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Bernie Sanders

This kills me and shows just how stupid the lefties really are.

Get this, Omar makes a number of statements proving that she passionately hates Jews or Hebrews and Sanders defends her with him being so stupid that he doesn't realize that she is saying she hates Sanders, you know, a Hebrew.

Yes, that is right, Bernie Sanders is a rich upper class trash commie Hebrew.

Also, Bernie remains in the Commie-rat Party with so many of the Commie-rats defending Omar's hate speech against Hebrews?

Also, with so many on the left hating Hebrews, they like and want to vote for Sanders as president in spite of the fact he is a rich upper class trash Hebrew, you know, a 1 percenter?

And, if so many of the lefties hate Hebrews, why do they worship their Hebrew pagan god, Karl Marx, and follow his communist teachings? Are the lefties so stupid they can't figure out that Sanders and Marx are both Hebrews?

Plus, Louis Farrakhan is one of the top people in the Commie-rat party (pals with Al Capone Sharpton that the lefty presidential candidates just paid homage to), he regularly preaches that all Hebrews are devils and should be killed, and Bernie remains a Commie-rat in spite of the fact that many of the Commie-rats think Bernie is a devil and should be killed because he is a Hebrew? Does stupid Bernie have a death wish?

And now AOC is openly saying that cutting aid to Israel should be on the table, you know, make Israel vulnerable to attack by Muslim nations so Israel can be destroyed?

Then I got this from Newsmax By Theodore Bunker:

"Democrats on Tuesday shared their concerns Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., could hijack the party's presidential nomination the same way President Donald Trump won the Republican nomination in 2016, The New York Times reports.

The newspaper notes that Sanders, like Trump, is a candidate over the age of 70 who came from outside the party structure, cannot be intimidated or incentivized, and has a strong hold over his base of support. Some Democrats have begun to wonder how they can fight Sanders' campaign without lending credence to his claim the Washington establishment is 'out to get me.'"

Gee, what a coincidence.

So Bernie is so stupid he can't figure out that many Commie-rats are "afraid" he, a Hebrew, will "hijack the Commie-rat party" because they hate Hebrews? And you think these idiots are more intelligent than you because they have more money than you?

I have told you before that the left is so stupid that they make my brain hurt.


I like it when I get feedback from Mark because he usually adds to what I am teaching so I included most of his response to my essay "News 428" below. You might want to reread that essay before readying this.

"The fear of public hysteria is a Hollywood invention that some not-so-bright Leftists believe to be true. Having been in several emergency conditions like imminent hurricane landings, I have never seen panic. I have seen people act rationally and make rational decisions in those situations. The roads can get backed up because of rational decisions to get out of the area until the storm passes or from following local officials evacuation orders. But I have not experienced public panic in those situations.

However, I will say that evacuation orders are a bit overboard; they indicate the nanny-state, do-gooder, busy-body, control-freak, leftist aspect of big, overbearing government. I do not heed them. I decide for myself rationally, based on the conditions I can discern from weather reports, satellite images, etc., and experience.

The Leftists think we are a bunch of morons that cannot even get out of the rain without their guidance. Like you said, 'stupid people do not know they are stupid.' That explains the childishness of adult Leftists; they are stupid but think they are smarter that we are. AOC (does that mean Adult Operating as Child?) is one of the biggest examples.

You are correct. It would not be panic but anger and pitch fork time, with a few guillotines thrown in for good measure.

There is plenty of evidence that Leftists or 'progressives' have underdeveloped areas of their brains that control emotions and rational thought, causing deficiencies in both areas. The result is childish emotions and conduct in adults. Have you ever noticed that a group of whining Leftist journalists sound just like a bunch of bickering kids out playing. ('Its not fair!' 'I quit!' 'I'm taking my toys and going home!' 'I want my waaaaaaay!' Etc.)

Leftists or 'progressives' always use a moniker that is the opposite of what they really are. The Soviets, for example, called the USA aggressors and imperialists, while they were the actual aggressors and imperialists.

