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I see so much increasing misinformation on the Internet, especially from the left.

For example, I saw a video about the "Myths of Slavery", which was bogus lefty propaganda. One of their lies was that there was no white slavery in the US. It claims that the whites were involved in servitude and that servitude is not slavery and is voluntary.

Really? What lying lefty college professor dreamed that one up?

Servitude was and still is considered a form of slavery and it was not always voluntary.

For example, the British government had outlawed slavery years before but saw an opportunity to make a bunch of money selling Irish people into slavery but slavery was illegal by British common law so they just rounded up a bunch of Irish, sold them into slavery, and conveniently called it "servitude", which, by common law, made it legal, because, technically, it wasn't slavery, but there was no white slavery in the US. Get it?

Then I saw another video "proving" that the US Civil War was fought over slavery and not export tariffs for farm goods with another video proving that it was fought over export tariffs for farm goods and not slavery, so which was true?

Well, the proof of that pudding is in the economic pie of the time so you just have to study the history of US economics to get that answer. In the 1850s, you know, just before the US Civil War, less than 3% of the people in the US controlled better than 95% of the wealth with about 1% but a maximum of 2% of the people being middle class, and better than 95% of the people being what we today call third world poverty.

In the South, their economy was better than 90% agrarian or farming and herding and the North's economy was better than 90% industrial. Those impoverished Southerners were poor dirt farmers who couldn't afford to buy shoes for their dozen or so kids much less buy a slave much less feed, cloth, and house a slave. They were struggling just to survive. It is called subsistence living.

It is also important to know that most of those Confederate enlisted men who died on those battlefields volunteered for duty and that the officers came from upper class with the enlisted men coming from the lower classes and most of the enlisted men having come from poverty.

The common sense question is, "Why would those impoverished people volunteer to leave their impoverished dirt farms and families to risk dying in a war for slavery with only the wealthy owning slaves and slavery keeping the lower class wages too low to live on?"

They obviously would not have so the only possible reason most of them volunteered to fight was for succession to get out from under the export tariffs the North was forcing on them and were driving them into even worse poverty that would have cost them their farms and livelihoods. Better than 95% of the Confederate soldiers who died in those battlefields were poor dirt farmers who had absolutely no reason to fight for slavery, NONE! As a matter of fact, they had every good reason to fight against slavery because it was holding them back too.

(BTW, I had relatives on both sides of that war, I was born and raised in New Mexico, which was neutral in the US Civil War but was invaded by the South, and no reason to lie for either side.)

Then I saw another video that said that better than 35% of Americans owned slaves when it was economically and financially impossible for that many Americans to own slaves and it is already known that only about 1.4% of Americans owned all of the slaves. Not even all of the rich people owned slaves.

Also, at the beginning of the US Civil War, only one in five people in the US were black so that, if each person only owned one slave, no more than 25% of the rest of the people could have owned a slave, not 35%. When you consider that many of the wealthy owned as many as more than 100 slaves, then there is absolutely no way 35% of Americans could have owned slaves, not even 10% could have owned slaves.

Obviously, the 35% thingy is just a lie to justify stealing from ALL of you to give money to the blacks to buy black votes and fill black upper class trash pockets.

BTW, I also told you that the reason the North imposed those export tariffs on the farmers was because Europe was willing to pay more for those southern farm goods than the greedy Northern industrialists were willing to pay so the greedy Northern industrialists imposed such high export tariffs on farmers' goods that the greedy Northern industrialists could force the farmers to sell their goods at such low prices to the greedy Northern industrialists that the farmers couldn't make a living any more. It is called crony capitalism.

Also, slavery was already on the way out with many other nations having made it illegal and the greedy Northern industrialists had developed a form of throw away slavery for their factories which would have made ownership slavery in the South obsolete within just a few generations, the rich Northern industrialists were also using servitude as a form of throw away slavery that was still legal after the US Civil War was over, AND importing slaves into the US was already illegal in the US more than a decade before the US Civil War.

Add to that that quite a few Northern rich people of the time would loan poor people money, who could not pay that money back, just so those rich people could get cheap slaves by forcing them into servitude until the poor people worked off the debt, which could take decades, and they treated their "servants" as badly as the rich Southerners treated their owned slaves.

And the South fought a war over slavery, which was already on its way out? Really?

There is so much bull crap being put out by the left to brainwash and confuse the people into believing their lies. The lefties are taking over the Internet one site at a time but quickly...well, until those sites fail and then they are forced to start new bull crap sites, you know, a little Internet fertilizer.

