being a threat because, if you can put them into power, you can put them out of power by replacing them?

Don't forget this.

Decades ago, the upper class trash fought tooth and nail for their voters to murder their future voters via abortion.

Why? No sane, rational politician would want to do this and they have murdered almost 60 million of their future voters and are still insisting their current voters be permitted to keep murdering their future voters.

But it gets better.

Decades ago, the upper class trash had decreased the number of their voters to where the upper class trash had to start rigging elections to keep getting elected and their rigging elections kept getting more and more obvious.

Now, if you are having to rig elections, why would you want to keep encouraging your voters to murder your future voters with abortion?

But it gets better.

Then the upper class trash started a campaign of telling their voters to not have any children to grow up and be voters for the upper class trash while rigging elections.

Why would any sane, rational politicians and their puppet masters do something so stupid?

But it gets better.

Then the upper class trash began funding and organizing large groups of less educated illegal aliens who won't stand up to their corrupt governments in their countries and will gladly work for less pay to illegally come to the US where the illegal aliens can easily be controlled by the threat of being deported to be the upper class trash voters.

Think about this REALLY hard.

Are the upper class trash ALREADY purging the stupid lefty commie traitor minions and replacing them with ignorant, obedient, cheap labor voters, while the stupid lefty commie traitors are still helping the upper class trash set up their commie dictatorship? It sure looks like it, doesn't it?

The upper class trash are already purging the people who have been helping set up the upper class trash lefty commie dictatorship, they are not even waiting until their commie dictatorship is setup, and the lefty commie traitor minions are too stupid to figure it. The useful idiots are helping the upper class trash bring in large numbers of illegal aliens the upper class trash are RIGHT NOW using to replace the useful idiots with so the upper class trash can finish purging their useful idiots. The upper class trash have been purging the useful idiots for decades and the useful idiots still don't get it.

Maybe the useful idiots should lay off the dope a little?

Add to all of that that the lefty minions have permitted themselves to be scared into them purging themselves for the upper class trash by having almost no children, murdering their unborn, assisted suicides, using drugs, creating pandemics of deadly sexually transmitted diseases via adultery, and other ways of depopulating themselves for the upper class trash so that, if the upper class trash plans do fail, the upper class trash can't be prosecuted and executed for crimes against humanity the way Hitler's people were. "Hey, we didn't murder them. They killed themselves off."

The less educated, already intimidated, easier to control illegal aliens will make much better slaves than the lefty commie traitor minions and will cost the upper class trash even less money to manage. It is a win-win for the upper class trash.

Does that make your brain hurt or what?

The lefty upper class trash are ALREADY PURGING 100% of their lefty commie traitor minions and the stupid, clueless minions are helping.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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