American Leftists call themselves 'progressives' but they are really regressives. Good examples are the ACLU; there is nothing civil or libertarian about their views; their main reason for existence is to oppose First Amendment Christianity.

People for the American Way, another example, are strategically and tactically against the traditional American way. Planned Parenthood is a plan is to prevent parenthood. It is a disguise for sacrificing babies to Baal.

The free sex goddesses would be like Semiramis, Isis, Ashtoreth, Asherah, Eostre, Venus, Diana/Artemis, etc. Easter (Eostre) egg hunts are based on pagan fertility rites.

'Without the morals, ethics, and values of Christianity, humans are pretty despicable.' AMEN!


French Coincidence

Just when Macron is really losing control of his nation with weekly riots, the Notre Dame cathedral burns permitting Macron to change the subject and try to get everyone united behind rebuilding the cathedral.

Think about that.

Lefty Hypocrisy

If you want pure hypocrisy, look no further than the white male hating Commie-rats.

The top four Commie-rat presidential leaders are all white males, you know, Bernie the Hated Commie Hebrew Sanders, Molester-in-Chief Joe Biden, I-am-a-super-duper-smarty-pants-commie Pete Buttigieg, and Fake Hispanic Beto O'Rourke, who is tied with Sen. Kamala I-hate-America Harris for fourth place followed by 13 other poser humans.

Hold it, don't the lefty commie traitors hate white males? Why do they have four white males leading for Commie-rat presidential candidate? What about that white male privilege thingy?

Wow, I am just so not impressed by their top presidential candidates. What a bunch of losers.

And the lefties think these clowns can beat Trump, a real human? Why don't they just run their favorite international criminal, Hillary, again?

Climate Hysteria

There are a lot of people on the left using fear mongering to create hysteria to control and manipulate the people. They literally scare the stupid people into doing what they want the ignorant stupid people to do.

The politicians are doing this to scare people into voting for them in spite of the fact that the politicians have no game plan for solving this imagined and made up crisis.

The media are making a fortune by scaring people into watching their media to see what the "latest news" is for this made up crisis, which makes the media hundreds of millions of dollars (gee, no motivation to lie there.)

There are plenty of individuals who are also making a fortune by scaring people to do what they want the people to do, you know, Al The-planet-should-have-died-years-ago Gore.

This climate change hysteria is all a great big money making and vote getting racket and the fraudulent criminals causing and promoting this hysteria don't care one bit about the harm they will cause the stupid people who fall for their lies and panic and, right now, I see a lot of stupid people panicking.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

All of the people involved in creating and exacerbating this hysteria belong in prison or on a gallows but they will all make a fortune and, when this crisis doesn't pan out, they will fool the stupid people into believing a new crisis that will kill everyone in another 12 years and will cause the stupid people to forget that this crisis didn't happen. I have watched this fraudulent fear mongering racket make a lot of money and get votes for criminals for over 50 years now and it just has to stop.

Russian Collusion

This "investigation" into Trump colluding with Russia to win the US presidential election has vindicated Trump and is back firing on the Commie-rats. By doing what they did in their insane and unprofessional hounding and slandering of Trump, the Commie-rats have dug themselves into a hole they can't dig out of and they're too stupid to quit digging so their hole just keeps getting deeper.

There is a thing called damage control where you stop what you are doing to prevent more damage, when you realize that what you are doing is causing damage. The idiot lefties can't do this because they can't admit they made a mistake so they can't limit their damages by stopping making that mistake before the damages get so bad the damages become terminal.

Basically, the lefties are arrogant, dishonest, irrational, criminal fools who are just going to keep making it worse for themselves...and I am enjoying watching them destroy themselves with their obsessive, compulsive stupidity or what I call infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending, as they are now proving.

Hey, the idiots are better comical entertainment than anything else on TV or out of Hollywood but, unfortunately, there are too many stupid people who simple mindedly keep believing the bull crap the idiots keep shoving up our butts.


Remember my "lab test" to see whether rooting compound would have any effect on seed germination?

It is still early in the test but I have already had what science would consider "promising results" that make it worth further experimentation. I will definitely try this on a larger scale for next year and try a few different methods I have been considering.

