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I am watching this election in Israel to see what God is doing.

Will God keep Netanyahu in to maintain the status quo? Will He put in some lefty who will only encourage their enemies to go to war with Israel? Will God put in someone who will fight back much more, doing what is right to cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?

What is God doing with this election in Israel?

OK, the election is over and Netanyahu is still PM. We will see where God is going to take this. Note that the above was written a few days ago, which is normal for my writings.


The biggest lesson from Benghazi that I have not seen anyone address is that the lefty upper class trash proved conclusively that they will sacrifice ANYONE to get what they want, even their best and most loyal fighters. EVERYONE is nothing more than throw away peasants to them because they are satanic altruists who believe that the ends, their evil goals, justify the means, any means including genocide.

The lefties don't care about ANYONE but themselves. None of them, not Obama, Hillary, Schumer, Pelosi, Holder, Lynch, Paul Ryan; not one of them care about anyone but themselves and any words to the contrary are just lies and smoke and mirrors to fool you. You are all expendable garbage to them.

US Civil War

BTW, based on what I am seeing, I am expecting that at least Mexico, Canada, and China will try to invade the US when our civil war gets full blown to try to seize some of our land, people, and resources.

I believe that, when this happens, the US should invade, conquer, and annex every nation that does try to invade the US to grab land and execute everyone in their government and their upper class trash involved in this act of war and betrayal. That crap won't happen again.

Lefty Civil War

Speaking of civil wars, who do you think is going to end up in control of the Commie-rat Party?

It is looking like a big power play by the homosexuals, feminists, black Muslims, other Muslims, Latinos, younger Commie-rats, older Commie-rats, and commies. Nothing like a little diversity with conflicting interests to destroy your party.

Or do you think the Commie-rat Party will break up into two or more crazy parties or mental institutions? Maybe there will just be spin off parties breaking away from whoever ends up controlling the Commie-rat Party?

With Al Capone Sharpton currently being treated like Don Sharpton, my money is on the black Muslims.


I just got this from Newsmax By Eric Mack:

"Worldwide cases of an infection known as Candida auris have become an 'urgent threat,' unveiling the dangers of drug-resistant germs for both bacteria and fungi from a cloud of secrecy over fear of public hysteria, The New York Times reported.

'It's an enormous problem,' professor of fungal epidemiology at Imperial College London Matthew Fisher told the Times. 'We depend on being able to treat those patients with antifungals.'

The symptoms are similar to flu-like conditions - fever, aches, and fatigue - and the 'superbugs' resistant to medicine are most problematic for people, fatal even, with weak immune systems, particularly newborns, the elderly, and diabetics, according to the report."

This should tell you two very important things: 1) we are having disease outbreaks that they are not telling us about because "they are afraid we will all lose it and go screaming through the streets like a bunch of idiots", which should tell you they are clueless about us or lying and 2) that the diseases are getting more deadly.

We are having a bunch of epidemics and pandemics already that they don't tell us about because we would get ticked and start voting the jerks out of office; the real reason they don't tell us. Just more smoke and mirrors; nothing going on here but them not taking credit for the problems they are causing.


I am getting bits and pieces about an event in relation to Trump that are raising questions with me.

First, a "Chinese spy" got into Trump's private golf course when Trump was there "with some spy equipment".

Then Trump very suddenly fired the heads of both the DHS and Secret Service, who were responsible for his and his family's safety.

Then I heard that the "spy" had some "other equipment" that was "interesting" and she snuck it into the golf club with her.

My first thought is, "Was she sent there to assassinate Trump?"

They are now saying the two firings are because of immigration but, exactly what does the Secret Service have to do with immigration?

Oops! I ain't buying that bridge, baby.


Then we have Obama going around the planet giving speeches to other nations like he did when he was president, you know, selling out the US.

What ducks is he putting in a row? How many nukes will he be bringing home with him? Why are that many other world leaders giving that much time to a has-been president?

Personally, as hard as Trump is stomping on the toes of the upper class trash, as much wealth and power as he is costing them, and as long as he is taking to get rid of the deep state, I am surprised Trump is still alive and not dead like JFK and Bobby Kennedy.

If you are going to clean the upper class trash house, you have to get rid of them and their deep state very quickly before they can get rid of you, especially with there now being a serious threat that he is about to put some of them in jail. The longer the upper class trash and their deep state remain functional, the less likely Trump is to survive.

The upper class trash are now extremely desperate and will do extremely desperate things. When the upper class trash gets to where they feel they have little or nothing to lose and everything to gain, they will stage a violent coup.

Are they already there?

It looks like it.

