School Loans

I keep seeing everyone talking about school loans like everyone who has gotten in debt did so because they are lazy or irresponsible. Both sides are approaching this argument in a very simplistic way when every case should be decided on its own merits and this is much more complex than they are telling you.

For example, quite a few people have not been able to pay back the school loans because of injuries or illnesses following them incurring the school loans.

Should they be punished for getting hurt or sick?

The real villains in the school loan con are the universities, governments, and media who scared these people and their parents into getting these loans to send their kids to college. Those criminals spread and used the lie that people who didn't get a college degree would make much less money and would end up in poverty when, at that time, we already knew that a MAXIMUM of 20% of the jobs would require a college education for as far as they could forecast into the future or ten years from NOW. I wrote and warned you about this on this site almost 20 years ago. These criminals KNEW better and lied about it, scaring everyone into believing that everyone must get a college education.

EVERYONE who scared those people into going to college and running up school loans many of them would not be able to pay off committed fraud and should go to jail, all of their wealth should be confiscated and used to help pay off those loans, especially everyone who made a lot of money with the con, and people should be told the truth.

THAT is the primary cause of this crisis involving unpaid college debt, not the scared students and parents who trusted these evil people and believed the lies and scare tactics. The criminals who committed this crime should be held responsible for their criminal activities first and foremost but you don't hear that from anyone else. The criminals who caused this crisis should not get away with their crimes, especially since they all made out like bandits while the students got screwed, you know, by them.

God put me through this process to show me how evil the con was from the receiving end.

In 1993 I went back to college to study law and decided to also get my MBA to help me better manage my pro bicycle racing teams.

The reason for this was because I had built one of the best racing programs in the world, the Los Angeles Racing Team, and my lovely second ex-wife and her slimy attorney legally screwed me out of my program while I was on road trip across the US beating just about everyone. They believed that they didn't need me to keep building the program and were going to get rich stuffing my share in their pockets.

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil." Boy, have I learned that one.

When I got home, I didn't have a program to feed my face and take to Europe because they had legally stolen it from me.

The justice in this was that they couldn't run my program for more than about a year or two before they failed, screwing everyone in the program and them ending up in debt.

Therefore, I decided that, before I would spend another five years building another top of the line racing program, I should go back to college and study law so I could protect myself and my program from greedy attorneys. Getting an MBA as part of that was just improving my ability to manage my program and raise team sponsorships.

I also got the degree using student loans because I got my daughter from my first ex-wife just before I started college because of her child abuse and, since she would graduate from high school at the same time I graduated with my MBA, I wanted to spend the extra time helping her get ready for life instead of working full time and going to college full time, which would have left me no time to spend helping my daughter. Being a good parent cost me $50,000 in school loans but I would have easily been able to pay that off in just 3 to 5 years with a job coaching a pro team in Europe at a minimum salary of $100,000 per year, probably in the range of $200,000 to $500,000 per year.

By the time I got my degree and started putting my resume on the market to get back into bike racing, I found out I had been illegally black listed in both the US and Europe by Chris Carmichael because (as everyone at the national governing body, then the USCF, told me) "he couldn't beat me", which is racketeering and a violation of a US law called RICO, a federal felony. I only had my word against their word that they had told me this or evidence so I knew I couldn't bring federal charges against those involved, much less litigate for damages. I was screwed...again.

Therefore, I put my resume on the market for business management but I was told by 8 different head hunters or employment agencies, who would all have gotten a one year salary payment of at least $40,000 from any business that hired me, that no one was hiring MBAs who were more than 40 years of age, which is age discrimination, but the courts were permitting it under the lame excuse that older, more experienced people cost more money and the businesses were trying to cut costs and, at the same time, the courts were permitting businesses to lay off older people for the same lame excuse. I was screwed again.

To feed myself, while looking for work in business management, I worked a number of minimum wage jobs until I got injured moving dairy products by hand on wet floors in a refrigerated warehouse (a very tough job; most people don't come back after the first day and I worked there for 10 weeks), then I got a job at an AOL call center for $7/hour until my mother died and I moved down here onto the land she had left me and got a better paying job as a high school science teacher.