I have also been seeing today's rich people, you know, the upper class trash, talking about bringing back servitude to force indebted people into being cheep legal slaves, you know, all of you people who are in debt to banks, credit cards, and other rich guys. Gee, what a coincidence but you better keep an eye on this dirty little coincidence.

I have told you before that the Western upper class trash and their college professor families (yes, more than 150 years ago, almost all college professors belonged to the upper class trash families) have been very "innovative" with forms of slavery. They dreamed up non ownership forms of slavery or throw away slavery called surf, peasantry, and peonage systems so they didn't have to care for slaves when they became incapacitated from abuse and could just dump them on their impoverished families.

Then, after the people began to revolt against the upper class trash because of those abuses, they "outlawed slavery" to appease the people and dreamed up servitude to get some of their slaves back and then, when people rebelled against that, they dreamed up Marxism, which has always resulted in slavery, so they keep pushing that as part of their global dictatorship so they can turn all of you into their cheep, throw away slaves.

The evil, vile upper class trash just hate not having their beloved throw away slaves because they are too greedy to pay people for their work but are so lazy and such spoiled rotten rich brats they don't want to do that work themselves. There is nothing like forcing other people to work to make you more wealthy; you just keep changing the name to fool the stupid people. Get the picture yet?

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil." That is what the US Civil War and all other wars have been fought over, the love of money by the upper class trash, A.K.A greed.

Food For Thought

They are talking about Erdogan being "eased out of NATO" because of him purchasing the Russian S-400 SAM system and getting to be pretty good buds with Putin.

That would mean that the US and other NATO nations will remove their troops from Turkey military bases along with the nukes the US has there. It will also mean that the US can freely attack Turkey to protect the Kurds from Turkish incursions and persecution. It would also mean that Turkey's continued aggressive military behavior against Greece, a member of NATO, would be acts of war and due cause for invading Turkey.

Things would change significantly in that part of the world, if Turkey is pushed out of NATO.

Also, I just saw a picture of Congresswoman Omar with Erdogan. Is she an Erdogan plant to help destroy the US from within so Erdogan can set up the Muslim Caliphate and conquer Israel?

Keep an eye on this.

Weather Hypothesis

I have never seen or heard of any meteorologist even mention this phenomenon.

They always tell you that the coldest time of the day is about one hour after sun rise because the Earth has barely started warming for the day and is still cooling enough via continued heat radiation so the temperature will continue to drop. Most of the time this is true but I have seen a number of times when it was not because of an interesting weather phenomenon.

What I have seen is that it started warming up at just about daybreak or about half an hour before sunrise and before the direct sunlight can start heating things up. I have been watching this for more than a few decades and my hypothesis is that, when the air is still with no wind blowing, the sun starts heating the ground and air past the horizon to the east causing the air to start expanding in all directions, including to the west. The warm air expanding to the west causes the air and ground to start warming before the sun begins shining on the ground in that area.

If the wind is blowing, it will disrupt this airflow to the west and prevent pre-sunrise warming, which is on most days.

I feel that another possible but minor contributing factor to this phenomenon is that some of the sun's light is being refracted down to the west and over the horizon before sunrise, causing the pre-sunrise light to warm the area but I feel this only assists the warming but does not cause it.


Why are the lefties so surprised about the Mueller report not finding anything criminal on Trump?

They were certain that, whether or not they got evidence about their phony Russian collusion, which they certainly knew was bogus because they knew that all of the evidence was bogus, the FBI was bound to find something criminal on Trump to remove Trump from office and put him in prison because they are all criminals and just figured that all rich people are criminals.

Therefore, when the FBI investigation couldn't turn up anything criminal on Trump, they were surprised, their phony investigation has backfired on them by exposing their corruption instead of Trump's corruption, and they are in a panic. They can't figure out what to do with someone as clean as Trump and now Trump can turn the tables on them with investigations that will put them in prison.

This is getting interesting.

Also, the lefties have set up their cities as sanctuary cities to provide protection for illegal aliens to get illegal aliens to vote for the lefties so Trump brilliantly has "leaked" that he "considered" sending thousands of illegal aliens to those sanctuary cities, which would cause massive crime waves in those cities and turn people against the Commie-rats and the illegal aliens by giving the lefty upper class trash what they claimed they wanted or were pretending to want to turn people against Trump.