Keep an eye on this because we are not being told everything, which, BTW, is normal. Something is going on here.

Illegal Aliens

We already knew that this illegal immigration thingy, being supported by the Commie-rats, was for smuggling drugs and Commie-rat voters into the US and (some of us also already knew about the human trafficking thingy) they are now saying that human smuggling is also a big part of it, you know, smuggling slaves into the US by the upper class trash.

Gee, who would have thought that the Commie-rats would bring back slavery over 150 years later?

BTW, it costs each of these illegal immigrants $5 to $10 thousand dollars to hire smugglers to get them into the US.

Hold it, aren't these supposed to be poor people looking for lower income jobs and a better way of life? Who is paying all of those thousands of dollars for these "poor" people and why?

You know it ain't the "poor" people. Me thinks me smells a rat here, you know, a bunch of Commie-rats.

Lefty Journalists

I took several journalism classes in the late 1970s when journalists were being taught to cover the news objectively. I have noticed that lefty journalists have since evolved into a bunch of irresponsible opportunistic parasites and traitors.

A really great example here is the illegal immigration thingy. The lefty journalists don't want this to end because it is making for some really easy, great "press" for them so they are going to bias their stories against stopping the illegal immigration thingy. As a matter of fact, they only pretend to want Trump to give amnesty to or legalize the immigrants flooding our nation because, if Trump really did legalize their entry into the US, the lefty journalists' story opportunities would go away.

The parasites WANT this invasion and the conflicts to continue so they can continue to make money from the easy stories with obviously posed pictures. The lefty journalists really are a big part of the problem.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil." And lefty journalists are very evil for the love of big, easy money and they need to start going to prison for fraud. Freedom of the press does not give them the right to commit crimes like fraud. They MUST abide by the law just like the rest of you and, if ever prosecuted for their already committed crimes, most of them would get a few consecutive life terms in prison, maybe more.

God is right, it is all about the money, baby.

Sanctuary Cities

NYC is suffering a measles epidemic, you know, brought into the US by all of those illegal aliens NYC is giving sanctuary to. Gee, what a coincidence.

Have you noticed that all of the cities giving sanctuary to diseased illegal aliens are having disease outbreaks and epidemics?

Gee, what a coincidence.

How many of those citizens who have been stupid enough to keep voting for those criminal politicians will have to die before those citizens get a clue and start hanging their corrupt leaders?

They're pretty stupid voters so quite a few of them will have to die first.

But, hey, what better way to kill off their stupid lefty voters and replace them with illegal alien voters who can be deported if they don't agree to whatever the upper class trash want?

Who do you think is also benefiting from these disease outbreaks being caused by the illegal aliens?

I'll give you a clue; in some parts of Brooklyn, people are being REQUIRED to get measles vaccinations.

Gee, you don't think the chemical and health companies are making a fortune from lefty cities giving sanctuary to illegal aliens, do you?

Cory Booker

You know this is a win-win for the criminal, Cory Booker. He has introduced a Senate bill for slave reparations, you know, abusing the power of government to steal money from you people, who never owned slaves or even had ancestors who owned slaves, and giving that money to people who were never slaves.

What most of the blacks have not figured out is that a lot of that money will be taxes paid by them and then returned to them. Can we say sucker punch?

Nothing like trying to buy black votes with stolen money while pocketing a bunch of that money himself in spite of the fact that he is rich.

Besides, Cory is a mulatto, which means he is both black and white.

What is he going to do, pay himself reparations?

I just read a comment on FB that stated that, "If it exists, Democrats want to tax it."

If it exists?

I am waiting for Commie-rats to tax unicorns because the Commie-rats can't steal enough from enough people fast enough. It doesn't have to exist for those pirates to steal money by taxing it, you know, like the climate change thingy.

Black Hearts

I used to wonder how people could sacrifice their own helpless babies to pagan gods but, after watching the cold, black hearted lefties say it is OK to murder babies who survive abortions, I now understand how cruel and uncaring pagans can be. They have absolutely no problem with infanticide and will just as easily sacrifice or murder living babies to false pagan gods.

If you doubt it, just keep watching the cold, brutal left sacrificing babies to their false pagan goddess, Free Sex. What is really telling is the cold attitude they have in murdering helpless babies. It is pretty much the same cruelty the Canaanites did to their children thousands of years ago when they sacrificed their children to Moloch, Baal, and other pagan gods and goddesses.

The lefty pagans are cruel, cold hearted people who only care about themselves and no one else, not even their own children. The biggest lie they tell is when they claim to care about anyone other than themselves.

Without the morals, ethics, and values of Christianity, humans are pretty despicable and history proves that to be well as today's lefties.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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