Everything was going well until I got fired from that job a little over a year later for an excuse that all of the teachers I knew told me was not the real reason I was being fired but no one would tell me the real reason because they all knew I had grounds for litigation against the school system and they didn't want to get involved.

By this time, my health was starting to fail but I bought a computer, some books, and began learning the Internet while teaching myself html coding to start a business building web sites. After just a few years of building a few web sites (this site was the first site I built), my health had failed enough that my short term memory began to fail and I began forgetting the html I was trying to learn so I had to quit that.

Did I tell you that I am bullheaded and refuse to just quit trying?

I made a deal with a better web site builder than me to build me a professional web site for coaching bike racing over the Internet, Coach Carl at, which was based on my long term memory, for which I wasn't having problems. I made a meager living from that with my health continuing to decline until I finally found someone who would run tests on me and we began trying to figure out what was killing me, which took us about 4 to 5 years of running tests on me to figure it out. By that time, I was almost dead and cold barely function.

After I finally found out what is killing me, a virus, which has no cure or treatment, and after the doctors told me they couldn't help me and I should have died years before, I began using my knowledge in biology, the sports sciences, and sports medicine to begin trying to turn my health around and get back on my feet.

My health improved very slightly over the last 4 to 6 years and I finally began making better progress a year ago with my gardening, called physical therapy. I still have a long ways to go but am now finally headed in the right direction and, at 70, I ain't through kicking yet, baby.

Yep, just a wee bit bullheaded.

During all of that time, with almost all of it me not being able to pay on my school loans at all, I learned the hard way how our very corrupt State of New Mexico government was committing fraud to use the school loans to steal more from the students and you can bet I was not the only one they have been stealing from, especially since they were so flagrant and accomplished in their stealing. They clearly had plenty of practice.

You see, if you have school loans and can't make any payments, you fill out "deferment" forms that stop them from charging interest, which keeps the loans from growing until you can begin paying on the loans.

The state started by "not finding and combining" all of my loans into three basic types of loans, you know, their stupid computer couldn't do a search and find all of my loans, so they could keep charging me interest on the loans they had "not found" yet, you know to steal more money from me. It took me fighting with them more than two years before they finally "found" and combined all of my loans into the three basic loans so the deferments would stop interest on all of them, you know, even with their computers. It was clearly a con rigged to steal money from students by driving up the amount the student owes.

After they finally "found" all of my loans and combined them, they started another con. They simply would keep charging me interest while "not receiving" my deferments to keep stealing more money from me by growing my loans larger, you know, just throwing those deferments in the trash when they got them and claiming they didn't get them.

To get out of that state government trap, I finally got the federal government Ford Foundation to take over my loans but the state screwed me up one more time and the federal government helped them against my complaints.

The state started by only transferring one loan for $25,000 BUT they didn't clear it off of the state books so that, when they transferred the rest to the Ford Foundation, they charged the Ford Foundation for the $25,000 loan a second time, quickly driving my loan from now much more than $60,000 to more than $85,000 in one last money grab.

You know that I wasn't the first one they did that to.

I protested it to the Ford Foundation but it fell on deaf ears telling me they knew about and helped with that theft. They were probably helping all of the states with that same con.

The fight had cost me so much money I was forced to quit fighting, let them drive up my school loans, so I could focus on getting back on my feet physically and financially, and then get an attorney to fight for me to clean up the mess they had intentionally caused to steal as much money from me as possible.

I have only recently started getting my health back and still have a long ways to go before I can get my finances back to resume the fight to stop the government from continuing using my school loans to steal from me. The last time I had checked, which was years ago, they had driven up my school loans to more than $200,000 from only $50,000; all money they have created out of thin air, called interest.

And don't forget that I am obviously not the only person they have done this too. My question is, "How many other people have the state and federal governments done this to in order to steal more money from the students?" Do you see who the real criminals are?

You see, the people most responsible for this "debt crisis" are the universities, state and federal governments, upper class trash, and media. Since most of this debt crisis is just made up interest or money created out of thin air and not tax payer dollars, most of it can easily be just forgiven without costing the tax payers a dime but they keep lying to you and telling you it is all tax payer money so you will support them not forgiving at least the interest on the loans because they can't steal enough from enough people fast enough.

You think not?