Trump called their bluff (he does this a lot) putting the lefties between a rock and a hard spot because, if the lefties get bus loads of illegal aliens, it will cause a massive crime wave in each of those cities, turning voters against immigration and the left and for Trump, but, if the lefties turn down the illegal aliens, it will expose their lies and hypocrisies, causing people to vote for Trump. Trump has tactically created a lose-lose situation for the lefties and their illegal alien propaganda.

I say, "Give the lefty upper class trash what they say they want and send the illegal aliens to the lefty sanctuary cities to start the crime wave or force the lefties to refuse the illegal aliens, exposing the truth and further proving the lefties have no credibility. Yeah, baby, open those eyes."

Here is a little food for thought; if the left now rejects these illegal immigrants by not wanting the illegals in their sanctuary cities and you are an illegal, would you vote for the lefties, who just rejected you, or for Trump, who wants to help you by sending you to the lefty sanctuary cities? Did Trump just sucker punch the stupid lefties again?

Now the lefty commie traitors are demanding Trump release his tax returns, which they have no right to and, by law, cannot legally obtain his tax returns unless they have evidence of a crime. This is just another fishing trip and more smoke and mirrors by the lefty commie traitors. "Don't look over here, look over there!"

Let me share a little something with you that most people don't seem to know and the lefties love to use people's ignorance about such things to fool the people so teaching people tends to decrease the ability of the lefties to use people's ignorance to fool the people.

EVERYONE, both individuals and corporations, in the nation who is as rich and moves as much money around as Trump does with his many investments has one or more, usually a team, of IRS agents assigned to them to constantly monitor their financial activities because there is no other way to audit such people. Those agents are constantly auditing those rich people/corporations. As soon as they finish one audit, they immediately start another audit. If there was anything illegal with Trump's taxes, the IRS would already know it and be either bringing charges or working to have a resolution to the "mistake" and the lefty commie traitors either know this or have advisors who know this and would tell them.

This should tell you that the upper class trash "demanding" Trump's taxes is all smoke and mirrors to distract you from their failed FBI investigation, is a fishing trip hoping they can get anything they can use as propaganda against Trump to prevent him from being reelected, and fool the people who don't know any better.

If there was anything wrong with Trump's taxes, the IRS would already be taking some kind of actions against Trump to resolve the situation. Trump even told you about this when he said he is always being audited. Hint, hint.

It is possible that Trump has already called their bluff on this by "Leaking" his 2005 taxes showing that Trump paid $38 million in taxes with no violations. Gee, what a coincidence.

Did Trump just call their bluff on his tax returns too?

This is just going to backfire against the lefty commie traitors too but, don't worry, they will just dream up another crisis to distract you from this crisis also failing.

Have you noticed that the lefty plans just keep failing? And you think the lefty upper class trash are smarter than you?

Mean while, Trump has let us know that he is doing real investigations into the lefty commie traitors and I can't wait for those investigations to be completed and for them to start rounding up upper class trash criminals.

Also, do you know why Trump keeps sailing Navy ships and flying Air Force planes in the South China Sea area?

Because Trump knows that China is bluffing with their military threats concerning the South China Sea because Trump knows that China doesn't dare attack the US forces because they both know that the US would quickly crush China in a war, so Trump is calling their bluff too and they keep backing down and issuing new threats they can't and won't keep.

Man plans, God laughs.

Note that Trump doesn't bluff and will always call your bluff after you have put both feet in your mouth so you will look like the fool you are. Yet the idiots continue to try to bluff Trump, you know, because they are so intellectually superior, which is why they also keep failing and not learning from their failures.


These videos show that increasing numbers of people and nations are rebelling against the tyranny of the upper class trash.

Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

This rebellion is quickly building and the upper class trash only response is to try to shut the rebellion down with more lies and oppression, which just makes the people more angry and the idiot upper class trash don't get it because dey is are be intellectually superior smarty pants, you know, the stupidest people on the planet who keep forcing us to repeat history because of their insane greed and arrogant stupidity. But, hey, dey gots dem the right degrees from the right universities so dey gots to be smarty pants in spite of the fact that all of their great sounding stupid ideas keep failing.

Bernie the Commie Sanders

Bernie has publically admitted to being rich and, like a good old capitalist, is now defending making more than one million dollars in a year.

My question is, "Since Bernie is a socialist, does that mean he is going to redistribute his wealth to us poor?"

I ain't holding my breath until I get the check. He is a typical "do as I say and not as I do" lefty.

What do you want to bet that with Bernie running for president as a poser socialist, he gets shoved under ye ole commie bus because he ain't going to win any elections at the national level, especially against Trump.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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