You have to keep in mind that the results will vary from plant to plant. For example, the results are not that significant for cantaloupe yet but are pretty significant for fox glove, Canterbury bells, yucca, and snap dragons but didn't show a significant difference for carnations or cantaloupe.

Keep in mind that these were small test samples and research would have to be done with larger test samples to get results that could be considered "significantly definitive". Also, remember to not trust test results by or financed by companies selling rooting compound.

If any of you, especially biologists, do further tests on using rooting compound for seed germination, please let me know about your results so I can share them with others. I will also give more detailed information after the study is finished, probably in May.


Fauxcahontas is calling for impeachment.

I agree, I think we should impeach her, if she gets elected. We already have the evidence to prove fraud, a federal felony, against her so we should impeach her, if she gets elected.

It is amazing that anyone is even thinking about voting for her because she is one of the most easily impeachable people running for president and we really don't even need an investigation. Everyone knows she committed fraud, a federal felony.

She should even be impeached out of Congress. Why is she not being impeached from Congress for fraud? As a matter of fact, why are not all of the lefties, including RINOs, being impeached for fraud because they all openly committed fraud with this Russia collusion thing and a number are persisting in committing fraud, an impeachable offense?

Hey, I know an even better idea, why don't we just start impeachment proceeding for fraud against her now so that everyone will know that, if she gets elected she will already be in the process of being impeached and no even not-too-stupid people will vote for her and waste our time and money impeaching her.

If she wants impeachment, then give her impeachment. Impeach her!!! Heck, impeach all of the lefty commie traitors for fraud!!! And while we are at it, bring charges for fraud against the lefty commie traitor media and others too!!! Put all of their butts in jail!!!

That will be a really great start at cleaning out the swamp of its slithering critters, A.K.A. corrupt politicians and their bed pals.


When I first studied biology in college in 1968, they already knew that, upon conception, the zygote was a living organism and was genetically a human, therefore, it was a living human and abortion could only be murdering a living human. There was no other possibility.

I don't care what rational the lefties use for aborting a baby at any stage of growth, upon conception and by the most basic biological definition, that zygote is a living human and killing it is premeditated murder and should be a capital crime.


This is from AP by staff:

"Over 200 killed, 500 Injured in Deadly Blasts in Sri Lanka"


"COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) - At least 207 people were killed and hundreds more injured in eight blasts that rocked churches and hotels in and just outside Sri Lanka's capital on Easter Sunday, officials said, pitching the South Asian island nation into the worst chaos it has seen since a bloody civil war ended a decade ago."

And you think there isn't a war against Christians?

Terrorists, mostly Muslims, are destroying churches all over the world plus the left is also waging their war against Christianity.

Ready for a Christian nation that will protect Christians and other good people yet? Ready to live under the protecting hand of God's Law yet or do you still love your sins too much for that? Do you love your sins too much to repent of your sins and turn back to God?

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

It turns out that the Sri Lanka government knew in advance that Muslim suicide bombers would attack the churches.


They keep making a big deal out of the simplistic numbers, which make it look like the West is dying "because we are not reproducing enough to continue our populations". The big picture they are missing or they want you to miss is that it isn't the West that is killing itself off with abortions and other lefty things that are causing our total populations to decline, it is the lefty population that is killing itself off because the conservative populations are growing, just not as fast as the lefty populations are declining but it is only a matter of time until the lefty population gets small enough in relation to the conservative population that the total populations will begin to grow again, which is why the lefty upper class trash are bringing illegal aliens into our countries to vote for the upper class trash and be their slaves to keep the upper class trash in power.

Which should tell you what?

They know what is really happening and are lying to you. Our population is doing fine, just not the lefty population.

God Haters

There are a number of lies taught by God haters to disprove God, the Bible, Jesus, and Christianity. One of those lies is that Christianity is a "construct" of prior pagan myths. This is a very good video that disproves that lie.

It turns out that all of the prior religious myths that "were copied by Christianity" didn't really exist in those religions and are modern fabrications or lies by modern God haters, you know, a hate crime against God.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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