Then why has the IRS decided to tax all of that imaginary money created out of thin air called interest that will be forgiven because "it is income for the student" even though the student will never see any of it?

Even if it is "forgiven" the upper class trash will use the IRS to get at least 25% to 35% of it because the upper class trash can't steal enough from enough people fast enough.

Don't blame the students for this debt crisis, blame the people who dreamed it up and caused it, you know, the upper class trash. And this thing is much more complex than they are telling you about. It is all a big racket to steal from you, baby.

The big lesson I learned here is to NEVER, EVER, EVER borrow money from the government because they will do everything they can to use it to steal everything they can from you.

This is only one of many such things God has put me through to teach me the truth about such things so I could teach you the truth because they are lying to you.

Does that sound like anything they have been telling you? Of course not, why would the upper class trash ever tell you the truth about anything?

The upper class trash has turned government into a money making racket and Trump is destroying their racket for the people, which is why the lefty commie traitors hate Trump. He is causing them to lose a fortune every day he is in office.

Now here is the really big con. They keep telling you that ALL of that student loan debt is tax payer money so you will not want them to forgive it because "it will come out of your pocket."

The truth is that at least 70% to more than 80% of that school loan debt did not come from tax payers but is magical imaginary money they created out of thin air called interest and could be just erased from the government books without costing the tax payer a dime. It is just money the government said the students owe them in interest and has NOTHING to do with tax payer money.

But, hey, that is more than $1 trillion they have already stolen and the greedy upper class trash and their puppets ain't about to give that up, baby. In other words, it is just another big fat lie to steal more from more people faster.

The threat they are using to get you to not forgive the interest on the school loans is that, if the students don't pay that interest on those loans, the upper class trash will make the tax payers pay that interest so the upper class trash don't have to give up that money they have already stolen but, since that money was created out of thin air, they can just forgive that part of the debts without the tax payer paying it off, you know, just like with a bankruptcy when debts are forgiven.

Very little of that is tax payer money. Even most of the principle they have loaned was interest other students paid on their loans and is not tax payer money.

Gee, the criminals didn't tell you that, did they?

No, they are scaring you into believing they will charge you a trillion dollars if they forgive those loans so you won't make them forgive the loans so they can stuff that stolen money in their greedy little pockets. You know, just one more of their many scare tactics to get you to do what they want you to do so they can steal more money, you know, just like the scare lies that caused so many people to take out those loans to go to college...or climate change so they can steal money from you with their useless carbon tax.

BTW, who holds those loans and will collect the interest on those loans?

The upper class trash, who dreamed up this con, which is why they insist that, if the loans are forgiven, you must pay those loans and the interest with your tax dollars. Hey, baby, they have already stolen that money and are not about to give it up. They are going to get their stolen money one way or another.

Get the picture yet?

The cons need to stop, the liars need to go to prison and pay for the damages caused by their crimes, and people need to be told the truth.

BTW, the upper class trash talking about bringing back servitude for debt is just the upper class trash Commie-rats trying to bring back slavery. Oh, but they changed the name of it so, technically, it isn't slavery, isn't unconstitutional, and isn't illegal even though it is just slavery with a different name, you know, the ole upper class trash word or semantics game. "Hey, if we change the name of it, it ain't illegal no more, baby." Now just think of the millions of people they will be able to force into slavery...uh...servitude, yeah, that's the ticket, servitude with their racket they used to get millions of you into debt with school loans.

Gee, what a coincidence that the Democrats, who had to give up their slaves because they lost the US Civil War, want to bring back slavery under a different name, you know, servitude, so they can get their slaves back. Gee, what a coincidence that they have conned almost all of you into submitting yourselves into their debt traps (and school loans is only one of many, baby) so they can enslave you by bringing back slavery under the name of servitude.

Get the picture yet? You think they didn't know that most people wouldn't be able to pay off those school loans, you know, like they knew that most poor people couldn't pay off those housing loans that cause that housing loan bubble so they could get free money from the government, you know, from you tax payers because "the upper class trash is too big to fail"?

Tired of the upper class trash lies, stealing, and cons? Ready for a conservative Biblical Christian theocracy the upper class trash hate because no one is above the law, lying is a crime, and the upper class trash can't get away with one con after another? Is that starting to sound good yet?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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